The Spiritual Risks of Cannabis Use

Cannabis use is on the rise particularly in the US, where it has been legalised in some states. And of course it remains popular even where using it is illegal. Sometimes people are surprised to learn that cannabis usage does come with some risks to your energetic and spiritual health, which I’ll go into in this article. I’m also going to cover the energetic ‘clean up’ that I recommend you do if you do use this drug.

What Cannabis Does to Your Energy Field

(Before I explain what cannabis does to the energy field, I just want to clarify what exactly the energy field is.)

The energy field is an invisible field that surrounds each of us. It encompasses the subtle bodies, the major and minor chakras and the meridians. It’s a complex, vibrating mass of information about our emotional and spiritual life, our strengths and gifts, physical health, wounds and traumas, and the challenges and lessons that we are here on earth to learn. So, on an energy level, it is the container that holds your soul, your physical body, your emotions and your psyche.

Just like your skin is the container for your body, and a barrier between you and the outside world, your energy field is an energy barrier between you and the world. It has boundaries, meaning that the energetic barrier between you and the world is hopefully intact and solid and as a result, your energy field does not generally let everything and anything into it and you’re not going to merge your energy with other energies that you come across (empaths, you’re an exception to this).

But when you use cannabis (whether you smoke it or ingest it), 2 things happen:

The first is that you are propelled into the astral realm, which is an invisible overlay of this physical realm. This is the realm of ghosts, Spirit Guides, angels and elementals (fairies.)

The astral realm has levels to it – some levels are high vibrational (these are the levels where our guides hang out) and some are low vibrational (these are the places where you’ll find stuck spirits i.e. ghosts.)

The astral realm is also the place you visit in your dreams and other mind-altering substances will take you there, too. So not a lot wrong with this – you visit the astral realm every night anyway.

However, this drug doesn’t just propel you into the astral realm – cannabis also relaxes your energetic boundaries to an extent that many other mind-altering substances do not. This means that your energy field is not so much a container anymore, instead the boundaries become fuzzy and your field expands — you become something more resembling a big, open, melted mess of energy.

It’s not a good idea to be quite this undefended and expanded when you visit the astrals under the influence of a drug, because the chances are you will encounter low-vibrational earthbound spirits in the astrals.

(Earthbound spirits are stuck souls who left a part of their mental or emotional bodies on earth when they died, and a result did not cross over fully. This may be due to trauma, addiction or fear of death.)

You’re not just likely to encounter these stuck spirits when you’re stoned, you will ATTRACT them. Some spirits are earthbound precisely because they were addicts when they were incarnated and don’t want to be leave the earth plane and their beloved substance behind. There are spirits who enjoy being in your energy field when you’re high, and will stay attached to your energy field if they decide they like you.

(Read this article to find out more about why having an earthbound spirit attached to your energy field is a bad idea.)

Even people who habitually call on Archangels for spiritual protection (and even those who are usually surrounded by the protective energy they’ve called on in the past) will lose this protection when using cannabis. It’s what cannabis does, and so there is no point asking for spiritual protection before you smoke because cannabis is simply a substance that has a certain effect on human beings. This is a type of cause & effect that the Archangels do not protect you from – it’s about as helpful as asking Archangel Michael for protection before you have unprotected sex.

So, if you use cannabis and you’d like to keep a clear energy field, you need to do some energetic ‘clean up’ afterwards.

If you’re a cannabis smoker or consumer (whether regular or sporadic), I recommend that you use the earthbound spirit clearing technique given in my new book The Empath’s Toolkit (the physical and Kindle version of the book will also be available on Amazon next month, but for now it is just for sale here on my website and on Kobo.)

Of course, this book is recommended for all overwhelmed empaths too, because empaths have the special talent of tending to take on earthbound spirits, too! (and they don’t even need to be stoned to do it.) Sorry, empaths!


I wrote a second article to clarify some of the questions that this one brought up. You can read it here: Am I Anti-Cannabis? (& Other Questions Brought Up By My Last Article)

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Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Patricia Graham

    Thank you for this information – it’s certainly food for thought

  2. Lindsay

    Anna! The timing of reading this was perfect! I know a few people who will be helped by this so I’m going to send it along to them. Thank you so much for writing about this important topic! ????

  3. Carrie

    Are you referring to all strains of cannabis, or just the high THC (psychoactive) types?

  4. Anna Sayce

    Carrie – This article is based on my experiences as a healer and I’m not exactly sure which strains the people I’ve come into contact with (as clients) have smoked in the past. I’d have to take a look at the auras of people who used different strains to know more about that. I do think it is dependent on dosage. One drag of a spliff as a one off experience is not as likely to attract earthbound spirit attachments as using cannabis on a regular basis.

  5. Carrie

    What I mean to say is that some types of cannabis make one high and some do not (the latter being used for things like pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits). I wonder if the types that don’t produce a high would still put one at risk for spirit attachments. Interesting to think about….

  6. Ilona

    Does this also apply to second-hand smoke from a nearby cannabis user? I don’t personally partake in cannabis, but my partner does so I wonder if my soul and energy field is at risk due to being a cannabis bystander. Could earthbound spirits he attracts while high attach themselves to me by proximity?

  7. Rhonda

    CBD oil, which has hemp in it but not the THC which creates the high, Is this product also have effect on energy field, aura?

  8. William Hough

    thank you Anna this article has cemented what i had previously wondered, and explains why i wake with the thoughts i have, and why i mysteriously seem too be in a loop cycle. It could also explain why I find it so hard to stop smoking even though I know i need to for my own personal development,

  9. Lindsay

    Thank you for writing about this Anna! It is something that has been on my mind for a long time and I’m grateful to have read it, the timing couldn’t have been better. My feeling has been that anything that puts us in an altered state (alcohol… or should I say “spirits”! ) leaves us open and vulnerable, but I feel that marijuana (particularly weed with a high THC content) is one of those stronger impact drugs that pulls us out of body so quickly that we don’t have a chance to properly defend ourselves. And then it is difficult to completely clean up energetically afterwards. I have had some pretty scary experiences myself. I have had some very cool experiences as well, but I feel the negative experiences have had a much bigger and longer lasting impact than the positive ones, unfortunately. I’ll be sending this along to a few people because I’m sure it will help ????

  10. Lindsay

    I forgot to add! I’m interested in the differences (if any) between the effects of alcohol and the effects of cannabis on the energetic body. If you look into this at all, I hope you write about it ????

  11. Tara Blake

    While I appreciate your intention to help and of course it is very wise to be aware of what is happening with your energy field to maintain clear energetic boundaries, it is clear that your perspective on cannabis is limited, at best.

    Cannabis is a deeply healing and profound spiritual plant ally. It is also not a “drug”, and the structure of cannabis as a substance is NOT addictive. Please be responsible enough to do your research. As with anything, the quality of your consciousness is of paramount importance. With any plant ally, your understanding and respect for it is important in the process of extracting the spiritual benefits.

    You make it seem as though individuals are at the mercy of unbound spirits, and have no control over what interacts with their field. Again – the quality of your consciousness and being clear about what you are energetically AVAILABLE for in GENERAL in your life is of paramount importance. Cannabis only enhances your existing predispositions.

    A rather skewed presentation here.

  12. Kathy

    This is a tough one considering I’m a chronic Lyme disease sufferer, I have Ehlers’ Danilos Syndrome, Chiari Malformation, Dysaotonomia, and a spinal cord injury. Lyme Disease has cicked my A$$ and mainstream medicine has done absolutely nothing to help me! I have been given a medical marijuana card and that has been the only thing that has helped my Lyme Disease that almost killed me. I do Reiki on myself and others and have been able to heal this disease to a point that I can function in society again. It has been a life saver for me and many other people that suffer from chronic, debilitating diseases… I work with my Archangels, Angel guides, Guradian Angels, the Universe and the Devine. God is always by my side… To read about this is a very frightening thing and quite the setback! I have no choice considering mainstream medicine in the US, is nothing but pill pushers with deep pockets that coffee clutch with the pharmaceutical companies. I’ve had a negative spirt around me for years and only started treating medicinally in the past few months. Definitely food for though but one must outweigh the benefits considering, life is very short and must be lived to the fullest.

  13. Anna Sayce

    Tara – The information given in this article is based on the patterns I’ve seen, professionally over 10 years of working with people, and that includes cannabis users – if that’s not “being responsible enough to do my research” (as you condescendingly put it) I don’t know what is?

    If you also have got a lot of experience in this vein doing auric healings and clearings for clients over a period of years and you have observed with interest what cannabis smokers have presented with aurically then I’m all ears. If you lack this experience as an energy worker, I’m not as interested in taking on board your opinion.

    I have worked with highly trained psychics who usually don’t ever interact with stuck spirits (because they know how to avoid them) who have ended up with ‘hangers on’ after using cannabis.

    I also made no comment on its addictiveness (or lack thereof) and I didn’t state that it’s an evil drug that you should avoid at all costs. Kathy’s comment above speaks to balancing the pros and cons based on a person’s situation. I actually believe cannabis is less harmful to your physical health than say, alcohol, But people who are regular alcohol drinkers don’t show up with stuck spirits in their aura with as much frequency as marijuana users do. It’s about knowing the side effects for your energy and countering them – once you know, you can be empowered to take action.

  14. Anna Sayce

    Ilona – To be honest, I couldn’t say if second hand smoke has the same effect. If you have sex with a cannabis smoker, you are merging your energy with theirs and it’s possible you’re picking up any energetic debris they may be carrying. This applies especially if you are an empath.

  15. Anna Sayce

    Rhonda – CBD oil does not have any negative spiritual effects as far as I am aware. 

  16. Anna Sayce

    Lindsay – In my experience, moderate consumption of alcohol does not have a ‘collapsing’ impact on auric boundaries in the way cannabis does. I do think that when you start getting into addiction or really heavy use with a mind-altering substance, that’s when you are more likely to attract the stuck spirits that also loved that substance.

  17. Brett

    Hi Anna, Haven’t checked your page for a while, I used to enjoy the psychic experiments. For many years I was off the rails and abused many substances. I find your perception of pot to be honest and accurate to my experience. I was going to fire up over the negative response you received for simply stating your observations but I realised it’s not my place to do so and I doubt you need it and your page doesn’t need that. The new wave acceptance of legalised marijuana fires up at the slightest hint of resistance to that agenda, (clearly people with a vested interest ). There’s no doubt that pot rapidly opens someone to stepping outside their head and if people are not aware of the risks it can be frightening. I’ve experienced people that need to be talked through until they start to get a grip again, (so how good can that be) even though it clearly has some medicinal benefits. It annoys me when people brush off the risks and only push what they perceive as the benefits, after following you for a good couple of years I’ve only ever perceived your talk as honest. Cheers Anna

  18. Marlene

    Thank you as always for your very helpful and informative information! Reading this makes a lot of sense to me. When I was a teenager, my friends and I would smoke marijuana. And as a teenager, I had many experiences of being touched by spirits (a feeling of a hand dropping my shoulder; my backpack being yanked backwards as I walked through the empty school halls; etc). As an adult though , I have had no physical encounters and I also do not smoke anymore. I have definitely had spiritual encounters my whole life (I’m 36 now), but no physical ones since adolescents, as I said before. I suppose the cannabis made my “barrier” that much weaker during those times. Thank you again for insight!

  19. Matt

    Hmmm…. I really think it affects people differently.

    My experience of cannabis has been one of opening an extremely focused channel with the divine. Like the magician card in the tarot.

    It’s not something to be meddled with unless you really know what your doing. And more importantly, have the right genetic makeup, right life experiences and teaching.

    The herb is not to be abused. The set, setting and intention of using this herb Need to be considered.

    Not everyone is born to walk the path of the shaman.

    Also, point of note, there are some theories out there that Jesus used cannabis oil in his healing oil. And that he taught his disciples to make the oil and annoint others with it. This annoyed the status quo at the time as the elites wanted control over this aspect of daily life.

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