Does Developing Psychic Abilities Send You To Hell?! (Anna’s Journey To Hell And Back!!)

I started going to Church when I was 11 years old. I loved Church, I loved Jesus, I loved (some of) the Bible. Looking back, my interest in religion was as simple as it comes. I wasn’t interested in the ideas, or the chanting where we were pledging allegiance to God. I just loved basking in the energy of love and devotion to Spirit that I felt in a Church.

I thought some of the other people who went to Church were a bit weird, and I mostly spent my time in the back pew and in typical anti-social style I would slip out at the end of the service so I didn’t have to talk to anyone.

By 2003, I was at university in the UK and still identified as a Christian.

In 2003, I also met a girl called Catherine.


Catherine invited me to come along with her to her Bible study group. Being open to most things, I went along.

I found it was a group comprised only of young women. Many of them seemed emotionally and spiritually troubled – there were lots of eating disorders and mental illnesses among them. There was a lot of crying and sobbing during the study sessions. I remember one session where we were told that we must come to terms with the fact that most of our friends and some of our family would go to hell after death because they hadn’t accepted Jesus as their saviour. This produced a lot of crying and distress among them.

Most of the women who were very extreme were engaged to be married (or already married) to other guys in this Church.

Their Church

At one point, I was invited along to their Church and I went. This was even stranger than the Bible study group and I had never experienced anything like it. There was singing, dancing and flag waving. There was a lot of mass hysteria and high emotion during services. People spoke in tongues and fell down with the Holy Spirit. When someone got a message from God, everyone listened.

It was difficult to hear the sound of my own reactions over what was going on in that place. I couldn’t take it all in. Was this normal?

I went a total of about three times. The third time I was sitting apart from my friends. I remember catching the eyes of a woman who was wearing a veil on her hair. I thought she was a Muslim. I remember seeing desperation in her eyes, as if she had lost someone, and I saw my own feelings reflected right back at me.

I couldn’t take anymore so I hightailed it out of there and then I remember walking along a canal path, crying bitter tears. I felt so, so lost. I didn’t know the angry, jealous God these people told me about – the God that was a tyrant, who gave and then took away, and who punished sins and exterminated forever those who didn’t believe.

When I got back to my student room, Catherine rang me. I blurted out that I couldn’t come to her Church anymore. I told her that I was taking a break from religion.

There was a silence on the other end of the phone.

That’s When I Saw an Even Darker Side…

Catherine told me that the reason I didn’t want to go to their Church was because I was under psychic attack from the devil. She’d seen it happen to people before.

I hung up and rang my grandmother. I was very distressed by this point. I didn’t know how to control the intense pain and negative emotions I was feeling. I told my grandmother what Catherine had said to me and told her about how I felt.

She told me I wasn’t under psychic attack from anything and asked me to come home for a holiday. I took some leave from University and went home for a while.

My Decision

When I came back to University, I decided not to have anything to do with this church again.

They harassed me by letter. I met with them and they told me of God’s pain and anger towards me that I had let him down like this. I had several Christian friends attempt to bring me back onto the righteous path. I was warned that I was heading down the wrong road, and I could expect to see the negative results of this soon.

I knew that those results could not be as bad as what I had experienced in that church.

A few months passed and I felt happy again. I never saw any negative results from leaving the church and at no point did I feel like I had turned my back on God.

Instead I had turned my back on their angry God. A few years later, I was still getting harassing letters from Catherine, who feared for my soul. But in time I got over my anger towards her church and began to feel sorry that they were leading such fearful lives.

Later on, I read books such as Conversations with God and redefined my idea of what God was. I felt that there must be a source of all things – you could call it God, the Goddess, the mother and father, the universe, the creator. I found hidden under all of this religion stuff, MY simple truth: that all souls were a piece of this source energy, on a journey of remembering who they are. I rediscovered that the universe is kind; that God is kindness. I found that by honouring the voice of the God(dess) within me, I was kind to myself and to others. Kinder than I had ever been.

Later on, when I developed my psychic abilities, I found that developing psychically felt more in tune with my spirit than religion had been. At least with my intuition, I was able to assess for myself and hear what my own spirit had to say about things. I didn’t have to swallow what other people told me.

Psychic Abilities vs. Religion

I know that religion can hold the essence of Divine Love because I’ve felt it. But I also think that religion can be powerfully unkind and this is evident in what I experienced in that church and in what I read in newspapers. I won’t participate in organized religion – organized anything, where people are told what to believe and swallow it, even when it hurts. I do not feel that men can be priests, but not women. Nor do I feel that God wants us to take an eye for an eye, or a tooth for a tooth. Does the powerful creative force of the universe want us to hide child abuse or discourage the use of contraceptives? I don’t think so.

But I would never ask you to agree with me.

Instead, I am all for developing and practising the capacity to see what sits right in your soul (if you have not already), and hold true to it. In spite of what any religion or belief system tells us.

To me, that’s what intuitive development is.  Everyone has their own unique path back to God/Source/Goddess and their own truth.

So, my personal answer to ‘does developing psychic abilities send you to hell’ is no. I do believe in hell – but only the kind you can experience by attending an evangelical church!! 😉

What do you think? Can you relate to my experiences?

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  1. JoePike

    Thanks for sharing your experiences Anna. Yes, I can totally relate to your experience. I was raised Catholic, and my parents are distressed that I no longer identify with Catholicism and that we’re not raising our kids as Catholics.

    But I can honestly say that I feel so much happier and connected to God now that I’ve rejected the church’s ways of thinking. I’ve finally dropped the guilt that is so much of the basis of religion. I have no fear of a hell anymore (like you I don’t believe in it) and I feel empowered knowing that I’m truly a spiritual being in human form for my duration in this lifetime.

    I don’t have anything inherently against Catholicism (or Christianity in general)…I just don’t agree or identify with that line of thinking anymore (original sin, going to confession to have my sins forgiven, hell and damnation, celebacy for priests, etc). But if it works for my parents and makes them happy and secure in their relationship with God, then more power to them.

    For me…it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It feels like the barrier to the connection I always wanted with God has been removed.

  2. Sue Krebs

    I had a similar experience shortly out of college. It was frightening to realize what I’d been swept up into when all I was doing was looking for deeper understanding of the Bible. (To this day, I’ve never actually found a Bible study group that I could participate in.)

    I really appreciate your conclusions. I too feel that my psychic development has brought me closer to God than any religious experience. And I also have reached the conclusion that we must all decide our OWN Truth by which we choose to live. It’s a day-to-day decision.

    Thanks for baring your Truth.

  3. Darla

    Love it! I was just having this discussion (argument) with a co-worker last week. He’s convinced I’m going to hell and I think he’s missing the point- LOL!

  4. Kimberly

    I’m usually a bit shy about commenting, but I had to leave one for this article. I can certainly relate to your experience with an over-zealous, fear-based Christian religion. I’ve lived it. The only good thing that came out of it, was meeting my dear husband.

    Like you, I’ve always had a love of spiritual things from an early age. I also had a chaotic childhood with divorced parents not caring what my little brother and I were doing or not doing. So as a young adult, I had no direction and was searching for some kind of meaning, some kind of “family”, a spiritual connection and the sense of “belonging.” Enter religion…….

    What made me stay as long as I did was fear. Plain and simple. The whole organization was based on a subtle climate of fear. Fear of leaving and being destroyed by god. Fear of not being good enough before god. Fear of not doing enough for god. Even many of the images in their publications had an overtone of fear. Colored drawings of people being fire bombed from the sky and destroyed by god at “armageddon.” I didn’t want to be one of those people and I didn’t want others to be either. I was crippled with fear. I knew what the pissed-off, jealous god of the bible could to do to a person if he wanted to. I’ve come to learn that fear is a great way to control the masses and this religion wielded fear like a scepter!

    For years I engaged in an inward struggle. I knew what I was taught, or should I say, what was drilled into my head, about the angry god who is ready to destroy. But that gut feeling, that inner voice, that I learned to squelch so well, kept nagging me! It was always there pricking me, telling me that something isn’t right here. Dig deeper. Find out.

    We were taught that to look elsewhere for “truth” of god, other than what the organization taught, was tantamount to apostasy before god and that you would be handed over to the “devil” and destroyed for doing so.

    Then one day, I had enough. To hell with the organization, to hell with the devil, and if god wanted to join them too, I didn’t care! The voice inside my head got so loud that it became a shout, and I started doing research. I was online for weeks looking into the corrupt, lying, and sordid past of this organization that they had hid so well, and the mind-blowing roots of the so-called “inspired” bible.

    To make a long story short, both my husband and I broke free of this fear-based, mind-controlling religion and the other albatross around our neck: the bible. What I search for now is spirituality…not religion. To me, religion is from man, but spirituality is from the Divine. I believe that a little spark of the Divine is in everyone and everything, from the smallest insect to the largest tree (Deep down, I’ve always believed this, and it was probably the reason why I could never FULLY assimilate into that religion). The Divine is neither male nor female, but has qualities of both. Though, when I envision the Divine, I’m more comfortable seeing a loving a mother…a Goddess, rather that a cold and distant god. And as for the devil, he can keep his hell, because I don’t believe in either of them. That’s just another crippling scare tactic. Me? I’m finally free to be who I really am and re-awaken my gifts that I’ve allowed religion to squelch for so long. I’m free to be me, I’m free to truly love others, and it feels wonderful!

    Thank you, Anna for sharing your story. It is inspiring!

  5. Keith Handy

    I don’t have time to leave a very thorough response to this, but in short, I’ve spent a lot of time worrying about why religious people think the way they do. My rationale was that if so many people were so zealously committed to a religion for such a long time, then there must be *some* core of truth to it. But the older I get, the more I just feel sad for people who are essentially just being persecuted by their own hate & fear, and see it largely as an outward projection of that self-persecution.

  6. aronjon

    I think only you can decide whether or not you think you are psychic. Start keeping a dream and vision journal, and go back to it often. You’ll start to see a pattern, one way or the other.

  7. Adrianne

    I attended a Catholic school from about age 10 – 18 and I was taken to mass most Sundays growing up. I can relate to what you say about enjoying the energy in a church that comes from a group of people focused on connecting with the Divine.

    I feel like for the most part, I focused on that. All of the dogma mostly went over my head because I could never really resonate with it. Sure, I’d regurgitate answers about the bible or the Church’s teachings for a test in Religion Class. But, I always really knew that this was not the spirituality for me. I figured that eventually I’d find a different religion that I related to more than Catholicism. It turned out that not another religion but spirituality in general found me instead!

    It’s sad how people who are really enmeshed in a religion like you describe lose touch with their rationality and their own internal compass. How could something that makes you feel so fearful and that in reality causes such suffering be the real answer?

  8. Anna

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for leaving your comments and sharing your experiences too.

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for your comments. “swept up” is really the right word to use for my experiences too. My getting involved in that church happened so fast, and I didn’t have time to decide whether it was really what I wanted, as I was both disturbed and distracted by what was going on in the bible group, and trying to work it all out in my head at the same time!

  9. Anna

    Darla – that is rather good of you to actually discuss it! If someone wanted to persuade me that I was going to hell, that would totally be the end of our discussion 😀

    Hi Kimberly,

    Thanks so much for leaving your story. I was hoping you would pop by and read this!

    What you describe here is no better than brainwashing on the part of the organization you were involved in. I am really glad something good came out of your experiences though.

  10. Anna

    Hi Keith,

    Agreed. In my experience, lots of people being dedicated to or interested in something (like religion) isn’t necessarily a good measure of whether it is worth me pursuing it!!

    Hi Adrianne,

    Yes, I think what you said about losing your internal compass and rationality is important. And of course, the internal compass is very powerful, which is why I personally believe some religious/political organizations do not like people thinking for themselves and prefer that people lose it! I sometimes wondered if that is why much of the Bible contradicts itself – to confuse people (that way you give up trying to understand and using your rationale :D)

    Thanks for sharing your experiences too!

  11. Asanji

    Very interesting post Anna, religion is always a fickle topic… and what an experience! Does it relate to one of your life lessons at all? I usually get into these types of situations, people telling me what is right/forcing their beliefs on me, etc, but i can see how clearly they relate to my life lessons. I totally resonate with what you said about enjoying being in a church. I was born and raised as a Buddhist, but went to an Anglican school. I craved our visits to the school chapel. I loved the energy there, the peacefullness, the coloured light emanating from the stained glass. 🙂

    I dont really identify myself as a Buddhist anymore, and I believe in Source/God, which is not really a part of Theravada Buddhism. I also struggled as a child being brought up with the concept of ‘karma’, that life is suffering, and that we must ‘control’ our thoughts and ourselves. To an extent it is quite beneficial in terms of self-development, but theres a very constricting side to it too. Growing up, I tried my best not to believe that life is suffering! On the other hand, I really resonated with loving-kindness and creating good karma. I guess I would say I am more a ‘Spiritualist’, if there is such a thing – but labels are just ego-creations anyway. 😛

  12. Lisa at Practically Intuitive

    Hi Anna,

    What a great topic for discussion! I loved reading your post and the follow-up comments.

    I was raised Catholic but mostly it always felt false to me and I stopped going to mass around the age of 15. I really never thought I needed a “middleman” to talk to God and the church seemed to want me to think otherwise.

    I have a relative who is an evangelical Christian and of course, I’ve been told by her that the work I do “is not of God”. I told her that I was accountable to only God for my path and choices and it was not something open to judgement from her or anyone else as it had no relevance to her. She’s free to hang out with me (or not, as the case may be) but I’m going to do what I am guided to do.

    I respect all paths as valid for the person who chooses them (for whatever reason). An angry vengeful God doesn’t resonate at all with me nor does the concept of hell. So, I don’t hang out in that fear vibration. It feels icky to me (and to the rest of you, it seems) and it’s just not my gig.

    My connection with Spirit is one of the great joys of my life.

  13. Brendan Murdoch

    Hi, and thanks for sharing Anna. Thanks also to all who have left replies.
    I too have carried scarrs from exposure to a religion that wasn’t ‘mine’. Scarrs that stopped me feeling any connection with Spirit/God/Source/… I thought that religion was supposed to be a practice that enhanced our connection to Source – the source of love, peace, joy, harmony within our reality. I fail to see how any hierarchy setting rules and defining truths, as if to claim ownership of your spirit, can achieve this.
    I have no problem with there being religions. I just think there should be more than 6 billion more of them.
    When asked what religion we are, perhaps we should just give our name. It is ‘our’ practice after all.
    After decades of aversion to all things spiritual I feel I am finally beginning to open again and begin the journey home.
    So … “Does developing psychic abilities send you to hell?” I doubt it. But if it does, I should recognize the place as religion dropped me there once.

  14. Rose

    Anna, thank you for sharing your story and from the comments, I can see that many people can relate to your situation, including me. I was socialized in an evangelical Christian environment, went to a private Christian school until about age 12 when my family moved to a different country, where the Church influence dropped altogether. Needless to say, I was traumatized by many of my early experiences of the church (which shaped my beliefs about life) until I began exploring spirituality in my mid to late teens and stopped identifying as Christian. Recently I had the opportunity to learn about spirit guides and it saddens me that I have this huge block against anything to do with “spirits” because I have this encoded fear inside of me and it makes me sad and frustrated. I wonder if you have any tips on how to get past this. Maybe it could be another blog post. 🙂

  15. Anna

    Hi Asanji,

    Thanks for your comment!

    Yes, I think so…apparently my life lesson is moderation…taking the middle path (not the extreme one) so it definitely fits into that!
    And I think that is a particularly unpleasant belief – ‘life is suffering’ – it’s good you came away unaffected by that!

    Hi Lisa,

    I like this approach – that all paths are valid for those who choose them. I think I knew this on a deeper level, even though I had a lot of anger towards the Christian church after my experience. When I did Byron Katie’s ‘the work’, I realized that I couldn’t judge what was beneficial or ‘right’ for those people, or any people who got involved in that church, because I didn’t know what they were intending to experience or learn from it.

    I think it’s good that you told your cousin what you thought!!

  16. Anna

    Hi Brendan,

    I’m sorry to hear your experiences were as hellish as mine!

    This is a good point you make. We each have our own practices and connection to spirit (or not, as the case may be!) and each one is valid as everyone’s path is different.

    Thanks for commenting.

    Hi Rose,

    Yes, that could be another blog post. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly keen on outside spirits either a few years ago. And I know a few people who feel the same. After all, when you’ve been taught to give your power away to an outside entity, it’s hard to change the way you feel about outside entities!

    In your case, perhaps the most comfortable option would be to focus on listening to your higher self and spirit. Use your intuition (your clairsentience and claircognizance) rather than clairvoyance or clairaudience. To start off, you could do some automatic writing and call on your higher self at the beginning of it – I have articles on all of this stuff if you are interested, you can find them in the psychic abilities section.


  17. Brandon

    This really resonates with me, though I’m still in the midst of the confusion.

    I’ve been on a very rocky and winding faith journey since I was about 10 years old, when I felt unsatisfied with what I was raised in. I’ve been back and forth between Christianity, and delving in spirituality, for about 11 years now. I recently became Catholic, but for some reason it is not fulfilling me. I find that often I am either fearful because of everything that is a sin, or guilty because of my supposed imperfections, or how much more religious others are than I. I’m not one to be able to pray a rosary for a half an hour, or sit in front of the Eucharist for an hour.

    And now the Church tells me that I shouldn’t be doing certain things. I’m told I shouldn’t be involved in energy healing, especially reiki, yet I really feel called to it, and I’ve seen a lot of healing as a result of it. I feel stuck, because the church that I thought, and maybe still think, is of God, is telling me not to do things that I see no problem with, and to which I feel called.

    Church just hasn’t been doing much for me lately. I go because I know I have to, but I feel guilty because I look forward to the end of it when I am there.

    I’ve also had a lot of experiences in the Church, so it is hard for me to just abandon it, not to mention my fiance is Catholic, and was instrumental in bringing me into the Church.

    So whether developing psychic abilities sends you to hell, I don’t have any idea. I don’t want to think so, though.

    Sorry for the rant. I’m really confused.

  18. lovetruth

    Hello!… I do relate a bit to your experience, except that i am still a Christian and pretty much gonna be a Christian thenceforth. I did go through the same bitter from “religious people” (and not only the religious ones!… 🙂 ) around me. I did search also through religion and science to see the meaning of life… I remember being amazed of how much evolution can be a such a stupid idea :)) … I also observed (for true) that, as Louis Pasteur noted (life can come only from life), etc, we must have a Father from Who we come. Especially that we do have souls – from where the heavens did they come from?… If not from a Parent, from a Father?… As Jesus said “if the seed of grain doesn’t die, it can’t multiply, but if accepts it’s death, it will multiply over and over”… So – i thought then – we do have a Father of all, Who, for sure, is King of all, quite clear… Then i started to experience the Spirit of God which was given to us as our Comforter and now i am going mostly (but not only) to Pentecostal Churches (i live in Romania… 🙂 ). God revealed to me through His Spirit, and once told me something that amazed me to wordless… He said that His Spirit is a forgiving Spirit and whosoever doesn’t forgive is not lead/not united by/with His Spirit (like we Christians use to say “he doesn’t have the Spirit of God [leading him]” ) and… whosoever forgives (and loves) with all of his/her heart do have His Spirit!… That made me melt!… wow – God is just and good to all!… and i remember coming with His forgiveness and love to those “religious people” and a lot of times being knocked out by their unforgiving, lawful, full of fear and scattered spirit… Since then, God kept making healings and miracles to/through me, because He is so good!… I do believe that God created us with many abilities that we might not know fully yet, but i am so sure that when we are in His will and in His plan we do develop them fully while being so happy!… We all have a destiny by Him and, as it would be such a torment trying to paint some walls with a hammer or so destructive trying to beat nails with a brush, because those objects were not meant to do that, in the very same way we would not function best and most happy unless we would be in His full pleasure of His will!… So, although i do encourage you to spread love and forgiveness everywhere, because God is love, to spread trust, because God is a God of trust and faith, to spread whatever you know FOR SURE to be true, because God is a God of truth, He is The Truth and The Love, i also encourage you to not let God Christ outside, because not only that this is the only way that everything makes sense (erased guilt and everything… 🙂 Love of God manifested to us, etc…), but also because He is there waiting for us, as a Shepherd waiting for His sheep after eating and venturing in the pastures coming back to Him, every day and every evening, desiring to give us more of His abundant life (John 10:10)!…

    Brandon: Matthew 5:8 says that “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God” and Jeremiah 29:13 says “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” 1 Thessalonians 5 says to search whatever is most sure “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” – God doesn’t discourage you to search what is for sure true!… He actually encourages you to do so :). Just make absolutely sure whatever is true and whatever is not, and hold fast of whatever is true for sure :). Like Rene Descartes, etc… find “your own truth” or “find the truth for yourself” that can’t be otherwise, then hold it fast in the original meaning that was true when you found it true for sure. God will be happy for it and enjoy it altogether with you!… 🙂
    So much for sharing my thoughts and my experience… i would really like to continue sharing thoughts and words with you, if you would please to do so!… 🙂
    Have a great, most wonderful, surprising blessed day today!… 🙂

    Shalom Ruah Adonai!… 🙂

    warmest wishes and respect,
    andrei caba

  19. Anna

    Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for leaving your comment and sharing your experiences, I’m sure there must be others in a similar situation too.

    Why not pick and choose which bits of Christianity you want to keep (the bits that resonate) and discard what doesn’t resonate. I believe that it doesn’t have to be as black and white as the Church says. What are the consequences of having more freedom in your spirituality – doing energy work AND being Catholic?

  20. Roshni

    Hi Anna,
    I can relate very much to your experiences. It’s funny, and slightly serendipitous that I was browsing over your articles and read this one today – I’m in the middle of breaking free from fear-based religious bonds at the moment!

    My family and the community they are part of live in Sydney and are Hindu. They’re Fiji-Indian, and about four generations back our ancestors came from India to Fiji as slaves for the Colonial British. I’m a second generation Aussie, with my parents migrating to Australia when I was very young, around 4 years old.

    While I was growing up, I partook in all of their religious activities, did the ceremonies, took part in the chanting and signing and other religious occasions. I remember never feeling comfortable praying or expressing my spirituality around others, as I felt that there was something not quite right about it all, but that I wanted to do things differently and that this would not be looked upon all that well.

    Recently, in the past year or so, I’ve really started to realise the love-fear duality and begun making conscious choices to move my life towards love and away from fear. I have also started to develop some of my psychic abilities and started to explore these.

    Being quite excited about learning that I had other senses, and after my first past-life memory, I thought that my life and certain patterns and events in it made so much more sense, and excitedly told my parents. So, it was quite disappointing that, when I did this, they responded by telling me that there must be something wrong with me, and to immediately stop any ‘deep thinking’ or meditation completely, for I was openning myself up to be possessed, and took me off to a priest to be excorcised! Not feeling that I could communicate anything to them about feeling that this wasn’t the case, I underwent said excorcism and felt horrible afterwards, and have not since tried to raise the topic with anyone in the fiji-indian hindu community.

    I feel much happier now that I’ve discovered my own spirituality and stood up for myself. It’s still a constant battle when dealing with family and friends, especially parents – their reaction tends to be that I have ‘gone over to the dark side’ and let them down, rejected them, abandoned them. But I empathise very much with your journey in this article – I’m slowly getting to the point of realising that I am on my path, and others are on theirs, and the only thing I can and need to do is remain authentic to myself.

  21. SpiritousOne

    I think I am reading here the sanest posts I have read anywhere!
    Carry on, love this site!
    Be well, Happy and PEACE UNTO YOU ALL!!!!
    Love, M

    • Anna

      M – thank you!

  22. Ethan Womack

    I must say that indeed, the church and religion in general, the government and finance, seem to control people to a scary extent when you look at it. Those who are given to politics, the government is there to guide them, or enforce their ultimate control, those given to money… well, refer back to the government. But RELIGION! Now’ that’s a subtle beast. For those given to spirituality, to that search for finding out the question that all men and women ask, often as small children, “Why are we here, and what is the purpose of life?” Well, “they”… whoever the hell they are, have devised a method of controlling those who are truly FREE as well.

    As stated in my comment last night on some other random article, I spent a while greatly involved in the church. It began when God, the universe, whatever you want to call it, showed up in my life in a way that I could not ignore. I was raised in the southeastern US, so of course, the bible had been pumped into my brain, and the culture around me so much that, “Church” was the only true way to God. All else was of the devil.

    I began on this spiritual journey, and God, the universe, whatever you wanna call it, was right there with me, guiding me, telling me things, explaining everything. Everything was so very clear to me. The preacher, and church members would try to get me involved in different things here and there, and I would hear a voice, “Go along with it, for a time…” and I would nod, and go along, and then that same voice would say, “Now do this…” and I would do it, which usually involved me deepening my spirituality rather than pleasing the church folk. They all became intensely angry.

    My pastor had dragged into his house one day, sat me down in a chair, and started yelling at me, telling this, “demon” in me to come out…. I sat back and laughed at him. I could see the fear in his eyes, feel it in his heart, and hear what he was thinking.

    Shortly after God, or whoever, opened wide the doors of perception for me, and it became so very overwhelming. Needless to say, I left the church, and subsequently, God as well.

    It wasn’t until the start of this year, that I started realizing that God doesn’t hate me, and I’ve began again praying. It’s been 6 months since I began to exhibit psychic abilities again, and now, coupled with my acknowledgement of the Master Creator walking along side me, life has never been more alive to me.

    Thank you for this website. Truly, you have helped me, if only to lift my spirit momentarily, and re-energize me with your sincerity.

  23. Mainstay Ministries

    Anna, I really appreciate you shared your experiences. I’m glad you manage to be out from that hell and didn’t have to swallow what other people told you. Again, thanks!

  24. Alyssa

    The only part of me that is bothered by being Catholic is that they completely disregard psychics, ouija boards, etc. In Religion class today, my teacher (a nun) who happens to act insane (“that one’s a blue crate, that one is not!” while pointing to 2 blue crates. She also hears things differently than the way we say them. “hearing is my keenest sense!”). Today she said psychics are liars, scammers, and God would never create someone who could predict the future or talk to ghosts, because ghosts don’t exist. She said that Ouija boards were made for idiots, and they don’t work. (Actually, THEY WORK. I’ve used them before, seen them being used, but know better now.)
    And since I’m practicing psychic abilities, I felt really hurt in class. She was practically beating down psychics and some other people were participating. I did feel horrible. But I know so many other people have amazing abilities, and I really want to use mine I’m developing OUT OF LOVE! I could help lost, unhappy souls find God in Heaven!
    My teacher is insane, nonetheless.

  25. Jai1216

    Wow this is interesting! I have always had psychic gifts since I was little. My religious experience forced me to abandon them–my church does not believe that humans possess such gifts without them being “confused by the devil.”

    If you are familiar with the Major Arcana’s “Hierophant,” then it is an example of this type of super-traditional attitude to the millionth degree. What they call “supernatural” is just “natural” to me. I wish I had continued to develop my gifts growing up. So, at this age, I am just now developing them. I was tickled to know that the same Spirit Guides from my childhood are still with me today. Btw, I believe in God and am still searching for the “right” church to attend these days.

  26. Dawna

    I have recently been down this road myself. I joined a ghost hunters group in my area. Well there was one girl that was in the group then after a few weeks she just dropped out…she explained to me WHY she dropped out…not sure what her denomination is exact;y but her pastor told her that any spirit communication is wrong and even though our loved ones are safe on the other side, demons are the ones coming thru as our loved ones…

    Now this just blows my mind because number 1 a loving GOD would not let that happen nor do i think that our loved ones would let that happen either…so lately I have been torn between her church and MY beliefs when a lady I know read another girl recently.

    Her message to this girl was and I felt it was also for me…she said “whats true in your heart and your soul cannot be wrong”….that has stuck with me for a couple weeks now..and I have been praying that I would get some kind of message that I wouldnt be punished for believing as she does…

  27. SpiritousOne

    I will toss my thought into the ring again here. Not unfolding sends one to hell sure as stagnant waters are unhealthy. Not unfolding more of God-consciousness in your heart and soul surely will send one to hell.
    Now unfolding means respons-ability, not blind obeyance to some sect or other. You have a one on one relationship with the Infinite. Wearing divine underpants or repeating what others told one to repeat such as saying so many repetitive phrases is not a natural response to what is in one’s heart.
    Let it flow and grow. God made a chamber within for one to take instruction. You are a child of God, the universe is awaiting your response.

  28. Zakatachi

    I relate all too well. Religion Is a man-made thing. So Is the devil and hell. We create It In our minds so It becomes real. If It can be real In one persons mind, It can be real In anothers. Most peoples perception on reality Is also formed by society’s standards and society loves organized religion. Quantum physics Is exploring more and more of this. I am furthering my psychic abilities or what I like to call, the power of the universe, and It has led me here. Your story was moving. Thank you, Anna.


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