Is Your Root Chakra in Balance?

In this article, I’m going to provide info that will help you to diagnose any imbalances in your root chakra and I will also give suggestions for fixing them.

But first, what are chakras?

Well, around the physical human body, there are layers of energy, known as the energy bodies. These energy bodies (among them, the mental, emotional, etheric, and spiritual bodies) together make up the aura. The energy in the aura is centred around seven main hubs, called ‘chakras’.

The chakra is an energy centre that receives life force energy from the Creator. Each chakra receives a different type of life force energy, which is needed for life here on Earth. Then that energy is integrated and expressed in the person’s life.

The ways in which one integrates and expresses those energies are in evidence upon reading the chakras. They contain information about your life, soul, strengths, lessons, past, and present.

sacred chakra

The Root Chakra

Now let’s have a look at what the root chakra governs, as well as what it looks like when it is in balance or out of balance:

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine (at the perineum) and is associated with the colour red.

This chakra is the centre of our physical well-being and our ‘energetic foundation’. All aspects of our physicality are represented here, including survival, money, ‘groundedness’, connection to reality, tribe, community & family.

This chakra is about the basics we need to have in place in order to survive, which include food, shelter, physical comfort and warmth, and personal safety.

As soon as the umbilical cord is cut when we are born, our new life force activates our root chakra and then travels upwards to awaken the other chakras (although the ‘awakening’ of the other chakras will usually occur a bit later on.) At the moment of birth, we find ourselves totally reliant upon other human beings for nourishment and protection. Consequently, our early years are a time of great significance for this chakra. If we grow up in safe environments where our physical needs are met, the root chakra will be stable and happy. If we grow up in unstable or unsafe environments, this will adversely affect the development of this chakra.

Once we enter adulthood, this chakra often becomes more active once again since we must fend for ourselves and make our way in the world, in a financial sense. The root chakra is concerned with basic matters such as ‘how can I make enough money to support myself?’

When the Root Chakra Is In Balance…

When the root chakra is balanced, it shows in a person’s demeanour and attitude. A balanced root chakra comes through as confidence and self-assurance that one’s needs will be met. Such a person is easygoing and does not worry for her survival. She knows that there is enough to go round. Invariably she is grounded and connected to the reality of her physical environment.

When the Root Chakra is Out of Balance…

When this chakra is out of balance, it can manifest as:

  • Worry and anxiety that you won’t have enough
  • The belief that survival is a constant struggle
  • Feeling you need to be aggressive, pushy or manipulative in order to get what you need; walking all over other people in the name of material survival
  • Feeling a desire to isolate oneself from others
  • Meanness and stinginess
  • Feeling that one has to sacrifice one’s principles or throw integrity or dignity to one side, in order to fulfil material needs

Reasons for Root Chakra Imbalances and Blockages

Let’s look at the circumstances and events which commonly cause imbalances or blockages at the root chakra.

Blockages and Imbalances from Childhood

What happens to us during our childhood (when we are so utterly reliant upon others) shapes the development of our root chakra, for better or worse. For this reason, most root chakra imbalances will have their roots in childhood. Here are some childhood situations which can predispose us to issues in the root chakra:

  • Living in an unsafe environment
  • Growing up in a stressful or chaotic home
  • Having unreliable parents or caregivers
  • Childhood neglect; not having your basic needs met
  • Being suddenly or frequently uprooted from one’s home/school without warning
  • Growing up in multiple foster homes or orphanages

Here are some other possible reasons for a weak or imbalanced root chakra:

  • Physical isolation
  • Having had your physical survival threatened (i.e. during an accident or trauma)
  • Living from pay cheque to pay cheque or living in a state of uncertainty about how you’ll support yourself in the near future
  • Being under the threat of being laid off at work
  • Constant travel/digital nomadism
  • Losing a family member through death or abandonment
  • Drastically changing your diet
  • Having a baby
  • Getting married
  • Getting divorced
  • Having an accident, being injured or contracting a serious illness
  • Starting a new business
  • Finding ourselves in a part of the world that is not our home, away from family, friends and our support network
  • Going to university.

As you can see, any big life change or major break from familiarity can unsettle the root chakra.

My Root Chakra Imbalance

I had a weak root chakra in my early twenties.

When I was 23, I left my grandparents’ house and moved to London. I had just quit my teaching job in Spain and had recently started my new business as an Akashic Record reader.

The money I earned at the time from my new business was barely enough to support myself in such an expensive city, plus I had no savings to fall back on. I knew very few people in London and most of my family lived overseas in New Zealand.

I was staying on a friend’s couch initially and then ended up moving into a flat with housemates but our flat never felt like ‘home’ to me. I ended up disliking London and spent several months longing to live somewhere more rural.

Having my own home-based business, it was also hard for me to feel a sense of community or belonging, since I had no co-workers and few friends in the capital.

You can probably see all the reasons why my root chakra was weakened at that time.

Below are some suggestions to strengthen the root chakra, if  you are seriously out of balance in this area:

  • Past life regression therapy may be beneficial for those who have root chakra imbalances. Root chakra issues can often be connected to past life situations which relate to survival fears, life or death situations or being displaced or in exile. Other common past life scenarios which affect the root chakra include being sold into slavery, starvation and famine, economic collapse or bankruptcy, experiencing a violent death, or perceiving oneself to be in inescapable poverty
  • Choosing a home in one place and staying there
  • Working hard to find a sense of community if you feel isolated
  • Paying your own way in life: ensuring that you are not accepting money or financial support from those you do not like, or whose values you don’t agree with
  • Healing childhood traumas which affect the root chakra (in my book The Empath’s Toolkit I go into a lot of details on trauma healing methods)

(Note that severe imbalances in the chakras will require larger solutions, such as healing or a change in lifestyle, habits, or situation. The solutions above are for larger imbalances.)

Smaller imbalances in the chakras can be fixed by smaller solutions – here are some more solutions that can remedy a temporary and small weakness in the root chakra:

  • We can’t always control what is going on around us. But the little things in our lives can give us a sense of control – for example, establishing daily rituals and routines, such as going to bed at the same time each night; waking up at the same time each morning, and having your meals at the same time each day. All of these are nurturing and stimulating for the root chakra.
  • Revisiting your ‘roots’ i.e. where you grew up
  • Saving money for a rainy day
  • Eating more home-cooked meals
  • Increasing your intake of animal protein, by eating more eggs, fish or meat – I realise that not everyone feels OK about eating them, but if you do eat them, animal products are especially grounding
  • Wear more red
  • Attend to the details of your finances
  • Spend time with a pet
  • Do some gardening
  • Get a massage
  • Spend more time with your family – blood family and/or ‘spiritual’ (chosen) family

The Soul Group Connection

Some souls are naturally predisposed to a weakened root chakra and the soul group of origin does play a part in this. Soul groups such as Arctureans and Andromedan/Mission Realmer tend not to have strong root chakras. By incarnating here, such souls may learn to become more grounded. Other soul groups, such as Polearean, Earth and Blueprint Translator tend to have strong root chakras.


For those who are interested in bringing more balance to their energy system, I offer a Chakra Meditation Kit which teaches you to read, heal, open, clear out and rebalance your entire chakra system. It’s a do-it-yourself guide that includes an audio meditation, eBook and a discount to the Intuitive Awakening Course.

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  • Akashic Record Reading – for those who want to learn more about how their soul group affects strengths and weaknesses

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  1. Lindy Driver

    I have been struggling for a long time too be able to move forward in my emotionally, finding a partner and especially financially.. after reading the article I can see where there has been an imbalance formed. My lfe has been so frustrating and I know deep down I should be living a more happier fulfilling financial stable life..
    Thankyou regards Lindy

  2. David

    I’ve received Anna’s blog installments for approximately eight months. Each topical item has been engaging and insightful! Thank you for your effort!

  3. Kelley

    Thank you Anna, I have been in hypnosis therapy for a few months now and we are doing regressions. I can say that on you list for childhood I have several items and on the smaller imbalances I have several. I was wondering why my guides led me to my hypnotist. This is one of many reasons.
    Your intuition is amazing your articles always seem to talk about what I’m dealing with.
    Thank you again and please keep writing!

  4. Nayab Khalid

    The way you tell us about things and their ways are phenomenal! I’ve read everything in your blog! 😀
    Loads of love.

  5. Maria

    Thank you for this information. My mission is about healing traumas endured during childhood and I also want to suggest the Emotion Code modality of Bradley Nelson, D.O. There are many therapies that seem to “undial” traumas that get “dialed” in to the soul–enough so that people who wish to find the relief of healing may find some way that most ‘resonates’ with their energy, some method that will align with their own energy field to create balance and stability in order to lead a life filled with more joy, less anxiety, more wisdom in heart and mind.

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