Psychic Ties and How They Affect You

Have you ever had the experience of thinking of a friend you had not spoken to in a long time, out of the blue, and then receiving a call or email from that person?

This has happened to me often and has also happened to plenty of people I know, even people who don’t consider themselves to be “tuned in” in this way.

A couple of years ago I learned of a concept called psychic ties which explains how this phenomenon occurs.

Psychic Ties

Psychic ties are small connections that form between you and another person when you interact. They look like tiny threads, akin to webs of energy communication that form between us. They form between you and anyone you interact with. This could be in person, such as close family members and friends or it could be from a distance — people you watch on the TV, artists whose music you listen to and people you read about in newspapers.

When these psychic ties form, it means that a little psychic and telepathic connection has been formed between you and the other person. This tie will exist on the level of the astral realm and unconscious mind. This means that you are more likely to think of the other person out of the blue and be connected with what he or she thinks and feels.

Note that this is not the same as a an energy cord. An energy cord is formed when you become interested in another person. You have some energetic investment or interest in the relationship, whether that’s positive or negative. The relationships in which cords form tend to have energy or history behind them.

Psychic ties do not have a lot of energy behind them.

A clairvoyant is likely to see a cord as being larger in terms of its diameter, whereas psychic ties appear to be as thin and as easy to clear as spider webs.

There are two ways that you can use this information:

Empaths – clear all your psychic ties

If you are an empath, it is helpful to clear psychic ties periodically or at the end of every day. This applies especially if you have problems sleeping and have a lot of mental energy.

Here is how you can do this:

Ask Archangel Michael to be with you.

Take three deep breaths.

Then say:

“Archangel Michael, I ask you to clear all the psychic ties that may have formed between me and anyone I’ve engaged with in the past 24 hours/my entire lifetime/the last week (depending on when you last cut these ties.) Please bring in new love, truth, light and power to me. Thank you. It is done.”

Make a note of how you feel (you often feel lighter or clearer after this.)

At this point, to finish it off I also ask Archangel Michael to remove anything from my energy field that does not belong to me.

I encourage you to try this if you have problems switching off at night.

Psychic developers – experiment with receiving information and communicating with others through psychic ties

Try this game:

  1. Think of someone you do not speak to often, such as an old friend who may ring or email you from time to time (note: for this to work, it needs to be someone who is open to your energy)
  2. Clear your mind by taking three deep breaths, think about them and in your mind hear yourself greeting them and telling them how great it is to hear from them
  3. See a small thread like a spider web, like a phone line that transcends any distance between you and the other person. See your desire to hear from them run through this line in the form of white energy.

Do this up to a few times.

See if you receive a call or email in response.

This is a fun game to play, and when the sender and the recipient are both sensitive, it can work quite well.

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  1. Sallie Keys

    You have amazing timing Anna! This article answered a question I had just the other day and I believe it was exactly what I needed right now…. Thank you! 🙂

  2. Erica

    Anna, I find it no coincidence that you posted this today. I get your updates, today was the day I happened to read your post in a few weeks. I’ve recently acknowledged the fact I’m an intuitive empath (have been my whole life; never knew). My husband has seen, since I’ve accepted this, things intensify. You have helped me on this journey. I’ve had instances where I’ve had a good friend call me while I was thinking about them. Even last night I told a friend of mine, “remember all those times I called you when I knew something was wrong?” I felt this relevant because I haven’t shared with this friend my journey of being an intuitive empath, but I decided to let her in to my private blog last night. Your post today was very fitting, and made me smile. It just confirms what I’ve been going through. In a way, I’ve been afraid. However, I have such a good friend support system since I’ve acknowledged this. I think to myself, why not? As long as I can see and control it.

  3. Erika

    thanks..might be interesting to try an experiment
    and try this several time a day for a week and see hwhat happens.


  4. mary

    Hi Anna,
    This is very interesting, when I got your email I opened it but before I read it…I was reminded that I hadn’t closed off (I have a problem of forgetting to close off after doing a reading)…so I started taking some deep breathes and then Aarchangel Michael did something and I was like …..this is interesting. Anyway I felt he had cleared stuff etc. I felt clear …like clear and focused. I then took a moment and read your email. Reading your email confirmed what had just happened. Your timing in amazing…it’s not the first time I have had this thing happen with you and your articles/emails.

  5. Simon Crawford

    Hi Anna,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I for one appreciate your cander and i get a fantastic feeling about your new abode. In fact i can see so much joy for you in general its amazing.

    Archangel Michael is ‘clicking his heels’ about what’s happening and what is to come.

    Go for it Anna…Bless you sister 🙂


  6. Julie

    Congrats Anna on your new home. It looks wonderful, I too long to live on a quiet, warm coast somewhere-someday.
    I love your articles keep them coming. I have been meditating and working on opening my third eye for several months and have noticed my awareness & sensitivity increasing. Like many, I am sure, I am struggling with trusting what I see & feel. Maybe you could write an article about trusting what you get. Just a suggestion 🙂
    Thanks, Anna. Take care.

  7. Kelly

    Hi Anna,

    Nice to hear from you again. I always enjoy reading your newsletters. Congrats on the new digs. Sounds perfect for you. I can completely relate to the quiet beauty needed in your life, especially after all you have been through. Drink it all in!

    I’ve had many experiences in my life over many years now where I will call or email someone and they receive my call/email just as they are thinking of me or about to call me. The first time it happened was because I dreamed of a dear friend from my childhood, and it turned out that at the moment I dreamed of her she was giving birth to her first child! Really sweet connection.

    I also tend to say what a person is thinking just as they are thinking it. And for me it always feels like a logical thought, not like I’m reading someone’s mind.

    I’ve understood and accepted that I have these abilities, but never realized it was because of these psychic ties. Makes all the sense in the world.

    Thanks, Anna. You’re a gem.

  8. Lori

    Hi Anna, I just joined your page recently and am really enjoying it! You really have a lot to offer and I’m trying to soak it all up! 🙂
    I can really relate to this article. I had a good friend that I worked with for years and then I left the company and state. We didn’t keep in touch regularly but one day I had the strongest urge to Google her name (out of the clear blue) and her son’s obituary shows up in my search!! I was absolutely stunned! I called her that evening to express my condolences and we had the best talk! We were always able to catch up where we left off the last time as if we’d never been apart! This year I called her on her birthday (again after quite a bit of time not keeping in touch) and she wasn’t able to talk much as she was having a serious gallbladder attack at the time! I told her not to worry, that I would send her an email the next day to get her caught up on everything. Unfortunately she died the next day of a massive heart attack!! I was and still am completely devastated but am so glad that I did get those few minutes to speak to her! If I hadn’t called her the day before, no one in her family would have known how to get in touch with me to tell me what happened. That connection is THE strongest I’ve ever had with anyone!
    I am an empath also and usually can “feel” the emotions of loved ones and strangers as well. Your idea to cut the thread at the end of every day is a good one! I will definitely be doing that every evening!

    Thank you for your important information and suggestions and help to those of use who desperately need it! Please continue!! 🙂

  9. Wendi

    Thank You for sharing your beautiful view! How Blessed you are. We live in Michigan, USA and travel between different properties in different areas. I can only stand about 2 weeks in the more populated area, then I have to retreat to my forest. Thank you for the article. I have been working on this and it helps to have a specific exercise. Thank you Again and Have a Blessed Day!

  10. fatima

    Anna, this works!! Just lately I was with my friend in lab, I played my fave song INsIDE my head without humming it at all…and all of sudden my friend hum the exact melody I held in my mind! I tried another day with another song thats not mainstream and unpopular, and she hum the melody too. What fun! I recognize my mind was deeply in alpha during the process, and not attached to “she must receive this!”

  11. siri

    Hi Anna,

    Loved your post. You are superb…

  12. Bel

    Great aRticle,
    Loved to read up about the cleansing technique.
    I have always been a little psychic.
    What can you tell us about our dreams Anna? Surely they are fragments of these connections we go through our life, but sometimes maybe a deeper message to us from other realms?


  13. Bel

    @ Stephanie Giovannitti ,
    What an amazingly beautiful story 🙂
    I understand you deeply. I was lucky enough to feel this myself, and just like in your case, we are not together now. We are both married now but deeply feel this love that united us in the past. We keep in touch only to say Happy Birthday on our birthdays and know that health and families are alright. It seems strange indeed that we both know that a “next life” will be for us. It is a feeling.
    I totally agree with you that we most probably are more often “spiritually” dead on this planet while in this life due to the limitations of our awareness put into us by the educating system/ establishment. I think this is done on purpose to keep humans enslaved in their daily obligations.
    It is wonderfll that you felt this deep connection and have an open mind about it. Not ashamed, as you understand it well from a spiritual point :))

    All the best to you.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful love story 🙂

    Regards Bel

  14. Melinda

    oh my! Will be trying the cutting off of ties tonight! I usually awaken about 2am every morning. Since, I have been reading material about being intuitive and taking your challenges among others. I have been up at 12, 2:30, 5:00 and finally 6am. It has been exhausting!
    Thank You

  15. Daun Ledford

    Hello, I have reached out to the person, I think we have a connection. He is able to see my photo. I asked him a personal question not related to my vision. I am interested to see what he says or hints that he has seen me before.

  16. lily

    Its very interesting reading the posts.


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