Results of Intuitive Experiment #3

Who was the man in the picture for intuitive experiment #3? In this article you’ll find out.  At the end, you’ll also find some tips to improve for this kind of exercise. The man in the picture below was William Hesketh Lever. At least that was his name when he was born. He was made a baron later on in life, and then a viscount, and his official title upon death was William Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme.

His Life Story

He was born on 19 September 1851 in Lancashire, England, the eldest son of a grocer. He died on 7 May 1925. He began his career working in the family grocery business at the age of sixteen and was made a partner at the age of twenty-one. At the age of 35, he left the family business and established a soap manufacturing company called ‘Lever Brothers’.  This company still exists but is now called Unilever.  Unilever has many famous cleaning and nutrition brands (famous in the UK, anyway) such as ‘Dove’, ‘Lux’, Hellman’s, Vaseline and Slim-fast – perhaps you will recognize some of those brands. Lever is remembered as an industrialist, as he built a vast industrial empire across the world and five years after his death, his company employed a quarter of a million people. In terms of market value at the time, it was the largest company in Britain. So, those of you who picked up on business and commerce were certainly correct.

Viscount Leverhulme

Those who picked up on nobility, or at least a noble title were also correct.  He was created Baron Leverhulme in 1917, and Viscount Leverhulme in 1922 – the Hulme section of the title being in honour of his beloved wife, Elizabeth, whose maiden name was Hulme.


He married Elizabeth Hulme, his childhood sweetheart, at the age of 23 and they reputedly had a very happy marriage.  She died in 1913, when he was in his early sixties.  He apparently loved her so dearly that when she died he built an art gallery in her memory (the Lady Lever Art Gallery) and named it after her.


Their son William was born in 1888.  Wikipedia states that William was their only surviving child, which indicates there were others who did not survive.  A lot of people picked up on beloved daughters, however I have not been able to find any more information on Lever’s other children who may have been miscarried/died in infancy or in childbirth.  But it’s possible there were some.  If anyone finds or has any information on this, please let us know.

Why I chose Viscount Leverhulme as a person for you to read

I’ve known of Viscount Leverhulme since childhood.  This was mainly because Viscount Leverhulme created a beautiful model village not too far from where I grew up, called Port Sunlight. This was to house his factory workers, so that they could live in beautiful homes, and my maternal grandmother lived in the village of Port Sunlight as a child. Her father worked as an engineer at the Lever Brothers factory at that time. Lever also provided beautiful gardens for the workers, a cottage hospital, an art gallery, a school, a concert hall, a church and a temperance hotel.  My parents were married in the church in Port Sunlight, as were my grandparents. Port Sunlight is still inhabited as a village, but now attracts about 300,000 tourists per year, who mostly visit for the day, and the adjacent factory has since closed. My grandmother was born several years after Viscount Leverhulme’s death, but he had a reputation in her village as a kind man who looked after his workers well and I knew his name from an early age because of what she told me about him. I remember my grandma mentioning how devoted Lever was reputed to have been to his wife.  My grandmother and I have made a few visits together to the art gallery that Viscount Leverhulme built in honour of his wife.  I have been to galleries all over Europe and Australasia and the one in Port Sunlight is still my favourite collection of artworks.

The Arts

So, some of you had picked up on the connection to the arts, and many picked up on music.  Lever was obviously a keen art collector and wanted to share his collection with his workers, hence the creation of the art gallery in Port Sunlight.  In his model village, Wikipedia says he ‘encouraged recreation and organizations which promoted art, literature, science or music’.  So there was not a special connection to music that I know of from my research.  I didn’t find any information on him playing an instrument or involvement in an orchestra, but music seemed to be an area he considered to be of value.

Philanthropy and Colonialism

The model village that housed Viscount Leverhulme’s workers was in such contrast to the conditions that many factory workers lived in around that time that he was considered to be an altruistic industrialist. Leverhulme claimed that Port Sunlight was an exercise in profit sharing, but rather than share profits directly, he invested them in the village. His aims were:

“To socialise and Christianise business relations and get back to that close family brotherhood that existed in the good old days of hard labour.”

He said,

“It would not do you much good if you send profit down your throats in the form of bottles of whisky, bags of sweets, or fat geese at Christmas. On the other hand, if you leave the money with me, I shall use it to provide for you everything that makes life pleasant – nice houses, comfortable homes, and healthy recreation.”

So he wanted to make life pleasant for his workers, and had definite ideas about what was beneficial for them.

Colonialism and forced labour

Some people sensed that he was rigid, intolerant and strict. Reading his aura, I picked up on rigidity in his character, as did many of you. No surprise there – he was big on ‘moral improvement’ for his workers and his community Port Sunlight had certain moral rules you had to abide by. On the other hand, all of this was in alignment with the times he lived in – the Victorian era. He also believed in temperance and was a member of the Congregationalist church and brought those spiritual values into his business life.  Wikipedia says that he was a colonialist.  Leverhulme did have factories in the Congo, where palm oil was made.  He apparently controlled five large tracts of country in the Congo. This is where it gets a bit shady actually… Now, I hadn’t read Lord Leverhulme’s aura when I started this experiment, I only knew his story, having heard about him from my grandmother and having visited his art gallery. So I was surprised when some people were picking up some particularly negative traits such as coldness and ruthlessness.  At first, I thought they were wrong as I knew how good Lord Leverhulme had been to his workers, then I went digging on the internet to find out more. I didn’t have to look very far. In the Wikipedia entry about him, it states:

In 1911, Lever visited the Belgian Congo to take advantage of cheap labour and palm oil concessions. The Congolese were subject to colonial exploitation by the Belgians through a system known as travail forcé, forced labour.

A book “Lord Leverhulme’s Ghosts: Colonial Exploitation In The Congo” states:

“Leverhulme set up a private kingdom reliant upon the horrific Belgian system of forced labour, a program that reduced the population of Congo by half and accounted for more deaths than the Nazi holocaust.”

It wasn’t solely Viscount Leverhulme’s business interests that caused more deaths than the Nazi Holocaust, according to this book, but it certainly seems he played a part in that. This aspect of his business is in real contrast to how Leverhulme is remembered in England.  And shockingly, this practise of forced labour by the Belgians actually continued until Congo gained independence in 1960.

His character and values

As a colonialist, Lever believed that the British were a ‘civilising force’ overseas, which is a little arrogant. Some of you picked up arrogance from him.  But then I personally believe that any kind of colonization is inherently arrogant. And had I been alive in Victorian times, I’m sure those views would have been right out of place. Yet I also sense a tenderness and kindness in his character, which is reflected in his good works in North-West England and beyond. But Lever must have known that his business depended in part on forced labour and slavery – so, what was it? Kindness towards white people but none for the slaves in the Congo? Did Lord Leverhulme somehow feel more of a responsibility towards his workers than towards the Africans in the Belgian Congo? Was the feeling of the time that Africans mattered much less than his own countrymen, one that he agreed with, or condoned? So there is a contradiction here, one that shows in the results you all got.  (Some people thought he was kind, some people thought he wasn’t, and some couldn’t decide.) So like many people, Viscount Leverhulme did some good things and perhaps did some bad things.  He wasn’t a saint by our modern day standards but he wasn’t all bad either.  And I’m sure my grandmother would be a little outraged to read anything negative at all about him (such as what might be in that book), having lived in his model village as a child.

Other minor themes that came up:


Some picked up on a political theme.  He was a member of parliament between 1906 and 1909.  He was made Mayor of Bolton (his home town) in 1918.


After his death, the Leverhulme Trust was set up and provides funding for education and research.  He also endowed a school of tropical medicine at Liverpool University.

His Death

His death wasn’t particularly violent or accidental. Viscont Leverhulme died of pneumonia, at his home in Hampstead, London on 7 May 1925, and then the viscountcy passed to his son, William Hulme Lever. So how did you do? I read every single comment and email that was sent to me. Although I’m unable to reply to everyone individually (doing that would probably take me into next week), I noticed as I read that some of you did really well, and most of you got a few things right.  As one of the commenters on the last post, Lisa said, it’s very cool how game everyone is to give this a try.  In the end, although you might gain confidence even further in your abilities, doing an experiment like this is also a way to find out how you can improve.  So hopefully you had some good hits, and no-one improves in their skills without making a mistake or being inaccurate so if you didn’t have hits, that’s also an opportunity to improve further. So, here are my tips and observations for this experiment:

Beware of clairvoyance used on its own

I have noticed that where there have been inaccuracies over the course of these three experiments, they have often been clairvoyant inaccuracies, where someone sees something that is later shown to have no relevance (as far as we know). Clairvoyance (the ‘seeing’ intuitive skill, where you see something in your mind’s eye) is probably the trickiest skill to use.  I find that usually, a lot of deep breathing and a meditative state must be present before using the mind’s eye to give information (we cover this aspect of intuitive development extensively in my Intuitive Awakening Course.)  Those who get things wrong may do so because they go out of a very conscious mode, like interacting or watching the TV or working (where the mind is very active), straight into an experiment like this, and the mind is still active, and may actively supply images that have nothing to do with the person in the photo. So the mind needs to take a little time to be in a certain state of relaxation when getting a clairvoyant image. And the time it takes you to get into a relaxed state, the mind’s eye may already have sent you any number of random pictures. I’ll give you an example of this. Several years ago, I used to practise telepathy exercises with my grandma, where she would telepathically send me a detailed image and I would try and see it. I would invariably guess about 20 things and get them all wrong, then bizarrely, the image would emerge in glorious detail after several wrong guesses. One example is an image she sent me of a train going into a tunnel. By the time my brain had switched off a little and taken a back seat, I got the image (after several wrong guesses) and saw the train coming out of the tunnel. As an intuitive, you must formulate a process (such as meditation) to clear those pictures out of the mind’s eye before you begin an experiment like this and get yourself into the alpha state.

Interpreting Clairvoyant Images

The other issue with clairvoyance is that not every image you get will be a literal one, sometimes they will be symbolic, which can be problematic. You also need to use claircognizance or clairaudience to get further clarity on the images you get. So clairvoyance is not a standalone gift. It needs to work in conjunction with another skill. Those are all the tips that occurred to me reading your results.

Want to go further?

If you would like processes and instructions for developing your psychic abilities further (including processes to get into the right state of mind to receive accurate information + a solid technique to read people) then you might consider my Intuitive Awakening Course.  The students who have done it so far have loved it.  So much so that I’m a bit worried my next course won’t live up to the last one! 🙂

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Dusty

    I was mostly wrong, but I was pretty close on a couple of accounts, and it was still fun anyway! 😀 I hope you do more of these soon, thanks for posting!

  2. Amethyst

    Poor thing, I thought he was mean and ruthless guy 🙁

  3. bee

    that was fun not many correct but was cool, best 3 days spent waiting for results lol…

  4. Lisa at Practically Intuitive

    Anna, this was so fascinating. I picked up on some sadness and I wonder if that was what was going on for him at the time of the photo (I’ll have t check to see time frames).

    Everyone: don’t be discouraged by what you got if it was off the mark or sort of off the mark. These things take practice and it’s difficult to move your “rational” mind a bit out of the way and let the intuitive stuff flow through. If you were at all drawn to doing it, I’d encourage you to continue practicing and see how things grow from this point for you.

    I can’t recommend Anna’s course highly enough if you want to grow your skills in this arena. It’s loads of fun (the course AND having these skills) and can help you make some decisions in your life when you learn to trust and rely on the information you get.

  5. Suzanne

    That was fascinating. I guess I got a few hits (authoritarian/peremptory, a bit crazed (eccentric would have been more accurate.) He was not an inventor but he was inventive. And he was honorable, by the standards of his time.

    Some things that I got but didn’t write down because I thought I could be wrong were: “kind and believes in the betterment of mankind” So, this tells me I should write down anything I notice, even if it might be wrong.

    I can also see how I made an incorrect leap from “he reminds me of Mr. Von Trapp” to thinking he was German/Austrian.

    I also see how I could have asked myself more questions about him and received more results.

    Anyway, thanks so much, this was really fun. I hope you do this more often!

  6. Rene

    Ok, I knew i was not doing well with this experiment, because the man in the experiement kept remind me of my dad lol ( my dad has passed away years ago), but everytime i looked at the photo i was swayed by memories something about this mans eyes…. it was like i was looking at my dad

    this was fun i am looking forward to doing another one!!

  7. Frances

    I love these experiments; please keep on doing them! it’s definitely fun to find out what I got rit and what I didn’t. Same with everyone else too.

    When’s the next one? 🙂

  8. Frances

    I meant right, not rit..oops….

  9. Jennifer

    Well, I did a lot better this time than the last 2 times…

  10. Anna

    To all participants. The blog post above lists the main themes that lots of you had good hits on. There may be some minor details in what you got that were good hits, but that I perhaps didn’t include in my blog post, simply because I didn’t have room to mention everything. If so, I may post a comment for you below.

    Hi Dusty, I thought you didn’t do too badly actually.

    Gruff and blunt – At the throat chakra, his communication style seems to be ‘no frills’ – he says it how it is. So I got the same as you there.

    Took a financial dent – yes. Have a read of the Wikipedia entry on him for more on that.

    University thing – see the university endowment trust info above.

  11. Anna

    Rhonda from Colorado:

    Kindness – yes, I got that too.

    He built an art gallery when his wife died and made it available to his workers. So that counts as a loss that made him give!

    French connection – don’t think so.

    2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

    Thanks for participating.

  12. Anna

    Bingz – he wasn’t a murderer (or if he was we don’t know about it 😉 ) but there was that Congo connection that is dubious. Apparently the Belgian colonists killed a lot of Africans doing that and Leverhulme played his part in it.

  13. Anna

    Marty (the 10th particpant) – YES he was a public speaker. He was a member of parliament and Wikipedia says he used his maiden speech to urge the prime minister to introduce an old age pension for all workers.

    His wife died before him, not sure if it was before she was 50. Couldn’t find her birth year.

  14. Anna

    Charlotte Hill – I think you were definitely onto something when you tapped into the strict, intolerant, arrogant, reserved side of his character. Untrusting is possible too. Not sure about anger.

    And what he’s good at rang true as well!

  15. Anna

    mekia – Politics, yes. He was a member of parliament too. A purple ribbon with a gold or bronze emblem – you might have seen that because he was the mayor of Bolton. British mayors do wear something like that actually for official occasions.

  16. Anna

    eskimo – What a great find! Thank you for posting that here. I will update the blog post tomorrow with a link at the end, as it’s past midnight here in NZ!

  17. Anna

    I forgot to say: Thank you to everyone who took part in this experiment. It was such fun doing it! I love my job 😀

    I totally second what Lisa said about any insights which were off the mark. Although it would be nice to always be right, the more insights you have which are a little ‘off the mark’, the more opportunities you actually have for improvement and observing how your unique intuitive process works for you.

  18. Anna

    Lisa – I think there would have been big sadness for him when his wife died, as she was definitely the love of his life. That really comes through as an impression when you see the beautiful art gallery he created and named after her, as it was basically a monument to his wife.

    Thank you for the kinds words about the course, and thank you also for sharing the experiment on Facebook!

  19. Anna

    Suzanne – Great stuff! Actually, not writing down that bit you got about ‘the betterment of mankind’ when it turned out to be an intuitive hit, seems to be a common thing.

    I remember I used to do that from time to time when I started doing readings. I’d get something that sounded unlikely and absurd, so decided not to share it. Then when the client shared more information, my unlikely insights turned out to be correct after all. Now I always say what I get even if it sounds really dumb or unlikely.

    It wasn’t just you who made the connection with the Von Trap character. A few people who emailed their answers did the same thing.

    Thanks for taking part!

  20. Dusty

    It’s funny what you say about not sharing something – I didn’t mention his wife, I don’t think, but I felt she died as well.

    I also *may* have picked up on the industrious thing – I mentioned I saw a dirty, grimy London. What I didn’t say was that it looked like industrial London, but I interpreted it to actually *be* London. And maybe it was, or maybe I did pick up on the whole industry thing. Hmmm!

    I hesitated to mention that earlier – I don’t want to appear that I’m changing my answer to be right. 🙂

  21. Nish

    I picked up the part about his wealth, business skills,
    charming, strong and striking. One thing i picked up was he lied to “women” alot, he cheated on them alot. Thats the impression I got… Perhaps because he seems charming and i got a bit jealous 😀

    Thats something I would like to work on, knowing the trustworthy ones!!! if i pick up something i dont like about a person i kinda start having a negative overall impression.

    This was Fun! Thankyou

  22. fellforit

    I did worse this time. LOL But I’m pretty sure it was because I treated it as a game and wasn’t in the alpha state. I will have to practice more before the next one!

    Thanks Anna. As always, it’s great fun!

  23. Alex Pena

    I did good on his characteristics and also regarding the letter “V” which i know now stands for Viscount and stated he was from Belgium and a letter “C” came from Belgium Congo. I am picking on these letters and names quickly but i lose sight just as quick or my ego gets in the way after the first and just need to focus more on the suttle clues coming in. I love these experiments and please keep posting new one’s 🙂 thank you.

  24. Jennifer B.

    I didn’t do so hot on this one, but it was a helluva lot of fun!

    I think what threw me off was the ultra-relaxed vibe that I initially got when I first looked at the photo. A majority of the people chosen for these experiments usually have some sort of seriously high drama attached to them, but not this guy – at the offshoot he seemed rather mellow. Granted, I did pick up some undercurrents of stodginess, and perhaps a little bit of vanity on his part.

    In general, it seemed that I picked up his love of the arts. At this point I’m not sure how into literature he was, but when I focused on him it was the first thing that popped into my head, and the vision of him at a roll back desk with a quill just wouldn’t leave my mind so I naturally assumed the guy was a playwright. When I actually ‘recognized’ the Lady Lever Art Gallery, although I haven’t heart about before today. I actually saw a picture of that in my mind when talking about him seeing life as a ‘painting come to life’. I ‘recognized’ the building, the road leading up the building, and the flowers…

    As for the love interest, I did pick up on her but I was doubting myself when I got to this area, and I think my confusion showed when I sent the e-mail – I couldn’t decide if she was his wife or his mistress, LOL! Plus, my assumption that most rich old farts are kinky made it’s way into the e-mail, and after reading about him I’m pretty sure he would love to box my ears, LOL! (I’m also sure he’d be disgusted by the undies comment for sure, LOL!) I’m pretty sure his wife feels the same way, hehe! Like I said, I wouldn’t blame them…

    And speaking of Unilever, there is a plant here. When my grandmother was alive she used to work in that plant when it was still Cheeseborough (spelling?), and I remember her bringing home all sorts of stuff from the employee store: cosmetics, lotions, toothpaste, etc. etc. The real kicker? The place where she’s buried is just a couple of blocks from there!

    All in all, this was a BLAST and I can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

  25. Rebecca

    I didn’t too bad. He looks like a distinguish nobleman. I had a feeling he was of status and wealth. I too picked up on some rigidness, but I figured it had to do with his stature in life. I also had a feeling he liked the arts. Perhaps, I’m more ‘in-tune’ than I think I am.

  26. Anna Barlowe

    Holy cow! I didn’t comment before, but I actually got the guy’s first NAME right! As soon as I looked at him I thought “William,” clear as day. Of course I thought I’d be wrong, but maybe I should trust myself more. I nearly fell over when I saw it just now! 🙂

  27. Hazel Coneys

    You are so right about the alpha state..I came back to the responses today and saw the picture and immediately ‘saw’ factories and clouds of smutty air and a pervadiing kindness in the man (though didn’t linger long enough to pick up the Congo activities) and I immediately also felt like he was a man I ‘knew’ about and when i found out who he was I realised he WAS a man I had known about from Social Economic history years ago..but I shocked myself at how , although i picked up some things in my initial reading, how much more came to me in a visual immediate way today just be glancing at the picture..i am still convinced there is a lot to be said for ‘not trying’ to read someone too hard as I was when i did the initial reading and i get more information corrrect when I dont ‘try’ and i almost let it flow into my head without using any conscious mind and while i teach others about this helpful ‘trick’, it is still always hard to apply it myself when i am ‘trying’ to read sometimes! Great fun these though! Can’t wait for the next one!

  28. Joey

    I’m late for this one because I got burnt out at work but thanks to your course I managed to intuit the following:

    * Has an intention for others to inspire with music (When I asked that question I heard inspiring music)

    * When I asked what one of his occupations was I got that he was dealing with food of some sort which is indicative of his origins working at a grocery store

    * And my first impression was that he is warm, eager and inspiring person

    I did not get that he was a entrepreneural tycoon though, I gotta keep on practicing! Thanks again for this awesome experiment!

  29. Helen

    I did ok better than the last one from memory.. some hits and misses.

    Thanks for the experiment opportunity

  30. Sanji

    This was really interesting, Anna. I had a look at the experiment briefly, I didn’t manage to go into it in great depth, but after looking at his photo for a while I felt really angry, so much so that i couldn’t look at it anymore! Don’t know what that was all about, it freaked me out a bit actually! I didn’t like the man at all. I got the words “street agent” for some reason, and finances, but i also felt he was incredibly selfish and out for his own gains and would trod on others to get it. Not a lot like the man you’ve mentioned, he seems a lot nicer! The funny thing is, I’ve worked for Unilever! Its true they have a great, communal culture and they treat their employees wonderfully – buffet lunch at all! I shouldn’t be so mad at him! ;P

  31. Ellie

    This is what I wrote:


    I would say he’s a hard man, strict but not evil

    sad but wont show it

    trust him – yes

    upper class
    around books

    Some things were close!

  32. Mary B.

    Thank you for posting this exercise! I didn’t participate this time because I felt I had failed at the previous ones, and I didn’t really have time this time either … but I couldn’t resist doing a quick study and it turns out I was correct on everything I picked out on. So now I’m curious to do the next one! Maybe I just need to trust my initial impressions more. Self-trust is a big issue for me, so this is an excellent exercise.

  33. SilverAngel

    Its hard to say what i’m picking up, since i can’t find the words, or understand the feelings that i’m picking up..But i think i’m picking up a two sidedness, from him….Like he may have been a nice man, but there was another side 2him….which i guess goes 4anyone, really hey

  34. Susan

    I recently found your site and am loving it! I didn’t do too badly, I think. Immediately didn’t like him- got a creepy feeling. I got that he’s proud. He’s a self-made man. Came from next to nothing and built an empire- railroad? Took a stab in the dark that he’s Polish. Missed on some, but a very cool exercise. Looking forward to more.

  35. Amelia

    I arrived at the experiment late because I just discovered your site yesterday looking for some answers. I did give it a try and made sure I didn’t read the official answer just to see. I got a feeling of him being associated with death and suffering. It was strong. I also got the feeling he ‘ran things’. His reasons for his actions that caused suffering were not clear but he was at peace with them – he could live with the knowledge he had a hand in it. This is my first try at something like this. Then I felt silly when reading the official answer until you mentioned he had a hand in slave trade that resulted in the killing of people. I’m looking forward to more of these. Great job on this very informational site.

  36. Paula W

    I think i didn’t do so bad. I looked at the photo and two things came to me. 1) “a person of great importance” and then 2) i got the shivers, like “don’t cross him” in fact i did’nt want to look at his photo anymore. i was like, don’t make him angry or upset him, and stay out of his way.

  37. naki

    Here are the words/thoughts/impressions I gathered about this man after brief meditation:
    ~Something to do with imprisioning others, slavery?
    ~Don’t trust him
    ~Worked in Commerce

  38. Monica

    I got the “nice but strict” impressions, the “very dark past”, the “noble” title, “double personality”, then I got the word “Antagonist”. I didn’t even know what this word meant.
    I had fun doing the experiment. 🙂

  39. Fotini

    To be honest out of all 3 experiments with the photos, this one was the hardest. I only saw “wealthy” just above him from his own work like he worked hard to reach that success . But not in the money interpratation…more like successful business. But this is all I got for this photo.

  40. Faith

    I was surprised. Looking at him the words busniness, family and satisified came to me. For some reason Daniel or David kept coming to mind too but I don’t see any relevance to that. Fun!

  41. Like2hearUlaugh

    OK. So I didn’t associate anything really with chakras… but had strong feelings that did not match the photograph in any way….

    I felt he was a controlling man; did not trust him at all. Felt his strength, and the word Stalwort jumped into my head in the form of a cue card. Knew immediately he was convincing and a good communicator. Also ‘felt’ he was brutally cruel, a good pretender/actor and maybe even a bit of an investigator…… I also immediately felt a British tie…. so all in, fairly close but not exactly… it is coming to me as feelings and instinctual, in a fraction of a second, without any thought or consideration….

  42. Laura

    Very interesting! I’m a bit belated here, but I got “passionate; love/loving/deeply in love; marriage/wedding; secrets, he is/was keeping a secret or secrets about himself – mainly that he has a split personality – harsh to the outside world and deeply loving and passionate to his inner circle and especially to his beloved; lover of music and expressive arts; famous/fame/well-known and appreciated” and for some reason I kept getting “German/Austrian or speaks or has an affinity for German language” in there too. lol – fun!

  43. sandra

    weird but when i look at him i feel a warmth in my chest???? did he have anything to do with hildren??? books??? school master? he looks ill!

  44. jolene

    i got energetic,happy,enthusiastic. first impression was he was bubbling with hyper energy. i got teacher,he had money but money wasnt his goal, inventor, his energy makes me happy. i got science, music,soap, i got the term “brand name” and i knew it was a famous product.i got back and or bowel trouble..war or military, i got poland, that he wrote something..i got the name Ripple and i got that he had murdered i got the word crazy, and harvard

  45. Jessie DiBono

    picked up money, business, serious

  46. Jessie DiBono

    also felt murder

  47. maja

    i did pick up an immature side, almost naive. But I get chills thinking about what he did in the Congo, horrific.

  48. Betony

    Not quite as good a result as on the previous 2 exercises, but great fun. I picked up on his political involvement, his workaholic personality (a micromanager, according to, his philanthropic side and interest in social causes (employee benefits). Then I thought I’d jumped the track and pulled “loved horse racing” out of thin air. Funny thing, though, the Thornton Manor website talks about his grandson, the 3rd Viscount, who was “fanatical” about horse racing!

  49. Sharon

    I know i’m a year late with this but i also enjoy reading what other people picked up when looking at these pictures.

    Yet again I suprised myself.

    When I first looked at this picture it was placed to the left of my screen I felt as though the picture should have been in the center, indicating he liked to be center of attention. I also felt he was an articulate speaker, liked to be incontrol, he was a leader, into politics and good at public speaking.
    I felt he had followers and liked to appear he had good intentions but his intentions were also self benifical and his beliefs misplaced sometimes. I felt I would not agree with some of his views they would make me angrey.(I would definatly disagree with his use of slave labour and it still goes on in the congo today if you have ever seen a documentry called blood on your mobile it is very enlightining and sickining).

    I felt he was protective of his family and a loving husband and father who wanted the best for his family, I also felt he was scared for them too. I picked up that he did have a son and my first thought was his son died at age 14. I then crossed the son dying at age 14 out. As I felt he was ok but felt somebody else very close had died in 1914. I felt this was pretty close as his wife died in 1915 and we dont know how many miscarriges she suffered/if some were twins etc.

    I also felt that he was a King but not of a country more of his own empire.He had connections with royality and maybe a lord, I could vision he had lots of land and a big statley house.

    I was off with the nationality again but only because i didn’t go with my first thought. I then thought he may be Austrain, German or Belgium and the names fernandzo, fredrick and king leopold jumped into my head.(This all made sense and surprised me as it was king leopold who founded the coloneys in the congo).

    I also felt he had sufferd headaches, goute, angina and may have died of a heart attack. (This was all compleatly wrong as far as I know) but I did feel he also may have had trouble breathing but thought it would be because of the heart attack.

    These experiments are so intresting I never thought I could get so much info from one picture.

  50. sammi-jo

    Hi with only a glimps of is face for a split second i thought that this man was amman of yhe law and that he was very family oriantated and had a susspistion he was from the 1800’s and this was my first try at anything like tis i mean i have always thought i could feel things moving around me also here things but people always said i was crazy.

  51. Aurora

    Wow, this is my third experiment like this, and I’m truly stunned at how close I got! Here were my results:

    -For the blank sentence, I found the adjective ‘powerful’ really sticking out to me.
    -I felt that he had, in general, a negative personality because of some arrogance.
    -I sensed that he was arrogant due to wealth, and that he might have had a bit of sadness in his early life.
    -I picked up on the fact that he was born on a poor family. I suppose being born into a grocer’s household might be not very income-providing, but I guess I was a little wrong on that one.
    -I sensed that he was left, or deserted, by someone important to him in his life. I figured out that that was actually true when I found in the results that several children of his left him via death.
    -For some reason, I didn’t trust him at first, but my impression grew differently once I picked up on some other things.
    -I strongly sensed that he was a perfectionist. He wanted everything to be done exactly his way, no matter what it might take to get there. (Hence the fact he reduced half of the Congo’s population in his ruthlessness.)
    -I felt that he was interested in power, business, and authority positions. Perhaps good at getting people to do what he commanded.
    -Later on, as I was nearing the end of my reading session, I picked up that he had a weak spot in his heart for family. I could sense that he wasn’t very kind towards people he did not particularly care about, but he had a very loving demeanor to his wife and children.
    -I correctly guessed he was British.

    I just wanted to thank you again for these wonderful posts. I realize that I’m replying a little late, but I love these experiments. Please do create more! I adore these. 🙂

    • Anna

      Glad you enjoyed them Aurora, there will definitely be more in the future!

  52. Abigail

    Wow! I wrote down all my impressions…and when I began to read your results, I was so discouraged that I had not sensed him correctly, but then I continued to read and …Wow!

    My first impressions/adjectives: Violence, evil, h urtful, controlling, harsh, tense.

    He looks like a “controlling harsh” man.

    I get a negative vibe. I don’t like his imposing personality. He seeks to control.

    Control= Head of government. Head of Business.
    -He’s the head of a large group. I don’t know if it’s govt. or business.
    -I sense illegal business.
    -He is feared by those he’s in charge of.
    -He rules and controls through fear.

    I don’t trust him.

    He somehow reminds me of The Mob, like Al Capone, the Mafia.

    The Mafia is just a felling, not an actual memory.

    Life Story: Money. Inheritance. Family Feuds. An only child. Groomed to rule.

    He’s interested in money and power and in getting it at any cost.

    Nationality: At first English, then I got Eastern European or Russian. Nationality does not seem to matter to my senses.

    It seems that there is more to this guy than was originally known. There’s a dark side to him.

  53. Trudi

    I am only just discovering and acknowledging this side of me and have been drawn to your website for some guidance. I have been doing these experiments sitting here with a pen and paper by the computer jotting down words/first impressions. I dont have long to read as I have little ones demanding attention as well!

    -he looks like a manipulative man
    -could see violence
    -I wouldnt trust him
    -two sides to him
    -horrible negative vibe, more so than experiment 1 + 2
    -position of power
    -mens business
    -he is English
    -he died from illness, he was very sick when he died.

    Im a little shocked at what I picked up on especially when I started reading how well he treated his wife but all I could feel was horrible vibe

  54. Carol

    I did really well on this compared to the previous 2, because I finally did your exerciise about getting in the alpha state first. I picked up on the rigidity and authoritarianism, but like you, saw the softer side of this. I felt he was ver proud of his accomplishments and had high moral standards. I picked up that he owned a business and then, the word ’empire’ came to me. As if to say business empire. I sensed who could be very kind and was well known and respected. I saw he was married, but did not pick up on the son. I saw a girl with blonde hair. As to his death, I saw it was of natural causes and that he was in his own bed.

  55. Carol

    Some additions: I also picked up that he was not born into wealth, but did not see the grocery store. I tended to trust him. I felt that despite him being a well known business man, that he did have his own code of ethics. If you did business with him, he would do whatever he promised. He was reasonable and kind to employees.

  56. Ash

    I got literiture, science, professor/teacher, music. Awarded something but not sure what for. A well known guy, popular and seemed geniun but there was something sly going on secretly beneath it all. If I was to rate him out of a saint, just a decent guy or not very nice at all…. it would come just beneath decent guy. I got a slight bit of arrogance aswell like he thought he knew more than others and almost his way is the best. I got that he may have travelled but not overseas. Firm and knew who he was and some things could go to his head

  57. shwetha

    Hi Anna! I got that he was an egoistic person. He has a positive attitude, happy go Lucky kinda guy. For some reason I also felt he is a wife cheater. Crazy about women types. He seems to be a very materialistic person. Also he may have cheated people to acquire business and money. And he is British. Some I got okay, some wrong 🙂

  58. Joanna Kasz

    Hi I got really good results! I’m impressed with myself.

    Honest man
    concerned with MONEY
    Dark/ mean side
    slave owner
    scot/ english

  59. Kimberley

    I got that he came from a humble and hardworking background but that he achieved great success. I felt he traveled a lot for business and was very innovative and contributed something of value. The word “rake” came up for me several times and I though either he really raked it in “money” or liked to garden, or was a bit of a rake himself. I get he was good tempered and jovial but could be stern if needed. I also got “he really liked the nannies” and I’m not sure what that means. I also got that family was really important to him and that he really gathered them all around himself which relates to his village and taking care of the people

  60. coral

    I got that he was kind and was trying to think of the word philanthropist but couldn’t, so said humanist instead, lol. That’s all I got though before I gave up!


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