Why I Don’t Believe in Psychic Attack

When people send me emails asking a question on the subject of psychic attack, they fall invariably into two categories:

  • People who are afraid of intuitive development because they’ve heard that it makes you vulnerable to psychic attack
  • People who think they are under psychic attack.

What Is Psychic Attack?

Psychic attack is the name for the situation where a person is being psychically victimized by a dark entity or person (or the person perceives they are.)

Sometimes people believe that a non-physical entity is victimizing them. Sometimes it might be that a person believes that another person is psychically victimizing them or infiltrating their mind or energy field, against their will.

My Experiences with ‘Psychic Attack’

Let me tell you about my experiences with the idea of ‘psychic attack’.

I personally had encountered this idea of psychic attack twice before I trained as a professional intuitive.

The first time was when I was involved in an evangelical Christian church and it was basically a cult-like organisation that used fear to keep its members loyal to ‘God’ and the organisation. I only went a couple of times and attended a few Bible study meetings (that was more than enough for me.)

When I told my friend who had introduced me to the church that I was leaving, she said something along the lines of:

“The reason why you want to leave is because you’re under psychic attack from the devil, who is trying to keep you separate from God.”

Upon hearing this, I felt like I was going crazy. I was already confused – quitting that church had taken a lot of personal power and confidence that I didn’t have much of, at that time in my life.

Her comment sent panic and irrational fear straight through my brain, like a thunderbolt.

You can make a vulnerable person feel crazy (and question their own sanity) by telling them they’re under psychic attack.  I rang my grandmother who told me I wasn’t under psychic attack and invited me to come home for a week.

In my view, it will undermine anyone’s mental and emotional health to worry about and focus on the idea of a devil, psychic attack, or negative beings coming to get you. Or even to believe in it.

My Second Encounter with the Idea of Psychic Attack

The second time I came across the idea of psychic attack was when I read a book by a popular author in the new-age field who writes about psychic and negative beings a great deal, and how to avoid them.  The idea in this book was that some negative beings were scary and powerful, and we have to employ ingenious ways to elude them.

Anyway, after having read this book, at first I found it liberating that the negative thoughts I was having might not belong to me. I thought, maybe they were coming from outside of me after all. I preferred to blame what might be in my environment rather than face up to the fact that I had a lot of traumas to heal.

(Plus I was an empath and I was picking up on other peoples’ negative emotions on a daily basis, which made my emotional state worse.)

Soon after I’d sort of accepted this theory in the book I had read, I began to have bad dreams. They involved evil beings victimizing me and pinning me down. The dreams were so vivid that it felt real and I was scared.  I wondered if these were the beings the book talked about.

If anything, this book caused my fear to grow. A lot.

Eventually I came to my senses, realized that I was allowing these ideas and these imaginary beings into my space.  I didn’t have another ‘pinned down’ dream after that. My personal power had grown a little through that experience – I was choosing how to see the world, and I didn’t want to see the world through the eyes of fear.

So that is why I believe that it will undermine your mental health to focus on psychic attack, negative entities or demons. My experience has taught me it is the case.

But what about those people who really do believe they’re under psychic attack?

In my experience, those people who are insistent that they are under psychic attack are unconsciously projecting their past traumas and possibly even their own shadow side onto a spirit they feel is victimizing them.


While it may be possible to rape another person physically in this plane, spiritual law dictates that it is not possible for spirits to come in and violate an incarnated person energetically, unless that person has given their permission explicitly or implicitly. You can give your permission implicitly if you believe you have no power over your own energy and surrender control.

Remember that you have the power to choose what energies you engage with.

What about being under psychic attack from other people?

Yes, some people can be draining to be around – some people like to take more than they give, and others can be abusive or manipulative, or both.

But it is up to us to have real boundaries in the physical or to make choices that keep those people at a distance or away from us altogether.

When a person lacks the personal power to stand up to a bully, stop giving, or lay down the law, the situation will drain them and they might call it psychic attack or psychic vampirism.

Let’s get real about this: there’s nothing psychic about it, apart from your own resentment or upset.  And no one can drain you without your permission.

So, in conclusion, I believe that if you perceive you are under psychic attack, you are projecting something inside of you onto your external environment.

Do some “shadow” work – explore your deepest fears and wounds; the triggers that cause you to feel powerless. Address your past traumas and heal them. Go into psychotherapy, try a cord cutting session, or do some past life regressions. Read the book The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford. For trauma, try Trauma Releasing Exercises: A revolutionary new method for stress & trauma recovery which features some helpful exercises you can use to release traumas, even if you are not sure what those traumas might be.

Earthbound Spirits

(As an aside, there is a group of spirits called earthbound spirits that we DO want to avoid in intuitive development – as I mentioned in my last article, they can drain energy without meaning to, and they can amplify negative emotions if they take up residence in the aura. But they do not victimize us. Nor do they mean to cause harm. They are essentially ghosts or earthbound spirits and they can be cleared from a space or an aura.)

Psychic developers who have been traumatized in the past may see these low-vibrational spirits, as nightmarish, frightening figures. This is because we see and interpret the spirit realm through our own lens, which may be clouded by what we have experienced previously. For example, a sensitive child who grows up in a difficult or traumatic home environment (e.g. with an abusive parent) may encounter an earthbound spirit and see this spirit as something frightening (because she is frightened.) Yes, earthbound spirits can be low-vibrational, and are stuck here on the earth plane, but they only morph into frightening, nightmarish figures if we are looking through a ‘horror film’ lens. Clean up your lens and you will see the spirit for what it is – a fearful, stuck spirit who wants to move on to the other side but doesn’t know how.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Stefan

    I think the same. When a person thinks about this, it will brings fear based emotions. On energy plane he/she will build an energy form and on brain level he/she will build new pathway-mirror neurons that will play a bad movie in his/her mind. New Age authors writing on subject psychic attack must be ignored.

  2. Anne

    Thank you for the informative post. I have heard about psychic attacks in passing but this is the most in-depth information I’ve read on the subject. I feel fortunate in that my interest regarding metaphysics has always been geared toward enriching, happy, feel-good subjects. I have no interest in dark entities, etc. I am still looking forward to taking your class – just waiting until the right time!

  3. Kate

    Great article, Anna. I haven’t met a person yet who says they are under psychic attack who isn’t projecting their issues in some way onto spirit.

  4. Namaste

    I really enjoyed this article, Anna. It’s nice to see a common sense stance on this issue! Psychic attack is real, if you make it real. Otherwise it is a nonissue, not worth spending any time thinking about. Period.

  5. Julie A Clear Sign

    I haven’t run into anyone in my practice who had this concern. Usually people have more issues with what’s holding them back, and are more apt to think of it from a psychological standpoint.

  6. Slade Roberson

    I wholeheartedly concur — I have never, not once, in five years of doing professional readings, ever encountered a single person who is “under psychic attack.”

    I also do not attract people claiming to be — what’s with all the “psychic victimization”? I just don’t understand all this confusion and fear and weakness surrounding these subjects… If it’s not empowering and positive, why would anyone even bother?

    (Oh! actually, I can answer my own question — I believe that the people claiming to be under psychic attack and mental duress due to psychic phenomenon are mostly seeking attention.)

  7. rashmi

    Ufff what a relief! your post is so timely for me..in the last few weeks, I have had lots of fear while going deeper in meditation…and have given up meditating for a while for fear of some sort of evil entity possesing me!!!…Your post is so encouraging. I will slowly move back into exploring this sphere further once I feel stronger and more confident. Many thanks Anna. Rashmi

  8. Catriona

    I’d not heard of psychic attack as such and though I do very much agree with Anna’s article , I believe I have had a three of experiences where I felt psychically threatened. I felt afraid, it felt very real and I felt that I had to use a lot of resistance (strong prayer, calling on angels, god and various ascended masters) to send the entity/ies on their way. The final instance was more like an earthbound spirit. The other two were not so clear.
    I had no doubt that resistance would prevail (with assistance), but it didn’t make it any less nasty, or real-seeming. I actually felt privileged to be given this insight and a strong sense of the strength of help available if I only ask. I agree with the analogy with the physical or psychological bully (whether real or perceived). My sympathy goes out though to those who feel they are or have been attacked. It stops, however, where individuals deny their own responsibility for changing this and I do now try to avoid these (very draining) people.
    I think I’ve probably repeated what everyone else has said! Did just want to stand up in support of people who feel attacked – my sense is that it can happen, even if it’s not the personal, vindictive, impossible to resist thing that some people obviously paint it to be! Apologies if I’m misunderstood the whole concept!

  9. Alexander

    I find the whole thing fascinating. Do negative energies really exist or are we being attacked by a dark part of our own psyche?

    About a year ago while on a weekend break in the U.K. I visited what I had heard to be a “very haunted” place out of curiosity as it was recommended by a friend.

    It’s important to stress I had no spiritual leanings at the time and had long held a scientific sceptical view of paranormal and spiritual phenomenon. It was a touristy thing to do and a bit of a laugh.

    We went shopping and I had had a few drinks before I went down there (2 beers) and the instant I got in there (haunted place) I felt really sick, the hairs on my neck stood on end as you typically hear. I felt an overwhelming sense of dread and heaviness – I felt like I really didn’t want to be there, the feeling was disgusting it just felt, thick and evil, my body felt like it really wanted to leave, but my mind kept telling me that nothing can harm me, so I stayed.

    Then there was heavy breathing in my ear (we were in a big group, I just thought the guy next to me was a bit of a weirdo) then I saw what I thought was a person staring at me, they looked real, 100% solid, they were wearing old fashioned clothes, the only thing that didn’t seem right were the eyes, they were black – no colour at all and they just stared at me from the end of the corridor, my girlfriend also caught a glimpse of him, just as I nudged for her to look he walked off, but she caught a glimpse of him.

    I felt strange for the rest of the tour and I felt spaced out for the rest of the weekend, the only way I can describe it is it felt like when you have been out in the sun too long, you feel dizzy, spaced out, nauseous. When I went out for dinner that night, I felt strange, like I wasn’t fully present.

    Anyway after I got home these feelings continued, along with an inability to concentrate. A strange feeling that I wasn’t alone, electrical, tingling sensations up my spine.

    And I was becoming more and more spaced out, extremely tired, detached,sad and angry, my senses seemed dulled, I just felt like someone or something was with me. At times though it was terrifying as I felt I was losing consciousness.

    There were some strange electrical malfunctions and smells in my flat but I did not hear any voices or anything of that nature.

    I thought that there were two possibilities, I was either going insane or that somehow something had actually followed me home. I figured in that case I needed to see either a psychologist or an exorcist.

    Eventually I found a lady who is a trained psychoanalyst and psychic specialising in spirit release and psychic attack.

    I thought if any one can tell me if I have mental health issues or I am actually possessed then it will be this lady. Unfortunately she was booked up fully for 3-4 months, so instead I went to see somebody else who had been trained by her, a healer who speicalised in “spirit release” she confirmed that I did in fact have the spirit of a dark and particularly nasty murderer with me along with a lady and her little girl – 3 spirits in all.

    The alcohol I had consumed “weakened my aura” along with being run down and working 60 hour + weeks allowed the break in apparently.

    I felt much better afterwards, I could think clearly and things returned to normal.

    I made the mistake of telling some people about it who I knew were interested in spirituality and even they thought I was mental. Now I won’t tell anyone about it unless I know they have experienced it themselves.

    From my point of view, there were many physical sensations along with the mental disturbances, electrical tingling sensations up the spine, draining sensations, extreme tiredness. Along with feelings of almost instant relief after visiting the healer which is why I believe I had a negative entity attachment but in reality there are three Possibilities.

    1. Psychosis brought about from stress, overwork, alcohol and the spooky environment – which is what most people think happened. That I went nuts

    2. Some sort of Neurotoxic/Paralytic shell fish poisoning (I had eaten a lot of sea food and shell fish that weekend)
    and some of the mental symptoms are similar to those I described. However I had none of the physical symptoms of food poisoning.

    3.”Spirit attachment” or self created thought form entity

    I guess I will never really know for sure…

  10. Kate

    Alexander – earthbound spirit attachment is what you had, which is different from psychic attack. 🙂

  11. TJ

    Thanks for the article. I have to wonder though ~ having done many readings in the past 3 years, a few weeks ago, I experienced what I thought to be a psychic attack from a client.
    Right away, I could feel it in my heart and it made me feel very ill. In reflection it seems as though in the words/thoughts my client stated, caused the judgement and fear within myself to arise and stir.
    It took a few days, some wonderful friends healing, some deep meditation and ‘blocking’ this client, to come back to myself. I’ll have to rethink this term if and ‘every’ if I use it again. 🙂

  12. Helen

    I read an interesting book of various first hand accounts on this subect called: “Vampires Among Us”. The stories sounded much like Alexanders.
    People minding their own business and encountering someone who “cords” to others on a regular basis conciously or unconciously, often because of a physical
    illness. Their common motivation seems to be drawing energy from others in order to empower themselves. It does seem to be a boundary issue, and the ones who were able recognize the attachment were better able to protect themselves, as with any hazard. “Michael’s Gemstone Dictionary” also has some specific recommendations for aura clearing and decording: Alexandrite, Bastnaesite, Flourite, Brown Jasper, Yttrocerite, Yellow & Colorless Zircon.

  13. Stefan

    I think the ” theme ” VAMPIRES must be gone. Your subconscious mind don’t like some feelings in the aura of the vampire. Direct techniques not work and some body moves too. After the meeting, charge yourself with deep slow breaths for 2-3 minutes to fill your body with life force energy / prana, chi, ki, mana and more / Books for vampires are bussiness type. The secret is to cleanse your solar plexus chakra regulary. Good luck.

  14. Martha

    I hand an aunty who use to break out into a possessed demon, from spirits. I watched my dad and mum pray over her to release my aunty from this state of possession.
    My aunty was bed riden from child hood to adult hood, she learn’t to walk but always bent over, she would hobble around with a walking stick or stool to move around, she could not stand straight up.
    I use to hear things like, the spirits were bad ones, and they would make her spit, swear, fight everything a small person like my aunty could not and would not normally do.
    Medium was hereditary in my family, and apparently this aunty of mine was one. Always in the back of my mind I would question the vulnerability of this possession or attack made me stay away from spiritual growth.
    As much as I would keep from experiencing spiritual events, I was always encountering unexplained happenings,no one could explain to me in detail, I guess in fear of being labelled crazy. Over time I trusted in God knowing that I am safe for everything, I learned and love through the entire experience’s. I have never experienced any sort of spirit attack whatsoever, and this I can honestly say without a doubt.

  15. Shah

    It does exist, I was a victim of one, I then met a healer who unblocked me with prayers. Herbs & spices were all thrown in to a fire and a little ceremony was performed.

    If the abilities can be used for healing then I think they can be used for causing destruction too. If he was playing around with my mind well then I lost up to $500.

    At the same time I did meet a clairvoyant who had the ability to heal and he did assist me, but at the same time told me that I had to work on it on my own, there was no point in him fixing it cause that would defeat the purpose of life.

    I still don’t know whats what, but the dark arts do exist.

  16. Rosalyn

    Not sure what I feel about this.

    I experienced something very negative and my overactive empathy ….and honestly I’m still unsure if that was all of it.

    A guy stalked me at a gym and it escalated to 1.5 years of feeling his hatred for me when I told him I no longer could see him.

    So I’m not sure how I feel.

    I do realize now healthy boundaries were necessary and not being so nice to everyone would’ve prevented the entire situation.

    I am also finally getting my empathy under control and talking to someone about taking ownership for my own personal power. FINALLY.

    I agree psychic attack causes fear in people.

    Psychic vampirism does exist, but yes you do give it some permission but… there are people who will force their way into your energy system and force their feelings on you very strongly. The pull can be very difficult to notice (I finally noticed it recently) and it can be difficult to shield against.

    I’m unsure what I think still. Still in the midst of all this stuff.

  17. Andy

    Nice article. I was attracted to it with the search words “psychic attack”. I found it to resonate with the quotes, “As above, so below”, “Show me your freinds and I’ll show you who you are”, and the modern translation, “Things will happen to you good or bad, according to how you behave”. A modern new age concept is in what frequency do you vibrate? A high positive one or a low negative one? Sometimes changing you environment, walking in nature, listening to uplifting music and even change you friends and connections that are driving you down can make a difference.

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