Can Spirit Move Objects?

Hi Anna,

I have experienced things moving in my apartment. Sometimes I hear things thump or move in another room and then I look and something has fallen off a shelf. My TV channels have changed on their own in the past and electrical items have stopped working for a while and then started again. These things have happened more than once. I am puzzled about these things. Is something or someone trying to get my attention or is this caused by my own energy?

~ Suzanne

Hi Suzanne,

Yes — I believe that spirits can move objects. I am not sure how exactly this occurs, but I have heard about it and experienced it enough times to believe it can occur.

As for the something or someone who is trying to get your attention, it could either be a deceased loved one or an earthbound spirit.

Deceased Spirits

Deceased loved ones will often move objects or interfere with electrics as a way to let us know they are there.

I have a few experiences with this:

1. After my aunt died several years ago, she came through to me and told me that she had been messing with the clocks at her parents’ (my grandparents) house, in an attempt to make her presence felt. I called my grandparents to let them know and they told me that their trusty and reliable old grandfather clock had stopped working and they couldn’t get it going again. This was a very unusual occurrence. Once they received the message, the clock started again.

2. My grandmother told me that a book about ovarian cancer (my aunt died of ovarian/breast cancer) had made its way off the bookshelf inexplicably and was on the bedroom floor. The book shouldn’t have been able to get off the shelf without someone taking it out, and no-one had.

3. When I went for a mediumship reading after my cat died, the medium told me my great-grandmother Ida Sayce (whose surname I adopted as my own) was coming through, and had been interfering with the electrics in my home as a way of letting me know she was with me. (This was not a relative I was very aware of, as she died decades ago but perhaps taking her name had drawn her closer to me.)

I had had a lot of bulbs blowing in the past but I put it down to living in an old house with dodgy wiring. However, the week following the reading, I noticed my lights were going crazy, flashing on and off.

Earthbound Souls

Earthbound spirits can also move objects and interfere with electrics.

(Earthbound spirits are the mental or emotional bodies of souls who have not 100% crossed over to the other side after death, for some reason usually related to unfinished business or fear of crossing over to the other side.)

Earthbound spirits can attach to places and to people, and they can siphon off very small amounts of energy from peoples’ auras.

I was taught that if the spirit has been earthbound for a really long time, they can sometimes gather enough energy to move physical matter and create some kind of disturbance in the electrics or with an object. This is also called a poltergeist. I don’t know how this works and I don’t think I have experienced it myself but I know people who have experienced it:

  • Door knobs turning and doors shaking as if there is someone struggling to open a locked door (but there is no-one on the other side…)
  • Television channels changing by themselves…
  • Lights switching on and off…
  • Long lost objects showing up in totally obvious places (a friend of mine told me about a dress she had been looking for that had been missing for months, and one day it was laid out on her bed for her, beautifully pressed and on a hanger. She lived alone and kept a tidy house…she says there was no way she had put it there herself.)

How to Help Earthbound Spirits to Cross Over

In my Intuitive Awakening Course (in fact, in all of my longer courses), I teach students to help these earthbound spirits to cross over so that we don’t channel them, nor can they disturb us in any way. It is very easy to release these spirits from a space.

And these earthbound spirits are very common – especially in Europe. I recently travelled to Scotland, which unlike New Zealand (where I have spent the last several years), does of course have a long and sometimes bloody history of human occupation.

I have found them in old buildings where I’ve stayed overnight. They often have a story to tell. I have chatted with them on Culloden Battlefield.

Culloden Moor

Culloden Battlefield memorial

Clava Cairns prehistoric graveyard

I recently visited my almost 3 year old niece and her mother in the UK, and we found 13 earthbound spirits in the building they were living in (the people who used to live in the apartment above them were mentally ill drug addicts). My niece had talked about an old woman who was in her room at night. We did the clearing process to release the earthbound spirits without telling her, and the next day my niece told her mother the old woman was no longer there.

If you’re an empath or intuitive, it really pays to know how to release these spirits into the light.

Have you had any experiences with moving objects? Please share your experiences with this in the comments.

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  1. Judy

    Have not experienced moving objects but I think my deceased brother opened a cassette deck on my CD player that has never opened & the player was not turned on. When I closed it I checked to see if it would open; it did not. Also he caused the TV to turn on & off by itself when I was not in the room. The TV never did this before that day & has not since that day. I never feel the presence of deceased loved ones & often wonder why.

  2. Michael mills

    Yes this is very true to an empath and they can be relentless. I received what I call a shapeshifter presense who spoke to me in native language. Told me the issue. I asked the higher spirit to allow a crossover. Allowed because all are children. Gratioues ending.

  3. Jill Roberts

    I love your blog and of course your work! I’ve had experiences of earthbound spirits when renting a bungalow down at the Jersey Shore. On a couple of nights I was woken by a really negative feeling behind me. I had been asleep on my side facing the wall. I was terrified to turn around. On top of the feeling, there was a sound of shuffling like someone was walking back and forth right behind me. Everyone in the house had been asleep for hours. I turned and no one was there. As soon as I turned back to get comfortable (my 2 year old daughter was sleeping in my bed and I had to turn back around to her) the shuffling and negativity started again. This went on for the better part of a week. On another night we all heard a woman shout from another room. My family and I all just looked at each other and then the voice came again twice more. It was coming from inside the house. We looked around outside anyway but it was dark and quiet. For some reason I felt the presence in the bedroom was a man. I don’t know the history of the house but the incredibly negative presence shuffling back and forth did give me quite a scare.
    If you have any thoughts, I’d love to hear them.
    Thanks so much!
    All My Best,

  4. Steph

    I heard a loud noise / bang like something had fallen on the floor during the night and it was dark so didn’t look around until the next day. The next day we noticed a large set of drawers had moved from the corner of our bedroom and the bottom drawer was on the floor. No idea how that could happen! Can spirit move heavy objects like that. Our bedroom light flickered whilst I was wrapping Christmas presents around the same time. Thought it might have been a family member.

  5. Cynthia

    My ancestors and deceased loved ones are ALWAYS sending little “greetings” via moving objects and lights going on and off. When my daughter was born, we’re pretty sure it was her maternal grandmother who “fixed” a toy that had been broken for years–and had no battery in it–making it whirr and wail in the middle of the night, as a way of “playing” with her new great-granddaughter. When a maternal aunt died, one who loved my piano playing, my metronome, an electric one, started to “tick tock” loudly on its own. And the night my mother died, I walked past a laptop and it turned itself on, as if she were trying to contact me via my favorite mode of communication–one she had never liked in life, but knew would get my attention.

    More recently, a much-loved one has begun to do such miraculous things that friends are starting to ask me to ask him questions. Once when I was troubling over whether to visit my mother’s grave, I found a table of contents from a magazine for which I’d written an article in tribute to her, laying in the middle of the bathroom floor. I hadn’t seen the magazine or the article in about 10 years, and keep copies only in a filing cabinet in the garage. So that page was no accident. And I went to visit Mom’s grave, with flowers, the very next morning.

    I’ve gotten very used to this type of thing over the years. And my Hopi in laws have taught me not to fear them, but rather to welcome and, if necessary, send them on their way. I feel honored by every visit.

  6. Mina Tucker

    I placed my children baby bed in my daughter room since she was the last child to use it. She keep telling me she would wake at night and feel someone staring at here from the little bed.
    One day while I was sitting close to a window in the living room area I saws a little girl jumping hop scotch between the corridor leading to my bedroom and the bathroom. At first I thought am loosing my mind. I blink several time but she never showed me her face. she turn her face the opposite direction I was sitting. She was dark in completion and her hair was comb in two piggy tail. I was not afraid my mind went back to the little bed in my daughter room.
    I really wanted to see her face but the moment I tried to pay more attention a hard wind blow through the window where I was sitting knocking our the screen on me and the curtain lifted high in the house. When I turned around she was gone.
    Another incident happen when I was home alone. My bedroom door swung open and the day was quite calm there was no wind blowing. I got up and close it. Before I can sit down it open again. With a playful spirit I said ” Peekaboo I know its you. Do you want to play? Hey its ok but this is not your home anymore and don’t be afraid to move over you are beautiful.

    I went set some food and drinks on the table and invited her to eat and assured her she will be welcome on the other side.

  7. Issac

    A while back my sister gave me a photo of my father who has past over. The photo was in an envelope on my desk. One day I noticed the envelope on top of the shredder next to my desk. At the time I thought I must have put it there while looking for something on my desk, so I picked it up and put it back on the desk. Shortly after that I was on the treadmill and I heard a thump. When I looked around, the envelope had fallen on the shredder. When I finished on the treadmill, I picked it up and put it back on my desk. A few days later it happened again. I thought it was falling because of the breeze from the ceiling fan or the vibration from the treadmill. (The latter was a reach, because I don’t run on the treadmill. I walk slowly while reading.) So, I tried to make it happen again and could not make it happen and I tried everything. About a month later I had a reading and the medium asked me if I noticed things moving around in my house. She told me it was my dad moving the photo and said my dad just wanted me to know that he was around and he is helping me. It happened about two more times after the reading. I said, okay daddy, I know it’s you and it stopped. It is very comforting to know that my dad is around helping me. That was a very positive experience for me.

  8. Beth

    I woke up in the middle of the night as I felt a presence in the room. My foot was sticking out of the blankets and the presence tickled it!! Of course I freaked out and dived under the covers. I felt the presence roar with laughter and move on.
    Sheesh that was one scary but exhilarating experience!

  9. Thomas Paine

    My wife and I have lived in our current home for the past ten years, during which time there have been a number of paranormal occurrences. Most of those involved fairly low-level manifestations such as hearing footsteps walking across the attic floor, loud banging noises, and objects going missing only to turn up later in highly unusual locations.

    Of the two incidents I wish to relate, one happened just after Christmas about four years ago. My wife, daughter, seven-year-old grandson, two of the latter’s playmates aged three and five, and myself were together in the living room. I was seated on a sofa, my wife on another sofa directly across the room from me, our daughter at a table across the room and to my left, and the three boys were playing in a toy box to my far right. The children were being rather loud and boisterous, but whether or not that had anything to do with what happened next I do not know.

    There was suddenly a loud ‘bang!’ just to my left. My daughter said, “Oh my gosh, did you see that?” I did not, but my wife said that she did and that an antique child’s wooden rocking chair that was blocked from my view by a recliner had flipped upside down and slammed onto the bare wooden floor. After a few moments of total silence—the boys having stopped their play—I watched as my daughter stood up, walked over to the recliner, picked up the rocking chair, and set it upright on the floor. We told the boys to please play more quietly, which they did, and nothing further happened that day.

    The second event occurred in January of 2014. Several years previously I had found a heavy brass padlock with “U-Haul” stamped on the sides. The lock appeared almost new, the only things wrong being that it was locked and had no key. I placed it into a can with other old padlocks thinking that someday I would get around to taking it to a locksmith to see about getting a key made. Whenever I would access the can I would pick up the lock and tug on the shackle in the hope that it would open, as that might make having a key made less expensive. Each time, I found the lock securely closed. On the January day in question, I needed a padlock so got the can out and saw, to my surprise, the “U-Haul” padlock lying there with the shackle open. I guess I got some unseen help for when I visit that locksmith!

  10. Jeanne Miller

    I’ve had a couple of experiences with objects moving. One day I was reflecting on what it was I should be doing in life…I heard something fall in a bedroom when no one was home but me. I went and looked to find a book had somehow “fallen” off the bookshelf. I thought that maybe I hadn’t put it back properly, so I put it back and didn’t think anything of it. A few minutes later I heard something fall on the floor in the kitchen. It was a pencil sitting in the middle of the floor. I finally got what spirit was trying to tell me. That I should write…so I’m doing that as well as my pet spiritual work. 🙂

  11. Brenda Harrington

    When my mother passed away my half sister and I had our own experience, my mother watched the weather channel all the time, the day after she died my sister and I were listening to music on the 70s channel and all of a sudden it changed to the weather channel and back again, neither one of us had changed the channel, we figured mom was saying goodbye before crossing over.

  12. Anna

    Thanks to everyone who commented for sharing these amazing/weird/lovely/scary stories. I enjoyed reading them.

    Mina – that was rather brave of you!

    Isaac – that’s lovely your father was able to make his presence felt in that way

    Jeanne – I am so glad you took the hint from Spirit! Love your work!

  13. Katie

    Anna, how do you lovingly help earthbound spirits to go to the other side?

    • Anna

      Hi Katie, I use a healing ceremony which involves a divine being (an ascended master or archangel).

  14. Marina

    My precious Brother died unexpectedly in 2016
    I am grieving and very tearful and sad
    I see my Brother in my dreams and also thee is communcation between us both and lights flickering etc.

    I wanted to know which side of me or in front of me my Brothers spirit stands when he Is close beside me.
    I yearn to see my Brother and I miss him
    My Fathers family spirits come on my right hand side.

  15. Chris

    I am a 45 yr old mum of 3 lovely girls. Youngest age 14 now. She was alone upstairs in her bedroom packing her bag for weekly swimming lessons, and had taken her swimsuit out of her closet and putted on her bed. She left the room to get a towel and when she came back into her room, her swimsuit was lying on the ground next to her bed. Although she had put it away from bedborders, she thought she maybe had touched it while turning around to leave the room.
    So she picked it up and putted it back on her bed, more closely to the wall where the bed stands against.
    Then.. she left her room again to get her shampoo, and when she entered her room again, her swimsuit was lying on the ground AGAIN, at the exact same location the first time it lyed there. Again she picked it up and putted it on her bed again. Then she called me upstairs..I kept standing on the stairs while she explained what just happened. I ordered her to step out of her room to my room and back. Meanwhile nothing happened and her bathing suit stayed on the bed…
    There was nobody home beside me and her, and i was downstairs the whole time until she called me upstairs..
    We cannot find a rational explanaition…
    Other things happened we couldnt explain, but this one really keeps our minds guessing if there is more between heaven and earth that stays around my girl..

  16. Patricia

    My husband passed away on Valentines Day. Before he passed, I asked him to please keep in touch with me. That night my phone was ringing and when I looked at it, I was calling him even though my phone was in my purse. I thought it was a coincidence, but then someone added me to a dating site and said I was a widow. It had been added in November according to the date and the app was added to my phone. I have no idea how it happened. I began getting emails with suggestions of men that I may want to date. I told my husband I didn’t want to date anyone else and the emails stopped.
    Then 2 things happened that I can’t explain. The first was that my back door was open wth the dead bolt in the lock position. I was very careful locking my doors, since I was alone. I check my locks 2 or 3 times before going to bed and sure that I hadn’t opened it. Next I went on vacation with a male friend to just get away. I knew my husband was not fond of him and I had reassured him many times that he was just a friend. I had hidden my keys in a living room cabinet before I left. I went to get my keys after I had gotten home and they were gone. There were 2 glass figurines missing. I found my keys, but never found the figurines.
    This is all very confusing to me and I wish there was an explanation. People suggested that I may have done these things without remembering, but it just doesn’t make sense.

  17. Maree

    i have had experience of things been dropped on the floor just recently a candle that i had in my kitchen fell on the floor and broke and i wasn’t anywhere near it .It gave me a fright and I have also felt at night sometimes like someone was touching my legs.I believe it is my twin brother as its only been two years since he passed away.

  18. Tricia

    My son passed 2 years ago. I have asked him to come to me in my dreams and have asked that I remember the dream when it happens. I have asked spirit to help him and to allow my son to do this, still nothing. My son has manipulated several things to let me know he has been here as he has put my sneakers on kitchen table, and shown me other signs. So, I have two questions, can you give me an idea when my son will show up in my dreams? Also, I have a pain implant, would the medicine/implant
    cause me not to see my son?

  19. Sarah

    I’m intuitive and after taking a course on opening up my abilities, spirits around me would often move things.

    Once I was making waffle batter with a friend and the egg beater was grabbed and tossed away from the bowl when neither of us touched it.

    My clothes were placed on a ledge in my house and one of them fell (I live alone).

    When I was nearing my date to move, packed items in my box would move (I could hear it) and I wasn’t touching it.

    My godmother (the most powerful psychic I know) told me not to engage with spirits because she was concerned I may meet a bad spirit that would be more powerful than I am. I have taken her advice and left the spirits alone.

    Sometimes I do get strange dreams of helping people in haunted places or getting rid of wicked spirits using my abilities.

    I mostly leave them alone.

  20. Tina

    Since my grandmother passed 7 years ago many strange things have happened in my life. I was 14 at the time and have moved homes several times since then. She was my mothers mother and my mom has these weird things happen to her all the time and she thinks it’s my grandma. We called her Mama and my mom will say things like “hi Mama” when these spooky thinks happen. We all loved her very much – she was the most amazing woman and she died from a tough battle with ovarian cancer. A week after she died I was on vacation in the Dominican ( depressing but .. ) and the lights in the hotel room were doing all sorts of weird things and I thought for sure that was her. A year after her death to the day another occurrence happened. A wine glass with red wine moved across the counter about 6 inches. I saw it out of the corner of my eye so did my mom. I was like did you see that and she’s like yup, then I proceeded to bawl my eyes out in shock. My grandma was a big wine drinker she loved a full glass while cooking which she was amazing at and did all the time, making this symbolic to me. My mom randomly found a red hair on her kitchen counter last year and my grandma had a statement red hair colour herself. Her garage door that was completely unplugged upended up on its own twice two nights in a row. And she heard it like it was on the chain but she completely turned it off and went and checked if there was people. There was no one to be found both times. Today a purple flower from a little arrangement my mom had just put out ended up in the downstairs bathroom and neither of us touched it and we live alone – no one else was here. I don’t really know if it’s my grandma or weird coincidences or me imagining it all or my mom messing with me but I doubt that because she’s just as weirded out as me and gets emotional over it usually. To be honest it is just bizarre anyone else have these experiences?

  21. Mak

    I just recently bought a house, it’s just me and my pup living here. I refinished the downstairs and sleep on the couch until I can refinish the upstairs it’s all storage as of right now.. I went up stairs today to get my Christmas tote to clean up all my Christmas decorations and the bedroom that’s going to be mine had a walk in closet and that’s where all my holiday totes are.. I walk in and go to turn on the light and there’s no bulb. The bulb is completely gone. This is the 3rd light bulb that’s gone missing from this closet in 6 months…. since I’ve moved in I hear ‘people’ walking upstairs and very faint voices, knocking at my front door. And a lot of other weird things that I can’t explain happening. I wasn’t sure if a spirit could physically move something such as a bulb, but where would it go? It’s just me and my pup here nobody goes upstairs. I don’t have a handle on the upstairs door, so nobody can go upstairs if they wanted to.

  22. Holly Gabrielson

    My partner & myself have just moved into a new house, we have been here for a week and this morning we woke up to my son’s car chair and change table in the kitchen ( he’s not born yet) i dont feel asthough its a negative energy, however the land lord mentioned the tenants before us caused a fire in the room my son’s stuff is in. My partners mother has also recently passed but dont feel like this is something she would do. I am saging the house today and doing a karakia ( maori prayer) but any other advise or recomendations would be appreciated, i am an empath and have experienced energies good and bad before and would like to know how i can help cross this spirit over to the light?


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