The Bridge of Incidents & the Law of Assumption – How Long Does Manifesting Take?

The Law of Assumption states that what you assume and expect, is what manifests in your life. It is a method for manifesting that was taught by New Thought author Neville Goddard.

In this article, I’m going to cover the ‘Bridge of Incidents’, which is a term coined by Neville Goddard, to describe what happens when you start manifesting something. 

First of all, let’s recap on the process that we go through for manifesting through the Law of Assumption…

So, let’s say that you have decided what you would like to manifest in your life, and you have set an intention.

Once you have set your intention, the Bridge of Incidents is the process that takes you from where you are now in your life, to where you want to be. 

Let’s say that you are wanting to manifest a partner. This person obviously doesn’t appear in your house in a puff of smoke, once you have set your intention. Instead, there’s going to be a chain of events that occurs that puts you on the path to meeting this person. This is the Bridge of Incidents. 

The Bridge of Incidents can sometimes be the trickiest part about using the Law of Assumption, and it trips a lot of people up. This is because the bridge can sometimes (although not in every case) involve apparent setbacks.

For example, perhaps you want to start your own business and it’s something you have put off for years. You set your intention for starting your own business and the next thing you know is, you get laid off from your job. This turn of events is upsetting and unexpected, and it has you doubting yourself and your abilities, but it is exactly what you need to get started on your new business. However, in the moment, it takes the wind out of your sails, and it feels like a setback that makes you feel a bit depressed for a few weeks. 

The trick with navigating the Bridge of Incidents is to see everything as if it is leading you towards your goal (because it is.)

Here is a quote from Vadim Zeland’s book ‘Reality Transurfing’ that I love:

“Greet every setback with joyful surprise rather than annoyance; for apparent setbacks are the work of outer intention that moves us towards our goal in ways unforeseen to us.”

When Vadim Zeland refers to ‘outer intention’, he is referring to the spiritual force or Universal intelligence that knows exactly the quickest route to your goal or desire.

You have control over what you manifest, but you do not have control over the Bridge of Incidents (which is HOW it manifests.) You do not have control over how long the Bridge of Incidents last, or what you encounter on that bridge. The Universal Intelligence has the control. 

So, what is actually needed as you travel the Bridge of Incidents, is trust and surrender.

Are you willing to release this control?

To travel the bridge of incidents, towards your desire, you must release control. Trust the circumstances and events that show up in your life. You must also trust in yourself and what you’re manifesting, because it is you that has set the bridge of incidents in motion. 

What some people do instead when they encounter setbacks on the Bridge of Incidents, is freak out and give up on their desire. They may tell themselves that their manifestation has failed. No! They are simply on the bridge and should keep travelling along it.

The Bridge of Incidents doesn’t just consist of setbacks — it can also involve favourable events, too.  

Sometimes intuition can be part of the bridge of incidents — maybe you have a dream or a vision that shows you what you need to do next, in order to reach your goal. Or you will be drawn to a resource (such as a book) which will help take you towards your desire. 

How long does the Bridge of Incidents last?

It depends on your desire. If what you are manifesting is on a similar lifeline (read this article for more on lifelines) to the one you’re on, the Bridge of Incidents is often short, and you will receive your desire within days or weeks. 

If the contents of your subconscious mind do not align with your desire, let’s say that you wish to manifest a long-term relationship but you have many personal problems which make relationships tricky, and you’ve only ever had unhealthy relationships in the past. Perhaps you have low self-esteem and this interferes with relationships.

The Bridge of Incidents is likely to be longer in this case. It will probably involve working on the issues which interfere with relationships, and this could take many months or even longer. I’ve known people who set an intention to manifest a relationship, and it took 2 years to manifest simply because there was a lengthy process needed to get that person ready for the healthy relationship they were seeking.

While we travel the Bridge of Incidents, in some cases, we can be shown what we need to release or change in order to manifest our desire. We can also come face to face with our limiting beliefs, and be asked to work on them. Often the Bridge of Incidents will expose holes in our plan. This process can sometimes look like a series of setbacks, but it is up to us to take it as feedback and thank the Universe for showing us what we need to work on next, so we can continue travelling along the bridge.

Encountering Anxiety on the Bridge of Incidents

If you’re someone who loves to plan, plot and scheme in terms of how you’re going to reach a goal, being on the bridge can make you feel anxious. This is because it’s outside of your control, and your reptilian brain (which is preoccupied with your survival) does not like this one bit. Manifestation teacher Dr Joe Dispenza says that our manifestation usually comes to us in a way that can’t be predicted — it’s a cosmic surprise. Once you set your intention for something to manifest, you’re in the unknown. Some people can find this anxiety provoking at certain times in the process, myself included.

So, in conclusion, the main thing to remember with the bridge of incidents is not to judge anything on the path to your goal. Once you have set your intention, everything you’re experiencing after that, is taking you towards your goal.

Further Reading:

I offer a free online resource for manifesting your desired reality using the Law of Assumption — it’s a collection of online articles which are presented in the right order so that you can use them as a ‘how to’ guide. It’s quite a comprehensive resource and can help take you from A to B with almost any intention. You can find that here.

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