Star Seed Quiz / Test – Use this to Find Out Your Star Seed Origins

In the quiz below, I give statements that apply to the 7 most common star seed groups that people who visit my website belong to. These are the groups that Spirit has told me visit my site most often, so the chances are you may belong to one of these groups. Please get a pen and paper, and then read the statements given below that apply to each of the groups, and make a note of how many apply to you.

Some of the questions repeat themselves or are a bit similar. This is not a mistake. Answer them anyway even if you’ve already had the same one come up before.

Here are the star seed groups covered in this quiz:

  1. Mission Realmers
  2. Parallels
  3. Hadarians
  4. Blueprint Translators
  5. Mintakans
  6. Vegans
  7. Alpha Caelians

Let’s start with the Mission Realmers:

Mission Realmers

  • People tell you that you exude peace and tranquility
  • You sometimes find that you lack the motivation to go after what you want in life, and you’re most content watching the world go by
  • You have a soothing presence that is nice to be around
  • You’re very good at listening to people and holding a non-judgmental space for other people to express themselves
  • You would not describe yourself as a dynamic go-getter – you do pursue a select few goals, but you do it on your own timeline and no-one can push you to make progress any faster than you currently do
  • You know (or have been told) that you’ve got a lot of spiritual wisdom and insight to offer to the world
  • You think it’s usually a good idea to choose the easiest path in life – the path of least resistance
  • You believe that manifestation should feel both easy and joyful
  • You’re drawn to the field of healing, both psychological and spiritual. Maybe you have trained in a healing modality such as counselling or Reiki, or you would like to
  • You identify as an ‘Earth Angel’ or you are drawn to that term (an Earth Angel is a term for a lightworker soul who wishes to bring peace and loving energies to this planet)

Write down how many of those statements you agree with, then move on to the next category and do the same:

Parallel Souls

  • Freedom is the highest value in your life. You like to feel free to follow your soul’s calling and to be able to dance to your own tune.
  • You often experience FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • You think life can be really awesome, and you’re happy to be incarnated now at this juncture in the world’s history
  • You dislike being told what to do by others
  • You often feel spacey or distracted; like you’re not fully engaged with life
  • Although you have big dreams, you’re often not all that driven to achieve your goals
  • You’ve had to ‘reinvent’ yourself multiple times during this lifetime
  • You know that the possibilities for your life are endless, and you’re excited by this idea
  • You think it’s important to bear in mind that when making a decision, we always have more options than we think we do
  • You’re not sure if you’re a lightworker or if your purpose is about contributing something amazing to this planet – you prefer to live your life and just see what happens

Note down how many of those statements apply to you. Now let’s look at the next group:


  • You’re a very caring and loving person
  • Love & relationships is the most important area of your life, to the extent that your motto in life could be: “all you need is love”
  • You’ve had multiple (i.e. more than one) failed marriages or significant long-term relationships
  • You have an open heart that you wear on your sleeve
  • You have had more than one close relationship in this life with a narcissist, sociopath or energy vampire
  • You find this world way too brutal and harsh, and you try to make it a nicer place by being loving towards others whenever you can
  • You often doubt yourself and your ability to contribute something positive to this world
  • You haven’t been all that satisfied with the love relationship(s) that have showed up for you in this lifetime
  • People have often taken advantage of you and abused your good nature
  • You don’t really trust authority figures or bodies, such as the police, media or the military
  • You believe in some conspiracy theories

Blueprint Translators

  • You’re good at reminding people to be practical, and to stay realistic about their goals and potential for success>
  • You studied foreign languages or computer programming languages at University, or as an adult (such as at night school)
  • Your sense of spirituality is very much integrated into your life — your whole life is your spiritual life, in a way.
  • You believe you encounter the Divine in all experiences. Every waking and non-waking moment is infused with the Divine.
  • You believe in God but not in the sense of a deity that sits on a cloud. Instead you believe that the Divine is in everything that exists in this world.
  • You’re a good teacher — you’re good at explaining things, especially abstract concepts that others find difficult to understand
  • You resonate with some Native American spiritual traditions,which emphasise the presence of the Divine in every living thing
  • You have experience in processing raw data and packaging it into a format so that other people can understand it, through your past or present work or studies.
  • You speak more than one language fluently, or you’re bilingual or trilingual.
  • You are proficient in one or more computer programming languages.


  • You know (or have been told) that you are an old soul
  • You’ve been accused of being a ‘Pollyanna’ – someone who is excessively optimistic
  • You believe that everything happens for a reason and that everything works out in the end
  • You have so much compassion for other people
  • The state of this planet and the wellbeing of those who live here, matter to you deeply
  • You love to help others & be of service
  • You currently offer spiritual or personal growth services (such as readings or coaching) to the general public, or you’re drawn to training in this area
  • You really hope that this is your last incarnation here on planet Earth because you find this world to be way too negative
  • <You’re a real homebody and you love to “nest”
  • You never watch the news and you try to avoid any and all negativity
  • You love to uplift others and you think your mission in this life is to bring positive energies into this world
  • You are good at seeing the positive in any situation, even in seemingly hopeless ones
  • You like to give people the benefit of the doubt and always assume people have positive intentions
  • You currently live near the ocean (or long to live near the ocean). Being near the water is a comfort to you.


  • You’re very humorous and you love to make other people laugh
  • You work (or have worked) in the entertainment industry in some capacity
  • People tell you that you’re a lot of fun to be around
  • You don’t mind being in the limelight
  • You’re fairly self-sufficient & independent
  • You get bored with projects quite easily and have to really push yourself to see something through to the end
  • You’re strong willed and you dislike being told what to do
  • You’re a generalist, in that you are knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects. Plus you have many interests and areas of focus.
  • You’re creative in some way, involving (for example) photography, painting, illustration. Graphic design or interior design
  • You crave (and need) variety in your life
  • You have a strong need for time alone, privacy, and freedom from restrictions
  • You have a strong sense of responsibility
  • You’re very nurturing and caring
  • You’re well liked and have lots of friends
  • You’re good at making people laugh

Alpha Caelians

  • Healing from trauma and difficulties has been a major theme for you in this lifetime
  • You have trained in a healing modality or heaing methods such as massage therapy, Reiki, Reconnective healing, or counselling, or you are drawn to training in something that can help others to heal. (Note that this includes emotional, physical, psychological or spiritual ways to heal.)
  • You really struggle with how ‘heavy’ life can be here on Earth, in terms of the emotional depths and suffering people can experience here
  • You’re a highly sensitive person
  • You know that on the soul level, you’re here to help and serve
  • You consider yourself to be an empath
  • You mostly agree with the following statement: you’re loving and generous of spirit
  • You wish that our society were much gentler and kinder, and that we could be more attuned to each others’ feelings and needs
  • You often lack self-confidence and self-assurance

Now please add up the total number of statements you agreed with for each category.

If there is one category in particular where you agreed with most statements, this may well be your primary soul group of origin. Note that we can have more than one affiliation with a soul group. We have a primary affiliation, and we may also have several secondary affiliations, so if you agreed with lots of statements in multiple categories, this could apply to you.

If you’d like to read about all of the soul groups to see if there are any others that apply to you, you can get a copy of my book ‘The 22 Star Seed Groups’ here. It is currently on sale for one week.

More Below on the 7 Groups Referred to in this Quiz:

Mission Realmers – These souls have their origins in the angelic realm. They are sometimes referred to as ‘Earth angels’. Most Mission Realmers have only recently started to incarnate here, and for a very specific purpose: in the hopes of counteracting the negative aspects of life here on Earth. The purpose of the angels is to hold energies that we humans can access here on Earth. Therefore angels, are skilled in ‘being’ but not so much in ‘doing’, so Mission Realmers may find that they don’t feel motivated or driven to pursue goals in the same way other soul groups might – they often choose the path of least resistance and that’s OK. Mission Realmers bring very peaceful, soothing energies, and they are excellent at holding a space for other people. Find out more about this group in my book The 22 Star Seed Groups.

Parallels – Parallel souls are souls who come to us from completely different universes (when I refer to ‘universe’, I am referring to the totality of all that is — everything that we know of: planets, star systems, galaxies, solar systems.) Furthermore, Parallels not only come from different universes, but they exist and experience life in more than one universe at once — their consciousness is usually anchored in two or more universes at any given time. So, a part of the Parallel soul is always in another place. Because only a part of the Parallel soul’s consciousness is tethered here, the Parallel is not grounded or anchored to the Earth plane in the same way as other souls are. Parallels may find it hard to be truly present to their life — it can sometimes seem like they are spacey and not fully invested or engaged with their human life. This does not have to be a problem for the Parallel soul — indeed it is a natural side–effect of having one’s consciousness anchored in another place, too. Parallels have lots of different reasons for choosing to come to Earth, and their own soul purpose will depend on what they are exploring here. To give a couple of examples, some Parallels simply come here to explore the natural environment of Planet Earth and others come here to grapple with & explore our human system of communication. Their reason for coming here is always about their own aims, rather than to serve others. Find out more about this group, and their various reasons for incarnating, in my book.

Hadarians – These souls are bringers of the energies of Divine Love. If they had a motto, it would be “all you need is love”. Love is usually the central theme in a Hadarian’s life, and the most important area of life for any Hadarian. The collective purpose of the Hadarians as a group is to teach us about all the different aspects of Divine Love that we can experience on Earth – such as connection, co-creation, community, grace and togetherness. Hadarians as a soul group bring Divine Love, in two different ways: they radiate and give love in their personal interactions with others when they are incarnated here. When they are not incarnated, this is still a soul group who sees it as their mission to raise the vibration of planet Earth, and as a group they are sending out Divine Love, like a beacon, to Planet Earth, so that we may be reminded of the existence of Divine Love, at times when it is needed here. Find out more about this group here

Blueprint Translators – These souls are here to remind us of the balance between the physical and the spiritual.  They know that we are meant to be connected to our souls while incarnated in a physical body. Blueprint Translators are also highly grounded, down-to-earth people — they bring very practical, grounded energies into the physical. But on the other hand, they also bring spiritual energies into the physical realm, too. Blueprint Translators are essentially bringers of balance. As such, they bring grounded, practical energies to very spiritual people who are out of balance (reminding such people to stay grounded and realistic.) And they also bring spiritual energies to materialists (i.e. people who are overly immersed in the physical realm, who do not feel that there is anything more to life than just this material existence.) They do this by planting little seeds of spirituality and suggestions of there being something more than just the physical realm. You can find out more about this group in my book.

Mintakans – This is one of the most ancient groups and the ones that are often referred to as ‘old souls’. Mintakans love to be of service and to help others to grow (especially on the spiritual level). However, since Mintakans have been incarnating here for such a long time, many of them have wearied of this place and long to ‘go home’. Mintakans are bringers of positive energies – they are very compassionate and forgiving; they also see the best in others and they always see the silver lining in any cloud.  Mintakans are cheerleaders for other peoples’ potential — they see what others could be. They have huge amounts of faith and trust in Divine that they can bring to others. You can find out a lot more about this group in my book.

Vegans – these souls bring the energies of joy and light-heartedness into the physical. In terms of their personality, they are funny and very good at making people laugh. They are definitely fun to be with. They are quite dynamic and energetic. Many Vegan souls love to be in the limelight and they are sometimes found working in the world of entertainment as a result. Vegans are covered in more detail in my book.

Alpha Caelians – The Alpha Caelians are a group that seem to specialise in “lightness” as an energetic quality and so many of them have been involved, on the other side, in helping human souls to heal after difficult lifetimes, in this way, and slough off any heavy energies that need to be released. So, healing & lightness seem to be their specialty as a soul group. They are natural-born healers. You can find out more about them here.

Further Reading:

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  1. Regina A Forster

    Thank you, Anna. There is so much I’ve been questioning lately and a lot of it relates to the possibility of being from the angelic realm and incarnated somehow in a body which I thought they never did. Based on some awarenesses, behaviors and energies I’m seeing in myself recently and now reading about Mission Realmers I find I identify very strongly with them. I’m somewhat blown away by that idea given the wide held belief that angels don’t have the option of incarnating into a human life and then what you’re saying is that they can, and do. It’s a relief to have that confirmation/validation from your article. What I’ve been sensing is possible, not crazy. One question though…do Mission Realmers have “ordinary” guides too or just angelic guides from their own level?

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