How to Build (and Turbo-Charge) A Business Using the Law of Assumption

The Law of Assumption is a philosophy popularised by the New Thought author Neville Goddard. According to the Law of Assumption (LOA), whatever you assume to be true is what will manifest in your life. The LOA also teaches that your imagination is a Divine, creative power which you can use to mould your world.

I only discovered the Law of Assumption 2 years ago and by then I’d already been running a successful business for 14 years. Because my business existed prior to me discovering the Law, I have mainly used the Law of Assumption to focus on manifesting other desires besides business success.

But if I were in a different position, and starting a new business or in the early stages of owning one, I would 100% use the Law of Assumption to start a business and turbo-charge my business results.

And below I provide an outline of how I recommend you use the Law of Assumption in this way.

1. First of all, get clear on the energy and desire behind starting or running your business

People start businesses for all kinds of reasons. Most of them have something to do with the owner’s income and lifestyle goals, but some of them are also about giving back and fulfilling one’s purpose.

Which of these energies do you want more of in your life through your business?

  • Freedom
  • Abundance
  • Security
  • Contribution/ enjoyment of helping others
  • Joy
  • Expansion
  • Wholeness (wanting to express your whole self in the world)
  • Stability
  • Power/empowerment

For example, maybe you want the freedom to take a long lunch break and go out for lunch during the day. Maybe you have been laid off and you want to build a secure income stream that can’t be taken away from you so easily, so you perceive business to be about your security and stability. Maybe your dream is to help others in a particular way related to your expertise, and doing so brings you a lot of joy and a sense of contribution.

Get really clear on what the energies or desires are behind your intention (and there may be multiple energies that you want to bring into your life through your business.)

2. Next, come up with a visual or multiple visuals which encapsulate your desire

If your desire is freedom and you want to be free of the rat race, visualise yourself in a scene that suggests you are working remotely in your own business and you are making so much money that you can work part time or travel. See yourself working remotely while travelling the world, if that is your desire.

If your desire is to have more power over your life because you feel trapped in an unhappy work situation, see yourself giving your boss notice that you are leaving your job and hear yourself telling a co-worker that you are so happy that your business has really taken off.

Make the visual short and sweet — no more than 10 seconds.

A couple of times per day, get into a meditative state by observing your breath for several minutes, then loop your scene over and over several times.

This usually takes a minute or so to do. You can extend the process by tuning into the desire behind the scene (e.g. freedom) and feeling that energy. Feel how good it feels to be free! Give freedom a colour and see it as an energy that is above your head. See that colour come into your body and narrate it: for example, “freedom is coming into my head, into my face, into my neck, into my shoulders…etc.” And feel that energy talking to all your cells and communicating the message of freedom. Breathe it in and get high on it.

Do this daily, ideally more than once per day.

Let’s have a look at another important step in manifesting a successful business.

3. Limiting Beliefs: Why do you think you can’t have what you want?

Many of us have limiting beliefs around our desires, so it can be helpful to sit down with pen and paper and ask yourself: are there any reasons why you don’t think you can have what you want in business?

Write down whatever comes up.

When you have done this, craft affirmations which counter your beliefs.

For example, if you are starting a spiritual business and you’ve uncovered that you’re worried about being judged by family members and friends who don’t know about your spiritual beliefs, you could affirm: “everyone respects my beliefs and admires my business” or “I don’t need the approval of anyone in my life.”

If you’re worried that getting what you want means working insane hours, affirm: “I work part time and make really great money” or “I am so lucky I can work part time and be successful.”

If you want to market your business through writing or videos, but you feel you aren’t good at these things, use affirmations to counter those beliefs. For example “I’m a great writer” or “I’m so good on camera”.

Here are some common business limiting beliefs — which ones do you believe in? Write an affirmation that is the opposite of any you resonate with.

  • Having a successful business means sacrifice
  • I have to work really hard to make this business work
  • The economy impacts on my business and it’s out of my control
  • I’m too old to start a business
  • It’s impossible to earn money doing what I enjoy
  • There’s too much competition
  • My kids take up too much of my time and that will stop me from succeeding
  • Starting a business is too risky
  • So-and-so is already doing it so well — there’s no room for me in this field
  • I haven’t got the money to start a business
  • It has to be perfect
  • Most businesses fail
  • I have to be liked by everyone and appeal to everyone
  • I haven’t got enough experience

4. Next, tune into the ‘future you’ who has already achieved this business goal, and get familiar with them

This is a process I described in this blog post: How to Manifest Anything (I recommend that you go read that.)

Ask your alternate self who is experiencing business success certain questions to become acquainted with their energy and how they are going about their life (the questions can be found in the article linked to above.)

Your alternate self who has a successful business already exists in another reality according to Neville Goddard’s teachings. Creating your desire isn’t actually about creating it out of thin air, but about selecting it out of all the potential realities and tuning in to it and into that alternate self on a daily basis, through the visualisation exercise I detailed above.

Once you get acquainted with that alternate self, I also recommend asking him/her to come into your body periodically throughout the day and see their energy field as superimposed on yours.

5. Check your self-concept

Your self-concept means your beliefs and ideas about who you are.

Self-concept is something that is very important when you are using the Law of Assumption. The Law of Assumption teacher Neville Goddard said that the whole world reflects your self concept back to you and that if you want to change your external world and the results you’re getting in your life, you have to change yourself.

Manifesting stuff is easy, but keeping your manifestation is harder. And this is connected to your self-concept.

I’ll give you an example. Some studies say that between 30 and 70% of lottery winners lose all their money after they win.

The reason for this is their self-concept.

You don’t need a high self-concept to manifest what you want, but you do need a high self-concept in order to keep what you manifest. A high self-concept means that you feel like you are the kind of person for whom that good outcome is natural. A high self-concept also means you feel worthy and good about yourself.

So, basically what I am saying is that in order to manifest a successful business and sustain that success, you need to feel you deserve it.

You need to feel you naturally are someone who is a successful business person.

If you want to be wealthy through your business, you need to identify as someone for whom wealth is natural and easy to come by.

You can read my article on self-concept and how to improve it here.

All the people in the world are only yourself pushed out. No one has the power to hold you back or promote you, for you are self-promoted or self-restricted.” – Neville Goddard

6. Revision

If you have had any events happen in your past that you feel are holding you back in being successful in business or underpinning the limited beliefs you identified in point 3 above, I recommend revising those.

I’m referring to events such as:

  • Business failures
  • Being fired
  • Being laid off
  • Bankruptcies
  • Losing a lot of money
  • Making a mistake in the course of business or work that had dreadful consequences

You can find an article I wrote on the benefits of revision here. Neville Goddard said that revision is the most powerful manifesting technique of all and that if you take one thing from his work, it should be revision. So I highly recommend using revision if something from your past gave you a limiting belief about money, work or business. (You will know you need to revise a past event if the memory of it pops into your mind regularly out of nowhere.)

7. Use business affirmations

Finally, here are some business building affirmations which you may find helpful to use.

(I wrote about how to use affirmations here and I recommend reading this article if you haven’t used affirmations before.)

I make $___ every month working ___ amount of hours

I get so much positive feedback about my services/products

I believe in myself

I believe in my amazing talents

I believe in my business

My business is booming

I am so smart and talented in business and work

I’m everyone’s favourite ________ (insert your role here)

I keep and find the best employees

I’m great at marketing

I love what I do

I’m overflowing with ideas

I am a goal achieving machine

I provide courses and services that people truly need

My business is getting larger each and every day

My business is thriving in every way possible

My business allows me to create an extraordinary life

I am building wealth

My services or products always exceed expectations

My business has the best reputation in this industry

I’m totally aligned with my purpose.

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