5 Signs Your Third Eye Chakra Is Underactive 

In this post, I’m going to go into the 5 clear signs that your third eye chakra is underactive. If you prefer to read just one section of the article (rather than the whole thing), use the links below:

Where is the third eye located? It is found in the centre of the head, roughly between the eyebrows.

As you can probably guess from the location and name of this chakra, the third eye governs our vision (literally and metaphorically), our mind, imagination, and psychic ability.

When your third eye is healthy and balanced, your mind is sharp. You have a good memory, you can easily focus on a task without getting distracted, and your thinking is clear and quick. Your intuition is also sharp. You can see past the surface of life and gain insight into hidden dynamics and what really underlies situations. You are also a good judge of character and you trust your perceptions.

Now let’s go into some of the signs of third eye chakra underactivity:

1. A dogmatic approach to life

If you believe that everyone should be on the same path as you (because it’s the best one) or that your religion is the only valid one, this is a sign your third eye chakra is out of balance. This approach to life is characterised by intellectual inflexibility – it’s common for people with an underactive third eye chakra to be unable to see things from other peoples’ point of view.

2. Lack of ability or willingness to see beyond the surface level; a lack of intuition

People with an underdeveloped third eye chakra take everything at face value. They don’t look for any deeper meaning behind what is presented on the surface; and it catches them out when things are not as they seem.

People with an underactive third eye chakra tend not to be materialists or atheists; instead they give no thought to what lies under the surface of life.

3. Lack of independence of thought

A person with a healthy third eye chakra can question what he/she has been taught, and come to their own conclusions about what they believe. Someone with an underdeveloped third eye chakra swallows what they are taught without questioning and cannot think for themselves. People like this like to conform and fit in. They tend to be heavily influenced by popular culture, and because appearances matter a great deal to someone who doesn’t see beyond the surface, may spend a lot of energy and money keeping up with the Joneses.

4. Not open to new information or perspectives

A person with an underactive third eye chakra assimilates information poorly. They may find it hard to remember new facts or pieces of knowledge. These are the types of people who live in a foreign country for 20 years and still don’t know anything of the language of the country they live in.

5. Lack of self-awareness

When your third eye chakra is underactive, you lack perspective on your own life, your emotions and thought processes. You may not be able to spot patterns in your own behaviours, thinking and emotions.

If you identified with 3 or more of the signs mentioned above, your third eye chakra is most likely underactive.

Now let’s have a look at some of the common reasons for an underactive third eye chakra:


The predominant reason for an underactive third eye chakra is denial of reality. This is when a person does not wish to gain any further insight about something in particular, and shuts down the third eye as a defence mechanism.

This can occur when something bad has happened or is happening in our lives. It is usually something very traumatic, that we deny and prefer to pretend did not happen. An example would be a person who was abused as a child by a parent but maintains that their abuser was a fantastic parent and their childhood was idyllic. Lying to oneself in this way necessitates the shutting down of the third eye chakra and this blocks insight, not only in the area one wishes the insight to be blocked, but also in other areas.


Another common cause for an underactive third eye chakra is when a person grows up within a religion and has been programmed not to question or to explore their own truth. This results in an underdeveloped third eye chakra.

This can also occur with people who didn’t grow up within a religion with a lot of dogma, but who practise a fundamentalist religion and who believe that there is only one right path for everyone, spiritually speaking.

Next, let’s cover how we can bring balance to an underactive third eye chakra.

Resolve your blind spots

If you have been through something traumatic but you haven’t told anyone what happened, doing this (i.e. telling someone and making it more real) is what will unblock your third eye chakra. Telling someone or talking about it in psychotherapy can help to connect you with the reality of what happened and allow you to face what you have buried.


Visualising means closing your eyes and ‘seeing’ in your mind’s eye. Doing this can awaken and strengthen the third eye chakra, so this is also something that is recommended if your third eye chakra is underdeveloped. Some people find visualising difficult so it’s best to start small. As an example, on Sunday you could practise visualising what kind of things you would like to happen in your upcoming week.

My Chakra Meditation Kit is particularly useful for those who wish to open up their third eye chakra, since it combines visualisation with an exercise for clearing out the chakras, which can also help to bring more balance to the chakra system.

Psychic development and meditation

Psychic development is excellent for strengthening the third eye chakra, but you may find it challenging if your third eye chakra is underdeveloped.

As a starting point, here are some articles that you might find helpful:

How to Develop Claircognizance

How to Develop Clairsentience

How to Develop Clairvoyance

Meditation can also be helpful for awakening the third eye chakra, because it attunes you to your internal reality (which is a rich source of insight.) Often we can drown out our internal reality with distractions, but by meditating, we are forced to focus on it.

Here are some instructions for meditation:

  • Sit comfortably
  • Focus either on the tip of your nose, or your breath
  • Breathe normally
  • When your attention strays away from your breathing or tip of your nose, bring it back. The point of meditation is not to have no thoughts; rather it’s about bringing your attention back when you do notice you have wandered off.

Find a new hobby or job that engages the brain

Hobbies that engage the brain include reading, taking workshops or classes (especially spiritual ones) or learning a new language. These can strengthen the third eye chakra.

Expose yourself to new viewpoints and philosophies

Similar to the point above, exploring other philosophies and viewpoints can help to open up your third eye chakra. This could be through reading or watching documentaries about other parts of the world.

It’s clear that making changes to your life can heal your chakras, but did you know that healing your chakras can also change your life?

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