Synchronicities, Poltergeists, Career Detours & More! – Interview with Intuitive Debra Reeves

In this interview, I talk to Debra Reeves, a former student of mine who became a professional intuitive.

There are two main reasons I wanted to share this interview with you:

1. I regularly receive emails from people who are feeling the nudge to offer spiritual services. I thought Debra’s story might be of interest to some readers – to hear how she did it, and the challenges she had to overcome on her journey.

2. Debra talks about the career ‘detours’ she took, to find her path and vocation in life. Her path illustrates that sometimes we’re asked to follow our intuition, even if we have no idea where it is leading us:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

~ Steve Jobs

Debra is now a highly qualified intuitive, as a graduate of both my Akashic Record Reading Program and Intuitive Reading Program. On top of her work in the Akashic Records, she is also a medium and an earthbound spirit rescue worker.

debra reeves

Welcome Debra to this interview!

Debra: Thank you Anna! It’s such a pleasure to connect with you.

Anna: So, Debra…growing up, were you interested in your spirituality? What is your background spiritually speaking?

Debra: Oh absolutely. I grew up with a Presbyterian mother who became a born again Christian. We belonged to a very charismatic church when I was little where the Holy Spirit filled it every single day, where people raised their hands in praise and danced in the aisles. I was only about seven when we moved away from that church but it had a lasting impact on me. I can still remember the hymns played and the feeling of absolute unconditional love I still relate to a direct experience with God.

In my twenties, I completed a Bachelor of Arts before I took off travelling for 5 years through Asia and the Near East. In my final year of university, I was exposed to spirit in the form of earthbound spirits (aka ghosts). I had accidentally moved in with a particularly active earthbound spirit who had no intention of letting us forget her presence! This earthbound spirit used every trick to gain attention and make sure all five residents knew who was boss! It was common to see objects sliding along mantle pieces, feel clothing being pinched, curtains billowing into shapes, hear walking that passed through solid walls and doors, not to mention the transparent form gliding above their beds at night or the front door slamming violently over and over, night after night. I began paying attention and became more sensitive to energy.

This was the beginning of an amazing learning curve. From then on, wherever I was in the world I had half a dozen earth bound spirits waiting by my bedside every night. I lost all fear of them. I saw them and gradually learned that they often needed help to realise they were, in fact, dead, to understand why people had moved into their house but were ignoring them, before being nudged gently towards the light. This work is called spirit rescue. Spirit rescue blew the door wide open to a direct relationship with spirit and a gradually deepening understanding of a higher power.

Anna: How did you know you wanted to go into the spiritual field? How did that unfold for you?

Debra: Well, aside from the encounters with the earthbound spirits mentioned above, Spirit was also preparing me for entering this field in other ways. I look back at my life and it’s all so obvious that these experiences were leading me towards what I am doing now as a professional intuitive. From eight years old I knew all I wanted to do was help people, but it took a lot longer to figure out what I was best suited to do to have maximum benefit.

I had a spiritual awakening in my early twenties. My partner of three years and I had spent a year teaching the English language in a high school in Japan. I made the decision not to renew my very well paid teaching contract and walk away from that job. I had a feeling of restlessness and a desire to step outside of what was expected of me.

And so I decided to travel. I began in Singapore, through the Indonesian archipelago and on to Australia by myself. I had no plans or any real idea of what I was doing. It was a massive step away from the safe and secure, and a leap into the great unknown. I felt guided. It felt as if I had no choice but to follow where I was compelled to go. I went on to travel for 5 years in all through Asia and the Near East.

I read The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield and met the most beautiful souls including a wonderful Swiss woman who remains a close friend. I stayed in ashrams and retreat centres, experiencing alternative lifestyles: fruitarians are very much living authentically far from materialism and capitalism. These experiences opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and being. I was particularly taken by the concept of serendipity – that there was no such thing as coincidence or chance.

I travelled using serendipity to guide my steps. I started to look at the world as if it were a dreamscape replete with symbolism. Everything held meaning to me. I started to notice sounds, bird calls, snippets of other people’s conversations, radio presenters or songs. Often the sounds that stood out related to exactly what I was learning about! My external world cross-referenced aspects of my internal world. It was surprising and more than slightly disconcerting!

My mind expanded to take on all of this new information. How was it that the world was reflecting the book I was reading or the thoughts I was having? How were people having a conversation that referenced my deepest darkest inner workings?! This could only happen if everything was inter-related. This could only occur if there was something larger, some kind of collective consciousness that could echo my thoughts in the outer world. Maybe there was an over-arching consciousness which was all-knowing and all-seeing, that somehow thought my little life important enough to be involved in. Mind blowing! It was the web of life.

I travelled for 5 years but had no clue where it was all leading. I had no vocation or direction. I spent 5 years as a sponge absorbing new experiences and integrating what really resonated. But in terms of a career I didn’t have any clue!

I remember doing a little delving with a Spirit Guide after I left my teaching job in Japan, prying into my future. I asked about my career, what job I was best suited to and what it would lead to. The guide’s answers were more perplexing than satisfying. She told me it didn’t really matter what I did: that I would work in many jobs and that I wouldn’t start my calling until I was 40 years old.

This was when I was in my early twenties, so my forties sounded ancient to me! I laugh now thinking back to that conversation – it all came true! In the years that followed, I found myself selling jewelry on the beaches of Greek islands, selling advertising in an English language magazine in Cairo and later, after more stints teaching, I was a civil marriage celebrant. I was a jack of all trades.

Even though it looked like I was not on a very clear or specific path, this, along with all the nocturnal earthbound spirit communication, had all been preparing me for my ultimate career without ever realising.

Anna: That is awesome. I have found the same doing career readings for people – sometimes we need to gather experience in lots of different areas before we’re ready to put it all together and settle on something.

Interestingly, my path had something in common with yours – I also felt a similar pull, to leave my teaching job in Spain back in 2008, and that was a real leap of faith, based on intuition and instinct.

So anyway, you’ve talked about working with earthbound spirits. Are there any interesting anecdotes around doing intuitive readings for your (living!) clients that you want to share?

Debra: I love it when Spirit Guides push me to get out of my comfort zone by asking me to say things that only the client would understand. It takes a real leap of faith for me to pass on the information. When I was just starting out doing Readings I was prompted to break out into song: singing an old Fleetwood Mac song. I’m not a fan myself so I was listening to the words sung by my Spirit Guide and copying the lyrics. I think I went bright red with embarrassment (I’m not much of a singer!) and felt like I was really going out on a limb. The client immediately burst into tears. Not only was he a massive Fleetwood Mac fan but that particular song encapsulated his current life issue perfectly. Amazing!

Another time the client’s Spirit Guide used metaphors all the time to convey their message. This Spirit Guide suggested the client “stick to your knitting”. My client erupted into laughter: she’d just bought wool and was planning on starting to knit for the first time in ages! This Spirit Guide also suggested she “spring clean” to get all the cobwebs both physically, mentally and emotionally – to clear out her old outmoded patterns and beliefs. Again, my client laughed: she’d just started spring cleaning her house and was finding the process therapeutic and healing.

Anna: I love that. In my experience, one of the challenges of being an intuitive definitely is having the courage to share the more bizarre messages that come through.

Was there ever any fear or other challenges for you around offering readings online and going down this path?

Debra: I think everyone has self-doubts! I was pretty comfortable going into spirit and communicating with spirit beings because of my past experiences. Of course, sharing the information with living, breathing people was a whole new thing for me. Would they resonate with the information? Could they relate to all the information given by their Spirit Guides? So yes, I began offering Akashic Readings with a fair bit of nerves!

But with practice and experience, I discovered how accurate and transformative my Readings were. There’s nothing like feedback to grow self-confidence! (Anna: so true!)

There was another challenge that came up when I started to do intuitive readings:

I found working with ascended masters and guardian angels a bit confronting. I knew angels existed and I understood intellectually that they protected us all but I had never actually contacted one and spoken to an angel or ascended master. Previously I had only ever communicated with astral beings like Spirit Guides.

To my surprise, I discovered I felt unworthy! Why would these high vibration beings possibly want to talk to little old me? What could I possibly have to say that was important enough for an angel or ascended master to stoop so low as to communicate with a lower Earthling such as myself? I had no idea I felt that way! I had to get over my own self-imposed feelings of inferiority in order to meet these beings of love and light.

Anna: What advice would you give to someone who wants to learn to become a professional intuitive?

Debra: Take your time and don’t try to rush the process. It’s a lot to take in! Become familiar with your own Spirit Guide team. Developing a really strong connection takes practice. Anna’s courses give you plenty of fantastic tools.

Anna: Are there any mentors who had a big impact on your spiritual path? What did you learn from them?

Debra: I credit that first earth bound spirit as being my greatest mentor. I’ve had a few wonderful teachers along the way, including you Anna! Your courses gave me a framework and a structure to work with, plus it gave me confidence to really start working with the living – not just the dead!

Anna: What are the personal benefits for you of developing your intuitive skills to such a high level?

Debra: Hmm. That’s a good question. I guess that the most important aspect would be how divinely guided I feel. I believe my guides are always with me to love, guide and protect me. I have absolute trust in them and so far they’ve never let me down!

Anna: Thank you so much Debra for joining me on this interview.

Debra: My pleasure Anna!

Debra Reeves is a Professional Intuitive with over 25 years’ experience communicating directly with Spirit. Debra is dedicated to assisting those who seek the deeper side of life and to come in direct contact with their own soul and the profound wisdom that is offered to us by Spirit.

Debra is able to access your soul’s information in the Akashic Records and then receive further clarity from your Spirit Guides.

Debra has been a Spirit Rescue Worker: assisting souls struggling to pass over. Debra is a Reiki Master, a qualified Professional Intuitive and recently completed a course in Clinical Pastoral Care. She is a volunteer for Hospice.

Debra offers Akashic Record Readings, Spirit Guide Profile Readings, mentoring and spiritual development courses. Debra also offers Earthbound Spirit clearings. You can find out more about Debra through her website.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. David

    Thank you Anna and Debra for sharing your individual intuitive development stories.
    They instruct our paths are unique, we should have confidence, and trust in ourselves.
    I do hope more of these personal accounts are published in the future.

  2. Erwina

    Awesome as always. I love your website Anna and for a while now I’ve been thinking and wanting to take at least two of your courses. I just have to find a way to pay for it. Sending lots of love, light and positive thoughts.

  3. Bastian Phelan

    This article was a really wonderful look at how someone becomes a spiritual healer. It’s interesting to hear that after her early encounters with spirits she wasn’t afraid… I had one obvious encounter with a spirit as a teenager, a poltergeist in the house my family was renting, and it terrified me so much that I’m still quite afraid of being alone in a house… and I’m almost 30! Is there a way to be less afraid of this happening again?

  4. Glynis

    Thank you so much for sharing! Loved and thoroughly enjoyed reading Debra’s blog. I look forward to your next newsletter,
    A question if i may? When you communicate with the spirit world, do you hear them talk to you? Or is it just feelings that you get? Glynus

  5. Debra Reeves

    Thank you for your messages and kind words. I really appreciate your feedback, as I’m sure Anna will too!

    Glynis, thank you for your question! When I communicate with the spirit world I see, hear and feel them. Yes they talk to me also. I can experience their character and personality, along with their wise words to pass on to clients. Some communicate telepathically – directly into my mind. This requires translating as it tends to be whole concepts and experiences that I need to put into words to share with others. I do get feelings too, especially from my own in my day. I get nudges a lot!! My guides have my back and like to give me ideas and warnings to keep me safe. I really love talking to spirit!

    Bastian Phelan, your encounter with a spirit as a teenager has obviously left a lasting impact! Wow, the poltergeist must have really terrified you. Yes there are plenty of ways to be less afraid of this happening again and of protecting yourself so that you don’t attract it again. I know it’s hard to get your head around but it’s really common for earth bound spirits to be lost and confused – angry yes – because they are frustrated at being ignored and don’t know where to go or what to do. It’s the same with Earthbound Spirits. They are often more frightened of my client than they are of it! So often the client will end an Earthbound Spirit Clearing with a newfound compassion and love for these lost souls.

    Maybe with more understanding you will fear them less?

    I have plenty of information on my website – articles and blogs, plus posts on my Facebook page to educate and dispel the fears surrounding earthbound spirits. If you’d like more information on protection and clearing please PM me.

    Love & Light, Debra

  6. Ed Lawrence

    WOW! This totally blew me away! I have been giving ‘Readings’ for years with NO training, except for my Angel, and past family and friends! What I’ve told people stops them in their tracks, because it’s information that they would have only known of.

    I haven’t seen a very Dear Friend since 10th Grade, and he recently gotten a hold of me, and wanted me to do some Ancestry work for him. When he came to visit, his Great Aunt, who had passed many years before, came right through, as plain as day! He did get the information that he wanted, and she gave him even more, along with his Mother, who had passed a few years ago.

    Ever since, his Great Aunt is NOW working with me, and helping me in communicating what needs to be said. My Best Friend, finally saw his own light, and his path illuminate before his eyes. So many people who can see another persons light, have been coming up to him in droves!

    I told him, that he will be able to start seeing the light within others, and to talk to them, they always have something to “Teach” us just by their conversation, no matter how brief! He is finally acknowledging what he was so afraid of…

    Great Article, and Thanks for all the validation!


  7. Glynis

    Wow !! I’d love to be able to connect with my spirit guides that I know are around me but unable to do so. Is it cause I’m too focused? I’m currently in limbo with my time, so unable to do any online courses

    I’m currently at the fork in my life, and trying to work out my purpose in life. I’m drawn to the spirit world but frustrated!!


  8. Debra

    Hi Glynis, there can be so many reasons why a person isn’t connecting with their spirit guides. I called my business ‘Tune In’ because that’s the key to spiritual development.

    When you need guidance stop what you’re doing, take a few deep cleansing breaths and really tune in to your thoughts, feelings, sounds around and any sensations (especially your gut!).

    I guess this is exactly why I started helping others to reconnect and remember how to tune in. I really would love to help you! Anna’s Intuitive Awakening course would be a wonderful kick start for you. It’s easy when you know how!

    It’s also where the intuitive readings come in. Akashic Records have a record of your soul; past, present and future. Having an Akashic Reading would help you explore the options arising at this fork in your life, and would illuminate your purpose in life.

    I really hope your circumstances ease up and you manifest the ability to do some spiritual development work!

    Love and Light, Debra

  9. Ingrid

    Fantastic article, thanks Debra & Anna.

    What a wonderful insight into Deb’s journey, so far.

    One of the things that I’ve always admired about readings with Debra is her ability to convey thoughts, messages and concepts in a language which is rich and insightful but easily understood.

    Luv, Ingrid

  10. Debra Reeves

    Thank you for your feedback Ingrid and your own personal experiences Ed!

    We are all have intuitive gifts and the ability to communicate with Spirit. It is just a matter of remembering!

    Beautiful so many have enjoyed this interview and its triggered explorations of your own!
    Love and Light, Debra

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