How I Know For Sure That Angels Are Around Us

In recent weeks, I have had a reflexology session every Monday. Last week at the end of the session, the reflexologist held my feet and was quiet for a moment. (This happens at the end of every session.)

This time, as I lay there on the massage table while she did this, a very specific clairvoyant image came to me very suddenly and vividly. First of all I saw a protective ribbon-like spiral made of blue light being put around me, like a protective shell. Then I saw a couple of beings on either side of the massage table I was lying on. They didn’t just appear, instead they appeared to be in the dark at first and then a light shone on them and they were illuminated. Then they went dark again. (It reminded me of this music video in the effect I saw.)

I asked the reflexologist afterwards: “What do you do when you hold my feet at the end and we’re quiet for a moment? (I wondered if she was doing some Reiki on me as she is a Reiki practitioner as well.)

She said: I call on spirit beings and angels to protect you and me in the upcoming week.

I loved the effect where her calling on the angels illuminated them around me and allowed me to see them for a moment (we usually have a few guardian angels, most people have 2 or 3, and guardian angels have the job of protecting us from physical harm.)

This is what calling on your Angels and Guides will do for you. They are already there, but what happens by calling upon them is that they become more visible to your mind; they are illuminated for a moment.

You can call on your Angels and guides whenever you like. All you need to do is close your eyes, take a deep breath, say a prayer such as “I call on my guardian angels to protect me in the coming week.”  It’s very simple. They are already protecting you, but saying this prayer ‘pings’ their energy and brings them even closer to you for a moment.

Try it and see what you feel. Write a comment below if you wish about what you experience. Upon doing this exercise, you may feel an emotion sweep over you, or a bodily sensation or tingling. You may see something or hear something in your ear. You might feel nothing, but it doesn’t mean they are not around you.

If you would like to be able to tune into your spiritual team (guides, angels and Higher Self) for guidance, you may be interested in my Intuitive Awakening Course – a 13 week course which takes you from having little or no obvious intuitive ability to conversing with your guides etc.

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  1. Jill Cline

    Thank you, Anna, for reminding us of our heavenly hosts! Sometimes it’s easy to forget in the frenzy of every day life. I’m gonna put a special shout out to my angels today (:

  2. Kara

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for the lovely post. So reassuring to have a visual confirmation of angels’ protection. As always, find the timing of posts synchronous and amazing. I have been lots of work with angels lately.

    The image of the angel, is the very one that popped into my head last week, that I was supposed to post in my son’s room for his protection. So thanks for that too!


  3. Martin

    What a nice post, my experience is that I prefer not to be protected, to be shielded or to be ignorant of the outside world. One has got to put oneself out there to get experience to work with. After all we’re human beings having a human experience I like to be exposed and feel independant.
    There was once I had an agonizing pain, not inflicted by any physical hit, but left me clueless. And as people say there’s a reason why we don’t remember our past lives I however thought there might be a clue there. So as tricky as regression is I did not go to any past life directly related to my pain in this life like many people do to find their cause of pain. I however found my way back to a time I was an egyptian healer, and my therapist instructed me to switch roles, to be the patient of myself-the healer in the regression. And I became baffled… I became healed of my former self from a different life… It’s all so amazing. ?

  4. angelroses

    hiya anna..
    for 12 years now i have been seeing a large blue light in my house..and groups of golden lights all the time…i believe these are angels close by…6 months ago..when i had gone to bed…the room filled with all different coloured lights it was amazing..then i saw the head and shoulders of a very bright golden angel…i will not forget this …the lights are still here…angelroses.x

  5. Marina

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for a lovely article. I’ve tried on many occasions to communicate with my angels but there is never any sign or response. Makes it hard to believe in such beings when even simple requests get no reply. Maybe it’s just that some people are more in tune with these things than others.

  6. judysunshine

    I love that you saw a blue ribbon symbolizing protection from your guides! I had a similar experience and your story just confirmed to me that what I saw was not my imagination. I had a past life regression a few months ago that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped (there were noisy people next door that were so distracting!) At one point (after the noise had quieted down) the facilitator “took me” to meet my guides/guardians. While they wouldn’t quite reveal themselves to me, they did give me a couple of gifts, one of which was a blue blanket that they put around my shoulders. They told me it was protection, to make me feel safe, and to envision this blanket around me whenever I needed it, even though it was always there. I think the envisioning part is meant to help me remember that it is there, because it’s easy to forget in the heat of the moment!

  7. Karen

    Good morning,
    I just wanted to say Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories.
    As I said the prayer for angels to protect me for the oncoming week an emotion immediately came over me. I was tearful and thankful. I got the message that a group was with me and was always with me.
    My heart feels warm and Thanks again!

  8. Akhilesh S A

    I had an angelic healing session today and just today your mail came describing angelic help in our lives…..Quite glad..:-)

  9. Joe Mannapperuma

    I said this prayer three times after I read the note.Nothing happen.but as you have mentioned,It might take some time.I’ll have to wait.
    Joe M.

  10. khushboo

    Hello Anna,

    I remember being protected by a guardian angel or what I thought was an angel because at that time I had no idea that things like that existed.

    I used to go for a walk in a park in our neighborhood at our old place. The park was very big and there was a part where no one ever went. They used to say there are ghosts in that park.

    Every morning I walked for a while and go to sit in that secluded part of the park. There were many stray dogs there. There were few incidents of people bitten and badly injured by the dogs.

    As usual, I went and sat on my spot that day too. I loved that place, It was fresh and peace where I go to regroup. That day a dog came in front of me out of the air and I stood to run because he was wrapped in violence and anger. I knew he was going to attack me. I didn’t know how I knew, but I just did.

    Then when he pushed to launch and suddenly he was at the same place but much calmer and full of love. I could feel someone standing behind me I could feel charged air and heat of a body that wasn’t me. But I didn’t dare take my eyes off the dog until he was out of sight. When I turned there was no one, no heat or trace of another life.

    Sitting here, I know what happened that morning while I write this but at that time, it happened so fast that I didn’t get time to process anything. Years later I know someone saved me from God only knows what.

    So that’s my experience.

    Thanks for sharing yours.



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