What Do We Do In Between Incarnations? 

In my conversations with students recently, I’ve found myself talking a lot about an interesting spiritual order called the ‘Third Order’. And whenever a theme like this keeps cropping up, it’s usually a sign to write about it on my blog…so here goes:

What Is The Third Order?

The Third Order is a group of souls who specialize in transporting the newly deceased from the Earth plane to the soul’s next right place of expression. Along with angels and deceased loved ones, these are the beings that greet souls upon death, and guide them to the ‘other side’.

The Third Order also helps souls who are being born into the world in fully integrating their physical bodies (this is a process which occurs over time, during the gestation period in the mother’s womb.)

If you belong to the Third Order, you will have held these roles in between earthly incarnations. That means that when you are not in a body (in between earthly incarnations), you have assisted souls who have just passed away on the earth plane, to transition to the afterlife. And you may have done the reverse, too – helping souls to fully integrate their physical bodies that will be born into the world soon.

I first learned about this spiritual order when I started reading for Akashic Record Reading clients and I would estimate that approximately 15-20% of my Akashic Record Reading clients have been Third Order souls.

Here Are Some Signs You Belong to the Third Order

You’re Super Comfortable with Death and You Know It Isn’t the End

Members of the Third Order generally believe in the afterlife and are very comfortable with the idea of death. These people instinctively know that death is not the end and as a result they do not fear death. These are the people who volunteer in hospices for the terminally ill and become “death midwives” or grief counsellors. Although they are also affected by grief like any human being, they also tend to deal with deaths of their loved ones without falling to pieces in the way that others might. Their faith in the afterlife helps them a lot, and it’s not something they ever doubt or have to convince themselves of. That faith is natural for them, and it’s always been there – like breathing.

You Have Mediumship Skills or You’re Interested in Developing Them

Third Order members can also make good mediums because conversing with the dead will not seem unnatural, scary or ‘weird’ to them. Plus they tend to attract spirits, in general.

You Attract a Lot of EarthBound Spirits into Your Space

When members of the Third Order undertake psychic development, they may find themselves picking up on the presence of earthbound spirits. (These spirits may be particularly attracted to these individuals because they can tell when a member of the Third Order is in the vicinity!)

People who are Third Order members may feel a responsibility to help these spirits to cross over and to move on – simply because this is a role they have had before.  Third Order members who wish to take this role again while incarnated, will do well to learn an effective technique for helping earthbound souls to cross over to the other side (all of my courses teach a technique for doing this.)

You’re Good at Orientation

People are always coming up to you and asking you the way. When you get lost and you’re in a group, you find yourself taking charge in that situation to re-orient everyone. You may even have had a job in the past which involved guiding people towards a particular destination or area of a building.

Third Order Members Have Different Specialisations, Too

Sometimes Third Order members help a particular set of souls who passed under a particular set of circumstances, based on how their most recent lifetime ended.

For example, let’s say that a Third Order member incarnates as a young guy who has no faith in the afterlife. At the age of 19, he passes suddenly in a car accident, and has a tricky time crossing over because he is so shocked by his sudden death and what he finds in the aftermath of it.

As a result, when he gets to the other side, he chooses to work with welcoming young men into the afterlife who pass suddenly and need some help with adapting and understanding what has just occurred to them. He can relate to them and help them because of his past experience and his age when he passed.

Note that not every soul who passes is going to have trouble finding their way to the other side. The souls who have issues tend to be those souls who have not experienced many earthly incarnations (the souls who are well acquainted with transitioning out of a physical body on Planet Earth tend to zip right out of their bodies, and do not hang around for long!)

Souls who have no belief in the afterlife, or a non-physical realm can also be disorientated upon exiting their physical bodies – especially if they pass suddenly.

So, the bottom line is, souls get a lot of help transitioning to the other side (if they happen to need it) and those who don’t will know exactly where to go.

(On that note, several years ago, I had an astral projection experience where I asked God to show me what it felt like to die. I can’t say for certain that it wasn’t just a dream, but if crossing over is anything like what I experienced, there was a very clear pathway out of the physical realm, and I was drawn to this pathway like a magnet.)

The best way to find out what you have been up to between earthly lifetimes is to have your Akashic Record read.

Resources & Further Reading:

Being involved in the Third Order is not the only activity we can engage in, on the other side. Below are some links where you can find out more:

★ Learn how to read other peoples’ Akashic Records with the Akashic Record Reading Program

★ Read Michael Newton’s fascinating books Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives and Destiny of Souls. (Michael Newton is a hypnotherapist who specialises in regressing people to the space in between earthly lifetimes i.e. the other side.) Through his work with clients, he has made many discoveries about what the other side is like for souls

If you have any questions or things to add, please leave a comment!

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  1. david

    The photos of your travels are deeply appreciated. I would be curious to know your thoughts on the builders of Avebury and Stonehenge; their identity, purpose, and their community.

  2. Ronald Boltz

    Two death doulas helped my mother pass recently. I didn’t know that people like that existed. I was very impressed with them. Your thoughts have been very helpful to me. Thank you.

  3. Cristina Miu

    Hi Anna,

    I would be very interested in your thoughts about Stonehenge. I will visit London and plan to go to Stonehenge too during July.
    Thank you and enjoy the summer time,

  4. Esmeralda Philipsen

    Dear Anna Sayce,
    This was a really interesting article! It does make me wonder if this might explain my own incredible comfort with death. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy to be alive and I hope I’ll grow old, and also feel I am far from being done here on Earth. But I’ve felt completely at peace with the idea of dying / death for years if not decades. Also, in darker periods I have felt sad to be so far away from heaven (as I like to refer to the other side) and to be stuck being alive.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Soul Miracles

    Wow! Very informative. It is interesting that we might be one!

  6. Tom

    Is the Third Order you mentioned, have any connection to the Third Order that Catholicism refers to?

  7. Jennifer K

    I have recently discovered my divine purpose, and it is to help the deceased over to the other side. I have helped mostly those who either don’t know they have a home (heaven) to go to, so they can reconnect with their life force (high energy vibration, the divine light), and those who wanted to stay because they had an addiction of some kind. I discovered that they can make people feel drained, as they are having to exist by pinching someone else’s life force. Once in a persons aura they can also experience what that person is experiencing. For example the effects of alcohol, drugs, sex. I see them as attachments next to people, and they are always blue in colour. Depending on the shade of blue i can determine their reason for staying, as well as communicating with them non judgementally. Because i can now see these souls very easily i can say that there are so many that need help. I believe that (and my own angel guides have told me this) all mediums wherever possible should be learning to recognize earthbound spirits and helping them home. Also whilst i was previously working with a ‘spirit guide’ i was unable to hear what my true angels were trying to teach me. I later discovered that my ‘spirit guide’ was indeed an earthbound spirit and simply did not want me to send him home. He acted as a filter to my brain whenever communicating with spirit, and so i was not learning or hearing or seeing exactly what i was supposed to. My true family angels (spirit that have connected to the divine light – returned home) look white. This is how i know they are a pure source of truth and love and light. I now work with them on my true pathway. I also feel a lot healthier and happier, and calm. I always felt a bit edgy at times before i realized what was wrong. Hope this helps those of you who may feel the same way.

  8. Anna

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your comments!

    I know very little about Stonehenge – I haven’t actually been there yet, although being so near ( a few mins drive) I can feel that there are some very special energies within this landscape!

    Tom – that is an interesting question… I didn’t know anything about the Catholic Third Order, so I did a bit of research.

    I suspect the spiritual Third Order (i.e. the group that helps souls to cross over to the other side) is called the Third Order because it does resemble the Catholic third order in one way – both groups utilise the services of lay people. The ‘lay people’ souls who take part in the Third Order are dead, but they are regular, human souls who incarnate on earth regularly and are here to pursue their soul’s evolution here. They are not angelic souls or souls who have ascended to the divine realm (i.e. ascended masters). Not sure if that makes sense!

  9. Ryan

    I always wondered about time and if it doesn’t exist in the afterlife, does it feel like a eternity when you are crossing over? I mean for us on earth it sometimes takes a day or 2 or more to figure out something. Is two days on earth could that be comparable to 2 years in the afterlife? I have always wondered.

  10. David B

    Thanks, Anna. I’ve helped several people transition over the years. It just arises spontaneously. I’ve never pursued or developed it. I’ve been told I have First Nations Owl medicine which is about crossing over.

    I agree that for most, it’s straightforward. But various things can cause people not to engage. A friend of mine’s mother for example, died in a coma and didn’t realize she’d died. Once I made this clear, she began the process.

    I’ve also seen the specialization. A friend committed suicide and he got specialized care and training afterwards – and a task to help resolve the effects of what he’d done.

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