Can we predict the future in the Akashic Records?

This was a question that I was recently asked by a student of my Akashic Record Reading Program.

In this program, I teach people how to read the Akashic Records, and the Akashic Records are a repository of information about a soul, and that includes info on the soul’s past, present and future, so if the Akashic Records contain info about the future, why is it that I do not teach people to predict the future using the records?

In this article I will explain why.

Why I don’t predict the future or teach others to do it

When we are born into this world, we are not born with a destiny that is completely set in stone.

I used to believe that there were often ‘destiny points’ in a person’s life — destinations that a person would definitely reach as they journeyed through their life. Now I believe that these destiny points are in fact not set in stone, but instead probabilities. 

We all come into this life with probabilities — people, experiences and events that we are likely to encounter. Some of these probabilities may be very high, such as 90% or 95% probable.

But we ultimately have control over what we are headed for, and this control comes through our beliefs, attitudes, emotions, thoughts and intentions. 

Why are we born into a life where some things are very probable and others, not so probable?

I believe that the probabilities that we face in this life, especially the ones relating to the challenges that may come up, arise partly from our past life complexes and our soul contracts. A past life complex is what the soul is used to manifesting — certain pain points that the soul is familiar with, and tends to get stuck in. 

When a soul has a very intense experience relating to suffering in a past life, this leaves an imprint and when we incarnate again, the imprint may activate when we encounter a similar emotional experience, and we can draw more similar experiences to us, as a result. The soul will even pick the circumstances of our next life, based on our past life, with the goal of transcending a negative pattern.

An example would be a soul who was victimised in the Holocaust and carries a past life complex relating to victimhood. She may incarnate next into an abusive family, where she is victimised again. 

A soul with a background of having been victimised in the past will come into this life with certain probabilities. Maybe it’s likely she’ll have issues with substance abuse. (Whether she falls into that trap depends on her choices and her free will.) Maybe it’s likely she’ll have an abusive partner. Maybe it’s likely she will heroically transcend the past and no longer be affected by it. 

(As an aside, we can always transcend our past life complexes, but it takes work. We transcend the past and change our future by changing our thoughts, emotions, behaviour and words. We are not condemned to repeat the past. It can take lifetime after lifetime until the soul is ready to transcend a particular past life complex. Note that we are living in a time where many are transcending their complexes en masse. There is so much healing work going on in the world right now.)

The realisation that there are only probabilities in our futures, not certainties, has changed how I use divination tools.

I used to read the Tarot to see what was coming up for me in the future. Now I read it to show me what I am currently manifesting and creating in a particular life area.

If you have ever read the Tarot when you’re not in a good state of mind, you’ll see this in action. The cards will reflect your state of mind to you, because that is the state of mind you are manifesting from right now.

This also explains why future predictions are notoriously difficult to get right. We have limitless possibilities in front of us, and so many different paths we can choose. The path that we will walk down next, is the one that corresponds best to our thoughts, emotions, attitudes and intentions. And there are so many variations to choose from, all slightly different from one another. It’s quite a big ask of someone to know exactly which one you will ultimately choose. The time when it’s easier to predict something in someone’s life is on one of those occasions when something is highly probable. But most of the time, trying to get a future prediction is a fool’s errand.

Instead of trying to find out what your future will be, decide what it is that you want, set your intention, and choose that.

I have a series that I’m writing on this topic. You can read those articles here:

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