Am I Anti-Cannabis? (& Other Questions Brought Up By My Last Article)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article about the common energetic side effects to cannabis. (In this article, I state that regular cannabis users are more prone to attracting large numbers of earthbound spirit attachments than non-users.)

A few readers asked questions like:

  • What qualifies you to write about this matter?
  • What is your personal experience with cannabis to write about it with such conviction?
  • You sound like someone who is anti-legalisation. 

I wanted to respond to these questions. 

(If you haven’t read the previous article on cannabis, you will want to go read it here.)

Client Experience

I trained as a psychic and a healer in 2007 and continued to expand on my training on and off until 2011. I learned how to detect and heal energetic issues for clients, which involves tuning into peoples’ auric fields (i.e. their subtle energy bodies and their chakra system) to diagnose and clear auric issues – aka astral level clutter – like:

I’ve been doing this for over a decade and I’ve worked with thousands of people. It’s true that I haven’t always worked with clients full time (another excellent intuitive now works via this website with clients). But I have often worked with students in this way, when I haven’t been working with clients. 

My first healing teacher didn’t teach me anything about the effects of drugs on the auric system. My second healing teacher mentioned that in her experience, cannabis smokers appear to have heavily polluted auric fields – much more polluted than alcohol drinkers or even empaths. I didn’t agree with everything I was taught by this teacher so I kept an open mind about it. 

I did notice once I was trained that sometimes someone would show up with an auric field loaded with earthbound spirit attachments (in the dozens or hundreds). 

Once we had cleared them and helped the spirits to cross over, the client tended to be interested in why they needed this clearing and I was interested in where these attachments came from, partly so that he/she could effectively avoid them in future.

I was taught there are certain people who tend to attract spirit attachments (empaths and people who practise certain types of spirit communication, for example) so I’d ask questions to find out which one applied, such as:

Is the client an empath? Empaths are susceptible to earthbound spirit attachments (for reasons I talk about in my book) but if they show up with attachments, it tends to be in smaller numbers.

Does the client use a ouija board or has she done trance channelling without knowing anything about spiritual protection?

Does he/she use cannabis or other drugs, or live with someone who does?  

The clients who showed up with a very large number of spirit attachments most often had a history of cannabis use.

My personal experiences with cannabis have further bolstered this observation

I’m not going to talk about how I’ve personally used cannabis in the past or if I have used it because I’ve spent my life in countries where this drug is illegal. 

However, my lifestyle is a bit unusual (I’m a full-time nomad, who is quite open-minded and spiritual) and so I tend to attract people who are similarly spiritual and open-minded, and I have come into contact with plenty of people who smoke cannabis. 

Because I have training and experience in detecting auric issues, when I meet new people, I am prone to noticing something about their energy. I might not notice it in any detail, but I tend to get an impression. For example, I will notice if a person has a lovely, clear aura. I will also notice when a person has an aura that is heavily polluted (and I believe that most of us unconsciously ‘notice’ these things about other people, except that we don’t necessarily frame it in terms of ‘energy’, or know why we’re picking up a certain vibe from a certain person.)

In many situations where I’ve been very struck that someone’s aura is full of funky foreign energies, I’ve learned that that person uses cannabis. This has happened often enough that I feel I can usually get a good sense for whether a client (or someone I meet outside of work) regularly uses cannabis or not based on what I notice about their aura. 

I hope that clarifies where my beliefs come from – it’s an observation that I’ve had as an energy reader and healer, rather than a personal theory based on political prejudices about cannabis and whether or not it should be illegal (I don’t have a strong opinion either way.)

Why I’m Sharing This

The reason I talked about the spiritual side effects of cannabis use is because there is a fix to the main energetic side effect of regular cannabis use that I mentioned above – that fix is to learn to help earthbound spirits to cross over, and periodically clear them from your aura. This will reduce the overall numbers you attract over time. (As mentioned, 1 or 2 earthbound spirit attachments are not going to affect you massively, but many attachments can affect you.)

I share an easy, relatively quick technique for releasing earthbound spirits in my book The Empath’s Toolkit. There are also plenty of other effective earthbound spirit release methods out there – if you study shamanistic practices you might learn one.

So, I am not saying never use cannabis. I recognise that there are people who gain relief from it for chronic pain or anxiety, insomnia etc. (I myself have a sleep disorder and fibromyalgia so I understand the need for solutions to such problems and what it is like to exhaust your options with prescription drugs.) 

What I am saying is that in my experience, there are energetic side effects from regular cannabis usage to be aware of.

Here are some other questions I was asked about cannabis based on my last article:

Q: Does CBD oil have the same effect on the aura?

A: CBD does not have any negative spiritual effects as far as I am aware.

Q: Does the strain of cannabis used affect whether a person takes on spirit attachments or not?

A: I don’t know.

Q: You mentioned in your article that smoking cannabis causes a person to access the astral planes. I’ve never ‘astral projected’ while smoking cannabis so I don’t agree with this?

A: You don’t need to ‘astral project’ to be tuned in to the invisible astral realm – it’s about altered states of consciousness.

The astral realm is layered over this physical realm and the way to access it is either to go to sleep or to alter your state of consciousness through psychic practices, meditation, hypnosis or mind-altering drugs like lots of alcohol or cannabis. When I say alter your state of consciousness, I’m referring to the brain wave that is present such as beta, alpha or theta.

When a psychic ‘tunes in’ to do a Spirit Guide reading for a client, that’s an example of accessing the astral realm. When you’re nodding off to sleep, or you have a nap, that’s another example of accessing the astrals.

You won’t take on spirit attachments every time you access the astrals – that’s not the point I’m making. The point is that cannabis not only propels you into the astrals, it also collapses your energetic boundaries, making you much more open to earthbound spirit attachments. Going to sleep will cause you to travel to the astral planes but sleeping in itself doesn’t collapse your auric boundaries and make you so open. Cannabis does though.

I believe it is this combination of visiting the astrals + opening up your energy field (in the way that cannabis does so well) that can cause the spirit attachments. 

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