Intuitive Experiment #15 – Results

Well done to everyone who had a go at this experiment – there were plenty of intuitive hits among the comments!

The woman in the photo is Dolours Price who was an IRA (Irish Republican Army) terrorist. Her role in the organization involved helping to ‘disappear’ British collaborators and informants, by driving them to their place of execution. She also participated in the 1973 Old Bailey bombing in London with her sister Marian. The bombing left one person dead of a heart attack and 200 injured. The sisters were given life sentences for their part in the attack.

(Well done to those of you who picked up that she was an activist of sorts…)


Price was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1951.

Her family were hardliner Irish Republicans who were opposed to British rule in Northern Ireland. Her father Albert was also a member of the IRA and the sisters were raised on the IRA ideology, becoming active in the organization in their late teens. Their Aunt Bridie had been blinded and maimed when an IRA bombing operation she was involved in went wrong and the device exploded prematurely.

While Price was in prison for her part in the London bombing, she went on hunger strike for 203 days, during which she was force fed (and those of you who mentioned her throat area were perhaps picking up on this.) Her aim in the hunger strike was to compel the authorities to move her from the prison in England to a prison in Northern Ireland.

She later suffered from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and anorexia as a result of her experiences. She also suffered from poor physical health throughout her life (which prompted her release from prison on humanitarian grounds in 1981.)

After her release from prison, she remained politically active and wrote for pro-Republican publications. She felt betrayed by the 1998 Good Friday agreement, which involved a ceasefire and disarmament of the IRA. She was also a strong critic of Gerry Adams, the Sinn Fein leader and alleged former IRA-member, who helped to bring about the agreement.

In 2006, she helped investigators locate the remains of some of the executed informers and collaborators.

Personal Life

She married Irish actor Stephen Rea in 1983 and had two sons with him. They divorced in 2003.

Price suffered from alcoholism and drug addiction in her later years. She was found dead in her Belfast home in 2013 from a toxic mixture of various prescription medications.


Many of you described her as ‘defiant’ (or some variation thereof.) I felt this trait was written all over her face and was the facade she used to present herself to the world.

Father Raymond Murray, the prison chaplain at Armagh prison described her in the following terms:

“…clever and witty, full of fun and she held people enthralled by her conversation.”

Journalist Walter Ellis said of her:

“She had great courage, but also a cold heart.”

She was described by another journalist as:

“…charming, chatty and flamboyant, more like a fading diva or retired actress than a terrorist.”

She had a reputation for ruthlessness in the IRA, and in an interview with journalist Allison Morris, she stated that she did not regret her terrorist activities, saying “informers knew the penalty.”

Her friends said that she was haunted by guilt over her part in the abduction and murder of Joe Lynskey, an ex-IRA member who was allegedly murdered, not for collaborating with the British, but for attempting to arrange the murder of another IRA member whose wife he was having an affair with.

How did you do with this experiment?

Did you learn anything about your intuitive process through this?



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  1. Mon

    HI Anna
    Gosh I’m silly! When I first tried this particular experiment, I instantly thought that Dolour’s green shirt with the features on the pocket and shoulder lapels reminded me of army greens, but I dismissed this thought telling myself that it was too obvious to get a hit from her clothing!!!! Duh ARMY!

    I must learn to give my intuition freedom, without affording my intellectual mind any chance to chip away and discredit any intuitive hits.

    Same again when my intuition said to pay attention to the stick or pole in the second picture. My intuition said “Joan of Arc – burned at the stake”. But my brain said “Don’t be silly – no one gets burned at the stake in this day and age!” Duh

    My next intuitive hit saw this same stick/pole thingy pierce down through the core of Dolour’s body. After I read a little about her, I found out that she was tied down and force fed with a tube down her throat during her hunger strike. (poor woman). My intuition saw this tube! But because I couldn’t see how this fitted into the ‘story’ i was building about Dolours in my head, then I wrongly let it go.

    However I did ace the “blockage in her throat” and the tight lips. Obviously meant no food in – and no secrets out!

    My learning from these experiments:
    1. My first reactions are usually correct.
    2. My brain gets in the way a lot!
    3. I must write EVERYTHING down, no matter how silly it seems.
    4. When I don’t “understand” the intuitive hit, then I wrongly ignore it.
    5. I don’t have to understand every hit.
    6. The “who does person remind you of” tip is very useful, but its difficult to determine which part of the other person’s life or character is relevant.
    7. I’m can usually pick up the person’s character easily enough by the way I feel when I look into their eyes.

    Also here’s a technique I trialled during this experiment. I always hand write my answers and so I first drew a vertical line down the centre of the page making two columns. Left hand column I wrote down what I thought were my intuitive hits. Right hand column, and adjacent to each hit, I wrote my attempts to decipher each hit. Hopefully this technique will help me distinguish between intuition and thinking!

    Thanks so much
    Mon 🙂

  2. Mon

    Also please help – can any literary geniuses explain any connections between my intuitive hit “To kill a mockingbird” book and Dolours price??? I never read the book.

    Obviously my intuitive hit of “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” lends towards the fact that Dolours suffered from several mental illnesses and was psychological unwell.

  3. Megan

    wow! Inpucked up on a lot of anger and rage., and also her writing. Anna, do you think it is easier to pick up on attributes or experiences that are shared?

  4. Stephanie

    Had some right…some not I don’t think. This is what I gathered:

    Hard life, troubled girl and woman. Prior Addiction to some substance….alcohol, drugs. Employed but not in a glamorous role or a position that would cause envy.
    Rough/Hard time childhood/upbringing. Turned her life around, got clean but still troubled. All of the demons aren’t gone. May have had several attempts at walking the straight and narrow Nice personality, humbled person. Wouldn’t trust her all the way, she looks as if she can pull the wool over your eyes after gaining your trust. Something feels sneaky about her.

  5. Carol

    Wow. love all the detail in the comments. All I know is that I felt an urge to delete the email very quickly and shake it off. Very visceral reaction.

  6. Sue

    Haha, I wasn’t really all that close, but just loving these experiments. Thanks Anna for posting them 🙂

    I had:

    * heaviness, sadness, trauma
    * musician or writer
    * cheeky, pushes boundaries
    * Patti Smith feel
    * I trust her but she pulls no punches

    Well, um, yeah. Just a leeetle bit more than pulling no punches. I didn’t pick up on the terrorist/violence element at all and was quite surprised by it. I don’t condone violence as a means to solve anything (just playing into the same old story that’s killing the planet). But I guess you can understand her passion when you consider her past, and her auntie, etc.

  7. isla

    This is in response to your comment poor her !!! about her bring tied down and force fed with a tube seriously the women was a MASS MURDERER as well as her role in taking people to their death she had active knowledge of massacres such as BLOODY SUNDAY that took the lives of children. .she was a terrorist not an activist one term bloodies the other..she was brutal showed and no remorse…since people start feeling sorry for mass murderers or terrorists because she is female or from reland ??
    I find this experiment a bit offensive.pucin

    • Anna

      Isla you have almost all of your facts wrong – this woman has no link to 1972 Bloody Sunday.

      (Bloody Sunday was actually a massacre by the British and did not involve children.)

      Dolours Price is not considered a mass murderer by any stretch (although she could have been had her bomb killed more than one person) – she drove 4 people to their deaths but apparently was not the one who did the killing.

      You have the Mockingbird link wrong, also. Dolours Price did not have that role in the IRA.

      This blog is not a place to get angry and vent about these past events/issues – we’re not interested in that here. Plenty of the people profiled here have done bad things and lots of the visitors here are empaths who feel empathy for many of our experiment subjects when they tune in, often before they even know who the person is and what they have done. That does not = condoning someone’s actions or behaviour.

  8. isla

    Also regards the mockingbird link…there is no link to her and the book but when u know her full history you can see that she was also.infact a Mockingbird Herself…
    She led informers by friending them…making them trust her she mimicked them..and then actively partcipated in thier deaths..

  9. isla

    Anna I studied her as part of a paper at University but im not here to argue I think its very important to show people in thier correct light especially in the case of intuituve proofiling she was also fiercely loyal and a good mother…. you are right though I didn’t mean bloody Sunday I meant another bomb attack that she admitted she knew about Prior to the
    the attack.
    She admitted to be a particpant as in she may have comitted the murder at least one murder.To me if you drive someone knowingly to the the point where another will take thier life this makes you an accomplace and a murderer.She did this many many times. I wasn’t actually angry just offended that a person would feel
    sympathy for her.
    Im not really an angry person if u know me and completely respect this your home I have participated in many of your experiments and really enjoy them but its easy to forget the human story behind people when we only see a picture.
    Anyways apologise if you feel my comment wasnt correct I was simply being hobest and truthful to my soul.

  10. Mon

    Thank you Anna.

  11. candi

    I wrote the letter P… comes to mind, darker in her older years. ….made my heart race…..

    Dolours Price….I was right about the P….she was definitely darker past her teen years…

    ..I had to dig for the education background, apparently she was in her final year at St Mary’s for “teacher training “…when she and her sister were arrested….

  12. Brett

    Too right Anna , I personally feel that as newbies trying to learn how to use intuition that having more extreme persons to try to read in the experiment is more help than possibly just an average joe who may not come across as strongly to us as it may for someone with more experience , I was pleased with my attempt I got alcohol /drug addiction, writer , would not trust her , bit unpredictable and a temper , however I just didn’t get prison or killed anyone , thanks for the experiment

  13. Sharon

    I’m so new at this it’s always so exciting when things I picked up on turn out right! I got the English/Brit connection; she had two sons and was divorced; and of course the fact that I didn’t trust her from the first sighting! Also that she was a writer, was sad, a free spirit, and harsh. Pretty cool! I love these thanks!

  14. Sabby

    good exercise…!
    quite a few rights..but i still hv way to go…!!

  15. Zephyr

    I got the anti-authority trait, and saw her imprisoned, but I thought England or Italy, which was off. I also felt a strong sexual component and interpreted it to be that of a madam of a brothel. I’m wondering if I was picking up on the part of her personality that was charming or flirtatious and my mind filled in with a “story” – that must be a common mistake for beginners, huh? I also picked up on a son, but there was no mention of one.

  16. trina

    This is funny, I knew she was married, a son, and I didn’t get a good vibe from her. Just a few things that I caught up on, of course I didn’t know the specific details of her background, but I did pick up a vibe that she couldn’t be trusted.

  17. Valda

    Just did a quick look to see if anything came to the fore. First words were car, children, beach/sand. Then the Irish flag and Ireland came in very big and bold and important. I could see her entertaining close family and doing a laughing rendition of ‘singing in the rain’ with a brolly but this was definitely not the face she showed to outsiders.
    The Irish thing was very strong. Again, I didn’t linger in case I was making up a story!

  18. Sue

    I love these exercises and I am always amazed at what pops up. I felt that she had a hard life and instantly picked up on England. When I went into my body to see where I felt her my throat got very tight. I felt that she had passed away in her early sixties. I felt she had children but wasn’t married. I sensed the drug abuse. I had other hits that weren’t validated by the reveal but I am pleased with what did come through for me. Looking forward to working my way through the other experiments! Thanks

  19. Kelly

    My impressions from the first picture were that she was smug, intelligent, arrogant, talkative & mentally tough. I felt she was somehow involved in politics or a political matter. However I also felt she sometimes portrayed that tough image as she could be warm & caring. In the second picture she seemed much “lighter”, that is not so tough anymore, had softened & was happier than before. I believed that she was a mother but the spouse was no longer in her life. Thank you Anna for these exercises as I enjoy strengthening my gifts!


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