5 More Common Negative Energies Found in Our Homes…

This is the third article in the 4-part series about space clearing.

You can find the first two articles here:

Part 1: Why I Love Space Clearing (Ghost Stories Included)

Part 2: Do You Have One of These 4 Negative Energies Lurking In Your Home?

In the last article, I covered 4 types of negative energy that are commonly found in our homes, that we can clear. In this third article, I am going to go into 5 more types of energy that often need adjusting so that our homes can feel like energetically clear and harmonious places.

The 5 types of energy that I’m going to discuss are:

  • Outdated Land Use
  • Astral Portalways
  • Unwanted Influencing Energy
  • Emotional Residues
  • Lack of Acknowledgement for Indigenous Land Spirits & traditional owners of the land

The reason I am covering these aspects in this article is so that you can become familiar with the energies that may be affecting your home, learn more about what they ‘feel’ like, and learn to clear them!

The next article in this series, part 4, will go into the clearing side of things. But before we can clear anything, we need to have the awareness of WHAT we’re clearing.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty of the 5 energies mentioned above…

Outdated Land Use

Not all negative energies come from energetic debris such as earthbound spirits or the negative thought forms discussed in my last article. Sometimes our space may not feel right because the land it was built on was once consecrated for a particular use which it is not aligned with in the present, simply by being your living space.

Here are some examples of how this can manifest:


Burial grounds have at one time been consecrated as a place of rest, and so the energy of the land has been assigned to belong to the dead and those who visit them. Building on burial grounds, even ancient ones, can create discordant and hostile energies – and if there is a sense that something has been disturbed or trespassed upon, this may bring these energies into the homes that are built over these grounds. There may also be some hostile spirits attached to these sites who are not happy that their resting place has been built upon.


There has been a trend in recent years towards renovating old churches and using them as homes. But when we build on, or repurpose a sacred site that has only ever been used as a place to commune with the Divine (a space belonging to God), it is hard to feel at home there. This is because the land has been consecrated for connecting with the Divine, and it needs re-consecrating as a living space. Although this sort of place can lend underlying energies of peace and Divine connection, that sort of energy can also get oppressive and it can have a ‘party pooping’ effect on various aspects of your life.


Before or during a battle, the battleground land may have been assigned or consecrated (depending on the spiritual beliefs of those fighting) for the purpose of victory. This can bring the energy of upheaval, fear, desperation and conflict into your home – definitely not conducive to a happy home.

Note that many major cities that have a long history have seen battles and I’ve sometimes been surprised when I’ve found that the place I’m staying on was once a battleground. My time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is an example of that. I stayed in an Airbnb apartment that was near the tourist centre of the city (Bukit Bintang), and I knew right away I was staying on a battleground. I knew nothing about the history of Malaysia, and so I assumed it could have been from a long time ago or an ancient battle. It turned out to be much more recent – when I Googled the history of Kuala Lumpur and Bukit Bintang I found that the Japanese had invaded the city during WW2 and had committed many atrocities on the local population in this area.

You never know what you will find when researching the energy of a building or a piece of land, so it’s always good to go in with an open mind.

Later, I will talk about researching places, and reassigning them if they come up as sacred sites or battlegrounds.

I hope at this point you are starting to see why burning sage or putting crystals around your home as a way to clear out the old energy, might not always be sufficient if you are actually dealing with a home that is built on a burial ground or a sacred site, because in these cases, your energetic issue goes deeper than clearing the surface ‘stuff’ like negative energetic residue from a recent occupant. These symbolic acts of consecrating land for a particular use that happened possibly a very long time ago, really do affect our spaces. It is not difficult to break an ancient act of consecration of a sacred site, but if you do it, you do need to be very conscious and intentional of what you’re doing. A catch-all solution to remedy negative energies is not going to cut it.

OK, let’s have a look at the next energetic issue that I find in lots of the house sits & Airbnbs that I clear on my travels:

Astral Portalways

Astral Portalways are invisible passageways to the astral realm.

What do I mean by the ‘astral realm’?

The astral realm is the realm we explore when we’re focusing on our psychic development. It is home to astral-level entities, such as:

  • Spirit Guides
  • Guardian Angels
  • Ghosts and earthbound spirits
  • Elementals and fairies

Within the astral realm, there are different planes of existence. We have the higher planes, which resonate with high-vibrational energies and where our Spirit Guides and Angels hang out. These are (of course) the positive spirits who are meant to be with us on our path, and who resonate with energies such as peace, joy and love.

Then, we have the lower astral planes which are denser, and these are the planes where low-vibrational astral beings, such as earthbound spirits, hang out. These spirits and these lower astral realms resonate with energies such as fear, anxiety, stuckness, sadness and heaviness.

The astral realm, with these varied planes of existence, actually exists in tandem with our material world as an overlay. We usually access the positive astral planes through our dreams and during our psychic development.

However, portalways to these low-vibrational astral planes may also exist in our homes, through which low-vibrational astral energies can leak into our space from the lower astral planes. If this happens, earthbound spirits can use your home as a passageway to travel from one place to the next. When a portalway is located in or near a bedroom, we may also find ourselves having nightmares. This is a clear sign that the energies coming into your space are not aligned with how you want to live your life.

What is it like to have a portalway in your home?

These portalways are often found in the corners we don’t go into, or the spaces or cupboards we don’t use. There is sometimes a strange smell associated with them, and children or pets often won’t go near them. When a portalway is present, a home can become inundated with local earthbound spirits who are using the home as part of an energetic highway, so if you know you are getting a lot of spirits passing through your home but not staying, you may have a portal way present somewhere in the home. (Most sensitive people can take a good guess at where these portalways are located.)

In the next article, I’m going to addressing closing these portalways for good. Again, this is not something that many space clearing modalities think to even look into. You have to locate these portalways, and specifically request their closure (and enlist the right beings to help you in their closure) and then ask that they never be re-opened again. If you don’t know you’ve got a portal way, you can’t usually clear it.

All right, let’s move on to another type of energetic contamination that can affect our spaces…

Emotional Residues

Emotional residues are the energetic remnants of feelings which have been left behind in a space by someone who experienced them at some time or another. This is an extremely common type of energetic ‘pollution’ that can be found wherever there is a history of human occupation. About 90% of the time, I will find these whenever I clear a space.

Both positive and negative emotional energy can actually get left behind in a space and even those of us who are hard-headed and lacking in sensitivity will have picked up on positive emotional residues at some time. For example, I had a friend who lived in an old house that had been passed down by generations of her family. They were warm, caring people, who loved to entertain and host there. The positive energy associated with the place was felt by anyone who entered the place. This home had the energy of a sanctuary and people felt at ease there. This is the power of accumulated positive energies, which come from the good relationships, good times and happiness experienced in a place.

By contrast, we can also find negative emotional energy which can be left behind by people who suffer or have bad experiences in a place or those who experience an ongoing negative situation, like depression or an illness.

I once cleared a home and found emotional residues resonating with shock and anger. I knew something unpleasant had occurred there but was not sure what. The owner told me that they had been targeted by burglars on multiple occasions and that they had obviously found these events very upsetting.

During other clearings I have found emotional residues which appear to me to have been created not from single events but ongoing suffering that occurs in the property.

These are the energetic equivalent of dirty old paintwork, or mouldy wallpaper in your home, polluting your space in a very subtle way. Some people will pick up on it, without knowing where it has come from, or why they feel it. Others will be unconsciously influenced by the residues without realising at all.

(Also note that it is not unusual for negative emotional residues left behind in a home to attract earthbound spirits who may resonate with those energies and consequently feel ‘at home’ there.)

You may have negative emotional residues present in your home:

  • If you’ve got a home. I say this because this is the #1 most common form of energetic contamination in our spaces…the chances are good you have these in your home
  • You may have lots of them present if you feel bogged down at home or like there is a heaviness associated with your space. Maybe this is a heaviness you feel in your life anyway, or perhaps it is a heaviness that has nothing to do with you
  • You feel like any problems or mental health issues you are experiencing are amplified when you get home and shut the door on the outside world
  • Your home just has a heavy, dense, negative atmosphere to it
  • You (or someone in your family) had a time in your life (spent predominantly at home) where you suffered a lot – maybe you were grieving, you were off work/unemployed (and not happy about it), you suffered from depression, chronic pain, or some other health issue that made you unhappy at home.

In the next article, I’ll talk more about clearing these residues.

Moving on now to the next type of negative energy that can affect our spaces…

Unwanted Influencing Energy

Unwanted influencing energy is essentially the unseen energetic component of controlling, nagging, bossing and coercing behaviours.

This type of energy typically comes from friends, family and acquaintances who have an agenda for how you should live your life. It can be sent out about absolutely anything: how you spend your money, your daily routine, which university degree you should choose, how you should dress, what you should look like, how you should raise your children, your political or religious views, and even your sexual orientation.

Sometimes this type of energy can end up in our auric fields, and other times it ends up in our spaces (usually when someone comes into our space and bosses us around). This energy can also be sent at a distance and can even come from advertisers and political organisations. I also associate this type of energy with Jehovah’s Witnesses and people belonging to other religious organisations who come to your door with a strong idea about what you should believe in, and how you should live your life accordingly.

Unwanted influencing energy in objects and homes can affect us while we are in the space. Again, this is an energy that can make our homes and belongings feel a bit ‘weird’ or alien to us somehow. This energy can also make us feel that other peoples’ desires and agendas are weighing heavily on us, to the point that they outweigh our own desires. When our space is affected by this type of energy, we may find it more difficult to recognise our own needs and desires, and this can contribute to a feeling of stuckness. I see this energy as being like invisible sticky tape that binds us and tells us what we can do and where we can go in our lives.

Not everyone is affected by Unwanted Influencing Energy in a space. Those who are most affected by it are people who were raised to seek the approval of authority figures and parents, and those who are easily influenced by the opinions of other people.

Luckily, this energy can also be cleared from our spaces and in the next article I’ll talk more about that.

Now onto the final type of energy that can negatively affect our spaces…

Lack of Acknowledgement for Indigenous Land Spirits

This is not a negative energy as such, but it is a scenario that can undermine how good a space feels to us. Here’s a bit of information about what this one is:

Over the last several hundred years, it has been quite common all over the world for land that once belonged to a certain tribe or group of people to have been stolen or colonised by someone else.

As a result, indigenous lands in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, for example, are often now owned by the ancestors of those who colonised the country.

Let’s take New Zealand as an example:

When the European settlers colonised the country in the 19th century, land was taken from the indigenous (Maori) people and given to the new settlers to farm. As there was a language gap, in some cases the Maori people did not understand that they were giving away the rights to their land completely in exchange for the goods given by the settlers. The meaning of written agreements was sometimes lost in translation. These misunderstandings and the greed of the colonisers resulted in many disagreements, which turned into skirmishes and wars during the 19th century.

This is obviously not an isolated scenario, but one which has been repeated throughout history in other areas of the world as well, such as the USA, Canada and Australia.

It is worth remembering that places such as these belonged to tribes and peoples who spent hundreds or thousands of years there before the colonists arrived. These people were often spiritually attuned to their sense of place and performed powerful ceremonies and rituals which cemented their feeling of belonging on that land. As a result, we often find ancestral land spirits still residing on the land.

Ancestral land spirits are spiritual guardians of the land, associated with the traditional owners of the land. They are not the same as earthbound spirits, but they are something between elemental spirits and ancestors. It is not necessary to clear these spirits or ask them to leave because they are not hostile or unfriendly. Instead, it is preferable to honour and live in harmony with them, and to enlist their help in protecting the space. It is also good to welcome them into our spaces and honour their culture if we can. If we fail to do this when living on indigenous land, we can sometimes feel a sense of not quite belonging there, or not having permission to be there.

I often find this situation apparent when I do space clearings for clients in the USA. For a recent client, we found that her home was built on a Native American land that had been occupied by the people of that culture for a long time. We therefore arranged for the ancestral land spirits associated with this land to be involved in the protective blessing for the home (– you will learn how to do this towards the end of this course.)

I also felt a strong sense that these spirits wanted her to bring a symbol of their culture into her home, and funnily enough, she said she had been planning to buy a dream catcher to put in her bedroom. Bringing a symbol of the indigenous peoples into a home can bring harmonious, protective energies into the space, and sends the message that we honour what has gone before. So if during a space clearing we find that we are living on indigenous land that is protected by ancestral spirits, it is a good idea to honour the culture with a material object placed into the space and be aware that you are living on land that traditionally belongs to a certain group of people.

OK, so now we’ve covered all the common types of energy that can affect our spaces. I hope you now see that real, effective, long-lasting space clearing requires a much more sophisticated approach than burning some sage or using crystals.

In the next article, I’m going to cover how you can identify the issues discussed in the previous two articles, and clear these energies from your space. So stay tuned for that!

If you don’t want to wait for the final article and you just want to get on with clearing your space, you may be interested in my Energy Clearing for Spaces Course, which teaches you how to diagnose and clear negative energies (and also to protect your space from them in future.)

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  1. Maggie

    Anna, can you say more about elemental spirits, and also, ancestral spirits? I know that alot of the energy I have in my home is elemental in nature. I just know it. But I also believe that there is an indigenous energy here, although the historical data has nothing written about indigenous history, of course. I believe that the land I live on was “insulted” or corrupted when it was developed. Is there something I can do to comfort or appease this spirit?

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