EIYPO — Can We Manifest for Other People?

One of the questions I’ve received since I published my series on the Law of Assumption, is:

Can we manifest things for other people?

This is quite a controversial question in the manifesting community — some people believe you can manifest for other people and others believe you cannot. Neville Goddard had a teaching he called EIYPO (“everyone is you pushed out”) that I am going to explore in detail in this article.

There are two camps in the manifesting community — those who follow Neville Goddard’s teachings (the Law of Assumption & EIYPO) and those who follow Law of Attraction teachings, as taught by teachers such as Abraham-Hicks. (Some people follow both teachings or pick and choose bits from both.) 

One key difference between the Law of Assumption and the Law of Attraction is that the Law of Attraction teaches that everyone has free will, and that you cannot manifest something for someone else, unless it is something they want for themselves.

The Law of Assumption, on the other hand, teaches EIYPO —“everyone is you pushed out.” Neville taught that everyone in your life is only reflecting your assumptions and beliefs back to you, and that if you want to see change in other people, you only need to change your internal world. You cannot change anyone or anything in the external world without first changing it in your internal world. 

I’ll tell you a story that illustrates why I believe this to be true. 

Diffusing a conflict

Back in 2020, after I moved into my new home, I began to have problems with a neighbour. I live in a cross-lease property, which means there is land (a very large garden) that belongs to all 3 properties. My neighbour was excessively territorial and refused to “allow” me any land to plant a vegetable garden (even though it was also mine to use). The conflict between us escalated and he began to invade my privacy in a way that felt quite harassing.

Around the time this came to a head, I was not able to move, for various reasons.

I reported what happened to the police and was told his actions constituted a crime and asked if I would like an officer to visit this neighbour to issue a warning. I knew if this happened the relationship would deteriorate from there and I felt it was not the road I wanted to go down. 

I decided not to have a police officer visit and instead put the Law of Assumption to work.

I started doing a loving kindness meditation, sending my neighbour positive energies and wishing him well (this totally went against how I felt about him, which was very angry). 

Next, I took my attention off the conflict completely. I stopped reacting to his behaviour — I ignored it. I stopped talking about it to friends and I stopped thinking about it. I affirmed that I got on with my neighbour.

Within a couple of months, the relationship had changed. This neighbour respected my privacy, and stopped with his territorial behaviour. It’s been around 18 months and the relationship with this person is now harmonious and has been ever since. I even heard that he took up meditation around the time I worked on changing the relationship, which made him a more peaceful person.

I changed my assumptions about him and who he was, and my external world reflected them. 

I’ve seen this play out in my life multiple times. I affirm how I want things to be, and the people in my life behave in alignment with my affirmations and even repeat my affirmations back to me.

This does not mean of course that you should always hang around and put up with bad behaviour. If you are being abused, you should remove yourself from that situation, and then work on your internal assumptions about the person (that is, if you can even be bothered). The only reason I stuck around to change the situation when I was being harassed was because I wasn’t able to move at the time. Normally I would just move and forget about the neighbour. 

So, this is why I believe that yes we can manifest for other people. But we should only manifest things that bless others. We shouldn’t manifest harm to others. 

Now you’ve read this article, you may be asking the question:

How is it that we can manifest something for others that may seem to go against their free will? For example, what if my neighbour actually wanted to continue the conflict and I manifested a different alternative for him that was not his choice? Is this ethical?

Here’s how I look at the topic of free will and manifesting for others. To explain it I need to dive deep into how I see reality — the following passage is taken from a previous article I wrote on the Law of Assumption:

“As humans, we are all Source energy and we are connected to Source energy — we receive energy from “God”/“Source” through our energy body and then we condition that source energy by projecting it out into the quantum field or ‘alternatives space’. We condition it with the contents of our  human subconscious mind — our attitudes, thoughts, emotions, assumptions and beliefs. 

Whatever we send out into the Universe in this way, corresponds to a particular area of the quantum field, which perfectly matches our beliefs and assumptions about ourselves and life. 

The alternatives space or the quantum field is an information structure, in which the events of all possible outcomes and scenarios are stored. It contains everything — past, present and future. It resembles a matrix, like chains linked together. The number of variants/possibilities that could occur is truly endless, and they all have their own locations like coordinates on a map.

Each possibility or event in the alternatives space has its own scenery and ‘script’.

Similar events/possibilities in the alternatives space are arranged onto a lifeline. You travel along these lifelines during your life.

These lifelines contain any and all the possibilities for our lives. There are countless possible lifetimes available to us. We spend our lives travelling from one lifeline to the next.”

The way I see it in terms of the conflict with my neighbour, there is an unlimited number of lifelines with possibilities for how that conflict would play out. Through what I focused on, imagined and affirmed, I chose a lifeline where the conflict with my neighbour fizzled out. 

But there are an infinite variety of lifelines where the conflict continued, and escalated, and I could have chosen those, too.

I don’t believe that my neighbour is a dead puppet in my reality, who is only animated by my choices and just responds to what I affirm and visualise. I believe we are all souls in our own right and we have free will as souls. But the version of him that exists in my reality, on this lifeline, is the one I have chosen him to be (through what I am manifesting.) If there’s a lifeline where through his free will he has chosen to escalate the conflict, that is happening on his lifeline. I exist there, too. But in this reality where I am living out my waking dream, my reality reflects only what I imagine.

We live in a multiverse, with many possibilities. If you believe that everyone is you pushed out (EIYPO) then you will want to assume that other people are treating you the way you want to be treated, and also assume the best for the people that you love.  

If you have a loved one with a health condition, see them healed. If someone you know is suffering in some way, affirm the opposite for them. Feel the relief of them no longer suffering and thank the Universe for this on a daily basis. 

Using the Buddhist loving kindness meditation is also a lovely way to bless someone else.

If this teaching does not resonate with you, that’s OK. You can still manifest for yourself, but you may want to refrain from manifesting for others if it goes against what you believe.

Further Resources:

And you can find Neville Goddard’s books on the Law of Assumption here: Neville Goddard: The Complete Reader

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  1. Anne

    I always found the implications of this teaching to be quite scary. It would mean that on some level, we are responsible for having created all of the suffering in the world, since we would have the power to create something different. How would we absolve ourselves of the massive guilt implied by this?

  2. Anna Sayce

    Hi Anne, This is a really interesting question and one I don’t think Neville Goddard ever answered.

    My experience is that the ‘everyone is you pushed out’ idea applies really well to the people in your life, who you have personal contact or interactions with, and that’s the way Neville talks about it, too. Neville lived through WW2 and in his writings as far as I know, he never addressed the idea of preventing global suffering. I am not sure whether it is because he never tested this out, or if he believed it was not possible.

    Something I learned through my work in the akashic records is that Earth is a place where souls can experience both light and darkness and evolve through that contrast. Here we can either create a heaven for ourselves or a hell, on a personal level. But I’m not sure I agree that we are single-handedly responsible for every negative global event, including those that we have no connection to or knowledge of.

    I can only say for certain I believe this idea applies to our personal world, but I’m unsure about whether it applies to the wider world.

    To get a clearer idea of my true opinion on this, I’d need to test it out extensively.

  3. Noriko

    Hello, Anna. I recently started listening to Abraham Hicks recordings. I’m pretty sure that he said the same thing you wrote as a difference between the Law of Assumption and the Law of Attraction. Abraham does teach the same thing as “if you want to see change in other people, you only need to change your internal world. You cannot change anyone or anything in the external world without first changing it in your internal world.” Interestingly, when I dipped into a Buddhism teaching years ago, they were saying essentially the same thing!

  4. Anna Sayce

    Hi Noriko, Good to know – thanks for sharing!

  5. Justin

    I don’t think EIYPO is right.
    We encounter plenty of people who have personalities that don’t match anything within us. They are not a part of us. They are their own independent beings living in the same reality as us. We don’t all get our own reality to play in. There’s still rules and limitations that do certainly exist.
    There would be no reason to teach others this stuff if you’re only teaching versions of people exclusive to your own reality who you can assume to be whatever you like.
    So why do we teach manifestation? Because we know that there’s other independent thinkers living in a shared reality with us. It’s about the collective consciousness and we do in fact impede each other’s free will.

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