7 Signs You’re Clairsentient

(This is the final article in a series about the 4 intuitive senses – here are the other articles in this series:)

This one is going to cover the gift of clairsentience, which is the ability to receive guidance from your higher self, guides and angels, through emotional input, gut feelings and physical sensations.

Are You Naturally Clairsentient?

Below you’ll find 7 signs you might be — have a read through and see how many you resonate with!

1. You’re an Empath

(If you’re not sure what an empath is, you might like to read this article: Signs You’re An Empath.)

Empaths are people who are able to sense, and even absorb, energetic and emotional data from other people.

When I do Akashic Record Readings for clients, I check to see if they are an empath and I also look into their strongest intuitive gifts. I have noticed that those clients who are empaths very often have clairsentience as their primary or secondary intuitive gift, and it does makes sense to me that those people who receive guidance through their feelings, might also be adept at picking up on the feelings of other people.

So, if you consider yourself to be an empath, the chances are you also have some degree of clairsentience.

Now let’s have a look at the next sign:

2. You Feel Your Emotions Very Deeply

Some people are naturally more comfortable experiencing and processing life through their emotional body, and some are more comfortable being in their mental body (and this is often linked to the person’s soul group of origin or the Archangelic realm of training.)

And as clairsentience is about receiving guidance through emotional input and gut feelings, it also makes sense that those who have a strong emotional aspect, are also more likely to be clairsentient.

Clairsentient people also have a hard time doing things their emotional aspect is not totally on board with. Where some people can go through life working in a job they dislike or regularly doing things they really don’t want to do, clairsentient people have a much harder time compartmentalising their feelings in this way. This is because they receive guidance from Spirit through their feelings, letting them know when something is not the right path for them.

Obviously it doesn’t mean that clairsentient people are off track in their lives every time they experience negative emotions, but our emotions contain messages for us about our lives and our approach to life, and for clairsentient people, those messages hit us hard and are felt deeply. And as a result, we cannot ignore them for too long or fail to act on them!

To find out if you are more of a ‘feeling’ or a ‘thinking’ kind of person, take the free Myers-Briggs test at 16Personalities.com.

If your personality type has an ‘F’ in it (for ‘feeling’, rather than ‘thinking’), you’re more emotionally oriented and therefore more likely to be clairsentient.

However, rather than being an either/or scenario, the Myers Briggs result gives you your feeling/thinking orientation on a spectrum. For example, you might be somewhere in the middle, like 55% feeling and 45% thinking. But if you’re much closer to the emotionally oriented end of the spectrum, (e.g. 70 or 80% ‘feeling’ oriented), you’re more likely to be clairsentient.

3. You have the 4th energy centre/realm of training

If you have had an Akashic Record Reading, and you were told your soul has the fourth realm of training (otherwise known as being a Raphaelite) you will also be clairsentient to some degree.

4. You experience a lot of physical sensations, often unexplained ones

Perhaps when you open up your chakras or connect with your guides, you feel tingles or a sense of pressure on the sides of your head, or a prickling sensation around your upper body (personally, I often get tingles on my head in the presence of Spirit.)

You may also somaticize your emotions a lot more than other people you know do — perhaps when you’re embarrassed you blush a lot, when you’re nervous you get very sweaty, and when a sense of dread creeps in, you start feeling physically sick.

5. You have a lot of water signs in your astrological chart (cancer, pisces and scorpio)

I have heard that if you have a lot of water in your chart, this is another sign that you are led by your feelings and are more likely to be clairsentient. I have not seen this in practice because I don’t look at my clients’ astrological charts, but personally I have a lot of water in my chart (multiple scorpio planets and a cancer midheaven) which might reflect my clairsentience.

6.  You pick up on energies in your environment

I call this ‘place empathy’. Place empaths are able to pick up on — and absorb — the energies found in places, buildings and land. They can walk into a home and get a negative vibe or a positive vibe and maybe even a sense for what might have happened there to create that sort of energy.

So if you’ve ever walked into a place and felt creeped out, or like something bad might have happened there (with no logic or evidence to back up that sense), then you can tick this one off.

7. You’re drawn to working with angels, or you regularly call on angels to help you in your life

I have noticed that angels often communicate with us through our clairsentience. I believe that the role of our Guardian Angels is not just to protect us on our path, but also to influence and comfort us with their loving and peaceful energies. As a result, they often communicate with us through our feelings and transmit those energies to us, not as an idea, but as a feeling that we can receive through our hearts.

(To give you an example of what this might look like in practice: a person who is going through a challenging time emotionally, and feeling distressed, might be flooded with a sense of peace and serenity out of nowhere. I believe that this sort of thing is often the work of our Guardian Angels.)

Those who call on the angels, therefore, may often receive guidance or loving energies via their clairsentience, perhaps because this is the clair the angels like to use, or it could be the other way round — clairsentient people are possibly drawn to working with the angels because they are clairsentient. I am not sure which is true, but I do know there is a connection between clairsentient people and the angels.

So if you work with the angels — maybe you call on Archangel Michael regularly, you have learned to do angel card readings or you communicate with your Guardian Angel, then you can tick this one off, as well.

How Many of the Above Signs Did You Agree With?

If you agree with 4 or 5 or more of the points above, you are definitely clairsentient.

If you agree with 3, you have some degree of clairsentience that could be developed further.

If you didn’t relate to much in this article, your gifts will lie elsewhere.

How many did you relate to?

& if you’re interested in developing your intuitive ability (that includes clairsentience) further, why not sign up for my free, 2 week e-course, ‘How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides’

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Natalie

    Oh, I love this! I relate to every single one of these so much. My Akashic record reading confirmed that clairaudience was my strongest “clair” – which I wasn’t expecting at all (probably because it comes so naturally that I thought it was normal!) – but I had a sneaking suspicion that clairsentience was up there too.

    As an astrologer who knows my chart very well, I also have plenty of water signs in my birth chart, so as far as it goes for me, I would agree with #5, too! (I don’t usually ask my clients about their “clairs”, so I don’t know about others.)

  2. Amin Shah

    Very illuminating article. You’ve hit the points right on the head. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anna

    Hi Natalie – Nice to hear from you – thanks for commenting ! x

    Amin – Glad you found this enlightening!

  4. Esperanza

    I loved this article! It shows that the weird feelings I have, for example that I cannot even enter into a place and without knowing why, it is because I am clairsentient!
    If I feel things in my body, for example, I get a literal resonance in my spine if something is good for me when I smell it, and if something is not good for me then I don’t feel a resonance in my spine. Is that also clairsentience? Thanks Anna, love all your articles!

  5. David

    All very interesting insights! I enjoyed each category.

    As you travel about cool Scotland, don’t forsake your heat stricken followers in the warmer regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Send us a plethora of photos so we enjoy the scenery and feel the comforting breezes !

  6. Lynn

    I relate to most of these (to some extent) and am feeling drawn to angels more recently. I would love to connect with my Spirit Guides but feel something is holding me back. I have signed up for your free course. Thank you so much.

  7. Paul

    Love this article. I totally relate to all this. I have learnt to feel people’s energy so well. I can reach out to total strangers now and “see” inside somehow..
    I often “know” what past secrets people are hiding, and that can be very scary.
    I co-create with my angels all the time and am always “put” into terrible situations to show people “the way using love and truth”.
    Usually those people needing my help are involved in organised religion but “use”religion to hide their wrongdoings.
    Deep spiruality transcends all religion I feel.
    My guides have taught me love is the most powerful force in the universe ….
    Stay in the light


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