How to Help Children Who See Spirits

I recently received a question from a reader:

Hi Anna,

I would like to see you write about how to help children who are having psychic experiences. My daughter sees spirits and she is very frightened by what she sees. She asks why she is seeing “scary” people instead of “nice” people and I am unsure how to help her.

~ Sallie

I often get people asking me about dealing with children who have psychic experiences.  In the past, I would shy away from responding since I don’t have children of my own and so clearly I don’t have any first-hand experience with psychic kids.

Then, after getting about the 50th request to write about this, I decided to write about it anyway, since I do remember what it is like to be a psychic child.

In this article, I’m going to talk about my childhood experiences and then give some tips for dealing with children who can see or sense spirits, based on what I experienced.

Seeing a Spirit

When I was about 5 years old, I saw a spirit and it freaked me out big time. It was quite late at night, and I was sleeping in the study, as my bedroom was being redecorated. I was playing in my bed and when I looked up, I saw a woman standing in the corner of my bedroom. She was dressed in a style that was of the turn of the century and I still remember exactly what her silhouette looked like (I grew up in a house that was built around the end of the nineteenth century).

I remember my heart beating so fast I thought it would burst. I put the covers over my head and wished for her to go away – I was so frightened. I must have fallen asleep eventually.

I am fairly certain she was an earthbound spirit (a soul who has died but not crossed over) although at the time I didn’t know who she was. I just knew she wasn’t a real person.

I told my mother about it in the morning and I remember her really paying attention to me and seeming worried. My mum has a very scientific background so I’m not sure what was going through her mind at that point when I told her what I saw.

I remember her telling me that I had seen the tooth fairy (I had a tooth under my pillow that night).

But being very sensitive, I picked up on her worry and concern and the situation seemed serious to me somehow. Plus I was confused as to why the tooth fairy was so scary and not like I had imagined her at all. If my mother was worried, I felt, then I should be scared too.

(Incidentally, this is when my fear of spirits really took root, to the extent that it was the biggest hurdle for me to overcome when I started to explore intuitive development.  I shut down my clairvoyance big time and for a long time I didn’t want to become a professional intuitive because I was too scared, even though I knew it was my path.)

Anyway, having been on the receiving end of a fib about the tooth fairy, and the confusion it created, my advice would be to tell the truth and try not to convey any worries you are having about the situation. It will just make your child feel that there is something wrong. After all, if your child is ‘seeing things’, the chances are he/she might be an empath too and if she is, she will definitely pick up on your anxiety.

What if you can’t explain this topic to your child because you don’t know anything about spirits? Here’s a quick run down of the facts, according to my knowledge and experience:

The Reality of ‘Ghosts’

There are lost spirits walking this planet. I’ve been clearing them from auras and properties for several years now. You could call them earthbound spirits, ghosts, whatever. These spirits are lost because they don’t want to cross over to the other side for whatever reason – it could be a physical addiction (i.e. an alcoholic who can’t bear to be on a plane where there is no alcohol.)  It could be unfinished business for the earthbound spirit, that is keeping him/her on the earth plane, or a strong attachment to a loved one (i.e. the spirit is waiting for a loved one so they can cross over together – that is a more unusual scenario in my experience.) They cross over eventually.

Sometimes these spirits are seen or sensed. People who are doing intuitive development can sometimes get excited when they get in contact with a spirit, and begin to channel it, just because they can. That’s a very bad move, unless you want to channel a spirit of a very low vibration. Instead, we want to channel Spirit Guides and those spirits who are MEANT to assist us – not these lost spirits.

So, that’s the reality of the situation. I feel it is a good thing to be able to educate your child about spirits before other people or Hollywood does:

Hollywood’s Portrayal of Spirits

In movies, spirits are evil and scary.  They come to torment us or just to frighten us. They can do weird things, like throw objects around the room. They are creepy.

Unfortunately, the way spirits are portrayed in movies is downright disturbing and it bears so little resemblance to reality that it’s laughable. Just because people think spirits are fearsome and scary doesn’t mean they are. And when we see them, we might see them as scary, simply because we have been conditioned to see them that way.

Another reason why we might see lost spirits as scary is because they hang out in a very low vibration (stuckness and unhappiness.) Coming into contact with that vibration can feel unpleasant, but it does not mean that the lost spirit is fearsome.

So I would say, take the chance to educate your child on what she is seeing, before popular culture does and she becomes even more scared.

Here are some tips for what I would personally do if I were a parent of a psychic child:

1. Don’t encourage your child to interact with or make a friend of spirits

I have heard of some parents who encourage the child to talk to the lost spirit, as if it’s some long lost ancestor. I personally wouldn’t encourage that. I feel that there is really no place for the lost spirit, in a child’s room or around your child. There is a place for guardian angels and Spirit Guides, but not for lost spirits.

2. Explain to your child what she is seeing

Yes, this probably involves explaining what happens when we die if you have not already (I personally think that heaven is a nice concept). You could explain that some souls do not want to go to heaven straight away and instead wait around for someone they loved – and occasionally they get lost and go where they shouldn’t. I personally wouldn’t make up a lie because your child will sense it, and will be confused. And confusion can breed fear.

3. Make spirits seem less scary

I remember when I was little I was very scared of spiders. For some reason, I became less scared of them when my father explained that spiders are more scared of us than we are of them – they seemed less fearsome once I knew that.

When I clear these lost spirits from locations and auras, they do sometimes seem pretty terrified. So you could tell your child that usually spirits are as scared of us as we are of them. Plus we, as humans, have all the power. Lost spirits are pretty much powerless. They can’t do anything to hurt us. I also remember my father once saying to me ‘it’s not the dead who can hurt us’ (i.e. the dead are not to be feared.)

4. Don’t make it ‘weird’ or ‘worrying’

Try to make it as normal as possible, but you could also touch on the fact that it’s not OK to talk about it to just anyone, because some people can’t see the spirits and will think you’re making it up!

Hopefully, these tips should make the experience of sensing or seeing a spirit less traumatic for your child. But if they don’t, here’s a final tip:

Remind your child that she in control

You can let your child know that it is possible to ask a spirit to leave their space. It is also possible to call on an angel to come and take the lost spirit away. If your child sees spirits in her bedroom at night, place a little angel symbol somewhere for her to hold if she gets scared. Teach her a simple prayer such as ‘Archangel Michael, come and take away this lost spirit’.  Remind her that she has angels who look after her and who can remove the lost spirits.

Hopefully, this article is helpful for parents out there who have been through this with their child. If you have some experience in this area, feel free to present other ideas or suggestions in the comments section below.

And if you would like to learn to clear earthbound spirits from your space, and keep these spirits out of your home for good (a lot of homes have earthbound spirits hanging around and they can bother sensitive children), you might be interested in signing up for my free space clearing e-course.

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  1. Lindsay | The Daily Awe


    This article is wonderful! I’ve really missed reading what you have to say while you’ve been busy putting your course together.

    As a little girl I saw spirits and I was terrified at times, too. I remember the first time I saw one – I was about 5 years old and saw a little ginger boy holding a bag of groceries. He was standing at the side of my bed in the middle of the night. I did exactly as you did…put my head under the covers and willed it to go away. I guess I eventually fell asleep.

    I don’t remember telling my mom, but I do remember seeing him several times after that moment. And I remember playing “school” with the spirits I felt in my bedroom as a kid. I was the teacher and they were my apt pupils! 😉 Nothing bad ever came of that, but as an adult now I wouldn’t encourage that kind of playing with spirits if my own child ever has these sensitivities.

    I still don’t want to ‘see’ anything…I grew up sleeping with my head under the covers any time I saw or felt a spirit (I only played school in the daylight!) and even as an adult I’m pretty sure I’d feel scared shitless if I saw a spirit standing in my room or home. I know what to do if that should ever happen, but I still don’t want it to!

    Thanks again for this!

  2. Frances

    “(Incidentally, this is when my fear of spirits really took root, to the extent that it was the biggest hurdle for me to overcome when I started to do psychic development. I shut down my clairvoyance big time and for a long time I didn’t want to become a professional intuitive because I was too scared, even though I knew it was my path.)”

    Ditto. I saw spirits for many years as a child, and b/c my mom told me that was NOT a good thing, the experiences stopped. My mom didn’t look worried when I used to tell her I had these experiences; she looked more annoyed and had the “Why do I have to have the freak child?” look on her face! LOL However, when I told my dad and stepmom, they looked interested and asked me questions. I didn’t live full time with them so unfortunately the support wasn’t there all the time.

    And when spirits started “showing up” again in my mid-twenties, instead of me being extremely scared I kinda seeked them and started learning what these experiences were.

    As a child, I had very little opportunity (no real family support) so they left me alone. However, in my mid-twenties I used to ask myself, “Why now? Why again?”…well, b/c I could do something about it.

    They know better, don’t they? 😛

  3. Frances

    Forgot to add that now my daughter, whose three years old, has started having psychic experiences. She’s seeing her “Pop Pop” who passed in 2007 (she was born in 2008) and tells me she talks to him at night.

    I’m excited! LOL Bottom line: she’ll have my 100% support 🙂

  4. Darla

    great article anna! i think you handled the subject well, even though you’re not a parent. I took to sleeping in a tight little ball on my stomach– and still do– for fear of seeing something. I don’t have a memory of it but I’m sure this pattern stems from an experience . . .

  5. Anna

    Oh Lindsay, what you said sounded exactly like my childhood! How funny.

    I too used to play teacher with imaginary students who had real personalities and appearances to me.

    I also used to sleep with my head under the covers, but most of the time.

    Seeing that little boy holding the groceries must have really startled you.

  6. Anna

    I think it’s much nicer when a child sees a deceased relative.

  7. Anna

    Thanks Darla! Oh interesting. Wonder if you’ll ever stop sleeping like that.

  8. Attila

    Hi Anna, I find your advice very useful.

    My approach to seeing negative earthbound spirits or experiencing anything negative in my life is showing myself greater appreciation and love, as the outside world is but a mirror of the inner one. This is true not only to physical reality but to all manifest dimensions in existence. And since it’s a child in question who sees these spirits having limited free will, wisdom and life experiences, it’s the parents’ responsibility to pay enough loving attention to her and nurture a smooth, intelligent and empathetic way of communication between them and the child thus giving her adequate self esteem which would enable her to experience life in all of its dimensions more filled with love and light, on a much higher and blissful vibrational level. Noone should raise a child without first being able to provide this for themselves, yet we see ruined people all over the world for the very same reason. Then the child will have double the work to do; to deal with her childhood traumas related to her parents as well as learning to understand how other dimensions and the universe as a whole works. Probably it was all her choice at a higher level before birth anyway so there’s nothing to get agitated for me here anyway 🙂

  9. Julie A Clear Sign

    I have two children, and one of them is definitely tuned in to spirit and has been since birth. Now that he is 3 and verbal, when he brings it up I just engage him in conversation about it as if it’s completely normal, but I have also told him that he has angels on his team who watch out for him all of the time, so if he gets scared he should simply ask them for protection and to remove the “ghost.”

  10. Namaste

    While I don’t have kids, I was interested to hear your thoughts on this subject. I wasn’t comfortable around kids until a friend of mine told me to, “Just talk to her like an adult.” Now my friend’s daughter and I have great conversations and she’s 7 years old. Kids are way more aware than people give them credit for so telling them the truth, just makes sense. Knowledge really can be power at times, especially in cases like this…

  11. Kara

    Hi Anna,

    Wonderful article. I am still in the process of looking back at my childhood and re-analyzing my experiences. It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I realized that I did see spirits, and was very afraid, but since I had only negative messages from my parents I shut down the intuitive part of myself for most of my life, until the last several years. (There are still a few experiences that I don’t yet have a frame of reference for!)

    It was interesting that recently, because of a series of events in my life, I started “re-learning” about spirits. It was almost like I had to reach a point of confidence in my life before I was ready to do so. (I had no problem with learning about intuitive stuff, but “ghosts” held so much fear for me.) I started learning about earthbound spirits instead of “ghosts”, and even this change in terminology removed the negative emotional charge and fear on my part. Then I could take in the “new” information about spirits and who they are, and what they do, and how to deal with them.

    It is also interesting for me as the parent of young children, both of whom are sensitive. One of my kids is very afraid of one specific spirit (I’ve tried different techniques for dealing with this, but as this one keeps occurring I’m thinking I need some more outside help again). My other child constantly talks to a “sibling in spirit”. I’m learning as I go and winging it (like most parenting), but I’m trying to stay open, to honor their feelings and thoughts, teach them about their guides, and in the case of the lower vibration spirits, how to tell the spirit to go away.

    Anyways, I’d love more resources on this topic. Perhaps in time I will have figured out enough about it to share, but until then I appreciate posts like yours.


  12. Susan

    I didn’t realize my son was seeing ghosts until a lovely local psychic came to our house and clued me in. Now, my boy will mention to me from time to time about this spirit or that. The psychic let me know that we have a woman from about 100 years ago, who is just wandering around the area and likes the energy of our house. At night I will specifically tell her to not check on my son while he’s sleeping- that he’s just fine. Recently, my son has been telling me about a black man he sees. I just explain to him what you have shared in this article, and that it’s nothing to be afraid of. Thank you for writing this.

  13. Dusty

    When I was a kid I didn’t see spirits, but I could feel them.

    I remember going to bed one night and telling my Mum there was someone standing by the window staring at me. I didn’t see him. I didn’t feel anything physically. But mentally, I sensed it there, and it was a strong feeling, and even though I didn’t see anything, I could look at that spot and tell you how tall it was and how wide it was.

    It’s really difficult to explain.

  14. isa

    I saw one when I was six (between my bed and baby brother’s crib!) I ran to tell the parents and they said I was dreaming ( wide awake) never saw one since. I have seen colored orbs one an occasion as an adult..and heard single words here and there (very rarely) coming from nowhere. So..maybe I had sensitivity but obviously not really anymore. My son said his spirit in the room is faceless and we “have to help her put it back on” and “find her house”. She has a name “charlie” this is repeated too. He has not told tales either he’s a steadfast little boy:) I *do* know he is superbly empathetic when he sees others hurt/crying..stragers he runs up to to ask to ‘help’.so maybe empathic? This makes. Me think it is true. My mom also heard a child’s cry when she was on the phone talking to me (no idea if it was the spirit my son sees asking for validation it is truly real). I regularly call on Michael the archangel my son has his middle named to honor:) sadly the spirit it still around. Talking about angels standing guard did assuage his fears are spot on there. My husband is inutitive and a good guy but I think fears the otgherside. He tells my son it isn’t real..period. I tried to explain how damaging that is and could further isolate our son’s fears. Now I handle the ‘seeing charlie’ talks. So far so good. It is frustrating not knowing when it will happen again b this is all sound advice..thanks!!

  15. isa

    Post script – our son told me he saw (name of friend of mine who died of suicide ten years ago) and described him to a t. Even the things he did in life (artist, told great jokes..son said he ‘made him laugh’) I casually pulled out a series of shots. People all strangers to him but friends of mine. He immediately picked the photo of my deceased friend and said “this is him!” Excitedly. He started sobbing when I took it away and said “he missed him”. I do not tell anyone because I am not even sure how he knew. I was careful to not look at the photos just laid them down and went about my business. So..maybe that one was a one off checking in? But at least it was not upsetting him. Still perplexes me and cannot make sense of it.

  16. suzanne

    my 6 year old grandaughter has talked about ghostleys in her room since 3 yrs. old. she will say: my ghostly friends…….my mother as well as her mother and i have always been psychic to an extent. now my 18 month old grandson is in the nursery and the older he gets, he points and cries at night to parts of the room. plus the room is cold. can you please give me an idea od things to do to make things better? we are catholic.will any blessed items such as rosaries, holy water,etc help? thank you

  17. Allison

    It is so refreshing to see such down to earth posts. I am a medium and have been seeing spirits for as long as I can remember. My mother, while intuitive, didn’t share my gift. I think she handled it very well as I was never afraid of what I saw. She even wrote down what I told her in a journal, and it is proving to be quite helpful since my niece (4yrs) is a medium as well. My experience has been that it is ok to engage spirits that seek you out, but to ignore those that are just hanging around. I view it like being at a party, you don’t have to talk to everyone there, just those that wave and engage you. I think its important to teach children this since they are often more sensitive than adults and can be bombarded by spirits. My mothers openess to my gift really let me explore it knowing she could help guide me. Thanks again for the great website!

  18. Heather

    I am glad that you wrote this but I am concerned. My 3 year old boy sees what he calls a scary pumpkin in my friends house, she claims to be a medium. I have personally heard things in the house as well but it is like he is drawn to it. I can’n seem to keep him away from it. He talks in such detail about where it is but not what it looks like. It is worring me and her. I was wondering if you had any advice on what I could do aside of not comming over.

  19. Michele

    Thank you for sharing some helpful tips in dealing with young children seeing spirits. My daughter started seeing them around 5 years old and she is very scared of them. she says they’re in her head and she cant get rid of them. They bother her and wont leave and they’re scary and mean. She stated that she hates her life! THat really scared me and she just said it again last week – she just turned 7 and is still very upset and doesnt want to talk about it. She begged me for a dream catcher which I bought online – looks like a real one to me but she wants to return it because it doesnt work!! I dont know what to do and i’m afraid the older she gets, the more she’ll “hate her life”. You know where I’m going with this…..I dont want to take her to the doctor or anything like that because they’ll most likely put her on medication even though, I beleive, it’s real and I dont want to medicate her – I dont feel like that’s a cure for this. I need some really good advice…HELP PLEASE!!

  20. adam

    In my opinion you need to take her to a soul healer perhaps and get them to clear out any unwanted entities.I totally understand your daughter’s fears and I belive this will help.

  21. Paula

    Dear Michele,

    Thank you so much for your comment. I have a young daughter 61/2 years old and since having pneumonia, has started seeing people in her room at night – a very large, dark man with big feet who’s hands he put around her neck and squeezed so tight. Another, a young boy (bald) who unlike the man who she says felt like a ‘real person’, is there and she can make out his body but it’s ‘not like ours’. She’s terrified both day and night and spends the best part of her time when home, looking down the hallway, over her shoulders and always looks wide eyed with fear. I’m so lost and have tried many things to reassure her that it will all be OK – but I have a very open mind and believe that these things are possible. Just wish there was something I could do to better help her sleep peacefully at night.

  22. Kristi

    Hi, I am pretty freaked out right now..
    My 28 month old little girl has always been great to go to bed and last night I put her in and all of a sudden she Screamed out to me.. When I went in she kept saying “dont let the lady hurt me mommy”, I asked her what lady and she pointed to the corner of her room and just stared for about 5 mins. I took her out of her room gave her a bottle and went back to her room, when we entered her head went straight to the corner and she said “Hello”. I put her in bed and she stood up right away and started stareing in the corner again and telling me she is scared of the lady.. We did 3 or 4 times back and forth to the room and every time she looked at the corner and started to cry in a crazy way.. I have never had a experience like this with her and is wondering what I should do.. She is truly afraid and keeps looking at the same spot. I think she is too young to make up something like that.. Please Help me as I am very freaked out and is wondering if there truly is something in her room and if so How can I get rid of it.
    Also for months now she wakes up every night the same time 1:10 screaming for me.. When she is at her dads house she sleep through the night with no problems at all..

  23. Kelly

    My name is Kelly and I have a 13 year old daughter Madison. She’s able to see and feel spirits. It began only about three years ago, after her father passed away. She started seeing him after his passing. And she would see shadows it startled her but didn’t bother her. A few months back she started seeing a dark spirit in our home, but more important she felt his emotions, his anger and then saddness, and he stares at her and scares her. I’ve it is scaring her. Can you possible offer my daughter some advice or a book to read or something. We have a lot of faith in God and I’ve just been praying about it and praying for this spirit to have peace. But she really is having a hard time. I appreciate any advice or help. Thank you Kelly

  24. Tisha

    My daughter …now 8 yrs old…has seen spirits (which scared her) since she was about 3 yrs old. She has seen a lady with a bleeding leg and my daughter was terrified to go in my room for a month or so. Then she would say there was a little boy in her room playing in the water..this has been on and off for years…she then would hear them talking but couldn’t make out what they were saying…one night about 6 months ago…a voice spoke to her saying something about her dolly and then slapped the bottom of her foot. She woke me up out of a dead sleep telling me this. So..we now pray to the holy spirit for protection from these spirits. She now sees her Angels surrounding her bed at night from time to time..she gives a complete description of them (except for their faces..she can’t see them)..only to say they are white lighted and have long curly hair (she said, “Like my hair Mommy”). She says they stand with their arms out and their heads down. This is amazing.

  25. anonymous

    My husband seems to be sensitive with spirits as well as my oldest. He knew things about the land my parents built their house on that he coukdnt have known. But my oldest has always seen things. From the time she was about 18-24 months she cried about ” man with crazy eyes”. Now at 7 yrs old, she talks about Audra. A little girl spirit with long hair. And some sort of bad memory that literally makes her stop and scream (my daughter). Im glad that i was able to get some guidance on this.

  26. Jess

    My four year old daughter since the time she has been able to talk says that she talks to my grandparents on my mom side of the family at first i thought that it was just her playing games but then she started to describe them completely an knew their names an she has never seen a picture or heard their names before then she started speaking more often of my grandmother saying she does her hair an that she tells her to tell me an my mother things i do not want my daughter to lose the ability to do these things how would i help her to embrace this lovely gift that she has before it leaves her for good?

  27. nicole

    My son will be 3 in a couple months, I have noticed him stare at blank walls and point before, but I never paid too much attention to it until last night. I was laying in bed with him trying to get him to sleep, when he pointed at the ceiling and said “the father”. I wasn’t sure if I heard him correctly at first but then he kept repeating it. I have never spoken to him about God or death or anything, because he is too young to understand. But last night really made me wonder if something is going on that I haven’t been aware of. Any advice?

  28. Shane

    Love this site!!!

  29. Maria

    My Husband and I are in the process of fixing this 1924 house we just purchased this weekend would be our moving time we have 2 daughters one 9 and one 7 they were inside while we were outside when they ran to us frightened that they saw a lil girl ran down the hallway with black hair my 9 year old is an autism child shes usually afraid of anything but the look in her eyes while she try to explain to me what she saw is unexplainable My husban told them that it was him that made a shadow with a light i told them that if it happens again to tell her oh anything they see to Please leave me alone God is with me I dont know what to do oh how to take this…

  30. Tom Saltsman

    I was born in 1952 and got the gift of ‘discerning of spirits’ at 16 years of age. In the late seventies, I was lucky enough to have an experienced mentor who helped me with the gift. It seems mentors are so important with this gift. His help was priceless.

    About 1999, my gift started to kick in really big time–probably because of all the prayer and fasting I was doing. The spirits promised me something in this life that seemed impossible—something even more unlikely than, ‘Bernie Sanders will be the next president!” Everyone thought I was nuts.

    On the advice of a close friend, I went to a shrink. The shrink said I was perfectly sane and normal except for this prophetic part of me. He even gave me medication that was supposed to stop the ‘hallucinations.’ They didn’t stop. They continued like they did before: hearing conversations, seeing departed spirits.

    However strange, the encounters were always joyful and peaceful. They were never negative or scary. I often saw great darkness surrounding a departed soul but it was always accompanied by something akin to a soft candle light. I knew that small hope represented some lasting good they had done while on earth.

    I had to believe for I could find peace no other way. About 18 months after seeing the shrink, the ‘unbelievable thing’ that spirits TOLD me would happen DID happen. That means my ‘impossible’ prophecy is in my medical records. My shrink could only say, “I don’t profess to know everything!”

    I am Catholic and use the mass, prayer, and fasting to help the spirits ‘cross over’ if I can. Mystic nuns and brothers have been doing this kind of thing for centuries. Maybe all that’s changed is the semantics.

  31. Alexis

    Hi Anna,

    I would like to say thank you for posting this. It really helped me to understand and for me to not freak out as well. My little sister came to me and told me that she sees shadows around her room and though that’s all she’s told me, I’d rather help her now than wait until she’s supposedly in some kind of danger involving spirirts.
    Many thanks you ~ ¡Salud!

  32. Shannon

    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for posting this! I have recently encountered a situation with my 2 1/2 year old daughter that has led me to start doing some research on this topic. Approximately 3 weeks ago, she referenced “the mean man” in her bedroom. At first I didn’t know what to make of it, more or less convincing myself it was nothing. But then she started pointing towards her closet, having increased difficulty with sleep (which we never had with her), and even start interacting with this man. Just this past weekend, she was in the corner of her room, appearing to try and comfort “the mean man”. When I asked her who she was talking to she identified him and said he was crying. She immediately ran out of her bedroom and ran and got her blanket. She proceeded to lift it up to whoever she was communicating with. She appears distracted and concerned with its disposition, wanting to help it. I do believe she is interacting with something but I don’t know what to do or how to help her. I have talked to my husband and other extended family, I think they are questioning my sanity. Lol! I want to help my daughter, any additional direction would be helpful.

  33. Nicola

    Hi, last year my friend died. I had a lovely medium lady come to mine. Thinking I was just going to hopefully make contact with my friend I learned that my daughter ( one of five) was gifted. The lady randomly sat me down held my hand and said, one of your children is different. All of your family see it, you see it. She isn’t talking to her self or her toys. This is very true. Just, we didn’t know how. Jocejyn has always been very down to earth the sort of girl who at 6 would willingly pick up a spider say to it, my mum is scared little one you need to go out side. She adores any living thing. She has something about her that my self and my family just couldn’t work out. Jocejyn is loved by everyone that comes near her.. I know all children are.. But this was different. The medium told me that when the time was right to contact her. To be honest as a mum this did freak me out. And I just diss missed it. It’s been a year now. Of let’s say strange behaviour. She was assessed for autism at the schools request. Even thou I just knew there was nothing wrong. The school wouldn’t listen. Well I was right. She was discharged straight away. The last three weeks I’ve been feeling what my daughter has. I get scared easily. I know spirits are real. My nan is with me. But even that took a lot for me to want to believe. It’s not that I’m a non believer.. The un known scares me. But this I can’t ignore. I’m hearing banging in the night, I’m waking up suddenly in a panic and seeing things. My daughter keeps sleep walking, she also keeps waking up and coming to my room crying that she feels strange and doesn’t know why. Last night was horrific, I was feeling what my daughter was. She come to me at 3 in the morning crying, can you hear that mum.. Someone is slamming cupboards down stairs. To put her mind at ease I went down stairs to check no one was there. No one was there. I’m out of my depth. A doctor can’t help with this. But what ever is going on.. Or who ever it is, is effecting my little girl.. And I’m feeling her pain, her worry, and hearing and seeing what she is! How do I help her? Why am i feeling these things? I’ve never in my life seem or sensed anything. Apart from my nans smell when I’m upset. Sorry for the long post. But this is worrying me

  34. Wendy Butler

    Hi, I found this while trying to research about children who are “in tune”. We noticed something very special about our daughter when she was 2 and my mother-in-law passed away. We could hear her in her room talking with her often. She began using words in Spanish that we have never taught her and she would tell us that Grandma Lola or Grandpa (he passed 1 week before she was born) taught her. She’s now 6 and things like this have gone on every since.
    She just recently lost her 12 year old cousin in November and she tells us things that she would have no way of knowing. I asked her if she just sees her family that has passed or if she sees other people that she doesn’t know and she told me that she only sees our family but she knows that the other people are there and she can hear them when they are around. She said that they don’t let her see them because they are scared of her. She said she doesn’t know why they are scared of her because she’s not scary.
    This is all something extremely new to us and none of us have this gift so I’m not sure how to proceed or what to do.

  35. Mike Gunderson

    A three year old friend of mine wakes at three Am every night just at home. Away from home she is fine. Wakes up scared. Sometimes her parents smell cigarette smoke in the room and sometimes there is the smell of “old ladies perfume” at various times during the day. They have blessed and prayed over the rooms and house, even switched rooms. She still wakes and talks about a ghost. Her parents said they havn’t mentioned “ghost” around her but she picked it up somewhere. They don’t know what to do.

  36. Danielle

    Hello! I’m so glad I found this today. My daughter Journey is almost 3, she has an identical twin sister, Harper. Today I was in the kitchen making lunch talking on the phone with my fiance when Journey started screaming in the bathroom. She was trying to potty when she said she saw shadows in the corner, she said they were scaring her. She said she’s seen them before but that they’re afraid of her daddy. I’ve never heard her speak on this before. Her dad said he made her turn the hallway light on the other day because of the shadows. It’s scaring the hell out of me, but I don’t want to scare her. Is there something I can do to get them out of my house? Nobody in my family has a gift of communicating so I don’t know why she can see things. Hopefully over time she will say less about it.

  37. Perla Iris

    My son started seeing a woman in a tree out his bedroom window at the age of 3. She was always sitting or hanging. It didn’t seem to scare him but of course we never saw it. Up until the age of 10 he still saw it until we moved. He still remembers it. I have no idea how to make sense of it. He seems certain it happened?

  38. donna

    VERY GOOD article, I was curious, does it mean that the lost spirit died close by or where you actually seen it? My 9 year old is definitely special. But she came to me really scared but concerned. She said she was in the hall and she went to look in the mirror but she couldn’t see herself because She seen , and she was very specific, a 10 year old girl and she looked sad and lost and she had a long brown ponytail and she looked straight at my daughter and was about to say something, my daughter thinks, but my daughter at that point was freaked out and didn’t leave my side. also me knowing that she is telling the truth does that mean I could possibly see the little girl too.? The only thing I know is I tell her that there are no evil spirits here regardless and my mom is looking over us even if there were . and I also explained to here that my mom was the sweetest person in the world and I miss her soo much but if I even seen even her ghost, I would be frightened.

  39. Ang

    I, too, have a spiritually gifted empath daughter. She just turned 5 and we’ve known of her gift for a couple of years. She sees spirits and talks to them at least some of the time. She used to say they were her friends, now when I asked if she was talking to her ‘friend that mommy can’t see’ she gets angry and says “s/he is not my friend! S/he is not real! S/he is dead is dead!”

    I have 2 questions:

    1. How can I help her sleep at night? She is incredibly restless most nights especially between 11pm & 3am. I hear voices through the baby monitor (she shares a room w her younger sister), loud footsteps, her mumbling or saying “no”. She doesn’t ever seem to sleep well.

    2. She refuses to talk to me about these spirits. I am very open and a believer in them. I tell her she has a very special gift, etc. I tell her I want to help her learn how to manage this gift. She refuses to talk. Just sighs and looks really sad. Once she told me she can’t talk to me cuz they don’t like me. She didn’t know why.

    Help, please??!

  40. Warwick

    Thank you for your advice.
    We are using it to help our young daughter tonight.

  41. Jessica Ellis

    My daughter Autumn just turned 5 on April 17 and she had just lost her father on 11/26/2016 and ever since she has woken up scared at night, even when they take naps at pre-k afraid that someone is gonna kidnap her. She says that’s what a little boy wizard tells her and she is scared to death to use the bathroom at night cause a man appears with a trash can on their head. And you cant look at a picture of her daddy with just him, she says a snake from hell will get him, but he is fine in a picture as long as I am in it and her and her 2 older sisters, which are Alexis who is 9 and Peyton who is 7, and I’m wondering if this is spirit related or if this is just a process she is dealing with from grief. Is this normal ? My other two children are not behaving like this and when I was a child I used to be able to see and hear and feel spirits, but I can’t so much now cause my parents put a mental block up by telling me I was crazy and mediums have told me I have the same gift they have I just have a block, and I was always afraid. What should I do? I would love advice.

  42. Rebecca

    Hi Anna, so great to find your blog.
    I have a concern perhaps you can lend insight too?
    My 3 yr. old grandson has had 3 episodes in approx. the past 6 months of seeing a “Blue Man”! The previous 2 incidents woke him in a fright in the night where he was crying so uncontrolled and shaking, almost incoherent that it took my daughter and son-in-law some while to calm him and he slept with them the remainder of the night. We thought perhaps it was a nightmare even though in one I stance he said the Blue Man woke him up. I was visiting after the 2nd time and I told him if he sees him again and if he scares him to tell him to leave, or go away and I don’t want you here!
    Just last evening my daughter texted he just ran into the room and said, “the Blue Man was in my room playing with my trucks and cars”! He was awake, just out of his bath and in PJ’s and had gone to his room to play while Mommy was rocking baby Sister to sleep in her room. She asked him what he did and he said he told him to go away. Daughter asked if he did leave and my Grandson said he did, through the window. (which was shut and locked 2nd story)! This time awake with lights on he was not that afraid, even seemed a little empowered. We are really beginning to wonder more by the day if he is gifted more than the average child in that all are open when small. He has told me Grandma & Grandpa are at his house and he loves them very much. We (maternal grandparents) are Grammy and Gramps and his Paternal Grandparents are Yay Yay and PaPa! Only living Ggrandma is GiGi and he insists they are none of us. He has also seen a man in a shiny mask in the night and said he stand on his bed and got his sword (what sword?) and had a sword fight with him? Since he was an infant we could take photos of him and see many orbs around him in pics and he would look up and smile and coo at something we could not see. Both paternal Great Grandmother’s passed the year he was born but prior to his birth! I am sensitive, highly intuitive and empathic, as is my mother, as was my grandmother and we believe my great grandmother. My daughter and son do not seem to share this but my daughter did see a spirit once as a teen and the thought frightens her. I have blocked my own sensitivity my whole life out of fear and am only in recent years becoming more comfortable with it. I sense & hear spirit and have spirit visitation dreams but do not see them. Mother has seen spirits. We are not frightened at the prospect of my grandson having abilities but I am concerned about the “Blue Man” and want to know if you have any input. I have researched and find some Experiences seemed rather harmless where other children had negative experiences. I have never heard of a Blue Spirit guide or a solid blue ghost person before. We just want to know what we are dealing with and to protect our little boy from any negative influences. Thanks for any input or advice.

  43. Kamini

    My 2.5 yr old said he saw white girl and she was spitting on him where as there was no one. What does the spitting mean. Why would spirit spit? Does it mean that spirit is angry?
    Please let me know.

    – KW

  44. sarha

    well I’m not sure if this is the place to write this,, but my grand daughter,she is now 11will be 12 in October,, she has been seeing and hearing spirits since she was 6 years old,,was so scary at first for us,, cause she would wake up screaming cause of the dark spirit saying he wanted her soul,, and she would see angels and see told us about she had died and went to see jesus and seen what heaven was like,, over the years my girl has been able to see the images of the spirits now more in a human form, and can communicate as if she is actualy talking to someone alive ,, the one reason I know that her ability to see and connect is that she was at her friends house and I got a call letting me know that the man I was involved with years ago had just past away that morning ,and I had made a comment wondering if he knew how much I loved him and wondered if he had read my letter , well abouot 10 minutes later while I was looking out the window my grand daughter came home and the minute she walked in she stoped suddenly ,, she jumped on the couch next to me I said what,she stared over to the door way to the hallway she said grandma there is a man standing there staring at you,, I said realy she is like ya he is tall and skinny wearing a hat, and he is smiling at you, then she grabbed me she yelled grandma he is right in front of you hold out your hand, so I did ,, I said what does this guy want, she asked the spirit and he told her to tell me that he loved me also and that yes I read your letter,, the minute she said that I knew right then that yes she has a gift of being able to connect to the other side,that was when I told her my friend had just past away that morning and that she described what he looked like and the question I asked on my phone conversations, so yes I do believe she has a gift,, and boy can she tell if there is a medium that lies and says they are when they are not,, and the tv shows that she has witnessed she is like nope this ones fake or oh he has an ability to connect but mine is better then his, and I have to laugh when she talks about the one show about the lady from ny,, she is like do you realy think she see’s these spirits,, look where they live and how they live, do you realy think she has the gift that I have, I’m like well I have no idea,, so she had me write that lady, they never contacted us, so kinda makes me wonder now also ,, but ya she see’s all kinds of spirits the ones that wake her up at 3 am every night are the bad ones tho,, they scream at her and scare her, but I realy do hope she loses this connection,, but I got my doubts cause her ability seems to be getting stronger the older she gets now, and she can tell me things and other people things, so ya I do believe that kids can see things and hear, and that people need to be patient,,

  45. FRITZ

    Hi Ana,

    I am new to your site. I read the article in search of answers as I am trying to determine if my 11 almost 12 years old is actually seeing things or having nightmares. How do you know the difference. This child is very intuitive and most tell me he is like an old man stuck in a kids body. He complains of seeing scary things mainly at night or wakes up really upset stating that he sees scary stuff and we must turn on lights at night. This is not new and in the past I would ask what he sees and often he only describes what he calls scary things. He is now starting to describe what some things are that he sees and he recently mentioned that he could see a big headed Giant man near the mirror talking but he could not hear him then a guy that almost looked like a skeleton was crouched looking at his bed and another figure of a man looking the opposite way. He also had a very weird what I call dream or experience a few weeks back when he was sleeping (during the day) as he woke up he was concerned, he said his body had been paralyzed in the dream and he could only move his neck. But he said that he might not have been dreaming as he remembers that his eyes where open.

  46. Christa RSA

    This is so weird, I really didn’t think so many people could see or sense spirits. I really thought I was odd. I mostly sense spirits, and sometimes I will tell my husband there is a woman/man with us. I tend to see a man in our bedroom from time to time, wearing a white shirt and a tie. I haven’t seen other spirits for a really long time, but I am glad, coz I’m still frightened.

    When I was small I used to see almost like an energy ball type of thing when I sensed a spirit, most of them white, some a light shaded blue and only once there was and orange-red one. I was so scared I could not move.

    My parents didn’t believe me. Told me it was my imagination.

    But now I have two kids. My son was 3 when I took him for a bath one day and he kept turning around, wanting to go back to where we were coming from. I asked him what’s going on, and he just asked, where is my friend going? So innocent, and so brave. He still talks to them, but doesn’t mention that he sees them.

    My daughter on the other hand is scared of them . She is 11 but still sleeps with a night light. I feel so sorry for her, but I am glad that I have read this and knows how to deal with it now. Thank you so very, very much, for everyone’s contributions.

  47. Peter

    My Son at since 3 years old now 6 tells me there is a monster in my house, He described him as a bad man and he sits near the toys, Now my daughter who is 4 is telling me the same thing,She says she is scared of my house as she sees shadows and can see the bad mans face, I am a Seperated father due to family break up from ongoing arguments in the house with my ex wife she left two years ago now & when I am alone in the house I to feel cold chills in the air and a spirit like presence, My niece lived in the house I am in before me & when she was little would talk of an imaginary friend & to would always have to get to sleep with the light on,When I was 7 years old I experienced a ghost which touched me it was very scary,When my cousin was about 3 years old he used to sit in the lounge room and tell other family members that the old Woman is sitting on her chair knitting, We had a great grandmother that died before he was born and she used to sit on the chair he pointed to and do her knitting,I believe young kids can connect with the spiritual world but eventually grow out of it but those that have had a traumatic experience or encounter with a ghost or spirit somehow carry that psychic ability into adulthood

  48. sarha

    ok now the spirits are getting more intense with my grand daughter,, plus she said she seen angels that are protecting her, 3 angels appeared to her tonight and one held out their hands to her and she said she was afraid to touch the angels hands and came running back into the house, this time the angels appeared as human form but glowing blue, kinda makes ya wonder whats gonna happen is Jesus preparing the kids before his coming,, makes me wonder ,,she is also having premonition of what is going to happen now before it happens kinda like a fluke,,

  49. Kelly

    My daughter at age 5 says she saw a woman sleeping between her father and I. She says she went into the living room and saw her purse. We then moved to a new house and over the last 5 years tells me about “the black man”. He has black hair and is always wearing the same thing. She thinks he is scary. I tell her I believe her but he cant do anything to hurt her. She’s been seeing him less and less, so hopefully it’s getting better.

  50. Becky

    I too saw spirits at night as a child. They would take on the shape of objects in my room such as furniture. I remember waking up nightly as a child to talk and sing with them. They were not scary and very comforting. It was like between the ages of 4 and 8 or 9 I would say. I have just starting thinking about all this again for some reason and another thing that I would see in this same timeframe were lights. What I mean are kind of like the lights that are static on your TV. Only these could be different colors and they would swirl around my room go fast and slow. I just remember them being beautiful and so much in awe of them. You could hold your hand out and catch them in your hand, that’s how Vivid they were. I’ve been trying to research what these were. Of course as I got older the lights disappeared and I couldn’t see him anymore and still can’t as an adult. Has anyone seen these or know what they are? They aren’t orbs. It’s more like moving energy of some sort. So glad to come across this blog as I’ve read so many interesting things. Glad to see I wasn’t alone

  51. sarha

    I have read everyone’s blog on here, seems to me I think kids are more suseptable to seeing more then those of us who are older. I do believe we have a middle between earth and heaven and those spirits roam the earth and many are either lost or don’t even realize they are dead, or have something to they wanted to get across before moving on. The orbs I see are all colors mostly golden or red sometimes white and blue, but I call them energy orbs from a spirit that wants to be recognize, they swirl and some times makes figures as if they are dancing, at first when they appeared I thought maybe electrical problems so I turned off my breaker box to make sure no energy was going through the house, and still they were there for over an hour. When I would talk to them they seem to respond, and when I would ask them to swirl in a spiral they would or circle around the room or just stay in the center of the room. I have seen dark shadow spirits, to me that is a bad sign. So I cleaned my home and chant the prayer to Jesus and ask for Jesus to send his guardians to remove them from my home, seems to work,and then I use white candles and also use sage for cleansing my home, and oint my windows and door and put ointment around my bedroom doors so they may not enter while we sleep. I also put sea salt in each door way and say you are not to enter or to disturb us while we sleep, whic seems to help us.

  52. Ryan Labourn

    Hi, I’ve read the article but none of the comments prior to my comment. I’m Ryan, me and my partner and daughter who is 3 have just moved into a new house and so far it’s been great. Up until 3 week ago I sensed and heard some strange noises. Nothing to shout about but, in the last 2 week my daughter has been waking up scared to death once through the day after her nap and the second tonight at around 1am. Waking up scared, crying that she’s scared. Then she’s started to smile looking beyond her mum into the corner of her room. She says there’s a woman with brown hair in her room. Now I’m really sceptical of “Ghosts” but if anything weird happens late at night I’m a 100% believer and think I’m under attack and right now were both, as parents scared. I will be following these tips in this article but is there anyone that as experienced a similar thing to us? We’d like and very much appreciate any help or tips on this situation of ours. Thanks guys.

  53. Theresa

    Hi, I am a very worried grandma of a 6-year-old grandson of whom I have guardianship. I have had him since he was 4 months old and we lived in the same house all his life as well as his older brother who is 9, but recently we have moved to a new home of our own, but the problem started in the old house. Ever since he was about 4 1/2 he’s been afraid to sleep alone, always coming into my husband’s and my bed at night from his own room, I’m getting up there in age and it’s really taking a toll on me with nonconstant sleep, so I tried putting his bed in with his brother to share a room, but i would always wake up and find him in the same bed as his brother, after a while that even stopped working and he’d end up in our bed again at night, I AM NOT a religious person, I do not believe in god, but I do believe there is some form of a higher power I just don’t know if I would call him god, if you can kinda sense what I mean religious wise. I do believe in spirits as I once experienced my great grandma’s presents unknown at the time she had passed, I woke up with the strong presence of her perfume one night in a cold sweat, next day was called by my mom and was told she passed. But anyway when I ask my grandson why he won’t sleep in his room (or even his new room) he tells me he see’s shadow people, I have asked him what do they do? he says nothing, they just stare at him, I asked have you told them to go away, he says yes but they don’t talk or anything and they won’t listen, they just stand there staring at him and it scares him, I really don’t know how to help I’ve tried night lights i’ve trying telling him to tell them they aren’t welcome and need to leave, but almost everything I suggest doesn’t seem to help and he is still ending up in my bed at night no matter how many times i put him back into his, his brother is at the age where he wants his space. His brother when he was little saw things too but the night lights helped him and he hasn’t mentioned seeing anything since he turned 4, but this one has me puzzled and I feel helpless.

  54. Katie

    I was so happy to find this article and your website. I have two boys and they both have shared things they saw when they were younger. My older son seems to have lost his sight, but the younger one still sees. I will use these tips to help he (and I) try to get a better understanding of this. Thank you again

  55. Dennis

    My granddaughter says she sees a black dot and it tells her to do different things like stealing things. Is this a spirit. We asked her when she first saw this black dot and she said it has always been there. She is now five. I don’t think she should talk to it or even acknowledge that it is there. What do you think we should do?


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