Results of Intuitive Experiment #7

What fun this was! I loved readings the comments. And so many people did really well.

The lady in the experiment was Eugenia Falleni.

Yes, it’s a woman! A few of you worked out that ‘he’ was actually a ‘she’.

And the photo shown in the article was actually a police mugshot, taken because she was accused, and later convicted of murder in Australia.

What’s her story?

She was born in Italy around 1875 and moved to New Zealand with her family as a child. She later sought out work that allowed her to dress as, and pass herself off as a man, in construction and on boats.

While working on a boat she became pregnant and it was discovered she was a woman. She disembarked in New South Wales, Australia with her baby girl, Josephine, who was later placed in the care of a woman in Sydney.

Eugenia Falleni then re-invented herself as Harry Leo Crawford and worked a variety of manual jobs. He (or rather, she) met a widow and young mother named Annie Birkett in 1912 and married her in 1913. It is not known whether her new wife knew of her real gender.  Apparently, her family life was not harmonious as Eugenia and her spouse frequently quarrelled (according to neighbours), perhaps due to the fact that her daughter Josephine had re-appeared and possibly due to the fact that Annie had discovered her new spouse’s secret?

In 1917, the couple went on a picnic that Annie Birkett never returned from. Eugenia claimed that Annie had left her. She later married another woman. But a few years later a battered and burnt body was identified as Annie Birkett and the police came looking for Eugenia.

The prosecution claimed that Eugenia killed Annie because she was going to expose her true gender.

Although she claimed she was innocent, she was convicted of murder and sentenced to death, but her sentence was commuted and she served around 11 years. After her release, she was hit by a car in Sydney in 1938 and died of her injuries.


I also picked up on sadness and suffering from this woman, and a sense of her being lost. Perhaps this is due to the fact that she was transgender in a society and time that was not accepting of this.


Some people picked up on the feminine energy. Well done! Other people picked up on the fact that she was hiding something.


Some people picked on this too.

Reading through the comments there are lots of hits, I can’t cover them all. Someone even mentioned Sydney. A few people picked up on the way she died.

I hope you enjoyed the experiment and learned something from it.

If you had any questions or comments about your process or results please leave a comment.

If you received information or details that I have not mentioned, and you want to research this woman further here are some articles about her:

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  1. Rebecca Walker

    That was so interesting! As someone who has never actually practiced at any type of “psychic” activity, I’m excited that I picked up on a few key factors. Great exercise!

  2. Julie Barrett

    This was a great one, Anna! I didn’t get the transgender issue at all. Secrets, yes, deep sadness, yes, a body, yes…and a few more things that I guess we’ll never know about for sure.

  3. kylie

    Thanks Anna! That was fun:)

  4. Lesley

    How funny that i picked up the high toned voice!
    Great experiment and good practise for the intuitive senses, thanks Anna x

  5. mary

    wow, I have been waiting with bated breath for this article and I am happy that I am hearing messages from my guides and that I should trust them more. In the article is the name Elizabeth which I heard, and she was an overwhelming child and article states she ran away alot..I never mentioned where I saw this child…in background I could see builders etc. I never picked up on the female thing though only the song from Christina agulera but still didn’t click on that one. And the countries I came up with…must of been my own imagination.

  6. Phoenix Huber

    Hi, Anna! I’m so excited that you included a transgender man in one of these psychic experiments. I’m going to learn more about trans people in history, since the history I was taught throughout grade school never acknowledged their existence.

    Being transgender myself, I strongly believe this person should be referred to as HE, not she. How people think, feel, behave, and present themselves is more indicative of who they really they are than whether their bodies are male or female. For all we know, Eugene Falleni’s body could be classified as intersexed; if anything, his brain was probably different structurally from that of a normal female. So calling him “she” and “this woman” is not somehow more accurate or official. His “true gender” was clearly the masculine gender, regardless of his physical sex. Sex is biological, and gender is performed – they are two different things.

    I have gotten a lot out of your site and I love these experiments! Thank you!

  7. rn suresh

    Hi anna, am very much ashamed of my readings, for the past 12 yrs am practising and doing this as my profession but am not fit to define the hidden secrets, really I want to practise a lot. and thanks to u to make me no am not fit , if u pls read my comment and help me will b more greatful to u.thanks

  8. Jah

    Thanks for such a fun experiment! Loved this!!

  9. Anna

    Suresh – have you seen the tips I gave for other experiments? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t do well, you can always learn something about your intuitive process.

    You can find some tips at the end of the following articles:

    Pheonix – Glad you enjoyed this experiment. I get that it is fitting to refer to someone as their chosen gender.

    The reason I have not done this in this article is because, Eugenia/Harry also lived as a woman when she was released from prison, towards the end of her life. So she sometimes presented as a man, and often as a woman. There was not any consistency there.

  10. Jen

    Wow, this was definitely a cool practice! I couldn’t pick up that he was a she, but I did keep wondering why the arms were so thin. I did pick up that this person was a con artist, tough, tired, alcoholic, angry, belligerent, lots of trouble, dual personality, crooked, short temper. I don’t know her whole history, but this my guesses seem reasonably true.

  11. Elise

    When I first looked at the picture I got “deeply distraught” “Lost” “troubled” “criminal” and the name “John” or “Joe”

    I looked at the picture again a few days later and was FRIGHTENED by the look in the eyes. It was hard for me to look at them. I received the name “Harold” and the word “desperate.” Also from this second viewing, I got distinct feeling that I could not trust this person, and feared what they might do to me.

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