The Andromedan Starseed Group – 9 Signs You Belong to This Group of Angelic Starseeds

The Andromedan Starseed

The Andromedan starseeds are from the angelic realm. Sometimes these souls are referred to as ‘Mission Realmers’ or ‘Angelic Starseeds‘.

Here are some signs you belong to the Andromedan group:

  • You have been told that you emit an energy of peace and serenity
  • You’re not that driven to pursue the kinds of goals and dreams in life, that most people seem to want to pursue
  • You often choose the ‘path of least resistance’
  • You’re a great listener and you’re highly skilled in holding a safe space for another person to express themselves
  • You are not very dynamic; you do pursue goals but you do it slowly, over time. You can’t push yourself to move faster than you already are.
  • If there are lots of obstacles on your path, you tend to give up and choose another path where you can just ‘go with the flow’
  • You have been told that you are very wise and insightful
  • You think manifestations via the Law of Attraction should be easy and fun
  • You’re a healer, or you are drawn to working in the field of healing.

Now let’s go into what characterises this soul group:

Most Andromedan starseeds have only started to incarnate here in the last few thousand years, and for a very specific purpose: in the hopes of counteracting the negative aspects of life here on earth.  

However, coming to Planet Earth has been quite a culture shock for these souls, because earth is very different from the angelic realm. The main difference between the angelic realm and the earth realm is that angels do not evolve; they simply have a mandate from Spirit to hold and emit energies. However, here on Planet Earth, evolution is the name of the game!  

Because of this, being here has proved slightly more challenging than the Andromedan starseeds expected, and their spiritual purpose of counteracting negativity has not been quite as successful as they had hoped.

The first challenge for the Andromedans arises from their tendency to simply ‘be’ rather than ‘do’. This is a great gift that they can bring to this planet, as many people do not or cannot take the time to stop and just ‘be’. Andromedans bring very peaceful energies which help us to do this, and they are excellent at holding a space for other people.  

For the Andromedan starseeds, the downside is that they often feel as though they lack the motivation to achieve the sorts of material goals they see others achieve here in the physical realm. Moving forward and making progress in life can be a slower process for them. They are usually content to choose the easiest paths through life. They are often happy simply to witness, observe and watch the world go by, and this is fine. Sometimes, Andromedans compare themselves to others and feel that they are a lot less dynamic. Yet they are not here to be ‘dynamic’ (in any sense of the word). Instead, they’re here to hold a space, and move forward and progress in their own time; others cannot push them. Nor should they attempt to speed up just for the sake of it, or compare themselves unfavourably with others who may move forward in life super quickly.

Andromedans bring many gifts to this plane, including their peaceful, soothing energies and their willingness to listen and hold a space for other people. They are also able to bring a great deal of spiritual wisdom and insight to others. As a result, they often end up in the healing or counselling fields.

Andromedan starseeds make up around 1.5% of the world’s population, and the average earthly number of lives for these souls incarnated now is around 40.

Lots of my clients are Andromedans, and Spirit tells me that plenty of these souls visit my website, so if you resonated with the statements above, it is possible that you have an affiliation with this soul group.

Just a little note about the above information:

I believe that the information I have presented in this article about the Andromedan starseeds is the most accurate info out there.

Here’s why: This info has been in existence for a few decades, and has been tested on my clients for the last 13 years. That’s how I know it is accurate. I’ve been offering readings to the general public for around 13 years and people who come up as Andromedan starseeds in readings overwhelmingly resonate with the information above.

Most of the info that you can find out there on the internet about the star seed groups has never been tested with clients. Anyone can write anything they like about the star seed groups on the internet, but whether or not it is accurate is another story altogether. When taking on board information about the star seed groups, you will want to ask the channeller, how long has this info been in existence and how many clients has it been tested on?

So, that’s why I am confident that the info I offer is a cut above the rest. It’s been tested on over 10,000 clients since the 1980s.

If you’re interested in how the Andromedan soul group fits into the big picture of all of the soul groups that are here on Earth, I recommend my book on this topic, The 22 Star Seed Groups

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