Results of Intuitive Experiment #1

A few days ago, I posted a challenge for readers of this blog to have a go at reading the man in the photo below. (The original post is here.)

Note: If you’d like an opportunity to verify and practise using your intuition, go and read that article before you read this one: How Can You Measure Your Progress in Psychic Development? – Try This Experiment!

Thanks to everyone who took part in this intuitive experiment.  I was interested to read what you ‘picked up’. In total, there were a few dozen people who left comments and sent emails. I have to say, a lot of what was wrote was spot on, if not close to the mark.

So, who is he?

The man in the photo is Federico García Lorca. He was a famous Spanish poet and playwright who lived from 1898-1936 – one of my favourite writers.

Here are some of the intuitive hits many of you had…

Lorca’s career and artistic temperament

Many of you picked up an artistic temperament, which was correct.  Lorca was an immensely talented artist, poet and playwright. He was also a lecturer and musician (he was a pianist and guitarist).  He was experimental in much of his art.  As I mentioned, he is famous and revered (especially) in the Spanish-speaking world. I expect my Spanish readers would have recognized him instantly.

Lorca’s early death and a tragic murder

As most of you picked up, his death was a tragic and violent one – he was murdered at the age of 38.  He was executed by the right-wing Nationalists at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.  He was thought to have been shot.  The writer Ian Gibson in his book The Assassination of Garcia Lorca states that he was shot with three others at a place known as the ‘Fuente Grande’, near Granada.

His burial place has never been found.

Eerily, he even foretold his own death in one of his works:

“Then I realised I had been murdered. They looked for me in cafes, cemeteries and churches…but they did not find me. They never found me? No. They never found me.”

Why was he killed?

During the Civil War, the right-wing nationalists kidnapped and murdered many of those who were on the left wing. Lorca was thought to be on the left wing although some actually maintain that he was apolitical. He was also homosexual, which was a possible motive for his murder. Many historians are undecided as to the primary motive.

Death was also one of his artistic preoccupations and features prominently as a theme in many of his poems.

Themes and Symbols of his life and work: blood, darkness, passion and fire


A lot of people picked up on ‘blood’ – this could be a reference to Lorca’s murder it or could be a reference to one of his most famous plays Bodas de Sangre (‘Blood Wedding’).  Blood was also a symbol that popped up frequently throughout much of his art.


Many people sense darkness when they tuned into Lorca.  The darkness you picked up on could also refer to Lorca’s own personal suffering (see below).

Darkness was also a major theme of his art, witness his Sonetos del Amor Oscuro (Sonnets of Dark Love) as just one example of this. Lorca was also said to be highly superstitious, and the dark forces present in his works were not mere dramatic ploys, they appear to be very present in his psyche. If you haven’t already, read some of his poems and you will see what I mean!

Fire & Passion

Some people picked up on fire.  Fire usually translates to passion.  This could be in reference to Lorca’s own passionate nature; the passion of Lorca’s works, or the passion of the characters.

I think you can see the dark passion if you tune into his eyes.

I don’t know any other poet who does tormented passion quite like Lorca – there is great emotional intensity in his poetry, although it’s almost ‘veiled’ and there is a hint of repression in it too.

Take a look at this one:

Gacela of Unforseen Love

No one understood the perfume
of the dark magnolia of your womb.
Nobody knew that you tormented
a hummingbird of love between your teeth.

A thousand Persian little horses fell asleep
in the plaza with moon of your forehead,
while through four nights I embraced
your waist, enemy of the snow.

Between plaster and jasmine, your glance
was a pale branch of seeds.
I sought in my heart to give you
the ivory letters that say “siempre”,

“siempre”, “siempre” : garden of my agony,
your body elusive always,
that blood of your veins in my mouth,
your mouth already lightless for my death.

Lorca’s non-conformist side

His plays were experimental – so much so that his very first play was laughed at, when it came out.  Some of his works were avant-garde.

Suffering and depression

Towards his late twenties/early thirties, García Lorca suffered from depression. His depressed state was apparently made worse by his anguish over his homosexuality.  From 1925 to 1928 he was emotionally involved with the painter Salvador Dalí although Dalí was said to have rejected his romantic advances, much to Lorca’s anguish.

His later collection of poetry ‘Poeta en Nueva York’ (Poet in New York) evokes the loneliness, isolation and alienation that he was suffering at that time.  I personally found it a depressing read, which reflects where Lorca was at when he wrote it.  It is said that Lorca had two faces: a public one, which was the successful author and the private one, which reflected the passionate and perhaps emotionally tormented side.


A few of you picked up on sexual deviancy.  Lorca’s art expressed a passionate and sometimes odd sexual intensity and sensuality that perhaps remained unexpressed in other areas of life. I feel this creates a vibe of repressed emotion and sexual tension in his work and in his energy. He was homosexual – at a time in Europe when homosexuality was definitely not something you would want to be open about.  Sexual drives and homosexuality were general themes in his poetry, as was incest.


I think that in the emails and comments I got, almost everyone got at least one accurate ‘hit’ and some were spot on or close to the mark in everything they said.  It was interesting that almost everyone got a bad feeling about his death and many picked up on his artistic talents and emotional intensity. I think you’ll agree this was a fascinating character to tune into.

More tips for tuning in:

How did you get your information?

It seems some people got clairvoyant visions, some got feelings and some got impressions.

Tips for Decoding Visions

Visions can be like dreams – they need interpreting. When you get a clairvoyant vision, if you don’t sense what it relates to, do remember to ask your claircognizance what it means.  For example, you may see fire or blood (an accurate symbol in this case) but unless you know what it relates to, it can go unverified.  Many picked up ‘crime’ but a few didn’t see that the crime had been against Lorca, instead of perpetrated by him. So, clairvoyance has to work in conjunction with another gift, like clairsentience or claircognizance, in order to work well, so remember to dig deeper for more detail, even if you’re unsure of what you’re getting.

Tips for Decoding Feelings

If you get a feeling, like a creepy, dark or eerie feeling when looking at the photo, ask your intuition why – and attempt to get some clarity around it.  What does it relate to?  There is always another layer of information and more clarity and specificity to be had.  A feeling or vision is often the top layer but you can go deeper and find out exactly what the feeling or vision refers to.

Usually you need to be in a meditative state in order to get that extra information.  Doing deep breathing will put you there, as will Binaural Beats.  For more information on how to get into a meditative state, read this article: The Alpha State – Why is it Essential to Psychic Development?

How Long Should it Take to Read Someone?

Sometimes it can take 15 minutes or longer to really go deeper and get specific information. I can guarantee that the more time you spend going deeper into reading someone, the better the information will be.  If you got very specific information that was wrong, it may have been because you went too fast and took a very specific surface impression. What usually happens with intuitive information is that you follow a trail of breadcrumbs and it can take 10-15 mins to do. You might get information that is very general or vague initially, such as his line of work, then if you go deeper, you get more detail. But it’s unusual to get detailed and specific information right off the bat, unless you are highly skilled and experienced. Usually you get vague info, then you go deeper and get more detail. That’s how it happens for me and for other intuitives I know of.  It’s also why I like to prepare for my sessions for at least 10 minutes 🙂

How did you do? Leave me a reply if you have any questions or comments.

To all who participated…thanks for taking part in this experiment.  I hope you had fun doing it, I know I did. If readers request it, I may do another of these experiments later on.

More sources of information about Lorca:

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  1. Dusty

    I’d like you to do another! I missed it, alas.

    I did glance at it for a few seconds before I read on and got that creepy vibe, though. I didn’t put any effort into it because I wanted to see what turned out!

    If you post another I’d try harder, though. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Alena

    My general impression of him was right! cool.

    >>”If readers request it, I may do another of these experiments later on.”

    Yes, please!:)

  3. sups

    Oh Anna…loved this experiment would love to doa couple of them more so that I can actually tap into my intuition step by step as you mention.
    The overall picture of the guy i got was right thought the details could have been dug out had i gone more into it.Hope it wrk out the next time….waiting eagerly for more of this sort.

  4. Sue Krebs

    Thanks for posting this! I too stopped after picking up the YUCK! vibe. I didn’t think to really question more about what or why I was picking up on that. I appreciate your guidance to probe deeper.

    This was a very helpful illustration on how to process through the psychic information that we receive. THANK YOU for offering this… and I too hope you do it again!

  5. Darla

    love it! I knew i’d seen him before! I didn’t do a deep meditation on him because I wanted to test my “on the fly” intuition. I picked up on blood, violence, darkness, even a little evil. I also picked up that he was not who he said he was, like a con man, and that he didn’t like women. Of course all of that is pretty spot on BUT I interpreted that as someone who was really violent to women– like lured them somewhere and murdered them. LOL the value of going deeper . . .

    This was fun! I hope you do more!

  6. Anonymous Please

    Thank you Anna so much for posting this challenge! That was so neat! 😀

    I’m sorry I hope I’m posting in the right place, I didn’t realize you had a page in a forum designated for your readers to post in. Anyways I was real lucky I could check my results right away after posting my impressions!

    This is so fascinating I had no idea about any of those facts about Lorca’s life (like him being homosexual, in love with Dali, etc.). I only knew that he was a playwright and was killed during the Spanish Civil War. We had to read some of his plays when learning Spanish and I read them looking up every single word in the dictionary. So I didn’t understand a thing and ended up hating him and his plays, because it was soooooooo tiresome to have to consult a dictionary after reading every single word. So that really turned me off of Lorca and anything having to do with him.

    So it was a real surprise to me to discover what kind of a person he really was, or what his life had really been like! Thanks Anna for this opportunity to get to know a bit more about him! Maybe one day I’ll get into the mood and reread some of his plays again.

  7. Yang

    I have to say again that was an interesting experiment Anna. Thanks for facilitating it.

    Personally I was using my feelings to guide me but I was also looking at his body language. You could just tell he was an artist of some sort by looking at his face!

    And my point about him using technology of some sort – I think my surface impression of him playing the piano and guitar can be seen as using technology.

  8. Latrice H

    Hey Anna, I picked up that he was not trust worthy. That he died a violent death and that he was sly, and dark. most of it seemed accurate.I have been working alot on my “abilities” and I LOVE your website/ vibe of your writings (as I can really relate to you !). Thanks for doing what you do and being so frank about your life. You will soon have a huge dedicated following !

  9. Kara

    Hi Anna,

    Please do another one! Although I have a specific different way of receiving intuitive messages, I want to develop being able to do it this way – looking at a photo of someone.

    Thanks too for the tip about spending more time getting in deeper. I think I was also thrown off because I didn’t go deep enough and spend enough time (ie. I thought he killed someone else, instead of being killed himself).

    I got more stuff about his personality that could probably never be verified now:
    -he is the type of person that watches to see how I react before he reacts, and is very manipulative of others
    -he had a very unstable emotional life
    -his childhood was one with several events where his personal power was taken from him
    -he constantly fought with his own personal desires,but to some extent was able to overcome bad things that happened to him

    Can’t wait for the next one!


  10. josh

    Definitely do more of these, perhaps you can make a collection of them, and when you run out of people, have some guests do some.

    Just some ideas

  11. Asanji

    This was great Anna! He is indeed a very intriguing man! The first I got was actually an analytical, introverted, thoughtful vibe, mixed with this non-trusting/secretive/ kept to himself kind of persona. Kind of like a protective, slightly misunderstood stance. But i also felt that he was honest & straightforward at the same time. I felt a real lack of love, especially in his early life. The death question kinda freaked me out, felt really really bad for a minute or two, then came up with “tragic, sudden, unexpected”. Not sure if all of that matched up to his actual persona, but there’s no guessing what my most prominent clair is huh? 😛 Thanks again.

  12. Asanji


    I also got the manipulative vibe from him, and also the childhood issues, good to see I wasnt alone.

  13. Swedish Dude

    Awesome experiment!
    I “read” the photo very quickly (like 15 seconds or so) and I picked up that he was a serial killer (maybe he wrote about violents deaths and stuff?). I definitely sensed evilness and that he had lived a very turmoiled life with lots of ups and downs. I also “read” of the photo that he got executed (with weapons)….

    I’m very surprised how accurate a lot of things were!!

    Have another photo and the same experiment!!:)

  14. Lindsay

    Please post more of these in the future. I had an absolute blast doing this and it validated me, in a way! Thank you!

  15. Karen Kirk

    Hi, I have just recently joined your forum. I was wondering about one specific thing. Above you mention studing a photo for 10 minutes or longer (or it should take that long) and you will get deeper more meaningful interpretations. I did both of your experiments and I was on both of them almost 100%. When I study photos too long I have found that I start putting more of my own opinions into the interpretation. Is that normal for some? Or am I failing on the part of meditation? I just recently have come to realize that I could actually look at a photo and be able to read it. So that part is new to me. I do also have dreams that are real and have seen spirits a lot of times. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. I love this type of work if its to help others. Please mail me back…Thanks, karen

  16. Simone
  17. Keena

    My very first impressions were passion and early death. On the latter, I am sorry to read that I was right…

    Great experiments! Looking forward to more!

  18. Paul

    Wow I totally forgot about this and just found the “results” today. I was pretty accurate with my impressions. Very cool 🙂

  19. Randahl

    Yes, please do another one! I didn’t put too much effort into this heh I was too curious to see what the results were! The main things I received that he was ‘intense’, had an unhappy social/love life, and the two specific words that came to mind for his death were ‘violent’ and ‘early’. I consider myself a beginner for actively developing my abilities, and it was really nice to get a feedback like this! Helps fight that doubt 😉

  20. Paula W

    I got a lot of chills off the bat and a lot of things I won’t go into. i question how much is really known about him and with that being said, as much darkness that we know on him, i believe that there is a lot more starting from his childhood and carrying onto his adulthood. i did get his arrogant personality, but i got more than I wanted to know like Sue K- after YUCK, i was done!

  21. Christy

    I took notes after meditating, here’s what I wrote down:
    I saw him in a fancy tailcoat smiling with an bloomed flower with a long stem, it bloomed as he was holding it, and I started to get a strong feeling of passion, he threw it towards a stage and began dancing in circles and throwing flower after flower at the stage.

    I saw shadowy images of a child jumping on his back, him laughing and swinging it around, he was then pushing the child on a swing, a podgy short figure was standing in wait to pounce on him in the shadows and I started to get a feeling he was about to be attacked and something to do with the throat, possibly grabbed by the kneck and taken.

    I felt the strong feeling of love and longing like he had lost the love of his life. I felt like he was really smiley happy person but it was like putting on a show for people, I got an image of him smiling and waving at people as he got into a fancy black or brown car, but then as he drove away the sadness crept into his face.

    I got the feeling he was cheated out of something or deceived.

    The word gay did come it to my mind also, I brushed it off because he is handsome, and I saw him passionately kissing a very feminine women.

    I like this man, I feel a loving person, but dark depressive side and like he fakes his happiness, I also have a feeling he is very funny, I got a strong feeling he wanted to make me laugh.

  22. Artemis

    My first impression was something deep, dark and evil. And it was very…gave me an upset feeling. Something mysterious and lonely and very dark about this person. It’s so strange how my results were spot on. I am going to try another experiment. That was super weird!

  23. Fotini

    This one was very interesting, i actually saw the messages on his photo! Straight away I got homosexual, i saw him being in a music room with a piano in the background but a Violin stood out.
    I saw a very dark room with heavy curtains which for me means depression and a lot of heavy feelings.
    His left eye was standing out. I saw a white light around his left eye like an eye patch. I have no idea what that means.
    and I saw like a big wound right in the middle of his forehead, sort of right above where the third eye is located. I had the feeling of a gun shot but not a hand gun…more like a shot gun/ hunting gun, or something army people would have. It makes sense reading his story afterwards.

  24. Fotini

    Oh and also I kept getting a name…starting from J… Sounded like Jeremy, Jerome…..but couldn’t focus on it, I kept getting distracted.

  25. Tien

    This was my impression of him:

    He is a man that involved in the art, either writer or musician
    I don’t quite trust him; he seems mischievous.
    I think he is extremely complex emotionally, he knows how to get what he wants, through his preservations (he doesn’t speak much, but people listen when he speaks).
    I think he grew up poor, but he is doing okay for him self because he is street smart.
    He has a tragic death.

  26. Faith

    I didn’t do well in this one. I only thought he were maybe a young Dr. However The name Fredrick kept screaming out me, when I clicked and saw his name was Federico I got goose bumps.

  27. Zee

    I picked up something dark, smouldering and evil about him. He looks intense. I thought he murdered someone, however, I now find out he was murdered. Please post more pics!

  28. Denise

    Wow. I actually didn’t meditate for long at all just wanted to have fun with it and see what I cam up with.
    Very surprised how much I picked up.
    Right off the bat I felt he had a tragic death, poisoned or murdered.
    Flt he was successful but has a sad life with struggles. I welled up a little feeling tears.
    I had a feeling in my throat – which made me think throat chakra but didn’t know why. But this makes sense that his profession was to express himself thru the arts. THroat chakra is about expression.

    I had a feeling he was European and came to NYC. Which if I understand correctly he did or at least he wrote about NYC.

  29. Carmen

    First word in my mead was Arts and that he was dead. For any reason I didn’t like him. I saw images of 3 men beating him in a dark kind of foggy street. I didn’t see their faces but they looked like they’re wearing long jackets. I felt like he’s life was a little bit tumultouous…A kind of person that is usually was not in the right places and with the right people. I felt kind of preasure in my head and chills in my back…Kind of weird feeling. For me is not the first time. I was looking for some validation. Thanks. Thank U.

  30. Like2hearUlaugh

    Hi Anna,

    seems I am 2 years after the buzz of your blog and all.. but I will post anyway, as it is new to me…. and who knows, maybe you will read and comment or not…

    So I had looked at the pic, and immediately had feelings form, and when I was about to meditate to reflect on it, I felt an urge to just commit on paper what I felt… so i did… here is what I had….

    1. A devious person; living a lie.

    2. I do NOT like him. There is no trust, I “feel” a fear based apprehension…

    3. I felt his emotional life as being Cold, and lacking in love or unrequited love….. loneliness.

    4. I felt that he had experienced violence and beatings in his life….. blood….

    5. I immediately felt his death was brutal, cold and bloody…

    so, wow, cool test…. I did not pick up on his sexual orientation, but then that has no relevance to me, but I did pick up on the devious nature, which I suppose was related in a way.. living a lie.

    On to Exercise #2.

  31. Laura

    Weird… I knew right away – within 1-2 minutes – “dark, ‘Pluto/Scorpio’-vibe, intense, controlling, relentless, and that he was murdered.”

  32. Jill C.

    I got pain in my throat. I don’t know if this has to do with his murder?

  33. Jessie DiBono

    This was interesting, when looking at the picture I picked up a creepiness, I felt that he died at an early age and that the death was not pleasant,i felt that he did not have a so pleasant life meaning he had troubles

  34. Elaine

    Things that stuck out at me when I was studying his picture: The word “Spanish” was pretty bold to me. I also saw a flash of a red umbrella (didn’t make sense till I read the part about seeing red and associating it with passion) and also, I did see that he died young. The word “murder” came back to me over and over again though I knew he was involved, I didn’t really know how. And I also kept coming back to him being in entertainment of some sorts. I couldn’t put my finger on it but acting, music and art definitely stuck out. I was really surprised with how I did on this. It kind of shocked me, really.

  35. Bree

    Hi there-

    I felt an energy come out of the screen and create a pain in my heart, but i could not make it out…

    First impression was the beauty, sweetness and wild knowingness of his soul… I did get an underlying knowingess that he created his ending, he was born to make change, and it was something he was born to do.. I could feel his beauty and then the sadness and later changing darknesses came..

    It is frightening for me to deal with dark energies, as i dont really want to pick them up… what type of cleansing do you recommend after this..?

    Much love and thanx.

  36. Sharon

    I have just started to scratch the surface on my own sprituallity and psychi. I really suprised myself with this experiment and would love to do another. I didnt really medietate or clear my mind beforhand after looking at the picture for 2-3 mins I wrote down that he was flamboyant, witty could be funny but with a dark side too,could entertain-actor musicion,poet, artist. tendancy to be flippent. I Liked him but would not fully trust him as there is a darkness in the eyes. Felt he had a good life but like it was a rollercoaster for him very up and down. He may appear happy on the outside but is sad on the in. Surrounded by lots of women but confused about his sexuality-maybe gay. He felt foregion. Died young possibly murdered or murderer.

  37. Janet

    What a wonderful website and intriguing test! I had to take it and was surprised by my result. The first impression was very, very dark (I almost didn’t want to continue looking at the picture, then did some EFT and persisted), then even felt inspired enough to type out my impressions for about 4 minutes. Strangely being an artist, I didn’t pick up that he was one (and I did note I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed his company), but I noted confidence, strength (but at the same time, a hidden unhappy secret), “driven by impulses, passion”, and seems to be contradictory but: “surrounded by supportive people”, then as I contemplated his death: “wrong crowd”, violence, and how it was unexpected by those who knew him. What a tragic story! There was a part of me hoping for a happy one.

  38. Ash

    A word starting with ‘rep’ was coming through. I also got musically talented. I got something to do with his mother. Would be interested to see if she was around or not. I also got water. Not sure if anyone drowned that was close to him or not. I did think he may of been a murderer or something but obviously he wasnt the murderer.

  39. Kimberley

    I got musician or poet, writer, definitely an artist. I got that he was famous, passionate, fiery, deep, and two sides. I closed my eyes and saw a coffin with a hand holding a heart and felt he died violently and thought suicide. I believe if he hadn’t been murdered that would have been a likely end for him because I think he welcomed death, which I get from the hand holding the heart

  40. Laurie

    Hi Anna, was going back to try some of your older experiments and did just a quick first impression. Got immediately the name Kurt and magician plus circus. Then gunfighter or soldier. Was shocked when I read the results about the firing squad thing. Then i googled lorca and circus. And how with the search for his bones and for his family they had used the word “circus.” Got interesting hits on Lorca and magician, too. About “duende”. Interesting and fun. Thank you and God bless.

  41. Michael

    Hello Anna,

    I picked up four things about the picture. (1) the guy in the picture was well off (2) he liked to read many books. (3) Homosexuality stood out. It was the first intuition that came to me, and it was a powerful intuition. (4) Hopeless romantic/ freaky side to him. I was not able to see how he died. I was able to see the cause of his death. I ran into your website looking for information about what happens to us after death. I didn’t think I would find an intuitive side to me. It literally freaked me out.

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