All About the Alpha Fornacians – Do You Belong to this Soul Group?

I recently discovered a new soul group, and wanted to share it with my community, for a couple of reasons:

(1) So that those who are interested in learning to read the Akashic Records can get a sense for the type of information that is available in the records for channelling. And (2) to let past students of the Akashic Record Reading Program know about this new soul group.

But first of all, What is a soul group of origin?

The soul group of origin is the place that the soul has chosen for its first several (and formative) incarnations. When the soul is birthed, it is like a blank slate energetically. It chooses a particular environment to take on certain energies that it will embody throughout the life of the soul. When incarnated here on Earth, the soul will then bring forth the energies it ‘absorbed’ during its time in its original place of incarnation.

There are around 23 soul groups that we know of. The newest one I want to tell you about today, is called the Alpha Fornacians, or the Emotional Realmers.

Alpha Fornacis is a place that resonates in the 9th dimension; a non-physical world that is primarily an emotional, relational world, where emotion is amplified. Souls do not have physical bodies there, instead they have emotional bodies.

This is a place where souls could go to experience emotional intelligence at a high level.

As a result, Alpha Fornacians are emotionally skilled and emotionally intelligent and bring these skills when they are incarnated. They often support others emotionally and model emotional intelligence — they bring compassion, empathy and self-awareness into their interactions with others.

They teach us emotional awareness, healthy emotional expression, finding ways to handle negative emotion, and heeding the messages within negative emotions.

These are souls who help humans get through tough emotional experiences, involving conflict, rejection, grief and tragedy. The ultimate aim of this is to help us to create greater harmony here on Earth. They are also here to help us to work through draining emotional quandaries and reclaim our power. They are helping to reverse emotional stunting.

Alpha Fornacis is similar to Earth in that one can evolve through the contrast of both positive and negative there, so negative emotions are a feature of life in that place. However, the main difference between Earth and Alpha Fornacis, as mentioned, is that Alpha Fornacis as a place of incarnation is very far removed from the dimensions we exist within here on Earth (the 3rd-5th dimensions).

As a result, Alpha Fornacians struggle with the physical nature of our Earth world. They find our physical world a bit tedious in terms of all the grunt work that has to be done to achieve and attain success.

These souls have been incarnating here on Earth for around 6000 years and most of them have had no more than 50 earthly lives here. They make up around 0.6% of the world’s population. Many of them are parents who are raising emotionally intelligent children, and they often work in the mental health field. Some of them work with people who struggle with identifying and articulating their emotions, such as those with autism, others work with people who come from cultures which discourage emotional expression amongst men.

Lots of Alpha Fornacians incarnated in the last century, during World Wars I and II, when it became clear that many societies were nowhere near emotionally equipped or evolved enough to face these challenging world events.

You may be an Emotional Realmer/Alpha Fornacian if you are:

  • Highly emotionally intelligent
  • Very compassionate and understanding
  • People often come to you to work out how to handle certain situations in relationships
  • You know you’re an old soul, but you suspect you don’t have much experience incarnating here on Earth
  • You work in the mental health field, or with autistic people
  • You find planet Earth very tedious in terms of the grunt work that has to be done to get from A to B
  • You find it easy to ‘read’ others and know how the people around you are feeling.

A common question I have had about the soul groups is:

Is this literal? Do these souls really come from star systems, or are the soul groups a metaphor for the environment the soul has spent time in, early on in its life?

Some practitioners who read the Akashic Records believe the soul groups are metaphorical, and that they represent groupings of souls who come here with the same purpose.

Other akashic record readers (like me) have found that souls seem to resonate deeply with the literal descriptions of their home worlds, often dreaming of them or seeing them in visions before even being told where they are from, and therefore take the information more literally.

This is one soul group out of 23. If you’d like to find out more about the others, check out my book – The 22 Star Seed Groups.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >

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    Hello Anna! I always enjoy your newsletters and am intrigued with the discounts you’re offering for your courses currently. Will you be offering special prices also in the New Year? Because the courses and readings can be expensive for some people, including me, folks might be able to enroll/purchase your offerings AFTER the holidays when our money is freer or we have received a cash gift or two.
    Thank you!

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