How to Set Intentions & Choose Your Reality Using the Law of Assumption

This is the second article in my series about the Law of Assumption.

In my last article, I did a deep dive into how the Law of Assumption works.

In this article, I’m going to go into the first step you can take to consciously choose your reality.

The first step in using the Law of Assumption is to choose what you would like to manifest into your reality.

Maybe this is a new partner, a new job, a certain level of income, psychic abilities, the releasing of a chronic illness, a new home or whatever.

Once you have chosen what it is you want, you’re ready to move onto setting your intention, which is the second step.

The basic process for setting an intention is simply to say:

“My higher self, please be with me”

(This is essentially calling on and activating your higher self to pay attention to what you are stating next.)

Next, inhale to the count of 4, hold your breath to the count of 4 and exhale to the count of 8. Repeat 3 times altogether.

Then say your intention in the present tense. for example:

“My mother is completely healed of cancer”.

It doesn’t really matter how you word your intention, as long as it is stated as if it is currently a reality (note: I provide another alternative at the end of this article, which is more of a spiritual ritual, and how I set my own intentions.)

You might think that setting an intention to create something new in our lives sounds way too simplistic and unrealistic.

However, we don’t create possibilities in our lives, we choose them.

Creation is finished. Everything that you could possibly experience in this life already exists as a possibility.

If you read my last article on the Law of Assumption and how it works, you’ll know that our lives and all the potentials in them, are organised in an information grid called the alternatives space. Here is what I said about the alternatives space (as described by Russian mystic & quantum physicist Vadim Zeland.)

The alternatives space (the piece behind the mirror) is an information structure, in which the events of all possible outcomes and scenarios are stored. It contains everything — past, present and future. It resembles a matrix, like chains linked together. The number of variants/possibilities that could occur is truly endless, and they all have their own locations like coordinates on a map.

Each possibility or event in the alternatives space has its own scenery and script. The scenery is the backdrop of the event and the script is what happens, or the plot. The scenery is how food tastes, what the light looks like, how vivid the colours are, and how beautiful (or ugly) everything is.

You cannot change the scenery or script of the events that show up in your reality, but you can instead choose again and move to a different possibility. 

Similar events/possibilities in the alternatives space are arranged onto a lifeline. You travel along these lifelines during your life.

These lifelines contain any and all the possibilities for our lives. There are countless possible lifetimes available to us. We spend our lives travelling from one lifeline to the next. Many of us just stay on the same kind of lifeline we’re on already. But we can move to a lifeline where we have our desire, or where we can experience something different, simply by setting an intention.

How does this work?

We are children of God. We all have a piece of God energy inside of us (this is our Higher self) that moves us to different realities and lifelines where our desires are a reality, and it all works according to our intentions, attitudes, thoughts, emotions and words. But ultimately it all begins with an intention.

When we set an intention for something to occur in our lives, this activates a spiritual force that makes things happen.

Vadim Zeland calls this spiritual force ‘outer intention’.

Outer intention is like a river — it utilises a powerful stream of consciousness that will take you towards where you want to go according to the intention you set.

You don’t have to strategise or plot to make it happen.

Outer intention knows the quickest way towards your goal and it moves pieces around the chessboard, to make something happen.

You will know when you’re relying too much on what’s called ‘inner intention’ to make things happen, because things will seem really hard and onerous. Rather than feeling like you’re in a boat on the river, following its current, you’ll feel like you’re trying to row against the current and going nowhere — just splashing about on the surface.

Using outer intention means you’re on the river and moving with the flow of outer intention’s plan for you.

Outer intention works in mysterious and surprising ways to bring something about for you. With outer intention, often the way that our intentions come to pass is very surprising — i.e. not something we can predict. Neville Goddard (the Law of Assumption teacher I mentioned in my last article) calls this the ‘Bridge of Incidents’ which is a series of events which occur to take you towards your goal — this is essentially the same as ‘outer intention’.

Be aware that it can take some time to travel along the Bridge of Incidents to get to your goal.

If your desired lifeline is very far away from your current lifeline, so for example let’s say you’re currently unemployed, you have significant health problems and you don’t currently have any supportive relationships, but you want to be in perfect health, with a good job or a business and with lots of good relationships in your life, this will take time to get there. It probably isn’t going to happen in 2 weeks. The Bridge of Incidents will probably be extensive over a period of months or in some cases, even longer.

So, in summary, the first thing to do is to choose what you want and set that intention.

Once you have set your intention, you usually have to do some inner work to align with your desired lifeline, and I’m going to cover that in the next few articles.

If you’ve never tested out the Law of Assumption before (or the Law of Attraction), why not choose something right now to set an intention around? You can use the wording I posted above or you can word it how you want to.

In the next few articles, I’ll give you the work you need to do to align yourself with your intention. This work consists of impressing your subconscious mind with the idea that you already possess whatever it is you are intending for. The work I’ll recommend isn’t hard, and it doesn’t require you to feel good all the time either.

Just a little note that when you set your intention, it is best to tell no-one. This is because other people will reflect your current doubts and hesitations back to you around your intentions, which isn’t helpful.

An alternative to the intention setting exercise above:

Here is how I set my intentions and ‘place an order’ with my higher self…


“My higher self, please be with me”

(This is essentially calling on and activating your higher self to pay attention to what you are stating next.)

Next, inhale to the count of 4, hold your breath to the count of 4 and exhale to the count of 8. Repeat 3 times altogether.

Then say:

“By the powers of the north, the powers of the south, the powers of the east and the powers of the west

By earth, air, water and fire

By all the powers above, all the powers below, and all the powers that gather in between, the circle is cast. I am between the worlds. What happens here changes me and changes all the worlds.

Then your intention comes here: “my mother is completely healed of cancer” (for example)

Then say:

“So mote it be.”

It doesn’t really matter how you word your intention, as long as it is stated as if it is currently a reality. You don’t need to use all the witchy words I have included above. It’s just how I do it.

Further Resources & Reading:

Did you know that I have a free online guide for manifesting your desired reality using the Law of Assumption? It’s a collection of free online articles which are presented in the right order so that you can use them as a ‘how to’ guide. You can find that here.

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