How To Develop Clairaudience

Clairaudience means ‘clear-hearing’. It is the ability to ‘hear’ Spirit.

Clairaudience is that little voice inside you that issues warnings or gives guidance. It tends to speak to you when you are in danger or when you have an important decision to make that will impact on your life. If you don’t have clairaudience as one of your psychic gifts, it can be developed. In this article, I give you a couple of exercises for developing it.

If clairaudience is one of your natural intuitive gifts, your higher self and Spirit Guides will use mostly clairaudient means to communicate with you, including sounds, words and songs you’re familiar with. These can be internal or they can be outside of you. You may also hear voices in your dreams or upon waking.

Who is Clairaudient?

Clairaudients tend to hear more than most people. People who are bothered by noise pollution are naturally predisposed towards clairaudience because of their heightened sensitivity.

Clairaudients often hear ringing in their ears — some clairaudients interpret this as a sign to pay attention and consciously tune in to their intuition.

Musicians are often clairaudient. There are many accounts of composers who have heard or dreamt of a melody playing internally inside their minds, before they put it down on paper. (Famously, Paul McCartney is someone who has written a lot of his songs based on a melody or lyrics that he heard upon waking.) 

The first step to developing your clairaudience is to really fine-tune your sense of hearing. Here’s an exercise to help you do this:

Unpicking the Orchestra

Listen carefully to all the sounds you hear around you while you’re lying in bed at night — the sounds of cars passing, the sounds of birds or animals, of planes, of people talking or the sounds of music. We normally tune out these noises so that we can concentrate or sleep. But when you tune out noise, you dull your perception and you become less sensitive to your inner voice.

When you begin to listen consciously to the noise that you normally tune out, you will hear an ‘orchestra’ of sounds. Your objective with this exercise is to notice each and every one of these sounds that make up this ‘orchestra’. Take it apart. Count how many sounds you can hear and make a note of what they are. Some may be really subtle and barely noticeable. The goal here is really to heighten your auditory perception.

Do this every night for a week before you go to sleep and you will be amazed at how much you were not hearing before. This will begin to activate your clairaudience.

Clairaudient Listening

You can also actively listen for clairaudient guidance.

Visualize turning on a radio and tuning into the ‘channel’ of your intuition or your Spirit Guides. Imagine them sitting around a table, ready to communicate with you. Then, start asking questions.

See if you can ‘hear’ or perceive any words — it could be a clear voice that is easy to discern or you may have to really focus and go inside yourself to hear it clearly. If you don’t hear anything at all, don’t give up on your first attempt. For most people it takes practice and persistence to get into the habit of listening to your intuition.

Further Tips

  • Set the intention to utilize your clairaudience. Write it down somewhere as this reinforces it.
  • Don’t block your clairaudience through fear of hearing something negative/frightening. If you’re afraid of hearing spirit for fear of being spooked, intend only to hear your Spirit Guides and higher self, who have your best intentions at heart and who would never knowingly scare you.
  • Listen to binaural beats to develop your clairaudience further.
  • Meditate. Intuitive guidance often comes through the gaps between our thoughts. Meditation quietens the mind and creates more gaps in our thoughts so our intuitive guidance can more easily be heard during meditation. (If you want to read more about why quietening the mind is so essential to psychic development, you might like to read this article: ‘The Alpha State – Why Is It Essential to Psychic Development?’)
  • Use affirmations to develop clairaudience, such as “It is safe to hear my inner voice” or “I am powerfully clairaudient”.

Further Reading:

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. byteful-traveller

    Thank you very much for explaining clairaudience in a very approachable light, Anna. I especially like how you articulated why meditation is so important, how it creates a quiet space. I’d never thought of it as gaps before, but that’s a useful construct.

    Tonight I’ll begin to unpick the orchestra.
    Thanks for helping me hear my inner voice. 🙂

  2. Anna

    Hello byteful traveller!

    You’re very welcome! Good luck!

  3. Kay

    Hi Anna,
    I’ve had this experience before – About 18 years ago someone broke into my trailer and I woke to someone with his hand over mouth telling me to “be quiet”. As I was trying to process my situation, I heard a voice clear and calm but certain shouted “SCREAM”. It seemed so confident so I screamed and the guy ran off. To make a rather long story short, everything turned out fine – well as good as possible for the situation.

    And then last summer, I was in a nearby small town — sitting in my car, radio off, the town quiet, my car window down, and I heard a voice. It sounded like it was right outside the car driver’s side door. It said “I’m addicted to placebos”. I got out of the car and looked around – No body!! That was tooo weird. Thanks Anna

  4. Anna

    Hi Kay!

    Wow. What an amazing experience. Sounds like it could have been your guardian angel. I don’t know if I would have the guts to scream if someone broke into my house…maybe if a confident voice was telling me to!

  5. Sara

    The advice on letting go of fear so the clear voice can come through is most helpful for me. I *am* very afraid of getting spooked–realizing the complexity of everything going on in the universe makes me feel like a child again, and part of that really frightens me. I know I can get past it, however. I am stronger than I know.

  6. Anna

    Hi Sara!

    I was so afraid as well when I was developing psychically. I saw a ghost as a child and it really frightened me. During childhood I lived in fear of ghosts and entities.

    I had to move past those old fears to develop psychic awareness. When I opened up, I waited for the ghosts and voices to show up…and they never did!

    My clairaudience is now well developed, and it’s not scary at all! It’s just a voice inside my own head, that sounds like mine, but obviously isn’t! It butts in to guide me now and again.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a clairaudient experience that has scared me.


  7. Mags | Woo-Woo Wisdom

    Hi Anna

    Thanks for the mini-reading you did that showed that my strongest clair was clairaudience. I do tend to receive intuitive information this way, so the reading was a good confirmation of that. It’s something that has always fascinated me though, as I’ve usually considered myself to be a very visual person (at least when it comes to physical senses) – I kind of expected my intuition to follow suit and be primarily visual, but yet even though I can see in my mind’s eye, my inner voice has always been the main vehicle of communication!

    Very interesting that clairaudient people are bothered by loud noises… yup, very true for me!

  8. Anna

    Hi Mags,

    You’re welcome! Clairvoyance could be your secondary clair?

  9. Karen

    My mini reading I got today from Anna shows my strongest intuitive gift as being clairaudience. Now that I ponder the idea and read this article, this is definitely true. Guess I had just not thought of it before!

    I am a musician and my best songwriting experiences I would describe as songs “downloading into my head”. The last song I wrote I was walking down the street, furiously scribbling lyrics and reminders for the melody and syncopation so I wouldn’t forget the song before I got home. I “received” the song in about 15 minutes flat while I was out shopping.

    I also wake up hearing words sometimes, and have taken to writing them down. No patterns have emerged yet. My “inner voice” is also alive and well, and recently I have taken to telling certain people what it is telling me. I am in the process of considering a career change, and my inner voice has a definite idea of what I should be doing! I just want to research it first 🙂

    Oddly enough, hearing is not my best physical sense. I was partially deaf for a time as a child, and now my hearing is in the normal range but I don’t feel I hear as well as other people do. I can definitely relate to not liking loud noises. For example, being in bars and restaurants with bad accoustics where it sounds like everyone is talking at once is a very unpleasant experience for me.

    I also dislike music being played continuously at home, and wearing any kind of headphones (both odd preferences for a musician). I had always chalked this up to my hearing issues, but it is good to be introduced to the idea that there might be a positive reason for my preferences!

    Thank you!

  10. Andi

    Whew! I’m so glad I came across your website, Anna!
    I’ve always kind of thought I was a little crazy…

    For years now, I’ve experienced a solid, consistent ringing in one or both my ears that occurs spontaneously for no reason. Sometimes, it’s so loud it actually blocks out other ambient noise. I’ve always attributed it to that old saying that if you’re ears are ringing, it means someone is talking/thinking about you. (I’ve also heard that ringing on just one side, left or right, denotes a positive or negative thought or conversation about you.)

    Well, while this intense bell-like ringing does happen during the day, the most interesting experiences usually happen at night. I still feel crazy for writing this, but sometimes before I go to sleep and it’s intensely quiet around me, I CAN HEAR MY FRIENDS TALK ABOUT ME! Even if they’re miles away! It seems that if I’m the subject of discussion, I can actually tune into what people are saying! I can hear their conversations as clear as day…it’s usually with people whom I have any strong connection with…
    lovers, friends, enemies.

    Now, it’s not perfect. I can’t hear hour-long discussions word-for-word, but I can hear partial and sometimes full sentences.
    The ringing or bell-like tone starts quietly and gets louder and sharper,
    and if I concentrate, I can hear the conversations gradually get louder…and again, it’s usually people I know or have some sort of intense connection with.

    I’ve only told one or two people about this…and I cringe at the thought
    of how I must’ve sounded! Hearing bells and voices? “She must be crazy!”
    In my defense, I don’t hear just any voices…they are always people I know. Always.

    But it’s very real and it’s been going on for a long time.
    I’m just glad that there’s a name for this phenomenon and that I’m not crazy. Hmmm…I took a hearing test years ago for the military and the tester was amazed at my hearing ability…I heard the most difficult sounds
    he tested me with.

    Nice to know my hearing is actually improving with age! 🙂

    Thanks so much!

  11. Anna

    Karen – thank you for sharing your experiences with this!

    Andi – Wow, that is really cool! Thank you for posting. It’s interesting that your friends would never know whether you knew what they were saying or not – all the more reason to only ever say good things about you, though 😀

  12. Raffy

    Hi Anna. Thank you for this information. Knowing about the experience of hearing psychically made me realize how strong I already am in it.

    Whenever I meditate I try to do all sorts of visualization techniques. In the process of opening myself up I hear myself correcting certain visualizations – when I for one don’t know the correct way to visualize stuff. So I assumed it comes from a different source other than myself. In addition, I also hear myself being guided in meditation when in fact I don’t know anything about meditation except for emptying your mind from thoughts.

    So here are the simple instances I think I can hear psychically.
    Again, thanks for this information regarding clairaudience!

    Happy Holidays.

  13. Felisa

    Hi, so nice finding this website and reading your article and everyones comments. I have been having quite a few experiences recently including a friend’s recently departed father who has came to me twice with messages to pass onto his son.

    I must admit I think I am primarily clairaudient, have been talking to my spirit guides and angels wuite regularly, but I did get one of my first visions last night from my friend’s father which all truned out to be spot on when I told my firend about it. I am feeling quite lonely at teh minute with all that has been going on and a bit ov erwhelmed with not too many people to talk to about it so thought I would come online and find people with similar experiences.

    ps. To anyone out there experimenting do take care and ask that only good guides and angels come through – have had some negative experiences recently that spooked me and made me pull back for quite a bit until I felt safe again.


  14. Jesann (Jessica)

    Thank you for the mini-reading! I’m not surprised clairaudience was number one for me– I’m unable to tune out a lot of background noise and instead tune right into it. But how do you balance developing clairaudience by noticing more sounds around you, with keeping your sanity? I have to concentrate on work and be able to get to sleep sometime! 🙂

  15. Anna

    Hi Raffy, thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

    Felisa – Interesting! I will write an article at some point about self-protection when exploring the spirit world, so stay tuned for that.

    Hi Jesann, when you ‘tune in’ to your clairaudience, make sure you tune out again afterwards. You can tune out your clairaudience just by intending it. You can visualize your clairaudience going off like a light or something if you want but it’s the intention that matters.

  16. Pam

    Hi I had a mini reading from you and you said my main “clair” is clairsentience. Although I think my clairaudience seems to be my main spiritual activity right now. I have a question though, when I meditate and ask for the white light and my spirit guides to be like spirit bouncers to make sure only the most positive spirits come through. Early this morning when I woke up I got a female saying hello and then when she responded (can’t remember exactly what she said) but she seemed to be kind of a wise acre not bad or mean but just a smart mouth. How does this type come thru when I ask for only the highest and best? Any input would be great. Thanks.

  17. Anna

    Hi Pam,

    She may be one of your guides. Guides can be a bit like that sometimes – verbal and mouthy – they all have their own characters.

    But your clairsentience does come in handy to discern guides from other spirits. How did she feel to you? Does she feel positive to you or does she inspire some sort of subtle negative feeling in you or does she feel a bit ‘off’? If she feels positive, then she may be one of your guides or teachers. If she feels a bit off to you, then probably not.

  18. Jess


    Ive been told by some psychics im clairaudient and is developing clairvoyance, but i dont feel it to be honest. I constantly want a connection with my spirit guides, but no psychic has been able to help me recognise who my main guide is, they keep taalking about different ones every time and its really confusing me as i want to build a relationship with my main one that has been with me since birth.

    I am said to be naturally clairaudient but im very confused because i honestly dont feel it, half the time, i know myself its my imagination because i can modify it in my head and i know its my head generating the thoughts, i am glad to come across this article but i feel like some validation on my clairaudient gift would help me build confidence.

    I feel like im stuck

  19. Mario Hendley

    Hi, Anna my name is Mario Hendley I feel that my stogest gift is clairvoyance but I do have clairaudience experiences but its always real late at night like 2am or 3am after I do yoga and go to bed why is it that spirits wants to communicate w/ me at night than the day?lol weird. I want to further develope my clairaudience any suggestions besides what you have posted above?

  20. Gina Wiggins

    3 years ago…..I heard an *extremely* loud yell of my name in my ear. It broke my eardrum. (in early am…before I woke)….I yelled back….”WHAT”???

    2 years ago….The same thing….”WHAT”??

    This morning….same thing, except coming from next room & not as loud…Once again I yelled “WHAT”?

    Is this the devil??

  21. Sara

    My 10 year old daughter is hearing the voice of a little girl..This all started August 11th..The little girl says Help me to my daughter..My daughter is terrified and she runs to me…this little girls voice has been waking my daughter up at night now as well..then today she told me that now she is hearing alot of whispering all at once…not sure how to help my daughter she is scared…

  22. Anna

    Gina – I personally don’t believe in the devil. It’s more likely to be your higher self, spirit guides, a deceased relative, an earthbound spirit in your home, etc. But you say it broke your eardrum – that sounds painful and something that your spirit guides wouldn’t do to you!

  23. Anna

    Sara – have you moved to a new home recently? Your daughter could be picking up on the presence of an earthbound spirit in your home.

    Also, have you asked your daughter if she has any ideas about who this spirit might be?

    You can tell your daughter to ask the spirit out loud to leave her alone. That can actually work if she really means it and says it without enough conviction/authority.

  24. Rene

    I had a clairaudient experience last year in that my guide spoke to me just before falling asleep in my left ear. It sounded like she was talking through a tin can. It didn’t last long but I did ask her if this was something that I would develop better and she said yes. I have been patiently trying to develop it since and I have had a couple of instances where just before falling asleep I hear a loud shrill sound that wakes me completely. I am not fearful of it but are wondering what this ear piercing shrill is. Is this the first step? Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

  25. Michelle

    Thanks for the article, ever since I was little I would hear a ringing sound in my ears while I would play alone with my Barbie dolls in my bedroom. When I was 10 years old I also saw a ghost in my bedroom. Later in my early twenties I would hear a vibrational sound, as time went by it became clearer and clearer, messages started to come out, I could then form sentences. All of this was very scary at first. But as time went by I could control it better. I found the frequencies to be stronger when I was near water. I could hear what people thought about me! When I stayed home for a long time it would almost go completely away. Or when I’m up very early or late at night. It’s when I go into public and came back, like my aura picked up on things. The funny thing is that I can not interpret other languages only English. I can also sometimes feel negative energy (the evil eye) if someone looks at me or does not like me. But I can also sense good intuitive energies too very easily. I also have extremely good fashion taste!

  26. Jack

    I find that meditating on certain chakras tend to lead to clairaudience often. Although i could never understand why my energy was cold when i tried to tune in to these sounds. I visited a shaman to ask about it, and as far as she was concerned it wasnt negative energy. I guess i’m just the dark end of the dichotomy. Although i wouldnt recommend this to anyone.

  27. patrick lawhorn

    i also have noticed that i have intuition b4 reading this. my inner voice told me not to say something right b4 i was bout to say it and i was going to say something bout a guys mom when he was standing infront of me

  28. Laura

    Hi my name is Laura, good wishes to all x

    I’m still trying to find my way spiritually. I have recently started going to a spiritual church, and had a little healing.

    I’ve experinced a few things spiritual over the years and its mainly feeling that someone is touching my hand, cheek or the back of my head to comfort me when Im feeling sad. Once I felt someone push my right shoulder, then grabbed both my shoulders and rattled me awake, & as I was waking I felt my head and shoulders lift off the pillow..I was shattered & not very happy at being woken up like that I’ll tell you lol..oh btw Im a single parent and live alone so there was no-one else in my bed..I have no idea who it was but I’ll never forget it.

    I have really sensitive ears, and find some noises painful. I have ringing in my ears on a daily basis now..and coming from church last night I did chat to myself and asked if someone woudl help me tune in so I could hear them. A part of myself felt a bit silly talking to no one in the car..I just wanted to let someone know that I was ready to accept contact and could they do it gradually. One just started reading this blog and find a lot of what every one is saying really helpful thanks 🙂

    As I went to bed last night the ringing wa still there, but I heard a really loud noise come quickly in my right spooked me a little, I wasnt expecting it and when I jumped a then felt what may have been the back of somoenes hand stroking my cheek…perhaps to calm me I going nuts or what lol..I dont know why I keep questioning myself, but Im always in search of confirmation..being patient now Ive got over the little shock I had last night and hope to be eased into clairaudience gently..

    I really must be in the very early stages of there anyone out there who knows what happends next?

  29. Shelman

    Hi, Thanks for posting this. All my life I have hear thing sometimes. Never anything I could actually make out.. yet. It started out when I was young. I would be in bed trying to sleep or reading. And I would hear the tv or people talking in the living room. But when I got up to go look. There would be no one. This usually happened early morning or late at night when I was the only one up (this still happens). Also I hear my name a lot and when I try to find out who said it.. No one did. Whenever I’m doing something and there is any other noise (such as people talking or my little brother practicing his bass) I have to put my head phones on and turn on some music or else I can not concentrate. Not only can I not concentrate but I get extremely irritated. And even though putting on my head phones doesn’t completely fix the problem it helps. In addition to listening to my headphones I’ll hear the telephone or some other sort of ringing that isn’t there. Also at work (I work at a call center (not in collections ;D)) I have to put an earplug in my free ear or else I can not hear the customer clearly.

    The hearing voices or music that isn’t really there however has faded with my age. I am only 20 though. So I figure I can start meditating and work on my clairaudience.. I just don’t want to develop it to strongly and become a prisoner to my own voices if you know what I mean.

  30. Milady

    Interesting about the sensitivity to noise in general. I can’t sleep without earplugs in – the effect of years of noisy neighbours who sent my stress response to loud music through the roof. I don’t find it interferes with my clairaudience, though. I am in contact with one person daily, and others irregularly. I’m trying to develop a different aspect of clairaudience. It’s fairly easy, and consistent, to have a conversation going when I initiate it, but what we both want is for me to be able to hear him without having to start it. I’d like to hear him in my mind in the same way as if someone in another room said something: no “would you like to talk”, just hearing if he tosses a comment my way. A friend suggested asking him to, which seems counterintuitive in one respect, but I’ve made the statement that this is a standing invitation – talk to me, man! 😀 He doesn’t know if it’s what we need either, but we’ll give it a go and see what happens. What I really want is to hear him when I’m not primed for it, not thinking about him or anticipating something. I want him to interrupt me at work lol.

  31. Anna

    Hi there, I don’t have time to write a lengthy response right now, but for now just wanted to point you towards this article: (Mysticism and Mental Illness)

    It explains what I believe is the difference between the input from mental illness and clairaudient input.

  32. SpiritousOne

    I am soooo happy to have found this blog. Last night I could NOT sleep for the chatter. I know I am not losing it as the first experience I had with xenoglossia or clairaudience was that a word popped into mind, one I had never heard to my recollection before — so I looked it up. It was kismet and it was appropriate for the moments’ experience. This continued where some foreign (to me) word would come to mind and it would match the moments’ event. When I went through breast cancer I was calmed by a very comforting flood of love and peace in the middle of a very tumultuous night. I was extremely fearful and tearful. The message was clear; everything was alright. I went with it and yes I was healed. I heard that this time of the year more messages get through for some reason. Can any elaborate on this idea for me? Last night was too much chatter for me.

  33. Erie

    Hi Anna!

    Thank you so much for all these articles, it really helped a lot!
    I was just wondering, often times when I am daydreaming or “talking” to myself, a voice in my head [which sounds like my own voice] would answer, and now that I came across this article, I’m not so sure anymore whether it really is just my imagination, or something else. Although I don’t have to “process” [like how we consciously think of things] these answers, I still have doubts because I have a rather wild imagination. What do you think? And how will I be able to tell the difference between mere imaginings and messages that someone is trying to tell me?
    Thank you!:D

  34. Emily

    I just read this article, and it really surprised me. I’ve NEVER ever thought of myself as anywhere near “physcic,” especially since I know someone who’s really talented in that regard. In fact, I’ve always thought of myself as un-physcic.
    But I read a book today and when they described clairaudience, it was like they were talking to me. I looked it up and found your website, which I love!
    Thanks so much!
    PS I’ve been doing that “unpicking an orchestra” for a while now, instinctively, and I was surprised to find it on your website. 🙂

  35. Rachelle

    When I was a teenager I used to hear voices calling my name. I told them to go away and blocked them out, thinking I was crazy or something. A few yrs ago I went to a clairvoyant who told me I myself was clairvoyant, especially clairaudient. I do get a lot of ringing in my ears and when I sense things sometimes, one of my ears blocks up. My ears are also supersensitive to the wind. I can’t go to the beach without my ears hurting badly afterwards even though it doesn’t seem to affect anyone else at the same time. I liked reading your comments. I will try to tune in to my clairaudience now that I’m older and wiser and realise I wasn’t crazy after all lol.

  36. Amy

    Hi Anna,

    Ever since I was a teenager I get these gut feelings and can tell something bad is going to happen. Sometimes I get told what, but not who or when. This is something I want to develope more. I want to know the who and the when. I want to know all of it scary, happy sad. Anyway, a couple years ago I was getting ready for work and was told car accident. I didn’t know who or when, but I was told this. Later that day I got a call from my husbands Uncle who told me my Father-In-Law was in a bad accident. He was pretty banged up, but was fine. I want to Thank you for this website, because I’ve been wanting to develope my abilities more and I know all your information is going to really help me and I’ve been looking for a long time for a website like this. It explains it simply and easily. So Thank You

  37. LaLanya

    Now I feel bad, I think I have been telling my guides to shut up for years. I always thought I was just talking to myself about weird things and would push it off. I guess I will start to listen now. Something weird started awhile back I am not sure if it is connected or not. At night right before I fall asleep I hear a loud sound in my head (train, dog bark, horn etc) and see bright flash of light then a pop that bounces my head off the pillow. I have asked my doctor about this but he looked at me like I was a bit insane so I never brought it up again. This happened once years ago, I went to bed with a really bad headache I started dreaming and in the dream was a little guy he walked up to me and had a frying pan in his hand, I asked him what he was doing and he said he was there to help he then jumped up and hit me in the head with the pan (loud noise bright light) so hard I feel out of my bed wide awake no headache. I looked at the clock and it had only been a couple of minutes since I had laid down. As I write this I think now know why this has been happening, I just heard a voice that said you forgot about us and I see back to the dream that he wasn’t alone their were two others standing in the backgroud. A puffin and a unicorn? What? Ok can guides be seen like this or should I go get medication…lol

  38. Penny

    Hi, Anna,
    Thank you for your website and all the info here. I constantly here “guidance”, music (sometimes I would like to turn it off when I’m trying to go to sleep!), and get information about others out of the blue. I used to think everyone could do this, but when I started to relate how I knew things, etc., the look on their faces told me they didn’t have a clue about what I was talking about. I learned the hard way not to “cast my pearls before swine” as the saying goes. Your website helps me alot. I found I was claircognizant as well and didn’t have a name for it.

  39. harley quinn

    this is scary and has been going on for nearly 20 years i dont know how to control it and im losing sleep, today i decided to lok up what it is after i sat terrified in my bed all night last night… usually only happens when im sick and the voice is only clear to me when it says my name…. someone help me pls!!

  40. melissa

    Hello and thanks for the site info..I’m 36 and have been botherd wth supernatural happinings since I was 8yrs old. Every house I’ve lived in was thought to be haunted but its always the same intaties at every place. Some are good but I’m often botherd with multiple ones that scare me and want to harm. I’ve prayed for these to leave but at the same time I want to protect them. Any advise u can give would be helpful..thank you

  41. Dianne hastie

    Well I was plagued with spirits from the age of 6 till the age of 26 I’m now 29 and nothing has happened since my move from the uk to oz 3 years ago. I must admit inever thought I’d say this ” but I kinda miss all the spooky stuff happening” . When I moved to Australia with my boyfriend I didn’t want to be here and then we split up and it was like I lost my gut instinct it was like it died. I’ve been terribly lost ever since not knowing what to do taking jobs that weren’t right for me I still feel extremely lost and don’t know what to do I didn’t realize how much I depend on my gut to make decisions

  42. Adrian

    i have a problem, i can hear songs that arent playing. When i cover my ears i can’t hear it anymore. Sometimes when i hear it during the day and i try to find the source, i can’t find it. It might be just my imagination run wild though, but not to sound deep or whatever right now im hearing this weird song, goes like nananananananananana. The songs repeat themselves which is why i want help (very annoying).

  43. Adrian

    sorry forgot to mention but this started when researched the “third eye”. I dont know if its active or healthy but i ALWAYS feel a bump in the center of my head now except that it feels inward… anyone know what i mean?

  44. Renee

    I was told by a voice (whisper) as I was waking up one morning, when I was 17 years old, “You can hear things before they happen.” I thought to myself, “why didn’t the voice say that I can ‘see’ things before they happen?”

    I had not heard of clairaudience then, and so I saw being psychic as seeing visions. Later in my life, I was shaken with a feeling so horrible, but I didn’t know what it was, just a deep fear and feeling to “get out”. I packed my things and left with my two young daughters from my apartment that very morning, within about 6 hours. Later I found out that due to a misunderstanding with a sitter of my children, the child-abuse center showed up by 10 am that morning to take my children away from me. They take them and ask questions later, you know? I was spared some serious suffering with that one.

    15 years ago, I heard the voice whisper to me, “Summer”. I was 5 months pregnant, and I knew then that I was having a girl. When she was born I named her Summer.

    I want to be able to consciously ask and receive my guidance through this clairaudience. I am hoping that this website will help me. Thank you so much for being here Anna.

  45. binez

    I noticed my ability in 2007. It started one night while I was hanging out with a friend of mine. When my now husband and I were just friends we had gotten into a huge argument and we weren’t speaking being so upset I went to a party with a friend of mine and I remember sitting on the bed just thinking about my now husband and how much I missed him and I remember being really sad and all of a sudden I could hear his name so loud in my head she called his name like 3 times and I remember thinking that I could hear it thru him and that scared me. I never said anything about it at that time and I just left it alone. When we finally got together it happened again when we were at a restraunt. I was looking at the menu and I heard him say “This girl’s name is Rachel and she is so annoying” I looked up at him and he wasn’t speaking so I just looked back at the menu, when the waitress walked up I looked at her name tag and it said Rachel, I was floored. She was speaking to me and I didn’t even hear her I was so shocked, I just stared at her name tag is disbelief. When she left I asked my husband if he knew her and he told me the story of how he knew her. I didn’t say anything, I just let it go. Another time we had been arguing and weren’t speaking all of a sudden I heard my name and I just said “WHAT” he said I didn’t say anything, I was thinking it. That was the first time we acknowledged that I could hear his thoughts. I asked him about if he had been with any woman while we weren’t speaking and he of course said NO so I told him about that night that I heard his name very loud in my head, he didn’t say anything. Now it happens every now and then not as often as I would like. When it does happen sometimes it’s so loud in my head that I can’t understand it or it sounds all jumbled up. He has the ability to travel outside his body, I truly think that he has come to visit me when we were just friends because I smelled him and I woke up looking for him as if he had been there sleeping next to me. That morning when I was actually looking for him I texted him and told him what had happened, he told me exactly what I was wearing in bed the strange thing is that I was still in bed and he was exactly right even down to the color of my tank top and boxers. He says he can hear my thoughts also but he doesn’t tell me what I am thinking. We have a almost 2 year old son together and yesterday my husband’s sister was visiting and all of a sudden our son gets a napkin and takes it to her. She started laughing and said “I was just thinking that I needed a napkin and he brought one to me”. My husband looked at and said “He has our ability” I just sat there shocked. Is there a way to enhance this ability and should I be worried that unwanted things start to bother our son?

  46. 33isthenew1

    I know for afact I have it and I thank them for the introduction….thanks for the $ as well I will use it wisely with respect to the powers at be

  47. Heidi

    Ok, this is akward for me. I was adopted when I was 6. When I became a teenager I had an OBE that really scared me. About a yr after that I saw a ghost at the end of my bed. My parents never believed me. When I was in my late 20’s I found my birth mom and brother! Come to find out they have had many experiences. One in which my brothers face changed to look like a sailor who had passed away! About 2 weeks ago I was lying in bed, my husband was asleep and I was just playing on my phone watching tv relaxing. In my left ear (by the edge of the bed) I heard someone whisper my name loudly right in my ear! It kinda freaked me out so I asked my brother if he ever experienced something like that and he said yes. I want to know how to communicate and hear it again and find out everything I can about all this. There are times I can “feel” a presence but can’t see or hear it and think mabye it’s just my nerves playing tricks on me. What can I do to know how to open this up and learn more. Plz help! Am I crazy or is all this real?

  48. Jackie

    First of all… thank you for this site and helping those of us who are out there facing this alone.
    I began hearing voices when I was a child… the first experience was very frightening. I awoke to a very cold room. I could see my breath but it wasn’t cold outside. I crawled into bed with my sister and snuggled down beside her with my face in my hands pressed between her and the bed, trying to warm up. Then something came to our door and spoke my name twice in the most evil voice I could ever imagine. I froze. Finally, after a while, I looked towards the door and there was no one there. This was early morning and the sun was up so I could see fine. I tried in vain to awake my sister but she just kept on sleeping. I finally gave up.
    Ever since then, I have heard voices calling my name. Sometimes rapidly and sometimes very slowly, but none as frighteningly as the first time.
    Of course, when I told my parents, they were concerned and I was told by my brother that they were going to take me to see a doctor… I stopped speaking about it and have faced this on my own ever since.
    You can imagine my Mothers surprise when I finally caught them on tape.
    I’ve heard a child’s voice say hello to me right after I crawled into bed and rolled over to get comfortable, I’ve been awoken by someone, a male, saying my name over and over again, rapidly, in my right ear as if to try and wake me.
    I’ve also seen shadows run through my living room… one actually ran past my Step-Granddaughter and down the hallway. She saw it and it knocked a ornament off the Christmas Tree. This Happened with my Mother, Step-Daughter and Husband present. I was walking up the hallway and didn’t see it but apparently it was running towards me. She was very frightened and kept talking about it. I told her to ignore it and everything was fine and I was sorry she got so scared.
    I’ve also seen the essence of those who have recently passed. The first time, the night before the funeral of a friends young daughter (She was only 5 years old, a tragic drowning in a river.)I was helping set up for the following days memorial. I was told that she was already in the chapel and that I was welcome to go and see her, alone, to say my goodbyes. As I walked towards the casket, she turned her head and looked at me. This was not her physical self but a ghostly outline, bluish/white, I was seeing. I was stunned and blinked my eyes rapidly to clear my vision because I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. When I looked again, the image was gone and I only saw her body. I also saw my first husband’s essence when he passed. He was 34 years old when he died of cancer. He passed at home.
    My Step-Father-in-law passed at his home. I was not present when he passed but afterwords I was there watching over my Mother-in-law and fell asleep on the couch late one night, but I couldn’t’ sleep peacefully because something kept making frightening noises (banging, heavy breathing, rasping scratching sounds) from the hallway in the dark coming towards me. It’s like it was trying to scare me. And it wasn’t alone. There were many with it. I was sleeping in the room that he passed in and it’s like that room is now on the map and these things are honing in on it and I was unfortunate enough to be trying to sleep there. I finally got up and went to sleep in another room shutting the door to the hallway.
    Recently, My Mother-in-law from my first marriage was very ill and I was walking late one night up her driveway to go to her door to stay the night and watch over her when I heard someone call my name, very quickly, from the corner of the house. I knew then that she would pass that night and she did. It was like this entity wanted me to know that they were there and ready to escort her.
    As I’m writing to you, I can hear entities in the house. They’re trying to get my attention but with the bad experiences that I have had in the past I really don’t want to acknowledge them. Afraid that I may open up a door that I can’t close.
    I’m only 46 and the thought of dealing another 40 years with this isn’t something I’m looking forward to. What’s your advise and exactly what am I that these things hone in on me?

  49. Renee

    Jackie – – –

    You apparently are psychic.

    You can use affirmations or prayers where you make it perfectly clear that you will only allow those of “the most high” to communicate with you. You can learn to shut out the negative entities. You could truly be a medium to help others with loved ones who have passed away if you wanted to. This would be a decision only you can make of course.

    Your prayers and your “intent” with who you communicate with will help quell those that you do not desire, and bring in closer those higher entities such as your guides and others that can help you and answer many of your questions about life.

    You are the boss. Make it clear to those you do not desire, that you do not want them around.

    Visualize yourself surrounded in the protection of white light anytime you need it.

    Thanks for your story.


  50. Laura

    I have experienced clairaudience for some time and did not realize what it was. It started to happen at night while going to sleep, and then I wouldn’t sleep because I wanted to listen to the conversations that I was hearing. It is like tuning into a radio station that nobody else could hear. I even heard conversations between friends of mine, friends that I didn’t see for a long time. Later I found out that what I heard was true. On one occasion, I was visiting our neighbor while he was doing a remodeling project. In the background I could hear a group of voices discussing how the neighbor was only going to be alive for 6 more months! I got worried and thought maybe he had cancer, or something. But as far as he new his health was good. Then six months later our neighbor had a sudden heart attack and passed away! I have not been hearing anyone now for several months because when it all began I thought I was losing my mind and went to the psychiatrist, and they told me I had psychotic depression. I didn’t feel depressed. I also did a spiritual cleansing of my house and told the people that I was hearing to leave.
    Now I am begining to beleive it was clairaudience because now as time has passed I am learning that everything I heard turned out to be true! At this point in time I still would not welcome the voices back, but maybe in the future if I could learn to control the volume I may try. For anyone attempting to develop clairaudience, I would give it much consideration. You may want to be careful for what you wish for.

    • Anna

      Hi Laura,

      What an interesting and unsettling experience.

      Uncontrolled, negative clairaudience is worrying and unsettling. One way in which psychic ability differs from mental illness (in my belief) is that mental illness produces unpleasant, uncontrolled visions and voices and clairaudience does not. With clairaudience, you may get them, but you can turn it all off or it’s not something you would want to turn off (because it’s pleasant input from your guides, for example).

      I wrote about this difference in this article:

  51. Heidi

    I’m trying but I think I’m too scared or nervous that it will happen that it’s inhibiting me. What should I do? I’ve heard one say my name, seen one at the edge of my bed, and had an OBE all about 10 yrs apart. I want to find out what’s going on and not sure how. Plz help. I want to communicate! I’m ready but nervous!

  52. KokoroComplex

    When I was younger, I would hear ringing all the time! I know this sounds strange, but sometimes I could make the ringings happen on cue. Now, in the middle of the night, I’ll hear the TV when I’m going to the bathroom and I’ll think my dad’s still up. But when I go downstairs, there’s no one there. This has happened more than a couple times. It kind of freaks me out, lol.

  53. KokoroComplex

    The problem is, I hear these sounds, and when I go down to investigate, the sounds disappear.

  54. KokoroComplex

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m kind of sensitive to hearing, so when I’m trying to listen to something or someone and there are other noises, it’s hard for me to hear that thing or person X(

  55. Patricia

    Thank you for this site and all of this information. For years I have had little psychic moments. Most of them were just knowing things before they happen, like the phone is going to ring and its for you, told my son “don’t drive your car today” (later my husband to humor me test drove the car and front tire came off!) – just to name a few of the many.

    I have been clairsentience for several years, but until recently I didn’t know there was a name for it. I am very in touch with those I am close too and often feel their pain and emotions if they are strong enough. With my husband being an infantry soldier and depolyed many times, and I didn’t have an explanation as to what I was going through, it made it a rather interesting 20 years.

    Lately, I have discovered a new gift, or at least its new to me hearing to it, and that is clairaudience. The first message I heard was when my best friend of 15 years and I were on the phone talking. She was talking about a trip her dad was on. The voice inside my head said, “he has cancer.” I am sure all of you who have been where I am now can imagine what that was like. I knew it was true once I heard it. I couldn’t convience my friend through. He found out a month later, & died 6 months after that. His cancer was very agressive, and even though I knew, & this message could have made a difference, it didn’t. There have been a few other messages that followed this one. Again, nothing changed, its hard to get people to listen to you when you can’t explain why.

    Lastly, a few weeks agao, one of my close friends was very upset. I felt her sadness swoop over me, and I heard her thought!! Luckly this is one of my friends who hadn’t listened to me before, and now is a believer. Once I heard her thought – I decided it was time to find out what in the world is going on in my head!

    I spoke to my shrink – he said – nope your not crazy. I send even though I hear voices??? He has a great sense of humor! But, he couldn’t help. So I turned to the internet, and ordered a few books. I have read one of them, The Gift by Echo Bodine. It gave me so many answers!

    And now, I am here at your site, and read many of the posts from others, and plan on reading every bit of material you have here. Thank you for taking your time to put this together so that people like myself can find somewhere we can relate & learn. Its not like we can go to our family pratice doctor, or even or psychologist (I tried) to ask for answers and guideance. It is sights like yours that give us the releif were not crazy, and the answers we need to learn more about our gifts. Thank You!

  56. I?myspiritguides

    I’m gonna try this. Also, right now I’m listening carefully to the water pouring out of my fishtank filter, and my budgies singing crazily. Funny how you mentioned we “tune out” other noises. When I was on the Internet I only realized my birds were singing, but I wasn’t really paying any attention to it. Now when I read about tuning out, I suddenly listened hard and heard the water pouring. This can be helpful. 🙂 Also, I can feel energy in the air before rain or a storm. I get excited, like my body is suddenly full of springiness, and thunderstorms especially make me REALLY energetic. Normal for psychics or is that just everyone that feels that?

  57. Stefanie

    A couple nights ago I was laying in bed in that state where your awake but also almost asleep. Then out of the blue i heard my name very clear in a males voice. Then just last night same scenario, but the man said Stefanie stop smoking. The first time I thought I imagined it, but by the second time I wondered if it was something more because I wasnt thinking anything! I do practice meditation sometimes before bed. Am I going crazy????

  58. leebus

    I was lyin in bed the other day when I was in a half sleep. I woke up just after hearin a loud noise. It was in my head as crazy as I sound lol. It was as if the sound of a plane was crashin from the forehead through to the back of my head then I woke. The same thing happened a few nights before. Is this related?

  59. Julie

    I’ve just stumbled across this site and thourght I’d let you know about my experiences. I have always heard music playing, mainly at night whilst lying in bed. It comforts me. I can also tune into the music in the day, but I have to be relaxed first. 10 years ago I started hearing breathing and then voices in my ear. The breathing comforted me, but the voices would shout and scream. They seemed far away (from abroad)It sounded like they were competing against each other for my attention. I also feal vibrations, very powerful shooting through my body. It took me awhile to get used to this (Afraid) but I acceptted that this was my warning that the voices were coming again. It dosen’t happen to me all the time, so I am able to lead quite a normal life. But I have no control when it does decide to start up. I am not affraid and can cope and no harm as ever come to me. Sometimes when I’m feeling down I will feel my hair being stroked and again it comforts me. Comfort is the key word for me. I think I’m quite lucky really. Its like I’m not alone.

  60. ashley

    i enjoyed reading your article and have been communicating since i was little with spirits on a daily basis. but i wanted to say that even though you mention how to do it, you dont say how to shield yourself from the voices as they pour into some people and many i know have had horrible experiences with spirits. i have trained some how to defend themselves from things like mind attacks but now i relize that i need to contact people who post these kinds of things up because without them, we wouldnt always have these problems. i sense person after person being followed by things they can hear but cant see and i teach who i can about everything so they can protect themselves.. please if you can or have time to put up a blog on those topics. i can help if you want but it seems people will listen to what you have to say so i put this up here

  61. alexa

    hey anna
    i read the book i actually think im more of a person who sees things before they happen and when i was reading ur book a line of yours was actually in my dreams(it actually happened now) before i read it tonight and i dont know what i am cause ive been hearing and seeing things before they happen

  62. Angelea

    I read your article earlier by chance and then stumbled on this one again by chance. They were both very helpful! I was wondering why some voices come through your mind while others you would swear someone else alive has just spoken. Is it because your spirit guides speak through your mind, while other spirits do not not? I hope i’m wording this okay and not in a confusing way.

  63. Joanne Jessie

    Yes, i hear an inner voice and have had this ability all my life..There are too many times to document just one…While giving a lecture to 100 ppl last night, i was hearing the name of a friend who is ill and was not able to focus on my talk…it was accompanied by a nervous feeling, a very uncomfortable, almost nauseated…i returned home to find out he had passed away..Today my friend told me about someone who is pregnant and i heard in my head 5 mos…and told him, she is 5 mos, and he looked at me wide eyed and i told him i heard it in my head..My husband asked me how old a guitar player in a local nightclub is and i heard 53…a bet between us proved me right..i was in bed and woke suddenly in panic about my daughter and hubby asked me to phone her…i went to reach for the phone and heard, no…dont…and again i went to reach for the phone and heard it again..i told him i cant do it and 10 min. later she came home telling me she was the victim of armed robbery right at the time i woke up…and the list goes on and on and on…I am not sure that i want this, but have no control over it..what do i do?

  64. Karen Williams

    Interesting about the sensitivity to loud noises – I’ve always hated loudness.

    I found this article as I’ve been picking uo ringing in my ears at bedtime and I’m pretty sure it’s not a medical complaint! I will try and tune in…

    Two interesting experiences I’ve had:

    Firstly: I was away for a company ‘jolly’ cricket weekend and spent the entire night with the words ‘Rogan Josh’ (the curry!) running through my mind in my sleep. It really disturbed my sleep and I was somewhat shocked to find the next day that one of the dishes in the buffet dinner was… Rogan Josh. Despite being a huge fan of spicy food, I gave the Rogan Josh a wide berth, becuase I was already sick of it, having been tormented by the name all night. Turns out that everyone who ate the Rogan Josh came down with food poisoning. Absolutely bizarre, and completely true!

    Secondly, I was having a late night/early morning text conversation with my boyfriend across a 12-hour time zone divide, which kept waking me as my phone alerted me to his next message. I would reply, then nod back off to sleep. This continued for quite a while. As I was drifting back to sleep on one of these times I heard a buzzing in my ear which got louder and louder. As I focussed on it, it became a ‘man’s’ voice saying ‘mobile mobile mobile MOBILE…. GO AWAY!!!!”. Never managed to make sense of that one either – but it freaked me out a wee bit!

    Karen x

  65. jon

    Hello! My story is long with this experience I’ve been having, so this short version is more than likely to be distorted and confusing since I can’t explain it all in one message and nor do I want to cloud up this website with more than one post. Anywho I’ve been hearing the high pitched noise since I was a kid. I always talked to myself but I never felt I was “alone”, I had conversations with people alive and dead (by myself), I thought it was my imagination because the replies would gently be planted into my mind. In 2008 I was really into pot and I discovered chakra meditation. I believe the combination of the two caused intense focus and realeased something I was not nor will I ever be prepared for. I noticed the sound turned into voices abrubt and more present and since then they have never stopped. Sometimes cluttered with others sometimes independent and clear. Scary and nice, but even the scary ones wouldn’t do any harm, they would say “It’s sarcasm”. There is way more to this “gift” than what I have typed here. It took me 2 years to figure out it’s never going away, and now I’m more calm and willing to learn what it’s for and what I need to do. If there is anyone here who can guide me through and wants to know more about the situation please reply to this with contact info and I will email you. All help and advice is appreciated. And yes I have been to a psychiatrist and no medication took this away. I apologise for misspelled words. Thanks for reading!!

  66. Kieran

    Hi, I’ve recently been hearing orchestral music when I am falling asleep, this has happened a few times before and sometimes when I wake up the music is still there and I have to give my head a shake to get rid of it just to make sure it isn’t being played in the house, and if I re-relax I can hear it again, it’s so complex I don’t understand how my mind can make it up. I also hear voices before I fall asleep too, this isn’t as common to me as hearing music, I’ve had to get out of bed before and ask if someone was talking to me. I don’t understand why this is happening to me, I have always felt a bit spiritual. I discover many things about myself then google it and it turns out there’s someone else out there that can do it too, I could tickle my hand with my fingers without tuching them and feel the energy between the palms of my hands when I move them close to each other. I’m not freaked out I just need some answers 🙂 I sometimes feel alone even in a crowded room. Thanks Kieran.

  67. Laura

    This is a reply to Jon’s message from November 18, 2011. I have had many experiences very similar to what Jon is describing and he may contact me if he is interested. I left a comment here on September 4, 2011 summarizing a small portion of my experiences. At the time I was very confused and frightened and ended up going to counseling and being prescribed strong psychiatric medication. It permanently altered my life and to this day I am unable to work. I have not told my doctors that I think it may have been a spiritual phenomenon in fear that they would label me as more “delusional” so I just go along with their recomendations so I can get my life back. I am no longer on the strong medications and I also am not “hearing voices” for about 1 year. I believe part of the reason that I am not hearing them is because I demanded them to leave me alone and I also did a spiritual cleansing of my home. And who knows..maybe the medication helped too. I was going through an extremely stressful time of my life. However, even though I am not hearing voices to that degree right now, my other “extrasensory” senses have kicked up a few notches. I continue to have dreams that are true and a lot of clairvoyant expriences. I can even find lost objects of things people have misplaced.
    Like Jon, I have also heard the high pitched noise since I was a young child, and I still hear it now. Sometimes it changes pitch a little. I can hear it any time I want to hear it if I focus on it, but most of the time I ignore it. There is alot more to what I am describing, but cannot go into all of it here. I think that I have learned alot from my experiences and continue to learn more, but I would like to share and offer any help to anyone who may need it.
    Laura K.

  68. Sphene

    Ok, I’ve been practicing with my hearing. If you strain to hear clearly when people talk or when you listen to music, you have to WANT to hear it, hear it at full volume, like you NEED to hear what’s being said.
    Well last night as I was falling asleep I randomly heard music in my ears. The song HAS to have been made up by ME because I looked up the lyrics I heard in my head, ZERO RESULTS ON GOOGLE. It scared me a bit, because the only lyrics I heard were “What you don’t know, knock on the window” and it was really scary. I knew that something wanted me to knock on the window, but it was past midnight and everyone was asleep and my dog would wake up and bark if I did. But it was very scary. It was a very jazzy, feminine, but low alto voice. It was very pretty though. Like it would be a song that Train would sing. It was insane.
    But is this all in my head? I was JUST falling asleep, and I don’t like songwriting unless I’m truly inspired.
    Anna, could you tell me? This was bizarre, and I knew that if I knocked on the window something special would happen. What kind of spirit would send me a little phrase of music that comes with a band playing and a meaningful lyric? So so so so so so so weird!!!!!!!!

  69. Sphene

    EDIT: I got the lyrics confused. They said (I wrote this down when I heard it) “All the answers you don’t know (((then this cuts in))) knock on the window” and a few days ago I was sitting in bed reading during the day and randomly something was knocking on my window rapidly, like with a fingernail. Figuring it was a bird at my window birdfeeder, I checked. Nothing.
    Then that night there were 2 incidents where I heard knocking, and so did my sister, but my dad didn’t who was 1 room away.

  70. Aubrey

    I wonder if I have some clairaudient abilities. Just last night, I woke up to the voice of a little girl saying “hello” in my ear, loud and clear. It was friendly enough, but it unsettled me. Just a couple of months ago, before my boyfriend moved into the house he’s in now, I had woken up to the sound of running footsteps across the bedroom floor, and I’d go so far as to say they were child footsteps, because they sounded too light and too rapid to belong to someone with long legs and an adult body. I wonder if the two noises were somehow related to each other. A couple of years ago, my first year in college, my ex-roommate and I had heard a variety of noises over the course of that year, such as marbles dropping on the ceiling but sounding like they were in the room, or the sound of furniture moving across the floor in the empty room next to us late at night (our campus is reputed as being haunted–several students have reported similar instances). My ex-roommate says she heard something banging on the window late at night, and we lived a floor above the ground floor. One weekend while my roommate was gone, I was staying up late, and while it seems very surreal to think about it now, I swear to you I heard a bang on the window followed by what sounded like a very, very deep voice growling voice right outside our window — I was terrified. But all these instances accumulated, I think, serve to verify some level of clairaudient ability. And I’ve always been able to “hear” the playback of songs or scenes from movies in my head very clearly — is this typical of clairaudient people? I’m usually very sensitive to noises, and I’ve often spent many nights doing nothing but listening to the chorus of noises outside, and being able to identify each individual source of sound — I didn’t realize it could’ve served to enhance clairaudience.

  71. penny


    I found out about clairaudience a few months ago, and today, I decided to do a little searching to see if I was truly clairaudient and I found out, I am! My experiences with this go back to about 8 years old. I have always had extremely sensitive hearing. My sister and I used to fight about her using the walkman late at night because it would keep me up even on the lowest setting. As a child, I would always hear soothing music as I fell asleep when there was none playing. About the time I turned 12, my experiences turned negative. i began to hear disturbing noises and I ignored them. I had several paranormal expereinces that scared me so this really turned me of from this. At about 19, I began to hear voices, and 10 years later, I still hear them. I have rarely heard positive things from them eve lately.

    I began meditating a few years ago and had positive experiences with this. One of my experiences was when I was in college and I was learning spanish. One of my professors was going through a divorce but I didn’t know this at the time, and the word “dolor” which is spanish for pain popped into my head. I have had numerous experiences like this after.

    Thank you for posting this article because now I know I’m not alone or crazy!

  72. Umme

    I guess being clairaudient is hearing things that others don’t. it’s like hearing voices and talks that you are the only one to hear and others surrounding you won’t. it might be telepathy or some sort of communication with others especially if you are able to reply back to the person and get talking. it might be some sort of whispering in your ears and in some people it comes naturally without any effort at all on their own. sometime a person can even hear shouts or screams in their ears that other won’t as well as strange names. clairaudient abilities do not often come alone. the person can also be experiencing other abilities as well like seeing things, communication with people not physically present that goes well with the clairaudient ability.

  73. Silver Joker

    Honestly,ever since I was a kid I always had my experiences of people calling me crazy because I hear things at night,when I became ten the voices that I heard became more clearer and they would say disturbing and scary things.I would always wake up in between 12:00 to 3:00 at night,scared out of my wits
    end.Sometimes I hear loud banging noises outside of my bedroom door and every time I would go out and check to see who it was nobody would be there and ever since that first happened I always made sure that somebody would sleep with me at night.I always knew that I had these kinds of abilities to hear things that other people couldn’t hear and experience things that others don’t.It made my time at school harder since I was already and almost treated like an oddball,but ever since I came to this site and found out that I wasn’t alone,I wasn’t crazy I regained back my sense of hope and started doing exercises that helped me control my ability.This year I’m already twelve and still fighting strong.

  74. Jill

    I’m 24 years old and have been having these very intense feelings that I just know things before they happen since I was 15 years old. My dad died in a car accident 2 weeks after my 15th birthday and that I think is the catalyst that started all of this for me. The first time anything odd happened was a few days after my fathers death, I woke up to a large male figure standing at the end of my bed. I wasn’t scared, I just looked at it, as clear as day, and then went back to bed. I know I wasn’t dreaming, it was real. The second time was 2 months later when my grandma passed away from cancer. I woke my mom up at 4am, I told her we had to go to grandmas house right then, that she was going to die and was waiting for me. (I finally opened up to my mom about all of this recently and she told me that my grandmother thought she had “abilities”). My mom believed me, we arrived at her house, 5 minutes later she woke up, told us she loved us, held my hand, said she was with my dad, and then closed her eyes and died. I knew she was waiting for us. About a year later, I woke my mom up in the middle of the night, I had a terrible dream that my boyfriend’s little sister was killed in a head on collision and burned to death, 7 days later she did. The exact way that I dreamed. I was traumatized and never told anyone but my mom. I was affraid she died bc I dreamed it. I know that’s not the case now. There are also so many other small instances where I hear someone warning me of danger, or something bad, but I chose not to listen, assuming I was imaging it. This past summer I had this overwhelming feeling that something bad was going to happen, and I needed to pull over. I didn’t listen, and I totalled my car. Last week, twice in a week, I had the same overwhelming feeling that someone was warning me not to leave my house. It was a scary feeling, like I was in danger, but safe if I stayed home. Since my car accident I have been trying to listen to the warning, it’s working so far. Also, this probably sounds funny too, but my family members who have passed away come and talk to me in my dreams. Nits vivid, they acknowledge the fact that theyre dead, it’s not like a dream, we just talk. Sometimes they’ll tell me to call a family member or my grandma tells me to stop by and see my grandpa. It’s just like a normal conversation, I tell them I miss them and they seem happy. I feel like I’ve got a lot going on, but I have no control over any of it. It’s just comes and goes. Any advice for me? Thanks and I’m glad I found your page!

  75. Zach bennett

    I’m 13 and once I was sleeping and I heard a very loud scream so I jumped out of my bed and ran into my parents room to see what was wrong but they were asleep. Idk what happened can someone explain what I might of heard. No nasty comments lol

  76. Matt


    Hi, I have a question about clairaudience. I think that I am clairaudient but I have experienced two different kinds of voices. I have heard voices inside my head which are often accompanied by a vision (this occurs while in a light sleep or in meditation). The voice can be my own voice or someone else. I have also heard someone whisper in my ear on two occasions. Both of these happened while I was wide awake but resting in bed or meditating. What is the difference between these two kinds of voices? They seem distinctly different to me because one is internal but the other feels like someone is actually whispering in my hear. Hope you can shed some light on this.



  77. kellie

    hi i hear a lot of white noise in my ears mainly my left ear my house is next door to a cemetry and my house is full of orbs i see flashes of lights in my bedroom so i recorded my bedroom and all the other rooms in my house during the night and in each room they is orbs apart from my daughters room they are flying around so fast one of them exploded into a green flash of light should i be worried ?

  78. Paul

    Recently I drove a very, very long distance. I was so tired, so very tired. And I began to hear what I thought were words. It was words, and then it became clear and a conversation took place between me and others, completely through thought. I felt it was, almost for a lack of knowing what to call them, Angels. It came into focus, and lastested for some time, and I believe without doubt it was real. What was said and revealed was nothing short of a miricle to me. It is not the first time, but it was the most clear. It was a conversation of thought with multiple beings I believe to be on a higher plane of existence. They sang to me before too, I realize that now. At a time when I was despondent, and very low, they sang to me. I too have ringing in my ears at times. I believe it happens when I am in a different place of thought, or focus of my mind. I don’t know how to get there, but it has happened to me several times. Thanks for others sharing there experience too. Paul

  79. Darlene

    I have been drawn to develop my spirituality, lately, and I have been meditating, using a quartz crystal. I have had some experiences throughout my life that I would call “psychic”–voices telling me my father-in-law was dying while I was washing my car, a whoosh sound and a “good-bye” followed by the phone call about the passing within minutes. A voice yelled at me and told me to start drinking water or I was going to get cancer. Two months later I had a breast cancer diagnosis. When I prayed for help, information about lifestyle changes flew at me from everywhere. I have had a few other experiences throughout my life, too, including my car filling with the scent of roses after my mothers’ death. But, today, while reading a story to a class of preschoolers, I heard bell-like chime sounds. I looked at my assistant and asked her if she heard them. She said no. I continued to hear them and asked her again. She, again, replied no. I guess i am here, writing this because I think I may have had experienced clairaudience, particularly since I have been trying to develop my abilities. What do you think?

  80. Renee

    I have a question for anyone who can help me —

    I notice lately, that I hear the silence above the normal noises in the house
    now. I used to only hear the silence when I would go to bed at night.

    I am clairaudient at times, as I have heard voices that have helped me before. But what I want to know, is why do I hear the silence so loud now?

    One night, as I lay in bed, it seemed that I was able to pull the sound of
    the silence closer to me, and in the process started making out a mixture
    of voices as I merged more with it. Could this be what it is?

    Any suggestions?


  81. Heart Song

    Many years ago I had a very unusual experience. I was talking to a man who was a friend, but he said something that made me very angry. In my usual mental voice, I was responding in a very negative manner. Suddenly, I heard another voice. This was my voice but much higher — almost sounded like a child AND it came from the area of my HEART!!!! That voice responded very, very positively to what this man had said. I was so astonished that my usual left brain voice went completely silent. When it started up again, the first thing it said was, “Schizophrenia!” Almost two years later, I was in a waiting room. I knew that this same man was coming to see me; it had been about a year and a half since we had seen each other. I was waiting calmly and patiently, no big deal. Something made me turn my head to one side, and I saw him walking down a very long hall towards me. That same voice from my HEART squealed (I kid you not!) Suddenly, I was so excited to see him that I jumped up out of my chair and ran to him. I threw my arms around him and almost cried I was so happy to see him. This time my left brain voice didn’t even bother saying anything. I have been married to this man since 1984. I think that the HEART voice was my HIGHER SELF, but I have never read anyone else say that they have heard voices from their heart. Is this clairaudience?

  82. LeaveMeBeSpirit

    Hey anna,
    im 15 and my dad passed away two days before my 12th birthday due to depression/suicide. I used to live in new york and I recently moved to florida. I have been experiencing strange things. Recently I decided to pursue my career in the military after I get my high school diploma and I want to enlist into the Marines. About 1 or 2 nights after really thinking about enlisting into the Marines I had a dream(this was months before I started hearing a girl’s voice) but I had a dream. It scared me. I was a Marine sitting behind a sandbag bunker with other fellow US Marines and I’m smiling watching my post on top of a fortified rooftop and out of no where I hear one of the Marines next to me scream,”AMBUSH.” and out of no where I hear bullets wizz by my head and one bullet hits my neck and it was extremely hot and I felt the blood squirt everywhere. I then woke up right after that happened and I was sweating.(months later the voice began) At first it was just clearly whispering my name, it sounded like a girls voice. I asked if it was a girl I went to middle school with(she was hit by a car and killed instantly) but there was no answer. A few nights later I woke up from a dream in which I don’t recall but I immediately said,”Your mother?” I have no idea why I said it, but then again I have been joking around in school a lot saying Your mother to my friends, as a joke. But then I hear a response that say’s as clear as day,”Don’t talk about my mother.” I quickly said,”I’m sorry I didn’t mean it, it was a joke.” It’s response was either,”it’s okay, or okay.” Should I ask who they are? My dad? My middle school classmate that was hit by a car who I talked to in class? It sounds like a girl my age’s voice though! Should I be praying? Is it telling me not to pursue my dreams to become a United States Marine? I have plenty of questions to ask it, but Anna what do I do in your honest opinion!
    Please Help!

  83. Patricia

    I hope you don’t mind me replying. I have experienced at least one time each of the psychic gifts and one thing I have learned is to keep asking the questions and listen from with in. I struggle with using my brain to figure out what a message is and it never works. Do not try to guess with your mind or use reasoning to make an assumption as to what the message means. Be patient and let it come to you. Your mind may not ever make sense of it, bit your gut will. You will, if you don’t already, know what it means. You know how it feels to know 1+1=2. It’s that kind of knowing. You have to just know what the message is, maybe your not to know who she is, you will only really know what you are meant to know. I feel as though I am rambling but it is hard to describe. You don’t have to finalize any decision right now so give yourself time to see the path that is meant for you. Maybe its the marines maybe not. Just do not sign up until you KNOW for sure.

  84. Renee

    To: LetMeBeSpirit,

    My understanding is to take your dream as a warning, it may not be that
    you should not join the Marines, but again it could be letting you know
    that it would not be in your best interest.

    Ask your voices to tell you who they are.Talk to the voice and ask questions
    like you would with anyone else, why not? Pray that you will have only those
    of the “most high” communicating with you and ask for some guidance. It could very well be a relative, but then again, it could be your higher self.
    Ask whatever you need to. The answers don’t come if you don’t ask.


  85. Crystal

    Hi…Thank you for the article. I am going to be actively trying to develop my clairaudience.

    I am a Paranormal investigator and I had an experience with this once. One of my peers asked “Do you like to dance” and the weirdest thing. I heard a guy (not through my ears) so “No”. It really threw me off because I knew that no one else had heard that but it was Not my voice in my head. I noticed you said that the voices that we hear will sound like ourselves. Do you have any insight on what I experienced? I wasn’t scared by it and I really would love to experience it again as it comes in very handy in my field.

    Thank you,


  86. Naren

    I have never heard of this phenomenon. I was actually looking up sleep twitching and loud noises in one’s head before falling asleep when I ran across your site. this is fascinating! Ever since I was a kid I have experienced ringing in my ears. When I was young I always thought it meant someone was in trouble because that’s what Superman would experience right before he flew off to save someone. I was also intrigued by the fact that you say musicians are naturally predisposed to being clairaudient. I am a singer/songwriter and often receive melodies in my head that most times turn into full fledged songs. Sowhat do you make of this? Does this make me Clairaudient? If so, what do I do with it?

  87. bazooka

    i use to know by instinct where to go and which road to take when i’m in a place i have no idea about. i can sense when things is about to go wrong and when things are going to turn out successful. many times i meet friends and make jokes about somethings which unknowingly to me has already happen to them about few day before we met. but for quite some times now, i feel i’m not in the right track. i stood by the road side in a place and i heard the same voice in my mind only this time i took the wrong way…not once, not twice, about six times now instinct has never really let me down, not this way…..

  88. Glen

    First off, thank you for this article. Secondly, I need a little assistance. I am having these moments where talk radio, music (even songs I’ve heard a thousand times) suddenly speak out. Sometimes its conversations out in public between strangers near me. Sometimes it someone talking with me and the words mean something else entirely.

    The words become very clear as though they’re guiding me – it’s happened sporadically over the last 13 years or more. When I do, it’s like the music/lyrics are resonating inside my head instead of just something I’m listening to. Many times, like last night, I hear these moments where it seems that God/Spirit/Higher Being is speaking to me – giving me advice almost. However, my mind deciphers it very threatening. As though I what I believe is going on in my life, isn’t. Like I have been the joke at the office not yet at the level of everyone else. As if I am the isolated man in the corner with a dunce cap on, but not knowing it. It can be beautiful but more often utterly frightening. One moment like this can make me question the motives of everyone around me. I stop trusting everyone because it seems as though (at these moments) that everything up to now has been a lie.

    Maybe I sound crazy. Maybe I am at the wrong site. Maybe this is just part of my paranoid psychosis of being bipolar 2 (which I take meds for). If I tell anyone about this they think I’m hallucinating or not taking my meds or need to talk with my psychiatrist… etc

    Is this something you have experienced? Is this Clairaudience or a messed up mind?

    Sometimes it gets so overwhelming that I don’t want to function normally (i.e. stay inside, turn on the TV, busy myself with mindless activities).

    Any advice if anyone is listening (no pun intended)?

  89. Courtney

    I’ve been experiencing clairaudience for about two years now. Something I just started experiencing the other day is feeling loud noises in a more physical sense. There was a truck that just made a loud noise at least 500 feet away from me and I felt it vibrating against my body. Do you have any experience/knowledge of this?

  90. Heather 28

    HI Anna
    I recently went to see a clairvoyant at my friends who said i am clairaudient. But he also said it is muffled at the moment. The other month i was stood in at the kitchen sink & heard what sounded like my partner shouting my name, so i went upstairs but he said he wasn’t. I went back to what i was doing & i kept hearing my name still. A few days later it happened again but this time i thought it was my sister. I have been sufering from OCD/anxiety since the birth of my daughter in 2010. Its alot better but still niggles, so do you think i should hold off improving spirit hearing until i am fully better. I’ve also seen orbs on many occassions white ones but the last time it was a bright orange orb floating above me in bed near the ceiling. I tend to shut them out is if they aren’t there and the disappear.

  91. Jen

    I think I might have had a few of these… or maybe im just crazy :3 sometimes when im just barely asleep I listen and I can hear a collage of sounds and occasionally voices in the sounds sometimes I can make out what they’re saying and a few times I hear my name and wake up fully but no ones there so usually i just fall asleep all the way

  92. Michelle

    HI Anna,

    Thank you for taking the time to post your blog. It is very helpful. I am in the process of developing & discovering my abilities.

    As a child I can remember hearing ringing all of the time. Today, I am very sensitive to electronic noises, such as the computer & television. At night, I unplug the tv & often cover the alarm clock…even the lights form them bother me. My husband finds it annoying, lol.

    Lately, I have been hearing voices as I am falling asleep, but am not always sure what they are saying. I have heard my sister talking to her children. I have also heard a man, but do not recognize his voice.

    During the day, I will hear voices that I know do not belong to the physical people around me. They usually make a comment, but I don’t know what they are saying. I’m like “huh?,” but they don’t repeat what they said. I have also hear people calling my name.

    Once, while in my home, I heard my mom say “ouch!” It was loud and clear, so I called her to ask if she just hurt herself, and she said that she just ran into a display case at work. Cool…She was ok.

    About 10 years ago, right after my uncle passed away, I was at my grandmother’s house (where he lived). I was in the bathroom, and could hear an elderly woman crying in the hallway. I am not sure, but I think that it was the spirit of a woman who lived in the house before my family moved in.

    I am very excited about developing these gifts. For a long time I had the fear the many of the other people had…of attracting the “wrong” type of energy. I also am concerned about keeping ego out of the equation. It is so easy to miss the gift, because you are excited about knowing things. I have often wondered, “what is the point of knowing these things, if I can not do anything about it?”

  93. Tabitha

    I’m 29 years old an just now learning what this little voice inside me actually is. It doesn’t happen often or at least I don’t pay enough attention to it to actualy hear it. It seems that for the more important things it gets louder. I think it actually saved me life once, about 10 years ago. I was asleep at a friends house, it was the middle of winter and very cold outside so she had her wall heater in the bedroom set to high. Out of no where I hear my name being screamed and telling me to wake up. Of course I did because it was so loud. The wall heater was throwing sparks and could have easily caught the carpet on fire if I had not be awakened by my voice. That isn’t the first time I have heard my name being called but there isn’t enough space on here to talk about it 🙂 I’m just thankful it pays more attention that I do.

  94. Luis

    Last night i was sleeping and i got this dream.” i was with some friend in their house and with one of my friends family, then we where in the room joking and then like an old guy tell us to go downstairs and when i was walking downstairs the family was there with a lot of candles and then i hear shouting and then when I notice they where a diabolical sect i woke up. i keep my eyes close but i know i was awake but then i hear my door creaking and I hear a voice saying “catch him” and then I open my eyes and no one was there. That freak me out. BTW sorry for my English

  95. michael

    It seems you are confusing different abilities, inner voice, telepathics,direct voice and knowingness. Claiaudience may involve all of these abilities it orginates in the left and right audion cortex and follows thetelpathic channels behing the ear to the brain stem and mainly ending in the 5th chakra.To hear more clearly start by siphoning to the earth these areas and listening to the information you are receiving and at what color or frequency/ Find a color that is tuned to you and begin to learn how to translate this information into information you can use.

  96. Sharleene

    When I was meditating I heard a male voice in my head say “You are not alone” and then I saw my spirit guide in my minds eye. A lovely man smiling very broadly at me.

  97. Morgan

    I’m spooked reading some of the replies. Is it weird if I hear tapping noises, like on a window, and nothing’s outside? Related? And Also, if I hear a loud noise or something it might not spook me, but I feel chills through my body. And other times, I feel like someone’s watching me when I sleep, I know it’s not related to clairaudience, but I think perhaps it’s my deceased sister (she’s older than me) watching me.. Idk. Lol, I sound like a nutcase to myself.

  98. colleen james

    hi, i may not get an answer but im curious about something, when i was about 6 years old, it was very late everyone was asleep, for some reason i woke up as i sat up in the bed i could see our kitchen it was a straight shooter type house you could see from the front to the back of the place, anyway i looked in the kitchen the whole house was dark, i will never forget what i saw a man in all white a sailors uniform like a captain with the gold buttons on the front, hat was white, face was white, hands was white, shoes too, i stared at this all white person for a few seconds, it scared me so i put my face in the mattress an looked back in the kitchen he was gone. i was 6 now im 42 that still gives me the chills. what was that about. it may have nothing to do with nothing. but also my dad has been deceased for 21 years and he appears in a lot of my dreams, could that be because we did not get along. i don’t understand, all my dreams are clear and colroful.

  99. Bill

    Hello Anna,
    I am a member of a paranormal investigation team, and I sometimes am able to hear voices that no one else hears at the time, I mark the audio file at the time it happens, and sure enough after review there are voices. I also think I can hear my guardian. At three different investigations, miles and miles apart i heard the same voice saying the same words “Over Here” these were also recorded. I am very thankful to have a place to go to help me develop my gift where someone isnt trying to take advantage of people just trying to find their way. Thank you.

    • Anna

      Hi Bill,

      Wow, that’s a good example of clairaudience in action! Not everyone has the gift developed so it makes sense someone (i.e. you) hears something others don’t.

  100. Anna

    Hi, Anna

    I was wondering if you could enlighten your readers with information regarding something called Slenderman? I don’t really know much about it at all. I wanted to gain some tools from you first before I decided one way or another if the following situation was any cause for concern. I want to know if very common flashes of a living person ( who obviously is not present ) is negative energy? What do we do about it? and finally , can there be similiar types of sightings that are not it?

    • Anna

      Anna, sorry never heard of that term.

  101. Michael

    Hey Anna,

    I have started hearing things in my home the past few days, I hear music, like a radio turned down very low, sometimes a song will repeat for hours, sometimes I hear different songs all day, sometimes the end of a song will play in a loop, and even slow down and then pick back up to normal speed. I know it’s not in my head, I can hear it as clearly and as real as anything else, and I can hear the lyrics perfectly. Some of the songs are new to me, never heard them before, but no matter where I go in my home, it sounds like it’s in another room. I’ve also began to hear some other sounds, no voices yet. I’m sure some of it is just because I’m on edge, but some is not. I don’t know that I want this, but if I have no choice, then what should I do?

  102. Jamjam

    Michael, this may be happening because you have gifted musical abilities yourself or maybe know someone close who does. When someone as a special gift and does not realise their full potential, then the powers that be will draw your attention to it.The music you don’t recognise should give you the incentive to pay attention because people get paid alot of money for making music and your music is being given to you for free.

  103. Mo

    I experience the same things as the poster Andi up there at the top of the comments. Dec 5 2008.

    I hear a ringing sound constantly. And usually this happens at night but sometimes during the day, I hear snippets of my friends and family’s voices saying things, not just about me, but things that happen to them and about life in general.

    I’ll give an example, my friend Mikey a few months ago quit smoking. He said he did it on a Saturday night. That same night he quit I was alone in my house and I heard his voice in my head say ” thats it I am done with this” with a few curse words after. A week went by and he came over to my place and he told me last weekend he quit smoking. I kinda freaked out a bit and asked him, was it a night. He said ya and then I repeated verbatim what I heard in my head that night and then he freaked out.

    I should write down what I hear. That sort of thing happens to me on a daily basis. At first it was just the voices saying things about me, but now they are saying things in general, about everything. Real things that come true as the days unfold. It happens so much that I am not even amazed at it anymore. What I would like to do is turn it into a mechanism where I can consciously use it at my own exertion. Right now it just happens randomly.

    I know that ringing sound has something to do with this. And trying to figure that sound out is a whole other game.

    I have read so much, bought books on the sound current. I meditate for as long as 2 hours some days. Just meditating on the sound. It makes me feel that I have to get somewhere spiritually. Or maybe reaching there is knowing I that I am already there.

    I feel lost in the sense that I constantly hear this ringing sound, which also turns into other sounds. I am totally cool with that. But why do I hear it?? I say to myself, there is a reason why I hear this. And then that leads me to think that I need to do something with this sound. Tap into it.

    This is very complex to me, and I don’t think there is anyone around me or even in a 500 mile radius who can help me on this.

    Love this article though. At least I am not alone.

  104. Jose>...

    I’ve had multiple experiences when lyeing in bed, i would hear voice. some calling my name. trying to get my attention. “Hey”and other words. i never really paid them any mind and figured “whatever”. i thought it was kool though so i would concentrait on how i was Emotionally an whatever so i can hear them again and they would come back.

  105. Selina

    Hi Anna! Thanks for the advice!
    After a read this article and some of the comments, i heard a sound, one of those sounds you hear when you do a hearing test in my left ear. I just recently had this experience yesterday. What does it mean? Does it have anything to do with clairaudience? Thankyou so much!

  106. clinton

    for a couple of weeks i have been hearing a high pitched sound that sounds like someone playing glasses of water. i finally figured out it was my fan but its too high of a pitch for any of my family to hear. is this a type clairaudience or just a heightened sense of hearing?

    • Anna

      Clinton it sounds like you have better hearing than the rest of your family if it is your fan. Although a heightened sense of hearing in itself usually indicates a clairaudient person.

  107. Escamilla

    I’ve always had heightened sense of hearing.. too heightened! like, when i walk into a room and I can hear any electrical appliance on or plugged in, even hough it appears not to be operating. Or when the neighbors in the apt next door have their tv on, while an airplane flies overhead, a Nova on the next block stars its engine, while young girls scream hysterically on a rollercoaster at the theme park down the street from me. IT ALL DRIVES ME NUTZ SOMETIMES!!!
    I constantly tell people “sshhhhhhhhhhh!!!”
    In addition to that i hear voices. Most of the time it sounds like people having conversations among each other… and often i recognize the voices. Sometimes I hear radio communications taking place.. Many times the things i hear involve me, sometimes seemingly not at all. It would appear(in my opinion)..if i am hearing actual conversations, they’re likely past events, not the future(that I know of, or if it’s even possible.)
    I noticed it all began GRADUALLY from the time i took a class on Wicca 3 years ago, and began my own solitary magical path. It never really frightens me exept for when I become confused by whats being said. I heard what you said about high/positive vibes and the corressponding energies, but to be honestly frank, I’m not the highest most positive type of person i know. In fact my lifestyle brings me around and provokes much negative and depressive/oppressive energies. I manage to stay bright and bubbly & a light for others in spite of it all…but my inevitable “Yang” essence drags in alotta debris..physically, mentallly, and so on. I recently discovered that when I burn Sage, Juniper or Dragon’s Blood incense/resin the voices/noises seem to diffuse and quietly relent, but only very temporarily. I’ve decided that, for now, I’m better off ignoring whats being said most of the time, as my reaction/response seems to stimulate/excite the noise. Often the voices, if correspondant …seem to be genuinely suprised that I can hear them.
    Sorry to ramble on.. however, it feels REALLY GOOD to get this down and off my chest to someone who might understand and/or have some kind feedback to provide. Its also cool to tell people who dont make me feel LOONEY or who suggest perscription psych meds. LOL 😉

  108. sheri herold

    I woke up to a doorbell ringing the other night but it was a door bell sound of one that would be placed on the door. It was so loud I jumped out of bed. It rang 4 times. Do you know what this means?

  109. Lindsey

    Hi! I have been hearing voices when I start to fall into a deep sleep. Sometimes I will hear music when my house is completely quiet. Sometimes it may be both. When I first started hearing these voices, there were many voices all at once. They would start off quiet and then get so loud that I would jump and wake myself up. Now I will hear just one voice at a time. Sometimes it will be someone I recognize and sometimes it won’t. Most of the time this voice just says my name really loud but other times I will get a sentences that I do not really understand. I have been researching to try to figure out what might be going on with me or what this is called exactly. Please help??

  110. Angela Edwards

    If there is to much noise, i get irritated, or to many different noises at once. its to much for me. my ears ring alot, mostly my left. i thought someone was talking about me. you know, the left ear, bad, the right ear good. when i do say a name, or names, it goes away. every since i was little, about 8 or so, i would hear someone say my name. i use to think it was my mother calling me from the other room. i would ask her what, and she said she didnt say anything. sometimes i think my now husband says something, and i cant really hear what he says. i ask him, and he says he didnt say anything. i can sense when people dont want me around, or are talking bad, my husband says im crazy. alot has to do with him too. i think hes involved with the conversation, but he swears he is not. we actually argue. where he hangs out has a real bad vibe..along with alot of the people. could that be what it is, and im just paranoid hes talking, and that he is telling me the truth? I have had dreams since i could remember. They dont happen til month or longer, and i dont remember them til it actually happens. And why do people i know, that pass away come to me in my dreams? They only come once, and thats it. I remember when i was about 9, an old lady my next door neighbor came to me. it was winter. i asked her isent she cold without a coat? she said not anymore, she doesnt get cold. But everyone that I was close with has come to me once. Sometimes, i feel just mad, angry, just plain irritated for no reason at all. I dont know where it comes from. Sometimes I wake up and im like that. Sometimes i get edgy around people, Im to the point i dont like to be around people, and I dont know why. I just prefer to be by myself, and im content.

  111. Daniel

    When I was at high school i wounnt say it was voices but more like feeling in stead of a voice but I smoked and now I wish never did cause my own voice and lungs have been damged by smoking for 8 years and it makes me sad that I Cant at my best and now I don’t no what to or how to be me again I don’t no what’s going. On around me or know what anyone’s thinking no more don’t no what to do :((

  112. Kasturi Srivastav

    late night at between 2.45 to 4 am i could hear a girl of age 16-18 yrs is explaining somethin. She is disturbed about something. And gradually the voice becomes louder. I feel very terrified. It is like i have to avoid it..if i want to pay attention, it seems that i can conversate with her very easily. This has become very intolerant and frightening to me.

  113. dee

    I think my psychic ability have been improving lately. I started experiencing it in high school and I disconnected from it because my teacher thought I was going crazy. It came back again 2-3 years ago when a thought came in my head telling me to take my valuable things like watch and camera to work with me. When I was at work, I got a call from the detective saying my house was robbed. That inner voice saved me from losing important pictures and my favorite watch. There were more small incidents after that, but the most I can remember were: predicting my friend would get sick on his vacation, knowing my friend wont last at her job, knowing my friends plan wouldn’t happen, having a blur vision of my partner drinking when he said he didn’t (later he confessed he did drink that night), knowing my friends client wouldn’t show up the other day, etc. I don’t really hear voices or any distinct voices, but just my inner voice. Its like a clear thought or prediction that this is gonna happen and I have to stick with it. I had a difficult time trusting it before, but I have been trusting it in the past month and I think its really developing. I also meditated two months ago and I saw a purple window or a door floating in a space. They said that means you opened your third eye? I saw a psychic lately too, and her prediction is similar to my prediction (its funny I know). The other vision that struck me was about years ago, when I saw clearly this man I was trying to help, grabbed me, and he did a few seconds later. I always feel weird when I get visions because I know that it happened or itll happen. I don’t tell people about my experiences, so this is just me opening up to this site and sharing my experiences… And yes, I noticed lately I’m sensitive to sound. I cant be in a loud restaurant anymore because I get anxious and irritated. Thanks for your wonderful website. – Dee

  114. natasha

    I used to believe that the voice I was hearing while I was sleeping was God. Now I understand the voice to be my higher self speaking to me. I mean all night long, i could hear these conversations taking place. I’m so glad that I found your article…it gives me new perspective on the conversations.


    I was not or near to being asleep, l live in a rural area with no house close by. Just last week I was in the kitchen when I heard a very loud crash followed by glass breaking but when I looked and investigated everywhere nothing was broken not inside or outside. This was not inside my head and sounded very real.

  116. Laura Perez

    I seem to be more clairaudiant. Through the years growing up i have felt ppl sit on my bed seen partial spirits and very fearful. I cant seem to avoid it anymore and am open to learning more about this. My partner’s grandfather visited yesterday and he passed some 40yrs ago. I could see him in my minds eye on my left side and then it was all clairaudient. He then showed me pictures sometimes like watching a movie. So thank you for the information you posted. Now the ringing in my left ear yesterday morning would not stop until I noitced him. He even tipped over some things in the kitchen.

  117. Erin

    Hi Anna,
    I began hearing some things a few years ago (am 29). The first thing I ever heard was someone saying “Don’t go!” when I was about to drive my car and didn’t see another car coming. I “heard” my friend’s daughter’s name before it was announced, I “heard” when one of my relatives was pregnant, and I hear or picture test scores after before my results are posted. I’ve heard my name a couple of times as well, but no one is saying it. I do hear ringing in my ears at times as well. Do you think these are from my spirit guides?

  118. Znyx

    Hi! When I was little (I know this sounds insane) but I could see ghosts. Now that I’m a bit more grown up I can’t see them… But I can feel them. I thought this would help cause like maybe the voice would tell me something but get this: I just realize ever since I was little I could hear a voice calling my name.. This would ONLY happen if I was COMPLETELY alone.. No one else in the house. I don’t know what that means.

  119. Elizabeth Faraone

    I’ve always been prone to nightmares and dreams that come true.
    Recently(few monthes ago) I had a spirit from world war 2 follow me back home from the grave.(I couldn’t see her but felt her from my dreams and my room was cold. And called my mother because she can sense those things. She confirmed and gave me details)
    And now when my husband and I sleep(the bed is right next to the window) when I sleep next to the window I have nightmares and voices, laughs.
    But I also keep salt in the room because I feel discomfort from these dreams and experiences.

    When I used to live with my family, my little brother told me he saw a huge figure over me that had bloody eyes and face that was looking over me as I slept.
    I don’t know what’s going on.
    But I either dream the future or nightmare or don’t remember my dreams…

  120. Dawn

    I have the ability to hear spirits, I am also clairvoyant. Last night, a male voice spoke the word, name, very distinctly and clearly in my right ear. Any feelings?

  121. brandi

    hi there, i’m not sure if your still reading these, i’m glad you posted some information! I believe i’m clairaudient as I have had been hearing voices for a few months now. my guardian spirits have been talking with me, but now we are trying to figure out how to talk to the other people who are trying to talk to me. I am going to try the meditation, it was pretty scary at first but I think we are kindav starting to figure things out. brandi.

  122. Riokat

    Being highly intuitive runs in all females of my family. I have been hearing voices as a child and i was highly frightened by them at one point of time. But as i got used to them i just listened to them often.. Most of the time, i didn’t understand a word they said. I used to tell them to shut up so that i can study. I have occasionsional flashes of tinnitus, or one of my ears catching a frequency of sound that is usually very uncomfortable. My ears sometimes are very sensitive to the voice of certain people i know. When they speak, it makes my ear go “thak thak thak..”
    Sometimes i hear my name being called.
    I am very intuitive. I can tell something is gonna happen shortly before it actually does. Even things as simple as one of my friends coming to my room in 5 minutes. I have this feeling and i start cleaning up..
    Also i can sense if something bad is going to happen to people around me. Many times, i had the feeling of an accident happening before it actually happened. I have had the feeling of natural disasters like earthquakes happening shortly before they happened. I have strong deja vu..
    I sometimes make up scenes that i want to be happening in future..and i freak out when they actually happen in the exact same way.
    I don’t usually share all this with anyone except my mom(bc she has the experiences). People just think that I’m insane or i overthink.
    I am a quiet person and i need a lot of alone time.. A lot means….A LOT!.. But i also feel really lonely at times but i still keep myself locked in my room.
    I have a lot of creative energy and i am creating each n every day. It has to have a way of getting out otherwise i have depression.
    I’m a painter, photographer and a dentist. I am good at almost everything i do with my hands. Painting, crafts, carving, sculpting, embroidery, playing the violin to name a few.
    I want to develop this ability further so that i can do good to people and myself.

  123. Cindy

    Dear Anna,

    I’ve had this ability my whole life. All the people in my family have it to degree, along with my daughters. We all have different abilities but, my Aunt, who is the family matriarch, and myself seem to have the most. I’ve lived with this my entire life. But, today, something new happened. I’ve been living in my home for 2 1/2 years now. I have a large bird feeder just outside. I spend a great deal of time outside, when the weather allows. In this time I’ve not seen my favorite birds once, since moving here. They were always around my old house. Today I was watching the birds at the feeder wishing that I could see more of my favorite bird, the Red-wing Black Bird. As I was sitting here, I heard their call for the first time in 2 1/2 years. I look up to the tree with the bird feeder and there are over 20 Red-Wing Black Birds! I look at the feeder and just below are a great many more! I have NEVER done this before! I’ve always had a way with animals and sometimes get what they are feeling but, this is new. I’ve always had a way of finding lost pets or they end up in my backyard. What is this?

  124. Anu

    Thank you for this post, it was very helpful to me!
    I have discovered that I have medium abilities and I’m learning as much as I can. The other night a voice woke me up. It said right into my ear Hello, as if the person was laying next to me and talking to me. It startled me. I asked who said that and received an answer that it was my grandfather.
    I still have fear of seeing, hearing the spirits but I’m trying to release that fear.

  125. Sanele

    Hi, Anna

    About 5 years ago whenever I played with my friends a game called ‘broken telephone’ I would just call out the name of the person, who was going to lose the game and then it indeed happened that person lost the game.

    I also had a case where I was in a room with a few people, I would hear my name shouted out & when I asked if anyone shouted my name, all said they said nothing. when I looked this up it pointed to clairaudience & recently as I tuned out sounds, my ears would ring and I would have a sudden chill at times.

    I also remembered having a dream, where a school was on fire then the next day I was told that there were 18 bombs planted at my siblings’ school.

    I dreamt that there was an earthquake and indeed a quake of a low magnitude hit south africa, where I live.

    I recall the moment when my family sat together and told each other spook stories we have experienced like my mom dreaming of coffins then the father of my two little sisters passed away.

    My little sister then told us that she was alone in class when a spirit, not sure evil or not, manifested the form of her friend came up to her and gave her a sandwich with this black jam. Then she asked the spirit what’s this and it kept quiet. She then gave the bread back and said that the spirit had frowned. She then said it floated all the way to the door and disappeared on the door.

    She stepped outside to check if what she saw was realistic, then saw nothing. She went outside during break and asked her friend that had been manifested why she had given her funny looking bread and jam then her friend was all confused and said she never had jam and bread for lunch.

    There was a time we were going to watch a soap on tv when my mom told us what she though was going to happen through the whole episode and when we watched the soap, it happened in the order she had told us.

    I wanted to know if different psychic abilities run through the family?


  126. Arron M Hall

    I have all of the gifts, don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I invited my guardian angel to share my body?

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