Are You an Orion Starseed? 12 Signs This Is Your Soul Group of Origin

This article covers the Orion starseed group in quite a lot of detail. If you read to the end, you should have a good idea of whether you belong to this starseed group.

Many of my clients, students and readers belong to this group, probably because Orion starseeds are so spiritual, and they LOVE researching and understanding more about the starseeds. So if you’re reading this, there is a chance you could belong to this group, too. 

Before I go into the characteristics and common purpose of the Orion starseeds, just a little note about the information below.

I believe that the info that I offer about the various groups (including the Orion starseeds) on my site is among the most accurate and reliable out there on the internet. 

This is not something I am saying just for the sake of it. 

The information I have about the star seeds has been in existence for several decades, and it has been tested over a long period by Akashic Record readers with tens of thousands of clients. When Spirit tells me that a client belongs to a particular starseed group, when I pass the info on to the client, the overwhelming majority resonate. This has been happening for 14 years. That’s how I know this information is accurate, and I’ve been able to refine any bits of info over time, wherever it has repeatedly not resonated with clients. 

Most of the info you will find elsewhere online about the starseeds has not ever been tested or verified with clients. Much of it is recently channelled but not tested extensively, or just taken from what someone else online says about the starseed groups. Testing the info with real clients (preferably thousands of them over a long period) is how you can know your info is real.

OK, let’s get into the signs you’re an Orion Starseed:

  • You know (or have been told) that you are an old soul
  • You’ve been accused of being a ‘Pollyanna’ — someone who is excessively optimistic
  • You believe that everything happens for a reason and that everything works out in the end
  • You have so much compassion for other people
  • The state of this planet and the wellbeing of those who live here, matter to you deeply
  • You love to help others & be of service
  • You currently offer spiritual or personal growth services (such as readings or coaching) to the general public, or you’re drawn to training in this area
  • You really hope that this is your last incarnation here on planet Earth because you find this world to be way too harsh
  • You’re a real homebody and you love to “nest”
  • You never watch the news and you try to avoid any and all negativity
  • You love to uplift others and you think your mission in this life is to bring positive energies into this world
  • You are good at seeing the positive in any situation, even in seemingly hopeless ones
  • You like to give people the benefit of the doubt and always assume people have positive intentions
  • You currently live near the ocean (or you long to live near the ocean). Being near the water is a comfort to you.

Orion starseeds have spent their first several incarnations on the planets located in the star system of the Orion constellation. Mintaka is the most well known place of incarnation in the Orion constellation. Another name for the Orions is the Mintakans. 

The Orion starseed group is the most ancient group of all the star seeds. The Orion starseeds were actually the first group of star travellers to come to earth. This group of souls has been incarnating here for at least 250,000 years, and as a result, they are highly invested in and attached to Planet Earth as a place of evolution for souls — more so than most other starseed groups. 

The Orion starseeds first came here to help with what they regarded at the time as this ‘Earth experiment’. This was natural for them, because Orions love to be of service and to help others to grow, especially on a spiritual level. However, because Orion starseeds have been incarnating here for such a long time, many of them have become weary of this place and long to ‘go home’. I have heard many Orion originating clients say things such as, “I really hope this is my last incarnation here,” or “I’m not coming back!”   

The Orion Starseeds and their Relationship to Divine Light

One of the reasons the Orion souls have grown so tired of Planet Earth is because of the negative aspects of life here on earth. Here on Planet Earth, we evolve through contrast, including the contrast between positive and negative. As souls, when we are here, we learn our life lessons through both positive and negative experiences, but where Orion starseeds come from, they did not evolve through negative experiences at all. The places where Orions incarnated originally were utopian places, and so as a result, the members of this soul group do not understand (or approve of) the need for polarisation on Planet Earth, and more specifically, the need to experience darkness in order to understand the Light, and the need to experience negativity in order to know positivity.  

As a group, they have an extremely high alignment with Divine Light, which means that they do not understand darkness. They are also not very good at being nasty, cruel or malicious, and they simply do not understand those who make choices that are cruel or destructive. Indeed, they have very little patience for war or hatred on this planet (most Orion starseeds do not watch or read the news for this very reason). They don’t understand why we can’t all just live in peace and harmony on this planet and they get frustrated at what they see as the emotional immaturity of many humans.

From this high alignment with Divine Light springs their biggest struggle, and also their biggest gift.

It is their biggest struggle because they can get very tired of Planet Earth, and it is their biggest gift, because the Orion starseed mission is to bring that Divine Light into the physical. They are here to show us that ‘Light is all there is’. These souls know that darkness & negativity only has the power that we give it – and that what you focus on expands. As a result, they tend to focus on Light and the good things, and through doing this they uplift others – this is one of their great gifts.

The Orion Starseeds as Bringers of Positive Energies

So how does this manifest in practice?

Well, Orions see the good in every situation – they are experts at finding the ‘silver lining’ in any cloud. Even in difficult situations, they are able to see the positive, even if the only positive thing is what they have learned through the difficult situation. 

Orion originating souls see the light side, and they bring very light-hearted energies. They are very optimistic and positive people – and these positive, uplifting energies are the gift that they bring to this world.

Orion starseeds naturally look for the good in others and they usually think the best of people. When people disappoint or hurt them, they are forgiving and may give people a second, third or even fourth chance – they do like to give people the benefit of the doubt. 

It is as if the Orions are cheerleaders for other people’s potential – they see what others could be. They can often make excuses for unacceptable behaviour and they can be disappointed when they realise that their vision for other people’s potential has taken the place of reality. And so Orion starseeds are sometimes considered naïve by those around them – especially when it comes to relationships. 

In addition, those from Orion often have more compassion than is good for them! They have a habit of gravitating towards those who are depressed, lost, or even those who are not well-meaning. They may engage with those who want power over others and those who aren’t particularly nice people! They may also find themselves getting burned as a result, and through experiences such as these, they learn to be more street-wise.

Spiritual Faith and Connection

All the Orion starseeds I have encountered have had a strong, unshakeable connection to Spirit. They tend to know that a higher power exists and they have a deep faith that God is looking after them, and that things will work out. Because they trust in God, they are good at taking leaps of faith.  

To sum up, Orions starseeds have a longing for utopia, which they know is not Planet Earth. They miss a world where there is no stress, hardship, conflict or suffering. This is one reason why they are for the most part not keen to reincarnate here, but most of them keep coming back because they really care about Planet Earth and they know they have an important role here, which is to bring their much-needed positive energies. However, theirs is not the easiest soul purpose to have.

The average number of earthly lifetimes for these souls incarnated now is 120, and they make up around 0.5% of the world’s population. 

Historical and public figures belonging to this soul group: Paul McCartney, Goldie Hawn, Meg Ryan

If you are interested to learn more about the other star seed groups (there are 22 altogether) and how the Orion group fits in with the other soul groups, check out my book – The 22 Starseed Groups.

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