Animals & The Spirit World – Interview with an Animal Communicator

Today I want to introduce you to animal communicator, pet psychic and author Jeanne Miller.

Over the last several years, Jeanne has been working with people all over the world, communicating with their pets, living and deceased.

She is also the author of the book “The Pet Psychic Diaries” which she wrote to share some of the experiences she has had as an animal communicator.

She has amassed a lot of experience and knowledge about animals and the spirit world through this work – in this interview, she shares some of it with us, answering questions such as:

  • Where do our pets go when they die?
  • Do they watch over us after death?
  • Can we have soul contracts with animals?

Interview with Jeanne Miller, Animal Communicator

Anna: Jeanne, thank you so much for doing this interview with me.

Jeanne: It’s my pleasure!

Anna: So, a little bit of background – I first worked with Jeanne several years ago, when she read for me and my cat Big Boy. She read for him when he was alive and also after he had passed away.


Big Boy

I wanted to start with a question that comes to mind for me- Jeanne, do you think we have soul contracts with animals, the way we do with humans?

(Just to clarify for anyone who is unfamiliar with this term – a soul contract is an ‘appointment’ or agreement that we make with another soul with whom we’ll have an important relationship – whether it is short-lived or long-term.

The reason why we make these soul-level ‘contracts’ to meet up is often to exchange energy and teach one another something through our interactions.)

So, Jeanne, the reason I am touching on this is because I feel like I had a soul contract with my cat Big Boy, who taught me a lot about unconditional love, and taking care of another living being. For a few years, I struggled with the question of having children – will I or won’t I? And Big Boy taught me a lot about that. Big Boy was a rescue cat who had been abused in the past, and at the time he came to me in 2011, I was healing from abusive relationships, which meant we sort of understood one another.

Jeanne: Yes, we can, and often do have soul contracts with animals. Big Boy was one of your soul companions and when this is the case, an agreement is made for it to be so, before both incarnate into their current lifetimes.

It would be to either help with issues one has chosen to work on in this particular lifetime, or it could be as simple as just wanting to meet up and be together for a while because of the incredibly strong bond that soul companions share.

I’ve had many animals tell me of different lifetimes with the same person, and they don’t always come back as one particular animal. I had one cat tell me that he came into one of his lives as a dog, but always preferred being a cat for the work he was doing, so has come back in cat form every time since then.

Anna: So, in your experience, where exactly do animals go after they die?

Jeanne: They go to the other side (the same place we go) when they pass. Heaven is filled with animals. It wouldn’t really be Heaven to most of us, if it wasn’t.

Anna: Can a soul incarnate as human and later as an animal? When I was training as a past life regressionist, I came across a case of a client who experienced themselves as a bird in a previous life, but it was not an incarnation that took place on this planet. I was just wondering if you had come across it.

Jeanne: I’m not saying it can’t happen, but I haven’t seen this in my experience. Animals usually come to us in the role of teacher, healer, or companion. They can best do this work and follow their paths in their own form. I’ve always thought that animals are so pure of heart, that being human might be a step back for them.

They do however, sometimes reincarnate as another pet and find their way to us again.

Anna: Agreed. From doing your readings, have you found that our pets miss us, as much as we miss them, after they pass away?

Jeanne: I often get asked if our pets miss us the way we miss them. I’ll let a kitty named Chet answer that. This is from my book Pet Chatter 2:

When asked if he missed his owner, this is what Chet had to say:

“I do know how she has suffered. She loved me so much and was planning a long life together. I wanted that too, and am sorry that my body had that weakness that gave me such a short life with her.

I know she can’t see or experience me the way I can now see and experience her. We can see and hear everything we want to from over here, so I miss her physical pettings and love, but I don’t need to miss her the way she does me because I visit her all the time, and I know what she is doing and I hear her talk to me in her head. It is hard to explain but the love connection we have is even stronger from this side. Please tell her that. I will always be here and we will see each other again one day.”

From my first Pet Chatter book, Bandit, a lab mix on the other side had this to say:

“I will always watch over my family, and visit often. Now, I get to see all the things they do. I used to always wonder where they would go, and why sometimes, I couldn’t go too. Now I know. Please tell them that I know them more now than I could have in life. Now, I get to see the “whole” person with all their likes, travels, hobbies…just everything. I didn’t think it was possible to love them even more, but I do. Please tell them nothing is forgotten. I know they can’t see and experience me the way I can them, but they must always remember we are forever and love never dies.”

Anna: That is lovely.

I have another question: Have you come across cases where our deceased pets come back to visit (energetically, obviously) and the person’s new pets notice the spirit?

Jeanne: Yes, from doing readings I have learned that our deceased animals come back to visit us and our new pets.

To illustrate this, below is a story from one of my readings (again, from my Pet Chatter book):

“Shortly after her passing, Tina met up with one of her owner’s former cats whom she had never met in life. She wanted her mom to know she and the former cat, Sylvia were now together and she added this message:

“We have mom in common so we see each other and talk together a lot. We both pop in to visit mom. I don’t think she knows, but her pets always know. They act funny when we come in and stare up at the ceiling as they see us arrive.”

I hope this helps answer some questions about animals and the other side. If you have any further questions, I’ll do my best to answer them here in the comments section.

Anna: Thank you, Jeanne!

Meet Anna

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  1. Rebecca Gambles

    Hi Jeanne and Anna
    I just wanted to make a comment on your question about whether a soul can reincarnate as a human and then an animal. I work as a Past Life Regressionist and Animal Healer and Communicator as well, and I do a lot of Past Life Healings for pets and their owners and I have had many experiences where the animal has shown me a past life for themselves and their owner where they were both human. I have also experienced a healers cat that communicated that in a past life, the client was the cat, and the cat was human, working as a witch, and in this life they had simply reversed roles. Often when people call me out to visit their pets that are displaying behavioural problems, they are often re-enacting behaviours from a past life in order to try and make their owner remember the time when they had been together before, and to release the past in order that they both can receive healing. Once I have cleared the past life for owner and pet, the animal no longer needs to exhibit the specific behaviours. I have several case studies on this, if you are interested in reading about them then please see my webpage.

  2. Anna

    I’ve had a couple of readings with Jeanne and it was so lovely to hear what my cats had to say. It’s just so beautiful to have what you feel from them put into words ????????

  3. David

    I often catch glimpses of my deceased cats, either together or individually. The Calico and Tabby that pursued one another in physical form are still in pursuit of each other!
    My former male Ragdoll cat is still as imposing as he was when alive. I know they still exist as conscious energy.

  4. Jeanne Miller

    Hi Rebecca,

    I’ve not yet come across this in my work, but I find what you have experienced fascinating.

    Hi Anna!

    Lovely to see you and thank you for the lovely comment.

  5. Jeanne Miller

    Hi David,

    What a wonderful experience! I’ve often physically felt my former kitty, Jessie, who sometimes will sleep next to me, but I’ve not yet actually seen her.

    How wonderful to see your babies, again.

  6. Anna

    Hi Anna and Jeanne, thank you for the great post. It warms my heart. My beloved dog, Mani, passed away a year ago, and the feeling I have is as if I am missing a body part… I miss him desperately. I do believe he was/is my soulmate. Because of him and his passing I started exploring all things spiritual, and that has shifted my life in the most positive way. The Love and the bond we have with our babies is beyond words. Thank you so much for the great work you are both doing…

  7. Jeanne Miller

    Hi Anna,

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you are missing a body part. They are so much a part of us, that their loss leaves such a hole. I’m so happy that in your case, it brought you to exploring the spiritual side of life. Your Mani was truly your teacher as well as your friend and baby.

    Thanks so much for commenting. I loved hearing about how Mani changed your life. Blessings to you…Jeanne

  8. brandy

    Hi Anna & Jeanne! I sure do hope all is well. . . I tell you what I have been thinking about my best friend whom I lost about a year ago now, alot here lately. Its really weird that you had this newsletter come out. It was truly horrible accident & Even more so that I didn’t realize he was missing. I miss him him so much. I cry still… could you tell me, once passed do they ever find their way back to you?

  9. Jeanne Miller

    Hi Brandy,

    I’m so sorry you lost your dear friend. In my experience, yes. They do sometimes come back to us.

    My kitty Jessie chose not to because she could work better for me on the other side. She became my first guide and brought the animals to me when I started this work. So keep in mind that if your baby doesn’t come back at your request, there would be a reason for that.

    But do ask your dear one to come back if possible. They do hear us when we talk to them. Blessings to you.

  10. Jennifer

    Hi, My baby Torch my 9.5 year old Pomeranian passed away on July 20th, 2016 which was a few days ago. He was very sick I did everything I could to help him including insulin shots and so forth. I am grieving and the pain of losing him is immense. I feel a sense of numbness and pain. His sister Tiki who is also the same age and is a Pomeranian is still healthy and happy but I feel like she sees his spirit. I’m not sure! I feel very sad and no life inside of me since the passing of my Torch!

  11. David O'Neil

    Thank you Anna!

  12. Jason

    The potential for changing the world with animal communication is immense, and it’s such a fascinating subject. I often pick up on things when doing reiki with my dogs. Hopefully the practice will enhance this the more I do it.

  13. Jeanne Miller

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’m so very sorry you lost your little one. I know the pain is overwhelming, but please be assured that you will be together again one day.

    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if your other baby sees him visiting, because I’m sure he does. When the hard edge of the grief settles down a little, you may see or hear signs of him visiting. Grief is a loud emotion and it blocks most everything else out. Just be patient with yourself and do what you need to do to take care of yourself and heal.

  14. Jeanne Miller

    Hi Jason,

    That’s wonderful. I have no doubt that you will be picking up and feeling more, given the work you are doing. Best of luck to you.

  15. Meredith

    I’ve never experienced grief like this ever in my life. My Cat CeeCee passed away on my lap at the vet’s emergency office last week. It was unexpected and she was the child for me and then my husband. She is now buried with her favorite blanket in the back yard. It’s literally been one week…is there a certain amount of time that must pass for them to cross over or for us to be able to sense them? She spent 13 years always on my lap, was harness trained, and did tricks for treats. I feel as if part of my soul has been ripped out and I feel for all who are experiencing this pain.

  16. Charlotte

    I lost my beloved cat, Tom several years ago, I had such a strong bond and I felt he was my furry soul mate. I often felt him visit after his passing and I could feel him on the bed moving around. I believe he is watching over our new rescue kitty family of 5 keeping them in check!

    I do however have a question which weighs heavily. What about the animals who are abandoned and/or cruelly tested on who suffer greatly in their physical body with no family? Do they find peace and affection on the otherside? Can they return and find loving homes?

  17. Abhishek

    Very very beautiful

  18. Jason hall

    I miss my 17-year-old sheltie immensely and am deeply heartbroken. It’s been nearly a year and think of her every day. I’ve had dreams about her but wish I could see her again and want to know she’s still with me.

  19. Lexi

    I recently lost my beloved dog, Sheldyn. He was my best friend, and we did everything together. He taught me a lot about life and love. For the past year, we lived with a relative with 3 dogs. They got along great, and Sheldyn enjoyed the socializing and stimulation. Since his passing, the other 3 dogs have been acting strangely towards me. 1 pants and is extremely clingy to her owner, the chocolate lab shakes when I’m in the room (which never happened before), and the Pomeranian has become way more affectionate with me. Their behavior goes back to normal when I’m not around. Could they be sensing Sheldyn’s spirit around me? We can’t figure out what’s causing the changes in behavior.

  20. Jane lee

    My family just lost a lovely pug 2 weeks ago after 19 years living together as our family members. Most of the days, the pain is unbearable.

    But we constantly (like everyday) receive signs of her existance. Sometimes my mom hears her growl, that’s what she did when she was bored. Sometimes we see her shadow walking into the bedroom, that’s what she did when she was about to go to bed with my mom. And sometimes we hear her licking her hands in her bed while we are watching tv. Seems like she’s still doing her routine as if she was still live in the physical world and she is trying to communicate with us and comfort us.

    I heard some people tell me that it’s not good because that means the animal is not going to where they should be and can’t Rest In Peace when their spirits stay in the physical world. Part of me really want her to stay but part of me want her to do what’s best for herself. May I know how long she will stay and if it’s good for her spiritually?


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