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Hi everyone,

I am finding myself with a lot more time available lately to write new blog posts & articles (and create videos!) And I’d like to make sure I am writing content that is of interest to you, my loyal readers. Therefore, I’m interested to know the following:

  • Is there anything you’d like me to write about, that is not covered on my blog?
  • Do you have any questions I can answer?

NOTE: these questions must be something that is relevant to other readers. So please don’t send in questions about your own life that are more suited to a personal reading.

Please note that I don’t have the knowledge or experience to write much about lucid dreaming or astral projection (for some reason people often ask me about those topics).

I do have knowledge and experience of:

  • Healing
  • The Akashic Records
  • Psychic development
  • Mediumship (although this is not something I do professionally)
  • Managing empath gifts
  • Past lives
  • Running a spiritual business
  • The Spirit world in general

And can answer questions in these areas.

Please leave a comment if you have a question you’d like answered.

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Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Kathy

    Hi Anna,

    This question is based on a recent experience. I was watching a video with my kids about children’s anxiety and during this viewing, my salt lamp flickered. I thought this was my mom sending me a message that this was a good video for them to watch and that she approved. However, I late found out that a family member had passed away suddenly a short time after or around the time of the flickering. So part of me now thinks it was not my mom but the relative that was passing on at around that time sending a message that she was okay. However, I only met this relative once and I barely recognize her in pictures. Am I overthinking this? Like would someone who doesn’t really know me communicate with me so I can pass along this message to the loved ones of the family? Or is that highly unlikely?

  2. glo

    Have you gained any insight or been visited by any of the many people who have recently passed due to the current events? Is there any wisdom that they have to share with us about their passing?

  3. Shirl Henry

    Do you go through periods when you feel blocked? Where spirit seems distant? What do you do to get back in the flow?

  4. Brittany Roehl

    Can you look into the Akashic Records and see anything regarding the virus? What does this mean in the grander scheme of things and how will life change going forward?

  5. Sophie

    I would love to see an article about past life traumas and different ways to heal them (past life regression, energy healing, medical intuition etc). Also, for some of the more stubborn patterns like past life suicides and their ramifications in the current lifetimes, is it possible at all to heal these soul level traumas simply through living life in a different way?

  6. Brooke H

    I’m not for sure if this counts as a more personal question or not, so I apologize if it does.
    I seem to have some sort of empath gift, but I notice it is much stronger when I’m around my sister, and that this seems to last for a few days after we see each other.
    Is this something that is common, empathy being magnified by being around others who have it?

  7. Benny Jorgensen

    I wonder what you should do when you meet a person that you are sure (really feel) that you know from a former life. I am sure many others must have the same problem when they meet at person from a former life for instance a close friend, a relative, a spouse or a child.
    Should you just ignore it and suppress your feelings (even if you see the person every day) or should you try to contact the person and form some sort of new relationship with the person?
    I guess the wrong thing to do would be to say to the person: “Hey, I know you from another life, do you remember me?” 🙂
    What do you do? As I am sure you must have had the same problem.

  8. Donna

    just want to share and ask a question about a few things. I have had different spirits come into my home and show themselves to me, some are my loved ones and others I don’t even know. The ones I don’t know are all females spirits none ever are scary or bad in anyway it’s like they want me to see them and help them , so it seems to me they want help finding their way. So I have tried my best to help them cross over, I have find away to help them cross over with an exercise I came across it is so beautiful and I can see them walk into this bright flood of light it engulfs them and I close a door behind them. It is so amazing to see. What I want to know is if this a part of a gift I am blessed with and a soulful purpose for me. It is so fulfilling when I complete this ritual and see them go into the light. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

  9. Anna Sayce

    Thanks all for posting your questions. I noticed there’s a couple here that are personal questions that are relevant only to the poster, and so not all of them would be suited to a blog post.

    Brittany – this post answers your question:

    Glo – I have not had any contact from coronavirus victims. You might find this video of interest:

    Sophie – I’ve already written about that: and if you visit this page – and scroll down almost to the bottom you’ll find some more articles about past life healing

  10. Catherine Motteler

    Do you ever work with crystals and stones for healing? I did not see this on your list, so I understand this may not be an interest of yours.

  11. Anna Sayce

    Hi Catherine, I don’t really work with crystals much. I use them a couple of times in my courses but I don’t know a huge amount about them.

  12. Anna Sayce

    I am going to close the comments section on this post as I am being bombarded by random spam comments.

    If you wish to leave a question (and please, only questions that are relevant to more than just you – no personal questions) please email or post on the Facebook page:

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