How to Develop Clairsentience

This is the third article in this series about the intuitive gifts. I’ve written about clairaudience and clairvoyance and now it’s time to talk about one of the more common intuitive gifts — clairsentience. In this article, I will talk about what clairsentience is, what it looks like in reality, and how you can develop it.

What is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience means ‘clear-feeling’. It is perhaps the most down to earth of all the intuitive gifts. Most people use clairsentience on a daily basis. This looks like your feelings sending you intuitive guidance. Just to give a common example: you may experience a feeling of discomfort and then intuitively feel impulsed to look behind you only to see someone staring at you.

How Clairsentients Receive Intuitive Guidance

Clairsentient guidance usually falls into one of three categories:

Gut Feelings

Gut feelings are strong emotional responses that feel almost physical — for example, a feeling of dread or a feeling of excitement. A sinking feeling in my gut means that something is not going to end well or is to be avoided. An uplifted, excited feeling in my gut means that I am on the right track. Hindsight will show you that gut feelings appear for a reason, often to warn you against something or someone. Gut feelings allow you to sense very quickly whether or not you like and trust someone.


Empathy is a psychic gift. It is the ability to pick up on the feelings of other people and know what it is like to be another person. Empathy can be a double-edged sword. It allows you to put yourself in other peoples’ shoes more easily. However, if you’re an empath, you can be like a sponge, absorbing and feeling emotions which aren’t your own. Do you ever experience overwhelming negative feelings which seem to have no cause? Then you could be feeling someone else’s feelings.

Physical Sensations

Clairsentience also speaks to you through sensations in your body, like tickling or pressure.

As clairsentience is one of my strongest gifts, I get impulsed all the time by my guides through physical sensations. Whenever I am tuning into Spirit (talking to my Spirit Guides or higher self) and doing a reading, I get a strong tingling sensation on both sides of my head. I also get a prickling sensation on the top of my head.

If you experience this, too, you might like to read this article: What Does Tingling Around My Third Eye Chakra Mean?

How to Develop Your Clairsentience

Sign up for my Intuitive Experiments freebie on my free resources page, as this also gives you an opportunity to practise using your clairsentience.

Psychometry Exercise

This exercise involves getting hold of an object that someone has worn regularly, like a watch. All objects absorb energy from their owners and if you are clairsentient, you can tune into this energy residue. Hold the object in your hand for a minute or two. If the watch is holding a lot of strong positive or negative energy, you will probably pick up on that. You may also be able to get more details on the type of energy it is holding.

Listening to Your Chakras

This is an exercise for tuning into and reading your own energy (it is best to do this exercise when you have some knowledge of the chakra system, as it makes it easier to do. Check out this article on the chakra system if you’re unfamiliar with it.) This exercise also helps to develop clairsentience because it makes you more sensitive to your emotions and feelings.

Here are the steps:

1. Lie down or sit comfortably.

2. Open each chakra, beginning with the root chakra. Visualize each chakra as a coloured wheel spinning horizontally, and bring the energy outwards, about one metre outside of your body.

3. Then ask yourself: how do I feel in this chakra? Ask each chakra one by one. See if you get any sensations in your body or emotions that are connected to the chakras.

The first time I did this, at the heart chakra (the centre of love and self-love) I felt a sense of hollowness which told me that I was taking care of everyone except myself. At my throat chakra (the centre of communication), it felt tight and constricted and I remembered I had something to say to someone that I had suppressed.

If you are interested in doing this exercise in a guided way, you might like to check out my Chakra Meditation.

Further Reading:

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  1. markc

    I’ve enjoyed reading your articles. Good luck with your blog.

  2. Anna

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the articles.

  3. Lena

    Anna, thank you for a free mini-reading. I had no idea I was primarily clairsentient! Honestly, that knowledge gave me some relief, as I got frustrated because I couldn’t hear and see things, even though I’ve been working on my psychic abilities for a while. Looking forward to getting a full reading from you in the future.

  4. Eudes Labadie

    Thank you Anna, I’ve always had tingling sensations running through the body so it’s really enlightening connecting it to a psychic ability.

  5. Anna

    Hi Lena,

    Welcome to my blog!

    I’m glad the mini reading cleared that up for you.

    Many gifted clairsentients/claircognizants often don’t know their own gifts and try to develop their clairvoyance primarily! That was the case for me when I first starting developing my psychic abilities

  6. Anna

    Hi Eudes,

    Welcome to my blog

    I used to get tingling sensations as well on the sides of my head and never knew what it was until I developed my psychic ability and it started happening each time I tuned into my guides!

  7. velvet

    Awesome, thanks for mini reading. Hopefully I can develop more of my Clairsentience. Can’t wait for more entry blogs :).

  8. Adrianne

    Hi Anna, Thanks for the mini reading, it was good confirmation for me. I also get tingling sensations when tuning in to Spirit, but mine are usually on my right upper back and sometimes on the left too.

  9. Anna

    Velvet, Adrianne – you’re very welcome!

  10. Andy

    Hi anna. Thanks for the mini-reading. The weird thing is that when you told me I am primarily clairsentient I felt as though you were telling me something I already knew. My first reaction was “Oh, is that it? what a waste of time”. but, of course, I didn’t know that at all. I was expecting you to tell me I had no psychic abilities!!

    interesting site. I have spent more time than I feel I should just browsing around.

    Off to Google Clairsentience now to see exactly what it is I have 🙂

    Keep up the good work, Andy

  11. Anna

    Hi Andy

    Welcome to my blog!

    When you feel like I’m telling you something you already know – it means your subconscious mind already knows it! Psychic guidance is often like that. People sometimes expect it to be earth-shattering but in many cases it just confirms what they already know 😀

  12. Andy

    Thanks Anna. It feels sort of re-assuring to have it confirmed. Now all I need to do is search for ways to develop it.

    Somebody suggested meditation to me but when I tried to meditate once all I ended up doing was to fall asleep!! I now use the deep breathing exercises whenever I have problems sleeping lol!!

    I’m going to try the chakra exercises at the next chance I have.

  13. Elle

    Hi Anna

    What a lovely treat, thanks so much for the mini reading. My headache has almost disappeared and I feel warm after reading the chakra exercise.

    Was interesting too, clairsentinence is something i’d like to develop some more, esp since people keep asking me where their lost items are, such as jewellery.

    Also just a quick question about ‘seeing’ where lost items are, is that the same when i can automatically ‘see’ a house when someone is simply describing it? Is that clairsentinence as well?


  14. Anna

    Hi Elle, Glad you liked the mini reading! ‘Seeing’ things that people are describing in your mind’s eye is clairvoyance. I’ve written an article about that as well if you want to develop it – it’s in my archive.

  15. Lynn

    Dear Anne,

    Thought I’d add to the nice affirmations 🙂 When I read your mini-reading I was stunned – was honestly expecting to be told I had no psychic abilities. But once I read what ‘clairsentinence’ was it really struck a chord with me – I work in a job where I’m required to assess people at face value in a matter of minutes, and all that gut-instinct finally made sense, as well as a new gut-churning feeling that happens sometimes when I need to hurry up for something (big unexpected queue at venue, or the person I’m about to meet up with will have to hurry off soon).

    Same goes for the claircognizance you pulled out for me – totally unexpected, but feels very ‘right’, if not as active as the other one. A few times before I’ve known without a doubt that certain things would happen, like being able to get a booking for a special doctor within a certain timeframe. How relieving to know that all this is REAL!

    The only thing I can’t figure out now is to do with ‘hearing’. I’ve had to tarot/clairvoyance readings and each time there has been just a phrase or two I distinctly remember hearing in the live reading, but don’t appear on the recorded audio (it hasn’t been cut out that I can tell). They were said at times I was looking at the cards, but I swear I heard him say those words. If this isn’t just a figment of my imagination, do you have any advice for what this might be? It hasn’t happened with anyone else I talk to – although granted, he’s the only ‘true’ psychic I’ve ever talked to personally.

  16. MariJoy

    Wow…just found out there is a name for being able to “feel” when a family member is coming home…clairsentience!! I can feel it in my body, it’s a kinda weird rising sensation.
    I’ve been wondering about this “gift” and what to do with it…

  17. sharon

    i,ve just heard about the word ‘clairsentience’…and when i read the symtoms i couldnt believe it… I often get a tingling sensation on the back of my neck and my right shoulder/back….. I didnt know what it was, but my mother passed away approximately 18 months ago, so when i got this tingly feeling i often wondered if it was my mum trying to make contact with me…what do you think Anna?

  18. Anna

    Hi Sharon, the tingling could be anything really. For me, tingling is a sign that my energy is opening up and becoming more receptive – it always happens when I tune into people’s Spirit Guides. So for you it could be a sign of psychic awakening or it could be linked to your mum. What does your gut tell you?

  19. sharon

    my gut tells me that my mums spirit is near me…… the reason i think this is because i never got this tingling feeling on the back of my neck, right shoulder/back when my mum was alive… only started happening since she passed over…. whatever it is… it gives me comfort. do you think there is life after death Anna?

  20. Anna

    Hi Sharon, yes – I believe in life after death. I occasionally get to speak with clients’ deceased relatives in readings. It’s hard not to believe in it when you see and hear evidence of the dead still there and still watching over their loved ones.

  21. Mario Hendley

    I absorb energy from my friends and now that they have alot of my energy. Its like iam forgoton to them and I hear least from them. Question : if you visit a family member but dont want to stay long with them, b/c you know youre going to be depress by being around them b/c of things in the past. Is that Clairsentinet? I can be in a good mood and then later I feel miserable by my family, I think b/c there miserable and so I feel the same way. Now recently, I brought some crystals and its almost as if I automatically absorb feeling good energy from it. ITs amazing. After I use the crsystals an had them in my hand not only was I feeling %100 better but I notice when I touch the computer mouse when searching online. I feel like some type of electrical movement or some type of magnaic activity going on with my hand on the mouse. WHAT IS THAT? LOL I read out of some book Clairsentients can go outside by some trees and open there lower chakra and recieve energy. I felt so damn good. That I was acting like a child when I cam back in the house and I am 24 yrs old. My mother look at me like I was crazy. lol Sorry for the long letter but I had to share my experience for people who can relate to this. Maybe you can help answer my questions. Thanks for the readers out there from reading this crazy long comment. Love to everyone out there! lol

    • Anna

      Hi Mario, when you spend time with people and they are depressed and then you feel depressed, I think that’s normal – people’s moods affect us. But obviously if you’re clairsentient and empathic, people’s moods affect you more. So perhaps you’re on the empathic side.

      You can receive energy from crystals. I also know that you can wear certain crystals to protect you from taking on other people’s bad moods, btw. I’m not sure which ones, though.

  22. emily reed

    Thanks! i never knew i was clairsentient! do u have any other tips related to clairsentience?? i would like to know more about wat i can do!

  23. Banyu

    Hello Anna,

    When I meditate and try to open my chakras, I get a tingling in my fingers and feet and muscle twitches in my arms, shoulders etc. Is this clairsentience ?
    I enjoy reading your articles, too !

  24. A


    I wonder if you can answer a question for me. I have noticed for a very long time a tingling sensation on the back left side of my head whenever I witness someone getting injured. When I am watching TV, for example, and someone falls to the ground – bingo, tingling in my head. I’ve asked a few psychics I know and have tried to research what causes this and the only thing I was told was, “It must be part of your clairsentience.” Could you explain why this happens? I also feel random tingles throughout the day, usually in my foot, and I think this might mean my body is opening or trying to open up to my guides…any input you can offer would be great! Thank you, Anna.

  25. Faith

    Thank you for this little page/reading, I’ll now be able to help develop my clairsentience I bit more by trying out holding objects and sensing emotion from them. I am more of a sponge, can you recommend any sites or contacts that can help me hone my ability a bit more?

  26. Samantha

    Hi Anna, your mini reading was very helpfull. Im only 21 and ive felt everything youve talked about. its good to know im not the only one. My aunt says im very powerful, i can feel all kinds of energy through my hands, feels like a tingling sensation,and i just found out. Now im trying to get a grasp on my clairsentience, if you have a list of some books that could help me that would b great.
    Thank you, Sam =)

  27. help

    being able to have clairsentience is too tough for me (since young), especially when i feel strongly something bad is going to happen to my love ones but i can’t figure out what exactly is going to happen . and when it happens, i would feel guilty for not stopping such incidents from happening as it would (most of the times end up in a bloody/injury-kind consequence) or the most disturbing one—death.

  28. Rachael

    Hi…I am interested in all the above subjects you have touched on. Afew years ago i went and got my cards read by a clairvoyant and just as I was about to leave she said “you must come tonight”. I asked her what she meant and she replied that they are having drinks and since I am one of them (a witch) she said I should go. I have always wondered if I should of. I have dreams and months later they come true dejavue (hope I spelt it right). I meet people and get a dark feeling from them. I wuld like to know how I can gathr more information on these. I life in New Zealand. Do you have any contact here? I would be so greatful if you could help me on this one. Much love

  29. Psychic Source

    Another good strategy to slowly build your psychic ability over time is to keep a journal of your dreams. Our dreams tap into unused parts of the brain and those parts are usually trying to tell us something.

    Good post!

    – Rachael

  30. Tobey Taylor

    I’m am a new-comer to all this psychic ability. But it all makes sense now. Thank you.

  31. Diane


    Thank you I enjoyed your articles and your blog. I’ve realized in 50% Empath and 50% Clairsentient and I now know the difference and able to work on my energies which I’ve had a problem being able to turn on and off.

  32. Chelsea

    I’m extremely clairsentient, naturally. I can contact spirits through it and all sorts of stuff. When it’s developed neough, you can actually put your feelings into words and accurately describe a person’s energy. For example, I was able to determine why my teacher’
    s energy was so negative. She had a problem at home with her husband. I know it sounds like just a random guess when you first read that, but please understand it was not. She was genuinely surprised I was able to tell that and she tried asking me another question. I got it wrong of course but it was a very interesting experience.

  33. joolz

    i think your article was a good read and think articles like this should be spread on facebook and twitter aot more. thankyou x

  34. Rosie

    Hi Anna. I have just realized my potential as a clairsentient psychic. I am trying to develop it to the best of my abilities but after about ten minutes my gut starts to really hurt and I need to take a break but by the time the pressure starts to subside I can’t tune back into my ability. Any thoughts?

  35. Fox girl

    Hi anna, im almost 24 now but back when i was around 21 me and some friends took an intress in paranormal activities as far as investigating houses of our friends and places in out continuity just for fun dill after a couple weeks i started getting these body feelings that i was not alone or just something was around but couldn’t tell if it was positive or negative..and i was later told by a medium that i was clairsentience which i thought was cool!!! and later found out that my grandmother had something similar..but unfortunately i have seem to lost this touch with the energy around me and im not really sure how to get it back…:( do you have any suggestions

  36. Liz

    Interesting and helpful reading. I’m at a period in my life where I’m beginning to become aware of lots of things. I’m starting to smell perfumes when no one else can-I think one I smell is my passed Gran and one smell is the perfume of a friend’s passed mum. I’m also starting to see flashes and twinkles of light-the biggest so far was a halo. Very occasionally I see a shadow in my peripheral vision. At a BBQ one night, I saw the end of a tail scoot under the chair I was sitting on and looked behind me to see what it was. There was nothing to see. I looked around to see if anyone else had seen it too but I no one had.So your article has been great in making me feel a little more OK about it all and a lot less as though I’m on my own with all of this..

  37. Pamela

    I have a question, but honestly I pretty much know the answer. I just haven’t learned to trust my intuition well enough yet. Simple question.

    I am most definitely an Empath but it seems I am also Clairsentient too. That is possible right? I think at times it is hard to distinguish the two because they can be occurring at the same time.

    I would love your feedback.

  38. Veronica

    Hi Anna,

    I stumbled on your page just now looking for answers!! Sometimes I just KNOW things and I blurt them out and now I am doing it to my coworkers and I dont know what to call it? For example, everytime I walked by a coworker a nickname that I thought I made up in my head would pop into my thoughts… well yesterday I told her what I had nicknamed her and she said “that is what my grandpa used to call me.” And then hours later at lunch I sat down with her and out of nowhere I asked her if her grandpas name was John and she said yes. I have never had a long conversation with her b/c she is new to our job so its not me over hearing her. So I tried to “listen” to myself but then came up with nothing. Im wondering if you can tell me the actual name of what I am doing. It happens often and out of the blue. Usually just to my husband, now to my coworker too!! After her asking me I had to explain to her that sometimes that just happens to me.. so I would like to have an actual word for it! Can you help?? PLEASE!? Is it her energy sending me thoughts or her actual grandpa talking to me!??

  39. dee ann


    Ive begun to try to tune in. After researching, I think I may have clear feelings and clear thoughts. I especially notice feelings from family members. Mostly, negative feeling which I seem to take on for myself. Is this normal? It seems as if I will feel what they feel. Like my husbands ADD and anxiety and my mother’s negativity and unstable emotions. I would like to further explore this. As a child and teen I would sense things. I even once saved my own life. What should I do to relearn these gifts?

  40. Heather

    Can two ‘clairs’ work together, like clairsentience and claircognizance? I could really use your insight and assistance.

    I sometimes recieve a message about something I need to say to someone, and I know in my gut I *have* to do it. It comes as a sensation and the certainty of just knowing I’m right, and then moves into emotions, then into words or emotional concepts. I find that if I do not make contact with that person and deliver the message the sense of urgency only builds and became more insistent, almost to the point of non-physical discomfort. I also sometimes pick up on what feels like ‘screaming’ once in a while from someone I come into contact to, except the person isn’t making any physical sound; the ‘volume’ may not be in conjunction with outward signs of distress. Again, I am compelled to speak to them. This is happening with people I don’t even know now, and I’m not sure what to do; it’s harder to claim to be sane this way!

  41. Violet

    Hi Anna,
    I have just found your page, and I am very happy to find there are so many people that experience these things as well. I have been very sensitive to the psychic world since I was young, only I wasn’t sure what it was. Only now that I am older it’s making more sense and I am more aware. I smell when my past relatives come to visit me such as if they smoked, I get an overwhelming smell of smoke around me somewhere, where noone is smoking like in the car, I can also feel when they come to visit and they are with me, I can’t see them though. I get sent signs and messages from time to time, I saved my mum from being in an accident once from a message, maybe it was my spirit guide. One experience when I was young, I walked into my aunties house and i just remember the feeling that overwhelmed me when I walked inside, horrible! but I didn’t know what it was, everytime we went there I told my parents I didn’t want to go, cause I didn’t like her house, or I’d sit in the car while they said hello to her at the door. I got the same feeling in my 20’s a long time later walked into a house and had to leave, then I realised later it was the same feeling I got when I was little. I’m still not sure what this all means I have had no-one to talk to about it, maybe it was just negative energy in these places! I have found a group now that I talk with and see once a week this week was my first week, it was great to talk to people that understood, I have alot of things I need to ask them, to make sense of it all. Your page has been a great help also, Thank-you 🙂

  42. Carmen

    Crazy! This is so what i feel! I get like a tingling just on the inside of my right ear… My gut tells me it is a certain person and either they are thinking of me or are very close in proxcimity to me. there can even be like almost an intence almost as if someone were breathing in my ear kinda feeling.My gut is pretty sure it is right though. Whats your thoughts on this? I have always considered myself very spiritual and maybe more open to these things. Sometimes there can be a sharp pain inside my head that follows and that is as well on my right side almost inside my ear. I have just had my physical and just for giggles had her look for any signs of ear infection. NONE.There is this almost like your ear is blocked by pressure sometimes in conjunction to this tingling. Please some thoughts on this… 🙂

  43. honeyzap

    I dont know what to call my “abilities.” I think clairsentience may be closest, but I’m not sure. I have always had the ability to look at someone and know exactly what they are feeling and if they are in pain, where the pain is. It’s as if I can “see” it clearly, even though I don’t physical see a particular image or color, per se. I just know what the feeling is and where it is. It’s my understanding that Empaths actually feel the emotion or pain themselves, but I do not. In fact, I make a mental effort NOT to allow a person’s pain into my body. Emotions can be more difficult to stop but I’ve always been pretty good at keeping my distance from what others are feeling.

    However, I definitely can’t stand crowds and highly emotional or violent incidents in public (tv and movies doesn’t bother me so much unless its documentary.

    At night as I sleep I often feel all sorts of sensations of being touched or feeling as if I am not alone. I often experience these sensations during the day.

    I do NOT have the ability to touch inanimate objects and know the history of the people who touch them. But I do get glimpses of people’s histories when I touch them or sometimes just by looking at them.

    I’ve had many prophetic dreams, and my mother and I often communicated semi-telepathically when I was growing up. I say semi- because one of us would always answer the other’s question out loud while the other one just thinks, trading back and forth in conversation in a manner that sounds disjointed to others listening. But we never sat and traded whole conversations with our minds or anything.

    I’ve seen a couple of a ghosts I think, but mostly I refuse to see ghosts because they scare me. I have no idea what to call my so-called gifts or how to classify them. I am unable to discuss this with friends or family. Not even with my mother as she doesn’t like to dwell on the particulars of our gifts as it scares her too.

    I guess I’m just looking to speak to others who might know whats going on with me and what I might be able to do to better develop and control my abilities.


  44. Girtha

    Hi Anna,

    This is my first time being on here. I’m glad I found this site. The crazy thing is that I have been feeling this tingling feeling on my right side of my head and most times I feel it on my right cheek without meditating. But there are times when I meditate I will get feeling right and left side of my head. It feels good actually. Can you tell me what that means when you get that feeling just out the blue.

    Hope all is well. -Girtha

  45. Ms Carolin

    This “thing” of knowing stuff has just been named for me lately. I was told I have the gift of Clairsentience. I have had the gift my whole life, just now trying to understand and evolve it better.
    I also can “feel” some peoples feelings, in person or by pictures. I have also received messages from spirits/the other side/guides. Just searching the internet for websites and books to help me create boundaries for my gift. Enjoyed your information. Thank you.

  46. may

    Hi Anna

    I’m all new to this psychic thing,and I think I’m Clairsentience.a few weeks ago my cousin showed me that if we close our eyes and ususally think of a question with a yes or no answer we’ll usually see the this got to do with us being psychic or is it just our imagination. i can also sort of sense when someone is hurt.

    • Anna

      Hi May,

      Yes this is totally a technique to tap into your intuition. You may not just see the answer, you may feel it or just ‘know’ what it is. Also beware of yes/no questions. Sometimes there is no black or white/yes or now answer to some questions.

  47. Natasha

    I’m so lost I do not know where to begin…
    For as long as I can remember I have had “encounters” if you could call them that. Seeing things, hearing things, feelings so overwhelming I just do not know what to do. As I aged I just slowly learned to ignore them…until my now almost 2 year old seems to be seeing and feeling the same things…example: if I awake knowing something or someone is in the room that shouldnt son is up seconds later crying for me.
    Last night I saw a headless man standing at the foot of my bed directly in front of my husband. White he didnt really send that fear down my spine like I often get I was still scared and closed my eyes until I could feel he was no longer there. My husband’s father died before he and I met in a motorcycle accident and had serious head trauma which is what killed him. In the morning I texted my best friend to tell her…shortly aftermy husband started talking about how much he misses his dad…I wasnt going to tell him what I saw but I started crying and shared my text I wrote with him.
    This is not the first time something like this has happened…but I’m scared! My son is scared too. If this were the extent of it I would manage but I have been regulary saging our condo because shortly after moving here something to me feels like an angry man is always in the living room waiting at night. I can just feel him!! He scares me so much. Sometimes I feel like if I walked out there I was just going to see him sitting on my couch.

    Please help me understand this all, I’d like to get rid of this all together if that is possible. If it’s not I’d like to control what I see and when. I’m just so tired of being afraid! I havent had a good night’s sleep in who knows how long and my son has NEVER in his life been able to sleep a night through with me in the house. He will if I’m not around though. 🙁

    Thank you for listening.

    • Anna

      Hi Natasha,

      It would help to get a property clearing done with a reputable practitioner. You could ask around any friends who are spiritual or sensitive to energy. Or look online. I’m sorry I don’t have anyone to recommend at the moment. I do offer them but am not doing sessions at the moment due to my current visa status. Hopefully you find someone to help you.

  48. Kym

    I have always been able to “feel” people’s emotions, even when they are smiling or laughing… somehow I can sense their sadness or emotional pain. I do not have to be near the person in proximity… even if they are laughing on the phone, somehow I can sense how they are really feeling. I thought this was normal and that everyone sensed this… until several years ago, friends and acquaintences started seeking me out and pouring their hearts out to me, sharing things they kept buried deep inside, never having told anyone about the things they held deep inside, and even guys crying in front of me without shame. That’s the key, is that they were sharing without any prompting from me or my asking anything, just sharing WITHOUT SHAME, even if they had felt shame from their past experiences. I became known as the “seeing/feeling” sister… and it scared me at first, feeling strange that this was not “normal” yet feeling great that I was able to help others relieve themselves of their burdens… yet I myself feel so heavy… all the time.

    I just wanted to share as this is the very first time I found a name to this… if this is what it is.

    Thank you.

  49. Jessica

    This post in particular was very interesting to read.
    Yesterday I went to my friends house because we are both learning about Tarot Cards so we get together when we can and read up and experiment new spreads with each other. Well yesterday I told her that the night before I had seen a light blue flash in the top corner of my aunts verandah, the light travelled very fast from the corner to about 10 metres to the shed. I told her that there was four other people sitting with me and nobody else saw it. So my friend wanted me to try something, she placed a ring in my hand and asked me to tell me what I feel from it, I thought she was mad because I’d never tried it before but I picked up her grandmothers energy, it was like I saw a few glimpses of where the ring had been, I haven’t known this friend very long, I definitely don’t know her grandmother and I picked up that her grandmother gave this ring to her before my friend got married and I asked my friend “Was this ring on you while you were at your wedding, not on your fingers but close to your heart?” and my friend told me that she kept that ring on her in her breast pocket during her wedding! I was shocked so she asked me what else… So I asked my friend “is your grandmother still married to the man who gave her this ring? But he’s not passed, he’s just away?” and my friend proceeded to tell me that her grandmother and grandpa are still married but he is away all the time because he works away from home. I then went on and asked my friend “your grandmother was young when she married wasn’t she, she was young and very traditional” my friend agreed. I then felt like the ring was given to my friend to help keep her grounded and stable, my friend told me that her grandmother knew about her out of control lifestyle she had before she finally met a man and got married. She agrees that the ring was given to her to help keep her stable and grounded. So that’s my story, I really want to learn more and develop my skills, so I googled it and came across this site 🙂 so thank you for the information you have provided.

  50. victoria

    Hi anna, by just reading your articles i can tell that you are very knowledgeable and gifted. i have an unrelated question that i would like to ask you. While i have been reading your blogs my ears have been hurting. Unitl about 3 years ago i started to get these intense pains in my ears. i thought maybe it was because i could ‘hear’ someone in pain, but when i tried to tune into who it could be the people who i thought of would tell me that they were ok when i contacted them. Then i thought that they were messages from my guides, but iv always had a different sort of sense from them. ive looked up ear chakras and done the cleansing or grounding excercises. i have noticed on one or two occasion while meditating that my ears have a sensation that they’re moving like statelite dishes just inside my physical ear. its not a constant pain, more like if i was get intense surges of energy entering at certain times. sometimes the left ear sometimes the right. i can go for months without feeling it, then all of a sudden i will have ear pains on and off for weeks or months at a time. i have gone to a doctor and specilist and had test but my ears are normal and healthy. do you have any idea what it is that im experiencing. for some reason after all my research i have a strong feeling that you may be able to help or point me in the right direction hopefully. thank you

    • Anna

      Hi Victoria, Sorry I am not 100% certain what this is about. Since you mention pain I tend to think that’s a physiological phenomenon, not a spiritual one. I say that because I have had clients who have pains in their body but spirit doesn’t tend to talk to us through painful sensations.

  51. Claire Devaney


    I have a quick question, myself and a friend have recently been told we’re claresentients (her January me April) we have completely differnet lives but for some reason her and myself have been getting headaches and being really irritable and wanting to be away from people. I have no idea why nor does she. I’ve got no reason to be irritable and am generally really upbeat and positive and didnt know whether this was connected to being a claresentient? Any thoughts gratefully received

  52. Johanna

    This is really an interesting site. Actually i have no idea about clairSentient. I just have this ability to have a very strong feeling, or i usually say radar. Or they say woman intuition. Let me tell you one story in one of few experiences,I had an ex which i found out being married without him telling me. It happened that there were something wierd or different i felt about him. But i really didnt give a damn, im not even the type of person who asked alot when it comes to personal stuff. Im sort of a listener. On our 3rd month as i remember, i was browsing his facebook page, trust me, i never intended to be a stalker, or something, i was looking on his friendslist, then suddenly my hand click on one profile on his friendslist which has a baby girl picture, for somereason i didnt know, i got interested on the profile, i looked at the baby girl’s picture, i dont know why theres something in me that saying to keep going and keep clicking the pictures. Then on one album, i saw this baby girl being carried with my ex bf. and another profile was linked on that picture, so i clicked it and it lead me to another profile that reavealed everything… And yeah i was so stupid that knowing all bout it, coz i was blind back then, i still continue our relationship .on our 4th month he went to U.S for a vacation, and when he came back our relationship became a total nightmare. Honestly i was so very cooperative that time, yet he was acting strange. I was talking to a friend Who knew about us and the him being married, and i said, “maybe his wife is pregnant”. Then few things happen, God wake me up finally, we broke up, and then he admitted that his wife is pregnant. Honestly i have no intention of knowing it all, even the truth at first. But it just happened. Also there’s this officemate of mine, i knew the girl and she has this long time partner which is a friend of mine. One time i was about to ride the elevator, this girl came out on the elevator with a guy, and walk away separately,others might think nothing coz its elevator, its a public place i could say. But strange, i felt something strange or i say somethings fishy about the two of them, i felt there is something going on the two if them. Then a month later, i heard the news that my friend and this girl broke up. Though no information about the reason, then i got this confirmation from my supervisor who is so talkative,that the girl had an affair with that guy whom i saw with her on the elevator , and that is rhe reason my friend and that girl broke up. … I was surprised, that i was right! Right now im kinda having a question about something, which i need your help, or advice. Im currently on a training right now coz i was transffered to a different department, its my third week. My trainer, who is a guy, i dunno why im feeling it, is it a crush or am i feeling his feelings. He is not handsome to tell you, i was also thinking that he might be gay.but anyway, the first 3 days of our training, it was normal, i dont feel anything, on this activity, i looked at him coz he was giving instructions, when our eyes met, there was this strange, tingly feeling i felt. And from that moment, though not always, but most of the time that our eyes meet there is this feeling that so strange, a feeling like your seeing your crush, but he was not my crush, now because of this feeling, im confuse if i have a crush on him, or what. By the way on our 2nd week he decided to shuffle our sitting arrangement, and he put me infront, and whenever this old fellow of mine couldnt get what he is teaching, i can feel that he is getting pissed. Now im getting worst, he always pops in my head, the vision of his face always pops in my head, then i have no choice not to think about him. And continously giving me this happy and tingly feeling..feeling like im having so many butterflies in my stomache..That happens whenever i get home after work, or in my rest days. I hope you can help me explain this. Thank you

  53. Lamha

    recently i found myself out of my thoughts and into other thoughts..more like reading minds, i can aslo read other peoples emotions when afar and near and i thought it was normal and others also has it but recently it sudenlly boosted.i can read more and more emotions frequently and its scaring the hell out of me..i cant control it. everytime when i am talking to a friend i get out of my thoughts and into my friends and yesterday i accidently blurted out something when i unintentionally read my friends emotions..and she looked at me as if i was an alien and asked me how i knew..its really scaring me and i am only 14 and its something i cant controll.please tell me how to control it before it scares me more

  54. Lamha

    oh and i forgot to add.. (sorry) everytime i read emotions (unintentionally)..i usually get a weird focusing hard on ‘something’ which i dont know..then i know what exactly that person is feeling..when i read minds..i usually dont feel my mind..more like witnessing someone else’s going into that person’s shoes and thinking what that person is i am going inside that person..its going for about a while now and my friend gavin (who i could trust only) knew about this because he has witnessed me doing this is ok with this but i still find it scary..i really want to know how to control it but its always on when there is a person nearby and people are finding me weird because i blurt out the things they had in mind and what they feel…its creeping everyone out including me

  55. Jamie

    How do you stop feeling someone? I’ve tried meditating, grounding, chakra clearing, even cutting off communication from this person and I can still feel when something is wrong even though she lives thousands of miles from me.

    • Anna

      Jamie – if you have done all of that and you still are empathically connected to someone, I wonder if there is some part of you that wants to be connected? You could meditate on that and see what comes up for you. Because you are in control of your energy body.

  56. Siying

    Hello Anna! I was just wondering, cuz I get these gut feelings and can tell a total stranger what their life is probably like sometimes, if I was clairsentient? I’ve been reading up a little on it and I don’t really know….

  57. Karen

    I just had an experience of my stomach flip-flopping and then moving up to my heart where it was doing the same thing and the feeling just kept moving back and forth for one to two hours. I had a strong feeling that it had to do with an old boyfriend. It was so strong I texted him to see if everything was okay with him, to which I received no reply. My feeling was that everything was okay, but I kept having these fluttering feelings for an extended period of time. About three days after I found out he had been at an amusement park and had been riding roller coasters, several of them, that morning. Of course I was amazed because nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I was just looking to hear feedback on this and maybe some insight into developing this skill. Would love to hear some comments. Thanks!

  58. Trenton


    Well my problem is this: I have no problem feeling stuff, but don’t know how to interpret the feelings. I generally have trouble figuring out if the feeling is mine, or someone else’s. when I’m alone, I know it’s mine, but have trouble interpreting what my higher self is attempting to communicate. Also; my outlook is inordinately positive, so when “negative” feelings often escape my. Like if I’m being “warned” about something. I often misinterpret the message, or miss it all together. One more challenge I seem to have is; when I don’t feel anything about a situation and I quest out to my body for insight…nothing! I do notice that guides are more of a subtle feeling, but I have so many, or rather talk to so many, that I wish I could recognize which one specifically is responding to my inquiry. I generally get the feedback I’m looking for, but often never know who to thank. Dies any if this make sense to anyone else?

  59. Erica Williams

    Hi Anna,
    I’m not really sure where to go, but two days ago I was sitting in the emergency room with my 8 year old daughter who told me that “my colors were really bright”. I have never heard of this before and have never heard her speak of it before, so I started asking questions. She said that she has always seen color around people. I’m not sure what do with this; should I let it go? I don’t want to do the wrong thing. Can you help with this?

  60. carmel

    How can i not feel this. Every night when i lay down i feel this uncomfortable tingling feeling and as soon as y eyes close i feel energy or some type of pressure as if trying to get in my head. I have to put my hand over my head as i sleep. Its very annoying. I even get nauseous at times.

  61. Crystal Ramsumair

    I am extremely intuitive. I can feel people’s feelings on a regular basis. I can tell when people are lying. I can feel when they have bad thoughts towards me. I am an empath. One day I just looked at my friend and toldher she was pregnant. 2 weeks later she confessed she was. I have precognitive dreams. I am just recognising my gifts and I’m glad to still be learning.

  62. Maryann

    I’m glad to have found your site. I’m definitely empathetic and clairsentient with a touch of clairaudient.

    It started 21 yrs ago when my father died prematurely. I felt his spirit visit me 400 miles away and slowly float away from the room.

    Fast forward 9 yrs and I get freaked out in the Medieval wing of the Louvre. I’ve never been there before and felt something evil and present. It made every single hair on my body stand and I remember looking around at the other tourists, no one else seem disturbed. I couldn’t run out of there fast enough.

    I can tell whenever someone is lying to me. I can read their face and tell instantly whether or not they’re on my side.

    I’m highly sensitive and can’t be around large crowds or soul sucking people.

    When I’m incredibly stressed out about a situation, strange stuff starts to happen. For example, when I was upset over how disconnected I was from my bf of 18 months, I suddenly had a vision during my sleep of me mailing him back his house key (that eventually happened 2 months later). The next night, I had another vision of being happy in my backyard & sunshine – fast forward 2 months, that’s when I went out on the first date with a new guy

    One afternoon after not sleeping and missing the new guy terribly, I suddenly saw his face clearly in my minds eye (I normally never see anything clearly in my minds eye) and he surprised me with a visit the next day.

    Another time, I was suddenly stressed out about a job I had. I knew they were going to lay me off as I was hardly doing anything. I knew when certain people got calls relating to me – my boss and HR. I can’t explain how I knew, I just knew and told them later.

    The clincher was one day I got to the office early and heard in a voice, not my own – what’s better described as a older man’s voice – say “the decision has been made…” there was no one else in the room that morning. Just me. The decision I eventually later learned was related to me. I was laid off 3 days later.

    Another “knowing” was regarding the new guy I mentioned earlier. For whatever reason my biggest fear with Jim was that one day he would break my heart. I normally never think that way with men. And yes he did. You could say the status is now TBD (to be determined).

    But whats funny is that I woke up this morning with the song “prodigal” by one Republic in my head. I haven’t heard that song in a long time.

    I have a feeling that he will return or you can call it wishful thinking. Who knows. I’m too close to discern correctly.

    One last incident occurred 3 yrs ago when I was waiting for my divorce to finalize. I attending a singing bowl ceremony with over a dozen reiki healers/masters. When the bowl was passed to me – I momentarily had the strangest vision. I first saw flashes of light, then felt complete utter joy. I was at a jewelry store, shopping for an engagement ring with I guess my future husband. I couldn’t see his face. I just remember his energy signature didn’t match either guy I was talking to at the time. Since it’s 3 yrs ago, I vaguely remember that energy signature.

    I just remember the vision was so strange given the timing of my current life back then.

    So there you have it. My gifts – whatever they may be. I also have a strong gut that sometimes defies logic but turns out to be right in the end.

    And whenever I’m around someone who also has a special something, for whatever reason if they’re around me enough, they will eventually experience a vision themselves. I’ve seen this happen to about 5 people I know.

    One had a sever case of dejavu. The other actually could see me from 400 miles away. Another dreamt of his future wedding. And another clearly saw a snippet of my childhood – she could describe the weather, what I wore, the furniture, etc.

    I don’t know what you call this.

  63. Maryann

    I forgot to add one last thing. I can feel energy out of innate objects – such as clothes that have belonged to someone who was arguing or blessed jewelry. The energy I feel can be good or bad energy. The good I welcome and the bad I can’t get rid of fast enough. I also recently found out that saging helps dramatically.

  64. Beth

    I just realized this morning, at age 58, that I might very well be an empath. Incidents like the following have been happening most of my life, but I never made the connection. I woke up this morning so sad, depressed, with tears in my eyes. I opened my iPad and saw a text from my daughter (who lives across the country from me). She decided that today was the day she needs to put her cat down. She sent the text at 2 AM and I had no idea she had texted me. When I read this I realized that maybe I was feeling what she was feeling. When I had that realization then my sadness and depression lifted immediately. I wonder if I might be a clairsentient intuitive also. Do you have any impressions of this? Thanks!

  65. Sam

    Dear Anna,
    My name is Sam and I am a pranic healer who has recently been aware of basic level abilities of clairvoyancy clairsentience and a bit of clairaudience and empathy that have resided in me since childhood I would want to cultivate these abilities further on except empathy which I gave deciphered myself through the negative side mostly and positive.I was recommended to contact you here from another pranic healer for further advancement.Thank you very much.

  66. Anna Sayce

    Hello Sam,

    I’ve got loads of resources on here to help you develop those clairs. If you scroll up to the top of the website you will see ‘free resources’ in the nav bar – there is a free e-course there to help you to develop your intuition.

    Free intuitive experiments here for practising reading people using your clairs and empathy:

    Also a course if you are looking to sign up for some training – Intuitive Awakening


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