The 2 Types of SP I Don’t Believe Anyone Should Manifest

Some people in the Neville Goddard/Law of Attraction community look down on SP manifestors.

I don’t.

In my view, an SP manifesting journey can be a huge catalyst for spiritual growth and awakening.

The opportunity and desire to manifest an SP is about your soul asking you to ascend in your awareness to embody a state of love and worthiness in yourself, and if you succeed in doing this, it has far-reaching consequences for your whole life.

That’s why I never look down on SP manifesting.

Having said that, I do believe the SP community has strayed beyond what Neville Goddard taught when it comes to SP’s. There are only two things we know about Neville’s attitude to SP manifesting:

  1. That he said it was possible to manifest an SP (he manifested his wife that way)
  2. But he also said that you don’t actually want your SP, what you really want is to be happily married so maybe it’s better to manifest for that.

(You can read about his statements on those two things in detail towards the end of this article.)

He didn’t say that SP manifesting always works or is desirable in every single circumstance, as some LOA coaches seem to think.

Here are two situations where I feel the SP manifesting community has strayed way beyond the ethos of what Neville taught.

Abusive SP’s

I have come across people who are manifesting someone who has abused them, verbally, physically and/or emotionally.

Technically it is possible to change an abusive person through the Law of Assumption.

We attract abusive partners into our lives because our beliefs, assumptions, thoughts and feelings about ourselves is a match for that behaviour.

Maybe we were abused in childhood and that gave us certain beliefs about ourselves that means we are likely to attract abuse. Or maybe we’ve been in an abusive relationship before and we’re used to being abused, so it feels normal and familiar to us.

Here is what Neville said about changing other people:

Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.”

So technically, it is possible for an abusive person in your life to change, when you change.

When we change our self-concept and who we are being on the inside, the people around us change.

However, it’s a very dangerous thing to do. Here’s why:

You never know if you have succeeded, and the stakes are pretty high.

You could do a lot of work on your self-concept and completely change what you’re attracting in your life. But to have an abusive person completely change, you may need to remove every single “chink in your armour” which is causing you to tolerate that abuse. You may need to revise all abuse or mistreatment from your past. You may need to do some of this work or you may need to do the totality of what you could possibly do, before this person changes. Then because there is a time lapse in manifesting, you may need to wait weeks or even months for the change to reflect in the 3D

Good luck trying to work out if you have changed sufficiently for the abuser to change, and then trying to work out what the time lapse is for your manifestation to appear in the 3D and if it’s safe to reconcile yet.

If you think you have changed and the person has changed, and you let them back into your life, and then you find they haven’t changed, you are in a dangerous situation.

Through consciously applying the Law of Assumption, you can create the best and the highest love you have ever known.

Is it a good use of your creative energies to recreate an abusive person when you can focus your energies to create something amazing with someone else?

Personally I think to manifest an abusive SP constitutes a squandering of your creative energies.

If when you’re back together with the abuser, you drop the ball and you’re no longer embodying a desirable state, you’re in a vulnerable position. Essentially you’re living with a crocodile who won’t attack you as long as you stay on top of your self-concept and transform yourself completely.

Too risky, in my book.

Relationships are not about this. Relationships are about love.

Why subject yourself to this when you can have something much better?

Let them go. Work on your self-concept extensively and attract a wonderful new love instead – someone who will never have you guessing if they might attack you, or when.

Let’s have a look at the second category of SP manifestation that I think no-one should bother with.

Happily Partnered SP’s

I know of people who are manifesting a relationship with someone who is happily partnered with children.

I think this is wrong and I also don’t believe Neville would ever have thought this was OK.

People justify this endeavour by saying that we live in a “multiverse” and that they are simply manifesting the reality where they are together with their SP but there also exists a reality where their SP is still happily together with their current spouse and children.

Neville did say that “creation is finished” and that essentially we are “lighting up” the version of reality that we want through our focus on it. Whereas the rest of the possible realities stay ‘in the dark’ and are not seen because we do not focus on them.

So, therefore, if we follow this line of logic, we’re not causing harm to anyone if we take away a happy person from their current happy spouse and children.

I disagree with this.

This is like saying, I have an enemy who has wronged me and I’d really like to do some harm to them. Because we live in a multiverse, it’s ethically OK for me to run this person down with my car, and the reason why it’s OK is because there exists another reality where they didn’t get hit by my car.

Neville said in his 1968 lecture ‘Power’:

“You can [use the Law of Assumption] to do evil. You can, but I’m telling you, don’t. Don’t do it. Use it for good.”

Note that not only did he say this, he also didn’t say: ‘it’s fine to do unethical things, because we live in a multiverse and therefore there exists a reality where you didn’t do the unethical thing you’re contemplating doing.”

In my view, breaking up a happy relationship for your own ends (especially if there are children involved), is the kind of evil Neville was talking about.

Since we always create what we hold inside of us and the energies we are dealing in, if you manifest breaking up someone else’s relationship, don’t be surprised if you lose that SP to another third party once you attract them in.

So, to summarise, even though Neville manifested an SP himself, he was a bit washy-washy on whether anyone should manifest a specific person. At one point, he also said that some people should go general instead of specific. For these reasons, I doubt that he would have been on board with some of the SP madness that can be seen in the LOA community, where people are trying to manifest their already happily married SP or someone who has physically abused them.

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