8 Signs Your Predominant Spiritual Relationship Is with Your Angels ( & Not Your Guides)

In this article, I’m going to cover a situation that I’ve seen from time to time for my reading clients when I used to do Spirit Guide readings.

Usually when I was doing a Spirit Guide reading for someone, their primary Spirit Guide would step forward as the ‘spokesguide’ and main source of guidance for the client. Their Guardian Angels would also be there, but more in the background. Their role would be that of the silent protector.

However, every now and again, I would encounter someone whose situation was different, and who had a closer relationship with their Guardian Angels than they actually did with their Spirit Guides. This is the case for maybe 5% of people.

In this article, I’m going to go into what this looks like and some signs that this may be the case for you.

But before I go any further, I just want to clearly describe and define the two types of spirit that are referred to in this article:

Spirit Guides — Most people have between 4 and 7 guides. There’s usually one primary guide that has been with us our entire lives. The rest show up at various points during childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. Spirit Guides are there to give us guidance (as their name suggests.) Their role is to keep us on track with our soul’s purpose for this lifetime. They have distinct personalities, energies and appearances. You may even have known them in past lives, and they are human souls who have usually incarnated on Earth before.

Guardian Angels — Most people have 2 or 3 Guardian Angels. The role of your angels is to protect and guard you, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

If it is not your time to cross over to the other side, for example, in a life-threatening situation your angels will intervene to keep you safe, or intervene to keep you away from the situation in the first place (this is more common). Guardian angels also influence us with their high-vibrational energies so that we can have more access to energies like love, truth, peace, and peace, when we get bogged down with heavy earthly energies.

Guardian angels are not human souls, and have not ever walked the earth. If you are lucky enough to see an angel clairvoyantly, they often have handsome or beautiful faces, but in a bland, generically good-looking sort of way. They may also look tall, powerful or imposing. They often do not have names or a gender – many appear to be androgynous.

So, as mentioned, most people have a closer relationship with their guides, simply because that is the role of our guides — to work closely with us in terms of guidance.

OK, now let’s look at the sign you are in the less common situation of having your primary relationship with your angels, and not your guides.

1. You don’t feel a strong connection with your guides nor do you have a conscious relationship with them. You don’t know who they are.

If you are aware of who your angels are, and have a conscious relationship with them, but you don’t have the same familiarity with your guides, this is a big sign that your primary spiritual relationship is with your angels.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a relationship with your guides — it just means you’re more in tune in with the angelic beings around you right now.

2. You’re strongly clairsentient and often feel high-vibrational energies from your angels, such as peace and love

The role of Angels is to embody and hold positive energies that we can draw on and use here on Earth. Angels bring these beautiful, high-vibrational energies to us, and so if you’re sensitive to the angelic realm and in touch with your angels, you will be feeling these energies from them, through your clairsentience. You may just have random waves of positive emotion come through you, especially at unexpected times, such as during stress or difficulties.

3. You have had dreams with angels in them

Another big sign that you have a strong relationship with your angels is if you dream of them a lot. Dreaming is an easy way for Spirit to communicate with you, because when you’re asleep and in the astral planes (which is like a halfway house between heaven and earth), Spirit can reach you much more easily.

Dreams involving angels can be such beautiful experiences. For example, you may have a dream where you’re blessed with a kind and loving stranger’s actions towards you, and you wake up feeling the warm energies that came from this person. That’s the kind of dream you might have when the angels are involved in your trips to the astral planes!

Let’s have another look at a sign that you have a closer relationship with your angels:

4. You’ve trained as an angel intuitive or have consciously called on the angels regularly in the past

There are some intuitive development programs out there that focus exclusively on connecting you with your angels. If you have gone through one of these programs, you may have a closer connection with your angels simply because you have done the work to establish a relationship.

Even if you have just been calling on the angels and nothing more, this is also a sign that your primary relationship may be with them. This is because calling on your angels draws them closer to you and allows them to help you, especially when you make specific requests of them.

5. You’ve had a lot of grief or hardship in your life and you know that the angels have drawn near to you at these times

Angels draw closer to us at difficult times. The reason for this is because their role (as mentioned) is to bring high-vibrational energies to us earth-dwellers, and we are most in need of these energies when we are suffering. So if you have felt the presence of your angels during hard times, this is also a sign that your relationship with them may have supplanted the one you have with your guides.

6. You see a lot of ‘angel lights’

Angel lights are coloured lights that you may see in your peripheral vision. They are often gold, white, pink or blue, and they are flashes of light that you see, but which disappear if you look at them directly. They are often accompanied by a rather lovely feeling. I call these ‘angel lights’ because they are signs that your angels are nearby.

7. You’re a high-vibrational person

If the spirit world is like a ladder with different rungs on it, angels are actually a bit higher on the ladder of the spiritual energies than our guides are. Guides are at maybe level 5 and angels are at a level 6. So if you are high-vibrational in terms of your own energy, you may be connecting more with the higher level energies such as angels.

We all have our own spiritual ‘set point’ — aka a level that we connect with easily. I find it easiest to connect with guides, others such as mediums can connect easily with deceased loved ones (who are a bit lower down on that ladder than our guides are.)

8. You belong to the Mission Realmer soul group

The Mission Realmer group is a group of angelic starseeds (also known as the Andromedans). You can find out if you belong to this group by getting an Akashic Record reading. Many of my Mission Realmer clients have had a closer relationship with their angels than with their guides, and so if you belong to this group, this is another sign that you have a closer relationship with your angels than you do with your guides.

If you would like to connect more with your angels, check out the articles below, as these give actual techniques to allow you to enlist their help.

If you’re interested in strengthening the relationship you have with your guides and angels, here are some further resources:

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