Precognitive Dreams – Are You Dreaming of the Future?

Updated 16th June 2021.

I dreamed something and it happened the next day!

People write to me all the time saying something along these lines. It could be that they dreamt of a new specific person they would meet (including what this person looked like), and then it happened the next day. Or it could be dreaming about a natural disaster the night before it happened (many of my readers and students dreamt of the 2011 Tsunami in Japan the night before it occurred, for example.)

I believe that humans have the innate ability to predict the future, both through dreams and visions, and in this article I’m going to explain the mechanisms that underlie these dreams, and how you can have more of them, if you wish.

But first, I’m going to tell you a story:

I recently heard about a precognitive dream that a single woman in her fifties had – she was a Welsh artist, who owned a house in the city. But at night she kept dreaming of a house with a big garden, in the countryside. After having dreamt of this house several times, she painted it, with all the details that stood out in her dream.

Then a few months later, she met a man and fell in love. He took her to spend the weekend in his home, which was in the North of England. She could not believe it when she saw his house – it was the house from her dream (and her painting) – right in front of her eyes, right down to the last detail. She showed him the picture she had painted. She later moved into that house with him.

People regularly send me emails recounting their ‘weird’, paranormal or intuitive experiences and so I hear stories similar to this one relatively often. And I’ve had experiences like this myself, although not quite as romantic and dramatic as the story above.

Dreaming of the future is known as precognitive dreaming.

People usually ask me: how can I further develop this gift, and what is the purpose of it?

In this article I am going to give you my thoughts on those two questions.

The Purpose of Precognitive Dreams

To my mind, precognitive dreams have two main purposes:

Firstly, they can act as a warning.

A dream like this might sometimes show you something unpleasant that might occur if you continue on the path you’re on. You experience the consequences or the unpleasantness in your dream, and it allows you to course-correct and make another choice if you want to, so that you avoid the outcome shown in your dream. Then what you dreamed may or may not come about, depending on the choices you have made.

Sometimes people have precognitive dreams about world events.  If the experiences of readers of this blog are anything to go by, it seems some people who are very ‘tuned in’ dreamt of the 2011 tsunami in Japan the night before it happened or a few days before.

The second purpose of a precognitive dream is to show you that you’re on the right path.

A dream like this is usually one in which you see yourself, in a particular place. The details are usually very specific. Perhaps you see yourself doing something very specific, or you notice the specific details of your surroundings. Perhaps you’re speaking to someone who says something very unusual that sticks out in your memory.

Then some time later, you find yourself in that exact situation, in those exact surroundings, with the person in your dream who says what they said in your dream. You might have the same exact feeling in your reality as you did in your dream, like a weird déjà vu moment.

This has happened to me several times. I have travelled around a lot since I was 19 and even before I know I’m going to move again, I have often dreamt of myself in a particular part of the world. It would be in a very specific building or house, or walking down a specific road, where I see something unusual in my dream.

A few months or several months later, I find myself in the house from my dream, or walking down that road where I see the thing I dreamt of. And I’m not talking things you see every day, but details out of the ordinary, that really hit you in the face as being from the dream, along with a strange feeling of déjà vu that accompanies it.

Time Travelling in Your Sleep

In terms of how precognitive dreams work, I believe that when we’re asleep, we have access to the past and to the future. Have you ever relived a scene from your past in minute detail, in a dream? I know I have. Being asleep, and in the astrals, allows you to time travel – both to the past and the future – and then remember the parts that you need to remember.

I remember experiencing this vividly when I was about 19 and at university. I was taking a nap and dreamt that I had to wake up because the fire alarm was sounding. When we all got outside, it turned out my housemate had set the fire alarm off with the steam from her iron. She had been ironing her bedclothes. I thought in my dream: Who irons their bedclothes – what a waste of time!

My nap was cut short by the fire alarm. It turned out my housemate had been ironing her sheets and the steam from the iron had set off the fire alarm! (This had never happened before, and I didn’t even know my housemate liked to iron her bedclothes.)

The details of this dream coming true showed me that we can time travel, both to the past and the future, when we’re asleep. Whether we want to remember much of our travels, and whether it serves us to, is a completely different matter.

Can You Develop this Ability?

For both types of precognitive dream, I tend to think that you can develop this skill to some extent (at the end of this article, I have included some resources which can help you to develop your abilities to know about the future through your dreams and visions.)

I feel however that you cannot develop the gift of seeing disastrous world events, because there is no point to you doing so and obviously you cannot stop earthquakes or tsunamis. But you can develop this gift to help yourself.

If you dream of a future event and it comes true, to me it is just a little nod from Spirit that you’re walking your path. You haven’t strayed from where you planned to go. But in my opinion, those little nods cannot always be easily controlled. You can do a bit of work to encourage Spirit to send you more of these ‘nods’ and I’ll talk about that more at the end of the article.

The Value of Confirmation

There is a lot of value in knowing you’re on the right path because often in our lives everything can point to the opposite. We may feel that we’re not in the ‘right place’, or that everything is going wrong, and we’re not walking our true path. So a precognitive dream can be a blessing in this way.

I began to suspect I was on the wrong path a while back when I was living in Christchurch, New Zealand and over a period of several weeks, juggling this website with a full-time job working as an English language teacher. Ordinarily, I would choose self-employment, but the career path of English teacher was supposed to help me to get residency in New Zealand (I am a British citizen.)

I began to feel in my heart that I was never going to get residency that way, and I was wasting my time. In hindsight, I was totally right for various reasons.  But I was told by people around me that it would work out and I was also promised the kind of work contract I needed in order to get residency.

I even got a little nod from Spirit that I was doing the right thing, in spite of the fact that I was stressed, exhausted and convinced that it wasn’t going to work out. That reassurance came when I was teaching a group of Korean students, it was a beginners’ class and we were practising communicating dates of birth and birthdays.

I asked a student when she was born. In the two seconds between asking the question and receiving the answer, a voice said to me: this student’s birthday is the 24th January and when she says that to you, you’ll know, we promise, you’re on the right path. There’s nothing else you should be doing right now, even if you feel this is going nowhere.

The student said: My birthday is the 24th January.

I did relax after that, as funny as it sounds. The time I spent teaching English served its purpose, although my contract fell through after the major earthquake we had in Christchurch in 2010, and I didn’t get residency through that avenue.

I feel that precognitive dreams are like that – comforting nods that show us we’re on our right path, even if it seems that path is less perfect than we thought the ‘right path’ would be.

Further Reading & Resources:

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  1. Paul

    I had a very vivid dream once of being inside a home where it felt like the walls were falling apart, the water pipes were bursting with steam, the roof sounded like it was being smashed and all the windows were breaking.

    In this dream I looked out my kitchen window and saw a blinking yellow light and a car parked outside my kitchen window about 100 feet away on the street.

    Then I woke up.

    About 15 hours later that night I was watching TV when I heard a weird noise outside. I went into the kitchen and saw a car parked outside my kitchen window exactly where I saw it in my dream and he had his yellow blinkers on.

    I opened the window in the kitchen and I heard noises. My neighbor across the street had a chimney fire and their house was on fire.

    When I went outside with my wife, we heard the firemen chainsawing the roof and smashing all the windows. The sounds were exactly what I heard in my dream. The car was parked exactly where I saw it in my dream. The yellow blinking light was the hazard lights on the car that the neighbor parked on the street to prevent it from getting damaged.

    Luckily nobody got hurt, they all got out fine.

    I’ve had other dreams where stuff happens later on, but this was the most vivid one.


  2. Rhonda

    I have had one dream where I was in the body of someone else who meant to do harm to a friend of mine (not violence or anything like that)and warned them of what I experienced. I was seeing things play out through the eyes of the person doing the harm. Very strange. They did not pay attention and things unfolded just the way I said I experienced it. Then I had a dream where I saw someone cheat on me. The exact way/time/place etc. I would have had ZERO clue before. I told the person I knew about it and they were gobsmacked. So what is it called when your spirits show you something that has already happened? And why the hell couldn’t they warn me about THAT ONE ahead of time?? Very infuriating.

  3. Gina

    Hi Anna, thanks for this post! I have many vivid dreams and some precognitive as well. I also dreamed of the Tsunami in Japan the night before it happened, although I didn’t know the location of it in my dream.
    Two weeks ago, I dreamed I was a surgeon and removed a pack of cigarettes from behind the left breast of a childhood friend. I was really beside myself about this dream when I awoke, and so I contacted her and told her of it (after much debating with myself). She immediately started crying on the phone and told me that she had been trying to quit smoking for about 6 months, and that she has also had a large painful lump in her left breast that she has been afraid to see her dr about for over a year now. I was completely blown away! She took my dream as an urgent message to see her dr and now she is awaiting results of a biopsy. She said she wouldn’t have gone had I not told her about the dream. These dreams come to me when I least expect them and definitely as a means to assure me that I am fulfilling my soul’s purpose to help others in this lifetime. By the way, I loved your Psychic Awakenings course and I’m eager to take your professional course as well!

  4. Sol

    Addictions have a habit of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. I LOVE signs, and I look for them everywher in dreams and waking life. You can see I sometimes have a hard time letting go.

    I usually have the ‘sign’ dreams, the positive ones. As an example: I have had positive dreams about my blog since I started it. Precognitive dreaming runs in my family, but I’m not really strong at it. My father is though.

    From reading what you write when you were seeking residency in New Zealand, I come to think of how often we blind ourselves. We hear this and that is going to work out, and since we don’t know any better, we keep at it. There have been many times I’ve convinced myself that I was doing the best thing. It’s like looking at that jewellery in a shop, thinking it’s the only one you can afford. As a result, you close yourself off to the wellspring of wisdom around you. Or shiny things, in the case of jewellery.

    Have fun, everyone!

  5. Julie

    I have a sort of recurring dream regarding real estate. Each time the house is different, but I am always in tight quarters when suddenly I realize that there is a huge section of house that has always been there but somehow I had forgotten about it. Sometimes I’m walking down a road with gorgeous homes and I realize that the one I wanted years ago is suddenly on the market and we take a tour.

    I DID discover a section of house that we had not used, and as I was moving a giant bookcase out that doubled the floor space it came to me that this was the actual dream come to life. Then I had a tour of a friend’s house and she just kept opening door after door to more bedrooms until I realized it was the house from my dream…I’d known her 5 years and she simply had never shown me those sections because she never used them.

    I have NO idea how this serves me or anyone else but it is really strange to stand in your livingroom and realize you’re in your own dream.

  6. Nathan

    Awh, precognitive dreams – something I enjoyed many years ago, and something I do not wish to experience any more. It might be the reason why I do not remember my dreams, I’m blocking them.

    It’s important to remember that often, when people “vibrate’ with low energies (you know, pain, hate, negativity), then precognition might attract only negative visions. And since there’s often no way of confirming anything, the only thing such dreams give is stress. Nothing too pleasant :).

    Or maybe I’m too lazy for interpreting my reams? 🙂

  7. LaLanya

    I have had very few dreams that I remember when I wake up so when I do remember them I take notice. A few years back I had a dream where my dad mailed me a photo and in the photo was a bunch of my friends. Two of them were circled and on the back it said “You can stop them from being killed, but you have to act.” The next day I found out these two girls planned to move and were driving halfway across the US. I did not say anything but my mind kept yelling at me to act, I did not know how to act. That night I thought about the dream and asked myself why did my dad mail me the photo? So I called him and asked if he had had a wierd dream last night. He told me “no but the night before I had one that really upset me.” He went on to tell me that he was in a car with a guy he did not know, the guy did not know my father was with him. They were on the highway following two young girls that they had seen at a gas station. My dad knew this man meant to do them harm but could not stop him. They followed them for a long time until the girls pulled over in a rest stop. It was late at night one of the girls got out of the car and so did the man and he had a knife. That is where my dad woke up. He did not know my friends b/c he lives many states away from me. The next day I knew I had to do something even if it my friends thought I was crazy. I pulled one of them aside and told her about the dreams. And some advise my dad had told me to tell them about staying away from dark places with very few people when they pulled over. To go to a walmart or big store if they needed to stop and to always stay together. They listend and are both safe and happy, that is one dream I am happy to know did not come true.

  8. Rene

    ——–very strange pre dream incident———

    So last night after I got into bed I turned around to see my room was full of something like glass. I mean literally the room was vibrating with a glass like sheen. I mean normally I can see the energy in the room. I have gotten used to it. This was like every bit of energy had turned to crystalline. It was like a glass room in my room like 3D. It was like beveled glass. I mean even the closest point to me. I even tried to put my finger through it. Oddly enough it didn’t scare me it was just WEIRD. I didn’t know what to do or think so I just went to sleep. I know I was overly calm. Do u have any idea what it could have been???

  9. Todd | Channelingmyself

    I visit certain forums where people often share their precognitive dreams. Typically those dreams are about dire world events to come. I don’t believe or can’t remember if I have ever dreamed about my future, I’m lucky just to be able to remember my dreams.

  10. vikas6

    what to say but it is part of my life ie. What happened and what will happen it is only a pattern of dream which i was seen one year and 8month before.
    I donot know why every time in dream it give indication that some thing would ready to happen
    in future.
    I have joint family one brother and his wife with 2children,mom,daddy,me my wife with one daughter and son.i am elder and brother was married 4year before.
    One morning at 5.30a.m i was sleeping with my children but my wife wake up early and göne for bath, i was in sound sleep after bath my wife came 2 room she shouted and saked me due to i was throwing my hands and leg on the whole bed she said u hiting ur children,i wake up and my dream was not completing.
    My wife said what u seen in dream. I told that i big snake as anaconda of length 5 to 6 meter,i was frighten in dream ,snake move other room in dream i follow him but i was not search next room was my brother ,i saw the room inside walls,bed,cloth were spoted and colour with blood,i started feeling angry when i saw that my brother was fainted on floor with his blood alaround him.his wife was crying for hubby,i ran to catch the snake so that i must take revange i was succed to find i tightly hold him and stared fighting at last i took sharp thing and able to kill the snake,in dream’s fight i was really throwing legs on bed as i was fighting like that,i woke up than i was scared that it was just dream but in real,
    Whole day i was trying to solve dream but i told my brother be safe as some serious incident will hurt u my brother knows my dream comes true.
    Only 3 days pasted my brother and his wife gone 4 a movie but my brother’s wife fall on floor,he took him to the hosipital in a fainted position,doctor said brain hamarage due to migrane,he operate her to remove the clot of 9cm from and by head surgery later she was not responding she gone unconsiousness but not in coma,20days she was than also worst,every family was crying but we take her to fortis in nodia i answered to everyone that she willnot die due to in my dream i killed snake , brother and she was live in the dream,
    In hospitel she was addimeted for more than one year,like a dead person,doctor said she will not be well in future so any time she can die,
    she was on ventilator for 3month,10 to 12 major operatin done in 5month ,not only this doctor put a food pipe in stomuch,doctor was surprise that she have pus cell app.2liter due to the galblader was brust having ful of stones,all gangurin..
    I cannot tell more but result she started recoving after 8month,now she is well wieght 25kg from 68kg before hospitel only now she cannot move left leg and hand due to paralise and recover 65kg weight.
    Please tel me what these dreams come to me,one thing more i had only seen 2 time in a year,second time i went to see him than after that she was recover fast

  11. Milly

    I can do this, I feel inpeding personal tragedy but not for everyone, only those that are closest to me. The first time this happened was horrendous and very clear, I was 17. I lost the love of my life in a car crash, he was also 17 at the time. For 3 months prior, I first had invasive images of him lying motionless in front of a car, which turned into re-occuring nightmares. I was distraught by the images and I didn’t know how to react or what to do. In February 1990 he was killed by being thrown out of a car in a crash. It destroyed me 🙁

    Three months ago I was working in my back garden when I felt what only could be described as “something” moving through me. All of my hair stood on end and I felt I tingling throughout my body. My ears were ringing and hasn’t stopped since, which is sort of weird I think. A day later, I had a dream that started by interrupting another messy dream, it was very distinctive. I was taken to a memorial service for my boyfriend who died all of those years ago which took place in the community centre at the church where he is buried. There was an older lady with blonde hair who mentioned a reference to a spine and his best friend, who I hadn’t seen in years, looking much older saying, “He was so fond of her.”

    I woke up panicky and shouted out, “What was that about a spine.” It startled me in the dream as I was dreaming that I saw his friend older as I don’t know how he looks now. I live abroad and had a serious feeling something was very wrong back home. I told my friend about it, she believed he was with me and she suggested I ask about the dream. Gosh it worked, this time he came and asked me to trust him but still no idea what was wrong. This dream was interrupted by someone else unseen in the dream that caused him to run off and me to wake up. There was banging inside the house and I ran out of bed to try and find it but there was no one in the house… I went back home to The UK to search for answers but came up with nothing, I also went a couple of times to his grave to ask what was wrong, what did I need to know. I didn’t find the answer.

    As I left I felt very tired and crashed into my bed on the boat as soon I boarded. I immediately had another dream. We were back at school, I was lying on the floor outside and he picked me up and hugged me. It was daylight but like a solar eclipse. I knew it wasn’t over.

    Several days later I get a call. My sister is suddenly taken into hospital dying. Cancer. It’s in her liver and spine and other skeletal areas! There’s nothing they can do. As I type this she’s in liver failure and now has tumours in her brain :”( It’s all happened so fast.

    I never dream about him which makes me sad and suddenly I get loads of lucid and non scrabbled dreams. I believe he came to tell me about my poor sister 🙁

  12. Lindsay | The Daily Awe

    I’ve had so many precognitive dreams. I started writing them down because I sensed people wouldn’t believe me when I would say, “Hey! I dreamt this!”

    My favorite precognitive dream involved one where I dreamt that my coworker told me she was pregnant and the very next day, she pulled me aside and the dream I had became reality, down to every last work spoken! Months later, I dreamt that she had boy/girl twins and their names started with an “O”. Sure enough, she had boy/girl twins named Olivia and Ovie last September. 🙂

    I love, love, LOVE hearing about people’s dreams. I’ve not been able to have a lucid dream, though. Would love to read an article about that (or maybe you’ve already written one?).

  13. elena

    i’ve had psychic dreams my whole life & u just KNOW when they really do mean something.

    the other night, i dreampt that my mom & aunt were in a car crash & my mom died. i woke up TERRIFIED. i called my mom & told her to promise me she wouldnt drive with my aunt. she knew by the tone of my voice that i had had ‘one of THOSE dreams’ so she agreed. she decided to share it with my aunt who heeded the warning & went to the mechanic to have her car checked out. they said she had an invisible defect in her tire & if she would have driven down the mountain (where my mom lives) she would have had a blow out & it would have more than likely resulted in a fatal crash.

    this freaked me out!!!! i’ve known all my life that i “just know” things & my dreams get stuff right some times….so why is it so scary to get confirmation?!?! saving my moms life was an insanely huge message to send via dream…how did the universe/spirits/whatever know i would take it seriously?? or that my mom would listen to me?????

    i really love being psychic…but the responsibility can be very overwhelming 🙁

  14. caroline fanshawe

    hello i dream of wired things, i’ve had da ja vu many times be4 for example dreaming of a place and then next day going to it, last night i dreamt of a girl who was famous who had to sneak into houses for safety idk why i dreamed of this but it could be nothing and i know what u mean about paths i dreamed about meting and falling in love with only 1 guy he had to had long hair down to back and a beard he was the only image i could see in my head its strange, i’ve dreamed of this guy many times now im with him his name is Alex, i always everyday of my life get visions of the future and it is warnings and they tell me what not to do! your page has made me feel like im not alone i dream and day dream everything on this page its a good thing to have it makes u a better person.

  15. Rhiannon

    I’ve had a few precognitive dreams. There was one that I had recently that hasn’t come to life yet, but it had that feel of precognition to it.

    I was walking down a beach next to a tall, thin man. We were holding each other’s hands and the feel was happy, complete. I was in a white, flowing, long, loose-sleeved outfit and he had white loose fitting pants. As we walked barefoot down this sandy beach, with the wind gently catching our clothes, I felt myself and this partner growing older together. I remember looking over to him in this dream and seeing him age before me. It was unbelievable.

    I thought I knew who this person was, my boyfriend at the present time, but it may not be since he ended the relationship with me. Who knows though? I think the implication was that it was him, or someone very similar to him in look and feel.

    I guess only time will tell. =]

  16. MPath

    I started getting signs after my first son was born and I thought it was him and not me. One afternoon, soon after he was born, my husband said I should take a nap and as I surfaced from my sleep, I felt my whole body go paralysed except for erratic finger movements and very quick swallowing. My mouth was like that of a fish. I could not see clearly at all – that was the strangest part – however when my husband walked into the room, I could sense him – I knew who he was. It went on for a long time and then slowly I regained my body back and thought I had possibly just had the strangest experience in my life. I put it down to tripping from the epidural.
    A day or so later, I was alone with the baby and sat down with him to give him his bottle and as I looked at him, there it was – the little lips moving like a fish, the constant swallowing, the fingers … and I knew he had given me the chance to ‘feel’ what it was like to be him. And naturally, I also knew that he didn’t see things clearly – however he KNEW who we were.
    The ‘signs’ continued and I would feel myself getting a scratchy throat and then I would notice that he was a bit off and not drinking his milk … my throat thing would disappear and I would take him to the doctor and she confirmed a sore throat.
    We have moved around since he was still a baby. I had my 2nd son 2 years after my first. Living in different countries, and one of these countries was renowned for earthquakes and terrorism. Our city was hit by 3 massive bombs one morning – I had seen one of them from the balcony upstairs … my heart just sank and then I realised I had kept my son home that day.
    Later I discovered, much to my joy, that the signs were not just my oldest, however my youngest as well. That’s when it hit me that it was me and not my son. I have also began to understand it better.
    I am normally a calm, happy person, however one day I will feel very, very dark. I call it the washing machine – it feels like my emotions are in a Spin Cycle. And the darkest darkest cloud is inside of me. Then, the phone will ring, and I know in that second that something is wrong. The teacher will say your son has fallen or this and that has happened.
    Immediately the dark cloud disappears and I go into fast action mode – it is incredible !!! Sometimes I have clear visions like the day of the bombs – I looked at my sons school uniform logo – he was going to a British School and for some reason this logo stuck in my head .. after the bombs, I switched on the TV and there on the ticker tape it said British Interests being bombed. My little one was not in the same school.
    Later I opened a company and one night I dreamt that my IT guy was in a car and couldn’t breathe. He was suffocating but not from water … that was very clear. I woke up screaming his name and my husband even heard it. The next day we were so worried – we tried calling but no answer. FINALLY he called us and I was so happy he was OK !!! I was so embarrassed about trying to call him so often and to hide it I invited him and his wife for a BBQ. They told us how they were driving up a mountain and it started to rain really badly. Mud was everywhere and so they stopped the car and decided to sleep there. During the night he woke up with a start and realised they had closed all windows because of the rain and he was suffocating – his wife was even having breathing problems.
    This was the first time I felt a sign for someone outside my family. To be honest, I have heard about people talking about spirits etc. and I have sat alone contemplating the fact that it may be a spirit or something like that. I am an Empath and have been from a child, I realise now, and definitely inherited. BUT, in all honesty I feel no spirits whatsoever !!!!
    I DO FEEL a deep sense that this is something very, very natural and I guess the best way to describe it would be almost like a Spidey Sense.
    I tested myself on one or two Psychic Tests and I am absolutely useless, so I really don’t consider myself as a telepath or anything like that.
    In my case, it is purely related to ‘an event’ and having a child activated the ability to Pre-Sense Things – my whole married life my husband travelled and naturally I felt the weight of being alone with my babies.
    I would not be surprised if this is some primitive ‘instinct’ that we had before and can imagine was snuffed out during the Witch Hunt Period ?
    Lets be honest, we would all be burnt or drowned by now with what is written on this website in another time and place !!! Now my sons are teenagers and I am interested to see if they too will have the Empath thing and I am only extremely grateful that they will have the Tools of understanding how to deal with this. When I think of my poor grandmother who had no idea of what an Empath was and how she holed herself up and became an extreme recluse.
    My mother is one and now I am one as well.

    Anna this is a great website – Thank You !!!

  17. Sophie

    Once, I had been thinking about my best friend before I went to sleep (honestly, I was trying to enter her dreams, as she has done with other people before). I dreamt that she took me into a field behind her house over to a tiny hut hidden behind a tree. She told me that she didn’t actually live in her house, but instead pretended to around her friends. She took me inside, and I found that it was a cluttered, two room, two floor house. After a while, I woke up.
    A couple days later, I told her about my dream. She and her sisters all looked at each other, and one told me that they didn’t actually own their house, but was renting. Apparently they haven’t told anybody this. This was very unusual in my neighborhood. I’m not quite sure what this means. This wasn’t really a vision of the future or past. Instead, it seemed to be an over-exaggeration of a secret. I also wonder if it happened to be a coincidence, though I hope not. Advice?

  18. shona

    It’s not the most interesting dream but when I was in Scotland isle of seil I dreamt something that happened a couple of days later. On the first night anywhere New I always have an unsettled sleep. I dreamt that my younger sister came running into the front room holding a pencil saying look what I’ve found. On the last day we were in Scotland she came running into the front room holding the pencil saying look what I’ve found. I was freaked out I hadn’t told anyone about the dream but it still happened exactly how I dreamt it. I told my sister, my mum and my nana that I had dreamt that my sister would do what she did and they were just as shocked as me

  19. Fred Rodger

    I have had multiple a precognitive dreams when I was kid as in times when fights have happened and kids have run away but sometimes I am actually there and people are around but don’t see me ( so I see myself ) I think it is not spirits which control this but our brains. ( I believe that we only use a small percentage of our brain and sometimes our brain can access the rest and allow us to dream future events which will benefit us

  20. Eneasha

    I have very vivid dreams from future and past which both are unclear to me. In the past is in the Biblical times and I know the Hebrew language like the back of my hand but when I wake I don’t remember anything. In the future I see a lot of things happen and they always do and there’s no way I can really explain it what is going on.

  21. Melissa

    I’ve had dreams that come true so far my whole life! My dad tells me I’ve always talked about my dream, even when I was little! I honestly believe God gave me a gift, but God doesn’t tell me when my dream will come true! I dream I lived in an apartment with a blue kitchen, fifteen years later my dream came true! 2002 I dreamed I bitten into an apple and lost a tooth, twelve years later exactly how a dreamed it, it came true! I have dreams I’m pregnant, I can’t have children, but weeks later someone in my close circle of friends and family, someone is pregnant! I don’t try to figure my dreams out I give it to god now, if God wants me to know he will tell me! Thanx for listening

  22. Lara

    I had this dream a few years back of people coming from the sky in some sort of skate board but without wheels these boards where flying ones! these people where wearing some sort of uniform, I remember being very scared of them and I only popped my head out the door to see them and when they came close the man in the front who seemed to be the leader sort of smiled at me and told me that ” I wasn’t ready yet” and they continued flying.

    I had the dream a few weeks after seeing a UFO disappearing before my eyes, it may sound crazy for some people but that’s what I have experienced also I think my dream may be the reflexion of my search for the truth.

  23. Christina E

    I have had these types of dreams for a long time I usually get the dream in advanced like a year before it happens or a month. I have always doubted these dreams and forget about them but more recently I have been paying more attention. I currently tried out for a singing audition right before I was about to get judged I had de ja vu and remembered my dream I had a long time ago. A voice in my head told me I wouldn’t make it. I believed the voice it helped me get through the audition without being upset after because I already knew the outcome. In my dream originally I was upset crying but I didn’t dry once after the audition I was very happy when I went in and happy when I went out I was more confident then I usually am which I surprised myself. I knew what was going to happen so I wasn’t worried. I felt like some people recognized me as if they were having de ja vu as well. So it was as if there was a spiritual connection going on in the room. I’m thankful for being able to see into the future and I can control it better then I used to. I feel like I tapped into another sense as a human that most humans can’t sense, I also feel as if I’m starting to be able to read minds as if i’m tapping into another sense. This is all very amazing for me and exciting that I can do this. I feel as if I have a guardian angel.

  24. pratibha

    hi Anna,
    I have many precognitive dreams.Lot many times it happened that i had dreams of the places,peoples i meet with or death of my grand father all those things happened truly after sometime.

  25. Stella

    Hi. I really am bothered by this dream I had today, my dead grandad was in it saying he’d live until the 2cnd of November to my mum(who has cancer) and me and my sister were there watching.

  26. Anynomus

    I’ve had quite a few freaky dreams where people have either gotten hurt or have died, and the following morning, they did get hurt or have died.

    The first time I had one of these dreams was when I was in 5th grade ((March)); a guy in my class went to the hospital for appendicitis. I didn’t know what the word was at the time, and neither did I know what happens when you get it, but I felt his pain and what he went through as he went through it. I woke up with pain in my abdomen around 1am, right around the time he was taken to the hospital.

    Flash forward to 7th grade year: A guy in my 0 period science class had a heart attack during the middle of the night ((1am during the month of April)), and I had a dream about heart attacks and he was in it. I felt him die… And felt him being resuscitated. I woke up right when he was resuscitated in th dream. I had chest pains just like any heart attack victim would feel, AND it was 1 in the morning. That morning in 0 period, the teacher told us that he had a heart attack and was taken to Duke on a helicopter.

    Freaky, right? Wait, there’s more.

    The next year, I had another dream about heart attacks ((March)), and my great-grandmother was in it. I felt myself die in the dream, unable to get out of my bed, and I was all alone except for hearing my great-grandmother’s voice whisper to me, “Free yourself.” I woke up around 1am, again, struggling to get a gasp of air, and I couldn’t understand why. The next morning, I learned that she had died in her sleep from a heart attack….

    I am starting to become scared of this… And I’m not sure if I have some crazy psychic power or I’m just having weird dreams right when bad things happen.

  27. Ethan Song

    Hi, many say that precognition is just a mathematical coincidence, but I do not believe them. Although I do love math, and would usually argue against anything supernatural, I’ve opened my eyes. Precognition, is a gift, and it does go two ways. It can be negative, or positive. I do not remeber many dreams, but I do remember one dream of when I was really young. I don’t know how I remebered it above other things, but I pictured myself walking through my fifth grade hallway, even before I started elementary. On the last day of school of my fifth grade, I walked down the hall and stopped. I realized this had been the exact same place as when I had my dream. This is one dream that really stuck out to me, but most of the time, I get actual signs instead of dreams. For instance, I woke up one day, and I had a snake bite on my leg, even though there are no snakes anywhere near my house or city, and certainly not inside the house. At this time, I was a Christian, and but I was struggling to keep from doing bad. I talked to someone at church about two weeks after, and I ild him about the snake bite, and what I thought it meant at the time. I pictured it as the serpent with adam and eve, and the day after I had the dream, I did some pretty bad things, I wouldn’t have done under normal circumstances. This other time, I had a bloody knuckle when I woke up, and got in a fight on the bus that same day. We hadn’t been on the greatest of terms, but I am not the person you would expect fighting someone at all, under any circumstance. And although it may seem a coincidence that I hit my hand on the wall or something, it never had happened before. I really like your view on precognition however, Anna. I want to talk more about this, so email me if you ever get the chance. 🙂

  28. Gabriela

    I had a dream last night that my cousin had bought a new phone ( it is an upgrade version of the phone I have currently) and he showed it to me and I was looking at the pictures it could take and the camera on the phone was so good that it took his reflection from the tile floor; and I just fell in love with it. I told him that i was so jealous that i wanted it to. And so, his wife came to my house today and just as a random conversation I told her about my dream ( she mentioned that she had got a new phone but I didn’t think anything about it being connected to my dream.) So I start off by telling her that I had a dream that her husband had got a new phone, and she looked at me surprised. She said that he had got one yesterday, and she asked if he told me. I was surprised as well; I mean he has talked to me about getting a new phone but I thought he would get it in a couple months. So yea basically he bought a phone yesterday and without me knowing anything about it, it appeared in my dream that night.

    Also a couple months ago that same cousin in law and my cousin had a baby but before the baby was born I had a dream of her. In my dream she was very cheerful always smiling. In my dream i think she looked more like my cousin than his wife, but she had dimples. and when she was born she had dimples, and now that she is a couple months old she is just like in my dream cheerful and loves to smile, but the baby looks more like her mom than her dad, but idk if that will change later on.

  29. Shannon

    I am not to sure if this is good but i have dreams about outside earth. I see planets sometimes in my dreams and i see how people solve problems. I also know the answers to problems and things even if i do not know anything about it, like one time in school i had to name all of the parts of the eye and what they do and i was stumped! Then, without me even knowing the answer i was half asleep and gave the answer to all in 27 seconds!!! I also sometimes black out, like when i needed a drink desperately i blacked out and the next thing i know i am at a water fountain. Things seem to go the way i will them to, like if i want something to happen really badly it does happen! And at the end of every dream i have a vision of the moment before a bad event and it always happens. I can also see into people, like reading them as if they were a book. For some reason when i look into the iris i can see if they have family issues, if they are lying and how many siblings and things they have. I also get snips of emotion from them, like i can tell if they hate me, like me, don’t care about me and so on.

    This is not the only thing i have noticed, i also get dreams about me being a wolf but this wolf is white! I have friends and there are shadows everywhere and 5 gems that we protect. One time during science i fell asleep twice to have that dream and one time they told me to wake up before you sleep with us and the next thing i know the fire alarm is going off! this happens constantly and happens more and more. I think it is because i am nearing 13 and the most spoken number around me and whenever i look at my watch it points to 13. I have had these dreams constantly and one time i was about to be hit by a buss, i closed my eyes and then i was back at the traffic lights. the same thing happened with a bike and that was when i was 5 and i first started getting the dreams.

  30. Pravesh

    Hi Anna,

    Pravesh from India. Just read your blog because just now solving something I realised that I have seen it previously. Actually these incidents happen now and then. Many incidents in the past during my school days, graduation, postgrad and in job happened those I had seen in my dreams like a playground I visited the first time had already visited in dream, a meeting in office I had already attended….and many more things. I can’t explain those feeling to you or anybody but whenever they happen it feels like I was supposed to be here. Sometimes it feels like……hope I could write all the dreams but its not possible you know. Recently I resigned from my job for my doctorate and right now it happened. I read you blog and the most beautiful thing you wrote ” If you dream of a future event and it comes true, to me it is just a little nod from spirit that you’re walking your path. You haven’t strayed from where you planned to go”. So thanks ….not have much to write but I know I am on a right path.

  31. vikas

    Hi Anna
    I read your blog and went through many comments.Me and my brother always experience this from the age of 14 year.I share this to my parents and my friend but they laughed it cannot happen.I remember this happen first time when I was in 9th std I seen a dream week back that a guy is running and he fell down.And this was not in my mind and after a week same happens and suddenly I got a jerk In mind that same I dream last week.As I was kid it was unable to digest for me how I seen a future.My younger brother he was in 10th std he he dream nightmare and he started crying from a week that something is going to happen to dad.He was not able to sleep from week but he was not able to share his dream because everybody will be tense.And after a week my father have accident and he was hospitalized for 6 month.My brother told me that he has seen the same bed,window and nurse in his dream.Talking to doctor all these that happened after 2 month talking to doctor.But some time dream show us feature but we have no control over to change or divert our problems.In my house my brother still see and share.But we dream daily something but everything not come in true but sometimes it come in true we can some signal or jerk that already I have seen in dream.My brother always feel guilt that he seen in dream but he did nothing for father.Then why god given this power to us if we have no control over it and cannot change.I trust in God whatever he do have some meaning.

  32. Kelly Moore

    Hi Anna, and thank you for your articles on dreaming. Big help. Lots going on, and learning to interpret better is a big plus! Just finished your article on interpreting and this one on precognitive dreaming. Stuff is going on in my life and Spirit is talking! I’m listening and learning. And finally also realizing to, as you say, relax and go with it. It takes time. I’m now thoroughly enjoying the journey. And I’ve gotta admit, I’m noticing some interesting things, in Spirit world and this one, too. 🙂

    Best in love to you,

  33. old lady

    When I was a teenager, I once dreamed that I was driving past my boyfriend’s house which appeared to made of glass in the dream. In the dream, I saw him come out the front door holding a pillow to his throat and saw him throw the pillow onto the ground which was covered in snow. I saw blood on his throat, the pillow and the snow. The dream seemed especially strange to me for one thing because I did not drive or have a car or driver’s license. When I saw him the next day after school and told him about the dream, his eyes grew wide and he explained that during the night he had been sleeping with a space heater on the floor near his bed. He said that he had awakened to find that his pillow had fallen off the bed in front of the space heater and had caught on fire. He ran out the front door and threw it down onto the snow. It was not exactly what I had dreamt, but it was so similar!

  34. John

    I had a dream once in this dream was me and two class mates we were in the fourth grade at the time. I was in a room that was lit up like a black light and when I looked up to the window it was always black and I couldn’t see out but that’s when a blond haired woman came through bringing them to me and she had wings like an angel after bringing them she would leave then me and the two class mates would hang out and play then before I would wake up they would both disappear and I would look around wondering where they went then I would look at the dark window and I would wake up feeling like I just lost the two most important people in my life but I always thought it was just a dream I would see them in class and feel more relived I had the dream 3 or 4 times before the end of that school year and my teacher set up a meeting with me and my mom to talk about keeping me in the fourth grade so that year I failed and they both passed and the next grade was at a different school and I didn’t see either of them again till high school seemed like they really disappeared from my life when I finally seen them again I wanted to tell them about the dream but they both blew me off and wouldn’t hear me out so I forgot about it for a long time and when I was 27 around summer time I ended up having another dream but this time it was only one of them it didn’t give me the feelings like the other dream and it took me almost a week to remember who she was and when I did it reminded me of how the dream when I was younger made me feel towards them and how much I wanted to share this dream with them but I still haven’t found them. Their name’s are lisa and kaylie

  35. Melanie

    I had a dream two nights ago about fires and the place we were at everything was catching on fire and woods were burning but we were safe so tonight my husband is working in Gatlinburg TN and my in-laws live there and they’re having fires there and the woods are on fire at her work the electricity went out I just thought it was weird that I had a dream like this two nights ago

  36. Dave

    How’s it going came across this online and it’s very comforting lol.. I thought I was the only one having these! But mine haven’t been as surreal or life changing , but I’ve definitely had precognitive dreams.

    It started at my best friends house . I was 21 . Times were tough , going to school trying to find a partime job to support myself..Angelo, my best friend got a partime job at FedEx and offered to help me out. I got the job. Long story short my dream consisted of me at his house in his living room with his dad and brother Casey were there as well. We all just got back from work and their dad was up awake in the living room. Our shift was 5pm to 1am and their dad started work at 530am. So it was odd seeing him there up with us. But I could see everything inside the living room clear. The tv, couches , my friend etc..but just outside of everything was a blur and fog. Now what happens next is the precognitive part. I dreamt his dad said, ” so I heard you couldn’t handle your first day, heard you had to throw up hahaha” & in the dream I sat there embarrassed and quiet. I saw everyone’s face , the stare and the feeling of being bullied.

    So the next day was my first day working at FedEx. I live in socal started in the summer so it’s been high 90s lately in the summers so you always add 20 degrees to a warehouse. Anyway sure enough I threw up at work lol. Immediately try to find Casey , only to find out he had got sick on his first day too, but he left work completely! I didn’t. All I could think bout was how bad I wanted to tell him bout these events reoccurring from my dream.

    After work around 1am Angelo Casey and I drive back to their house. We walk in and sure enough their dad is sitting in the same chair same clothes with the same beer in his hand. As I sit down I slowly start to feel this feel of deja vu and before I could say anything out came those words from their dad,”so I heard you couldn’t handle your first day heard you threw up hahaha” now I felt the same feelings of embarrassment but this time I wasn’t going to let myself feel this way. I was going to change the outcome of my dream. I spoke up. I said, ” haha yea I did , but did you hear that your boy left 3 hours early cuz he was sick”. Shortly after their dad got up scolded Casey and went to bed. So tripped out by what happened , having changed the outcome of my reality when dreaming of another situation, I told my friends. But their small minds couldn’t comprehend what I was talking about lol no worries we’re still friends and I’m still telling the future. Interested to see anyone with similar stories.

    Keep up this blog it’s very helpful for people who are scared of this.

  37. justin

    The first dream I had was when I was about 12 years old I was in middle school siting in my classroom and then I thought about the dream I had the day before this and my classmates where throwing the football around and I knew the football hit my head and so when my friend ( not his real name tom) threw the football I knew I had to duck my head and from that day on I’ve been having dreams that came true and I thought it was just my head going through tough times but they came true every time so I am now 16 and still having dreams/ I’ve read through everyone’s dreams and it sounds like I’m having the same but not the same dreams as everyone else, so that’s my dream I have had.

  38. Elizabeth Faraone

    I used to have many dreams that came true.
    This slowed down once I became a teenager.
    When I was younger it was small little dreams, not really telling me good or bad, just showing me the future.
    I remember vividly everyone’s faces, places and conversation.
    But when I became a teen I stopped having them until I started dating in my late teens.
    I started dating a guy who ended up being very abusive emotionally and I had started to get future dreams while dating him.(pretty much showing me my next relationships after this guy)
    After that relationship ended I ended up dating the guy from my dreams(not in that way! Haha)
    Then saw dreams of my now husband.
    I saw dreams of where I’ll work, the conversations.
    Then it stopped again(my dreams) after I started dating my husband.
    As my dream showed I moved and worked in a different place.
    After a few months of living there, a 15-16 year old girl from ww2 got attached to me and I had a dream of her without seeing her(I was her? But I saw things in my eyes/life style until I thought about it)
    Felt something in my blankets and jumped awake.
    I freaked out and called my mom because she can see ghosts.
    She told me everything I saw and explained how she got attached to me.
    After I got some salt in my room it never happened again.

  39. Paris Louise

    I have had multiple, visions, I guess you could call them. I haven’t heard any voices in them, they are only flashes of a scene. The first flash I received was in 8th grade and I was in bed trying to fall asleep and thinking to myself how hopeless love is and that I wouldn’t be loved because I am complete trash and a total freak ( I was being bullied at the time and that was what they called me) In this flash I was in a bedroom, laying next to a man and he had his arm around me. I only felt emotions, there weren’t any words. The emotions I felt were a deep love, security, and I felt as if I would be with that person forever. Once the flash was over. I felt completely out of breath and very energetic.

    The next day I told my friend about my flash, and she said it was a vision from God. I didn’t get anymore visions for two years.

    Now that I have transferred from my old school, I got one more flash. I was going on Thanksgiving break, when I opened the door to leave the school, I saw a scene with a man hugging me from behind and we were both standing front of a baby crib. The walls were white, and the floor was a bage color. The crib was also white. The window was pouring in sunlight. And the curtains were a sheer light pink. Although, the way I saw the flash was different from the first flash. In my first flash, the scene was pointing at me, and all I saw was the man’s arm, but in the second flash, the way the scene was positioned, made it seem like the view of a camera man taking a video for a movie. I was able to see his face and everything. The only problem is, the man in both of my flashes, already has a girlfriend.
    I don’t know whether I should act upon these flashes, or just stay the course I am on. I don’t understand whether the flashes are telling me I am on the wrong path, or whether I am on the right path. What do you think they are telling me? I wish to understand this more.

  40. Wyatt

    I don’t know if you still read or comment on this blog seeing as it is years old, but I’m very interested in what you would have to say about what I’m about to write.

    I have been dreaming my own future since as long as I can remember. Very minute things. Small moments in my life. I would know right before it happened from this kind of tingling that would happen in my brain.

    Then I decided to see if I could change what was happening in that moment. And it turns out I could. Saying no instead of yes. That sort of thing. But when I did that my head would start to pound and I’d get dizzy. I was changing my future I thought. The more I changed those moments, the less I dreamt of my future. Changing my path little by little it would seem.

    The biggest example of my dreams involves a day I spent with 10 or so friends and we did magic mushrooms. I had dreamt of 7 different moments in that day at least 10 times a piece. I knew what was going to happen at every turn. I only changed one moment. When an elderly lady was staring at us. I had been judged by that women for years in my dreams. So when that moment finally happened when I was awake I yelled, asking “Is there something you effing need?” Though I did swear. No one I was with understood. Especially when I tried explaining that I lived that moment many times.

    So that’s just a bit of background. I just saw a theory that in the third dimension that we live in, life is like a flat circle. We are constantly reliving our lives after we die each time. This makes sense to me seeing as how I’ve dreamt my future many times. So currently I am trying to think of a way that I could get a message back to my younger self in the next loop to live a better life. My life currently sucks. And if I’m stuck living for eternity, being reborn the same person time and time again, I would like to be able to say a few things to myself through the dreams so I could be happy for once in my life. Then I could start over and do better.

    Typing this all out I feel slightly crazy but it almost seems doable. Just want to hear your two cents on it.

  41. Celena

    I have these type of futuristic dreams a lot. I am only 14 actually. I dream about tiny things in the future. When I wake up after having them I completely forget until the thing happens then I remember I dreamt about them! I just had one. I had a dream of watching a couple do a fun lie detector test and they were in a white room with a window behind them. I was watching and there was only a small part of the clip I dreamt about and it was exactly when I remembered when I seen it!

  42. Alex

    If we are being true, I’ve always had dreams that come true but no one believes me, and sometimes it takes years to come true and others takes days but the thing is, I would always feel sick of almost die after the dreams, that’s how I could tell if they would come true or not

  43. Laila

    I’ve had many dream that give me signs & my mom told me ever since i was younger i use to have odd things happen to me where i use to have an “imaginary” friend and talk about dreams. I just have certain dreams that stuck out to me the most.
    Me & my ex hadn’t been together for almost a year around this time and i knew he had new girlfriend but parts of me knew that he still somewhat cared for me. One day i had a dream that him & his girlfriend had came over to my house (i knew of his girlfriend but never friends with her) and we were all in my room watching movies and at one point his gf asked if she can get drink from the kitchen downstairs. So then me & my ex were in my room alone and he came up to and started saying how he missed and only cares for me and he didn’t really like his girlfriend. A couple days after had tried adding me on social media to reach out to me and finally accepted him and he asked if he can have my number so he can tell me something. He ended up writing a whole paragraph on how he missed me and how his current girlfriend was a mistake and he’s tried really hard to get over me. It was soo strange!

    Another dream i had is i dreamt i was walking around a park and a stray dog came up to me and started talking to me but like telepathically and she was saying how she was was sad and just wants to be loved and to be put in a home. The next day my mom told me that my dog that my grandma has been taking care ( she takes care of her since i live in a rental home & no dogs are allowed) had been missing for a week but just found her picture on our local pound website. & my dog is such a a baby she she’s scared of anyone she doesn’t know so when i got the chance to get her out of there you could automatically tell she was completely scared of out her mind and when she finally realized it was me holding her she wouldn’t let me put her down she was so happy to see me.

  44. Tanya

    I don’t know why but I dream of the future in my dream but when it comes in real life. I get flashbacks and headaches and dizzy and lightheaded why and awkward

  45. Daniel Correia

    I’ve been having for the past year multiple times where my dreams are coming true. Quite vividly real. Thus far I’ve realised that the outcomes of the dreams can change.
    As someone who is experiencing this have you found a way of controlling it or telling yourself in your dreams that this is a precognitive dream?

  46. Robert

    I had a dream that was so real I remembered it when I woke and told my wife. In my dream It was myself watching TV and a newscaster telling a breaking story that Anna Nicole had died, about 30 days later she had in fact died. This was the first precognition dream I can remember.

    Most of my dreams seem to be symbolic, like finding hidden rooms in a house I’ve been living in for years or talking to passed family members in my dreams. The Anna Nicole dream was a very very real feeling, like I was there.

    I should have told someone other than just my wife but who would really take this seriously, is there a site to report these things for documentation and see if they materialize? That would be validation.

  47. Sofia Milza

    I’m not positive if you would consider this, but what the heck?

    In my dream, it was very detailed. Me and my best friend were in school, writing formulas in math, and I looked at her hands. She had a pencil in her right hand and her nails were painted. I’ve known her for three years and every day and every picture I’ve seen of her, she’s never ever had her nails painted! They were a pomegranate color in the dream. The next day we were in math and again I looked over and her nails were painted and it was the exact same color in my dream!

    I kinda had a feeling that I am psychic, but no one seems to believe me? But how? How could I possibly know that she painted her nails? How could I tell the future? Is this the universe telling me I’m a legit psychic?

  48. samel yarbrough

    Hey there I kinda just stumbled on your site trying to research the dreams I’ve been going through its like one of those repeating dreams but it predicts different future events usually just simple things like an argument or burning your food or sometimes it’s something embarrassing I experience it a lot throughout the months. I’ve gotten a little better at controlling it. used to I would wake up just feeling clueless and like I didn’t have a lot of memory (idk sounds weird) but lately I will have dreams like that and wake up several times in the night and discuss to myself how I could of made things better in my dream (I just do it instinctively.. I guess) and go back to sleep it makes the severe dejavu in my daily life better cause now I have a little bit of warning and can fix the situation if I recognize it quick enough. I still need to get a little better at it. But anyway if you have any helpful advice you can give it would be appreciated

  49. Samuel yarbrough

    Hey I’ve read a lot of comments on here about your guy’s struggles with trying to remember your futuristic dreams, I haven’t completely mastered it But I may have some helpful advice because the stuff you guys talk about I’ve already been through well at least for some of you. I’ve noticed informational sources really help idk how I’m just telling you my experiences not the news tho its all fake (didn’t mean to offend anyone if I did) I usually go on YouTube it can be a really good source for info like the tribulation saints, higher self, channels like that are good sources and sleep a lot, a lot of enlighten happens when you sleep. I’ve also developed a skill in which I usually wake up a few times in the night and discuss my precognitive dreams to myself and kinda discuss what I could do better (you’ll develop this skill overtime) and in your conscious state (your daily life) observe your surroundings, observe where your at,observe how your feeling at that moment, observe the weather, observe the friends you choose to hangout with. Do this because any detail can trigger your memories but if you pile them on top of one another you’ll recognize the situation better.
    I hope that might be help to some of you guys

  50. Jay

    I am having too many dreams about my future and it always come true… what I don’t get is if I have a dream about numbers, someone I know dies. If I dream about bad things and when it happens I know when to avoid it, but what i don’t get, I am having dreams about my girlfriend and her ex getting back together. I am just wondering if it’s going to happen??? I am having too many dreams about them. Plz tell me someone.

  51. Danielle

    God sends me warnings to warn me before it happens or ppl i know so it doesnt happen , or i have random stuff that happens in the future like ppl ive never met and talking or laughing in the dream with then boom i meet them amd everything is how it was in the dream. Im so thankful for this gift. Its coming more the older i get ive noticed.

  52. Corey

    So when I was younger, I had multiple dreams that are now coming to fruition. The thing is about these dreams, sometimes when they are happening, there is nothing I can do to change the outcome. There have been a couple that I don’t wish to come true but it seems no matter what I do, the dreams keep coming true. I am curious if there is anyway I can maybe change the outcomes or if I could work on remembering more details than what I do remember now? (I apologize if I spelled some of the words wrong)

  53. Shailee Bevan

    I had a dream once where a couch fell on my brother’s foot in the woods, my friends that live in the neighborhood were there too, and there were 2 boys I didn’t know but they were there too. In the dream his foot got cut opened and he went to the hospital, I woke up when he went to the emergency room. About a few months later my friend’s cousins came over and they looked exactly like the boys that were with me in the dream. My brother was riding a bike with one of the boys and the bike hit a bump on the road, they fell, my brother got his foot cut open, he had to get 12 stitches. The other boy wasn’t hurt though… another thing though, in the dream it looked like I was in a painting and I wasn’t in my body. I was like a camera, I couldn’t move I could only watch? Can any body tell me why that happened? And I am also 11. I creeped my mom out when I told her that, probably because I was little when I told her.

  54. Katelyn

    I just have a quick question:
    I have been having very lucid dreams about me and my family. Two in one day actually. They both end up being the same; we are always running from being in danger. The thing is though, I can’t tell where we are. They just take place in a dark surrounding but we are on vacation. We always get divided/separated and this worries me. I’ve had lucid dreams growing up but over small things like; having a pop quiz and then a few days later it’d actually come true. Having a conversation with my friend on the bus then a few days later it would come true. A friend of mine being bullied and then few days later it would come true.
    Then when I got older I experienced an outer body experience and I could see myself sleeping but I was able to walk around and transport. I transported to a friend of mines bedroom (in Louisiana) and could see every detail as if I was really there. I’m concerned about these dreams because I am unsure if these things will actually happen and what I should do. Please email me – thank you!

  55. Mohammad hamad

    Hi, I see these dreams every day, I dream of future stuff but barely remember them until these actions start. I tried many ways to remember them, but it was useless, any suggestions?

  56. melissa clobridge

    Does anyone remember when this one guy jumped from space? His name is Felix and he jumped from space in 2012. Okay, so I had a dream I jumped from space, I was in a pod almost just like the one he had. I had this dream about a month before this happened and when heard what happened from other classmates and teachers I was amazed. Maybe I had this dream from something I might have heard a few months prior but I barely watch TV and I don’t recall anything or anyone ever mentioning someone was going to do this. How is this possible? I often have premonitions of the future that come true once in awhile and it’s completely random when it happens. My mother and aunt often experience these things as well.

  57. popbijoux

    Hi there Anna I had a dream last night I can’t forget! I have been in contact in the past with an investor and I was going to contact him this following week about investing in my business. We were in touch about a year ago but at that stage it was only an idea. Now I am just about ready.

    I dreamt that I had sent him the email message, and that he was telling his assistant to send me a calendar request for the in-person meeting. We met in person and got along really well, and felt we were on the same wavelength.

    That was all really. I never remember dreams. I like him and his investment firm a lot so I worry it’s just wishful thinking, since I’d been stressing about this subject the day before. How can I know if this was wishful thinking or a prophetic dream? (I guess I will find out soon enough-:).

    Thank you!!!

  58. Gretchen Durnwald

    So I have been having some dreams about death and zombie apocalypses and even ghosts throughout my whole life. I know it sounds like I’ve been watching too much TV or movies about this stuff but it’s not like that. For example I had a dream that my great grandmother died and when I woke up I was crying and went downstairs to my grandma on the phone and I told her I wanted to see my great grandmother but she said she just died. The same thing happens when my great uncle and my other great grandmother died. Could this be a gift? I know it’s very bizarre and weird because I also see ghosts this is no joke either, I’ve seen them ever sense I was a baby, and have memories of it too.

  59. Sujith Petet

    This was just a dream.. I have no idea if it has any relevance to my real life or not. The dream had 3 scenes.
    I met a girl, whom I had never seen in my real life. She was most beautiful girl I had ever seen. We had become lovers as time rolled over. She always cared for me. We laughed, cried, played together. Our relationship developed and it became like eternal.
    Everything faded. I could not see anything. Few moments later, the second scene appeared. Both of us were at a beach. Holding her tightly, I told her how much I loved her. I proposed her to marry me. She just smiled and kissed me.
    The second scene faded. In the third scene, I discovered myself lost in a foggy forest. Nothing was clearly visible. I was in my wedding suit which was torn, dirty and was covered with my own blood. My face was wounded and blood was all over my body. I was crying and running clueless of which direction I was running. As far as I ran, I could hear a river flowing. I kept running. Moments later, I reached at the bank of the river. It was foggy and unclear. From a distance, I saw someone lying dead on the river bank. As I went closer, I saw that she had worn a wedding gown which was torn and covered with blood. I turn her body, and I was horrified to see that it was the girl I loved. I started crying out loud with a feeling of helplessness.
    I woke up suddenly from my sleep. I did weep for a few seconds.
    I want to know why I saw that dream? Who was that girl? Does it contain any relevance to my real life?
    If you have any suggestions, please tell me about it.
    Thank you.

  60. Dani Schwitz

    For the past two nights I’ve been having very vivid dreams having to do with my Ex. In the first dream we were talking or something and we ALMOST kissed but then he had to go do something. Then the second night I dreamed of him messaging me asking how I was and telling me he couldn’t keep from talking to me anymore. That night I also had a dream of one of my schools librarians having to leave and today the exact thing happened. We just found out which one was leaving. I feel like it’s all gradually coming true. Just last night my Ex accepted my friend request I sent to him a long time ago. Everything has been so complicated between us.

  61. Jay

    The problem with me not wanting to remember The dreams is because I suffer from fear.. I don’t know if there is someone who is as scared as me; but I always face the fight and trust in God.
    I pray when I’m scared.

    Yesterday I took my flu medication which usually causes me to sleep of course. It was around 07:30p.m when I went to bed, sleeping along in a two bedroom upstairs with mom downstairs in the entire building of the house.

    Before I went to bed I prayed hard at it, asking God to show me the way as a sudden vision that I have to pursue and asking if the people who keep asking me be part of their church are misleading me or leading me in the right direction…

    I woke up at 01:to2 a.m (to a message of my boyfriend “I love me”) I went downstairs to grab something to eat, as usual and pee then went to bed…. but I couldn’t sleep still.
    Electricity had apparently went off during my sleep around 15:00 -1700 and the was lightening so hard that the danger box got somehow disconnected.
    When I woke up it was very dark in the house and I lit the candles, in the corridor and the kitchen. I could not sleep so I went to drink medication again as it has alcohol and I’m scared.

    I was asleep but not really sleeping but actually was about to dose off…. forcing sleep. I slept facing down with my hands both of my thighs trying to relax my body, felt tired.
    I heard a sound on the roof as if you scratching a plate with a spoon maybe. Then there was something grasping me from the back and I could not breathe, it caused a heavy weight on me forbidding me to can even scream because I was low on air (I’m Asthmatic). I felt I was dying.
    We tossed until I finally fell off the bed and went downstairs to call mom to see what is happening.
    She came two times this year upstairs, she rarely does. She stood on the corridor of the stairs and not coming upstairs, when a close neighbour came up leading me to go look for whats happening. But as I got the last step I heard window opening with something running out.
    Then I looked at my mom and said to me “I told you to go to the medium, they want your memory/brain/head!”

    I immediately woke up telling the necessary information on me being a child of God and He is with me all the times.

    I walked out of bed with fear to sleep with my mom…..
    something I never did in 4years now maybe.

    Told her in the morning and she told me to pray; MOM!

  62. Cyrus shoeibi

    Hi there, I am 64 years old, I have been dreaming of future events since I was very young. The latest dream of this sort was two weeks ago. I live in Iran, I dreamt of a girl
    in her late thirty lying on the floor , she was dead and wearing a white dress, very next
    day my brother called me from USA and told me they found my sister lying on the kitchen floor dead,she had a massive heart attack.
    A few years back, I dreamt of a girl in a green dress with a facial feature like big eyes,
    brown hair and other special features which she possessed , after a few months I met
    a girl in a green dress with the exact feature I had seen in my dream, she was the girl
    I had seen in my dream who became my wife later on in life.
    And many other dreams which came true later but ,unfortunately I can not write all of them here because of space they require. I believe life is planned otherwise how could one see the future in one’s dream like I have.

  63. Renee

    I dreamt that I caused an earthquake with my rage, and I moved items with my mind and even brought an person in my dream who died back to life. When I woke up it felt like the world was spinning and like I was on fire. I dream that I have powers like that a lot now, though not as violent, like I was dreaming about another me, its strange isn’t it?

  64. sky

    i myself expirienced this and i find it unusal so i googled it but its like i watch my life in a dream and then days weeks later i live what i dreamed.

  65. Renee

    I dreamed again that i had powers and were with a group of women who were simular to me, we were being chased by people who wanted us for something bad, it was so real to me, the way everything moved it was like i was someone else living this life, maybe i was..

  66. Harrison

    hello, I had a dream about me waking up from cryosleep along with hundreds of other people in a huge black metal oval. soon after waking up I walked over to a small window and saw a future city. Everything seemed so real, what does this mean?

  67. Tamara Oleksiuk

    It is not out of the ordinary for me to dream events that happen within 6 months -1 year or think I’ve had a conversation with someone while awake, only to find out it was a dream, but they somehow knew details of the conversation in my dream without actually talking to them.
    But it was really wild when the events in my dreams were actually happening in real time to my brother.
    For example: When my brother was arrested (for an unpaid ticket) I was dreaming of the event taking place…him being pulled over, his car being left at village inn, and him being driven to the jail…
    and then in my dream my brother was calling me to pick him up…
    well in real awake time, at that moment, my mom was waking me up to tell me my brother was on the phone. He proceeded to tell me he needed me to pick him up…
    I asked “from where? Taj Mahal (which is what we call the jail in Jeffco)?”
    He said “yes how did u know?”
    I told him I saw it all in my dream I was having.
    When I picked him up, he confirmed everything I saw in my dream.
    The same thing happened when he was in a car accident. I dreamt it was a minor accident, where and when it happened, and woke up to the insurance company calling our home.
    What do they call that? How am I doing that?

  68. Sara Schiffer

    Hi, I’m Sara. I’m 14 now. I know that I’m young, but in the past I had some precognitive dreams, but they are a bit different from the ones I read in the comments. Like, I remember that one time I hadn’t a dream, I was sleeping, but I only saw an image, where was I, in my school with some guys playing football at my left, and then 2 days later, I was in my school walking witch a friend (there were guys playing football behind us) that had asked me something important about one choice that she needed to do, and on the exact moment after I answered her, my mind just flash, because in that exact moment the image was exactly the same that was in my dream.

    Please, tell me if this was a signal. Does that mean that I gave her a right answer?

    I did have another dreams, but this was the one who I still remember as if it still happening.

  69. Karisma Rayburn

    I was in a class and fell asleep for about 30 secs, and had a day mare that my mother, a truck driver, got in an accident. A few hours later, she was in one.

  70. luna

    I didn’t dream of the Japanese tsunami, but I do believe I had some type of warning about Fukushima. The December before it happened I had a dream that I was looking out a window, and I saw a huge, black radioactive cloud in the sky. The radio was on, but for a while all it could pick up was static because of the interference. It was really eerie. Finally a transmission was able to break though. The announcer said that the government was advising all residents to remain indoors due to the threat of nuclear fallout. In my dream-as well as when I woke up the next day-I thought to myself ‘that’s kind of stupid advice. How is staying indoors going to keep you safe from a nuclear disaster?’
    Fast forward a few months later, and the Japanese government made that same recommendation to residents to protect themselves from radiation levels.

  71. Sandra

    I just turned 52 in April. Being the youngest of four children with an age stretch of 15 years between me and the oldest, I basically grew up at home alone with my parents as my siblings had already graduated from high school and moved out. I think I was in 1st or 2nd grade when the last of the older 3 moved out. In 3rd grade my Granny died and I remember seeing her in the open casket as this was my first funeral memory. That same night just as I was falling asleep I lifted my head and opened my eyes in the dark room, looking across the room I saw my Granny standing there looking at me. I saw her head to toe and her normal height. Just as I realized it was her the image changed and Jesus was now looking back at me. I put my head back down and went to sleep. I have very realistic dreams and they mostly, about 70%, are of future events that can sometimes be trivial or very serious. My most recent was about an Aunt that lives near by. This was a family I was very close to as a child and growing up. In my dream it appeared that her family was at her home and everyone was bustling around in what seemed like chaos, but it was never clear to me what about, but just as I was coming out of the dream state it was clear that her house had burnt. As always, I sat on the side of my bed and realized I was dreaming. About 2 weeks later,I received a message from my oldest sibling that this same Aunt had to go to the ER with some type of heart condition and was admitted to the hospital. After a week or so of being in the hospital they performed a procedure that allows them to correct the heart beat as if her heart had a mumor. I’ve always had dreams like this for as long as I can remember.

  72. Anonymous

    Ive thought about this for a long time and i think it is a very real thing.
    The first time i remember this happening i was maybe 10 years old.
    To rewind, around two years previously i had a dream. In this dream i was running with three of my school pals out of the year 6 classroom and down the stairs towards the bathroom. A friend of mine, Jack, had quite a severe disability in which one of his legs had been growing faster than the other. For years he had a cage to stunt or stimulate the bone growth, not really sure which, but because of this he had a bit of a limp when he walked.
    The 4 of us were running down the stairs and Jack slips halfway, falling down to the landing. In the dream we hoisted him up and continued our journey into the the boys bathroom where we opened the door into an all out war zone, guns blazing and bullets flying.
    Two years later this came true. However with some minor details (and no war zone) that had not been foreseen. Shortly after i had this dream i was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I started my chemotherapy and was rarely in school because of it. However, one afternoon i was playing with my friends, we were in year 6 at the time. We ran from the classroom, down the stairs heading wherever we were going. Jack falls, i stopped because i knew id seen this before, hazy but a very vivid recognition of what was happening. Two of the three of my pals were the same, the only difference was that i had a hat on because my hair had fallen out with the Chemo. Somethings i guess do not become apparent, but events i guess can still stay the same.
    I think that was pretty much the first time i can remember where these dreams became part of a reality.
    Usually its pretty long term, months at a minimum. Interesting stuff though.

  73. Ray

    I have had many dreams of entire days that seem very very real. I rember them very clearly and in great detail for some reason. The strange thing is they happen exactly the same sometimes a day or two later and sometimes within a month. Also when it happens it hits me like a brick. All the details come right back to me even what people are going to say and its word for word. Nothing is different. Its like i already lived that day. I noticed also that those dreams stand out when i wake up. I dont forget them and i swear it was real then it happens. I dont know what to think of these experiences and am at a loss of words as how to explain how real the dreams are and how i relive those also how people that i know very well and people i never seen before do and say the exact things i dreamed about and how its entire days.

  74. Cadence

    This is not very significant but every now and then I’ll dream that I’m reading something online or seeing things for a birthday party and then it will come true and I’m always wondering what it means and then I found this website which explained it perfectly.

  75. Alie

    Precognitive dreams seem to run in my family. I have heard many stories and even experienced on and off in my childhood but it wasn’t until recently in my 30’s did I start acknowledging them after a rather significant event.

    A little while after a divorce I started dreaming quite constantly about a child. It started as only being able to hear and feel a child near me but not being able to see one. The child’s voice was asking, “mommy? Mommy?” But I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or girl and it wasn’t my 2 kids calling out for me. I was confused naturally so just tried to ignore it even though the dreams came more and more frequently.

    Shortly after I met my future 2nd husband. The dreams intensified and I figured out it was a little girl visiting me. As time passed I was able to see her and feel more about her. She never said anything more than “mommy” but I found her playful, sweet, and extremely caring. She had big beautiful blue gray eyes and curly strawberry hair down her back and she was around the age of 3 or 4 I guessed. I found myself very fond of her despite not knowing who she was although at the same time I KNEW she was my child.

    We decided to get married and the day after we wed I found out I was pregnant and weeks later I found out it was a girl. The dreams never left but I got confused because if this was my little girl, how did she have blue eyes when we both had dark brown? It couldn’t have been a premonition I thought to myself – just a bunch of dreams. Chloe was born months later with a bald head and blue eyes. Ok that was strange about the eyes I thought, but later realized my father had blue eyes that later turned hazel in childhood and my grandpa had blue gray eyes. Still I denied it and went along my way especially because once she was born the dreams stopped.

    Fast forward to 3 years later. I was sitting on the couch when my little Chloe walks in. I turn to her and out of nowhere realize SHE is the little girl in my dreams with blue gray eyes and naturally curly red hair. I hadn’t thought about the dreams in years but suddenly there she was asking, “mommy? Mommy?” She is very sweet and bubbly with a huge imagination and the ability to light up someone’s day just by being around just like my dream foretold.

    A little over a year has gone by since I made that realization, and the dreams from the beginning are back. The dreams of a child I cannot see close to me asking, “mommy? Mommy?” I hope it’s a good sign again.

  76. Amber N Woodard

    I have these dreams frequently. But it’s not something to say i’m on the right path. I’ve seen death, I’ve seen people get hurt, I’ve seen the truth behind some lies that are on the news and the worst part is sometimes it’s not a dream. I black out in the middle of the day and have visions that happen seconds later. I can’t control it but I feel I need help because it’s out of control.

  77. Sone Rossouw

    I have a couple of dreams that were small events like sitting in kfc and talking with my fiancé before I even had a fiancé… and then some big ones like a month before my grandfather passed away I dreamt that my cousin picked him up because it was time to go … then about a year ago I had a dream of me standing at my grandmother’s funeral … after a week my fiancé’s grandmother past and a year after my dream my grandmother passed … it’s sometimes scary but mostly exciting when you realize it in that moment.

  78. Andrea

    I actually have had dreams like these, precognitive, for as long as I can remember. I would see a glimpse of myself doing something out of the ordinary for the me of that time, see and hear conversations being held months before they even happen, and have been warned countless times of what the future had in store. I haven’t been able to change any vision, meaning they play out to the exact detail, down to what one is wearing, where one is, the position they are in, and the time of day. I was shown, months ago, a dream where I was in a restaurant I’d never been in, and felt pain in my heart, as if it had been broken. Then I looked at my phone and uncharacteristically deleted all messages from my friends. A couple of days ago, it came true. At first, I was devistated. “Why was it written that way,” I asked myself. I came to terms with it though, for i can’t change fate. If I’m on the path I’m supposed to be on, down to the pain and agony, then so be it. It’s only one vision. The others I’ve had seemed happier
    I’m glad I have the ability to have precognitive dreams.

  79. Riley

    I always thought it strange that I was always having really vivid deja vu. Despite the… well, very hard to describe dreams that I’ve had throughout my life (vivid, lucid experiences that have faded slightly but are still able to be pieced back together), the ones that always caught my attention were those so real to life. From fragments of sentences when I was young from people who I’d yet to meet to full on situations in my life with people I had never seen before (though meeting them well along enough for those dreams to become real). I never remembered them, but when they happen, I get this immediately strong urge that I’ve seen this before, know what they’re going to say, and what I’m about to say. It has allowed me to sidestep some conversations that would have made me rather awkward in the moment. Some of them I swear have happened in my dreams years prior, just to suddenly fulfill themselves. Others only feel like week long gaps between dreaming them. I find it interesting that the only ones I find coming true are conversations. I’ve, to the best of my memory, have had no other dreams come to life (but, if the odd, vivid ones I have constantly are any indication, that may be a blessing). It’s been a while since the last one happened, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I kinda look forward to them.

  80. Angie

    I’ve always had dreams about the future. I dream it and eventually, I’m having a Dejavu moment where I’m standing there watching my dream in real life. I was married for 25 yrs and dreamed my husband was cheating and felt all the hurt and pain in my dream. Some years later it all came true, he cheated and I divorced him and went through all of that same hurt and pain I felt in my dream. I also dreamed of a future job. I didn’t know it at the time but once again I was standing there at this new job watching my dream happen. I just wanna say thanks for the info about it, life’s and the spirit world’s way of letting us know we are on the right path because sometimes I feel that this could not be my life lol!

  81. Leah

    About 50% of my dreams happen the next day, but the opposite. For example, once I had a dream about standing by my friend Maitea’s desk, and my friend Ivy came in the classroom and presented us with a magnetic three part heart necklace. The next day I went to Maitea’s desk to tell her the dream I had. Before I started, Ivy came in and showed us friendship necklaces, but they were different. Ivy said there was another friendship necklace she could have gotten, but chose that one instead. I then told Ivy and Maitea what the other necklace looked like (the heart one) and Ivy looked at me with disbelief telling me that I was spot on. Every time it happens it’ll be kind of fuzzy and I’ll usually only remember the dream when it happens. Sometimes it’s like a short video, but mostly they’re like pictures through my eyes of the future with the vibe of how I’ll be feeling when it happens.

  82. Jason

    Hi Anna,
    I have something to share as well as ask for comments and advice.
    My wife and I have been separated since late 2015. I have a 20yr old son who lives with me and younger 14yr old son and daughter 11yr old who live with their mum. We see my 14yr old son each fortnight but my daughter has been made to feel fear of myself and eldest son. Even though it sounds like she does think of us and asks lots of questions about us to her brother she is still too young, confused and influenced by her mum. My 14 yr old was pressured by his mum to not want to see us but he stood up to her and said it was all lies she was telling so she left him alone.
    Anyway back in 2001 when we were happily together and only my eldest son was 5 at the time a very strange event took place one evening that has popped back into my mind recently that I wish to share and perhaps get advice on. One evening around mid-2001 my wife had to travel up north, we were living in Brisbane in the new house we had built, she went up to attend and support her younger brother at a court hearing he was part of. So my son and I are home and watching a movie after dinner. He was talking about the movie and carrying on like a normal 5yr old boy. Suddenly he says in a mature type voice “Dad, Mum is going to leave us, Mum is going to Leon (her eldest son to another relationship), She is going far away to Leon, Leon needs his mum. Mum will take her car. But don`t worry Dad we will follow in your car.”
    He then goes back to doing what he was doing and I am looking at him wondering what just happened. A few minutes pass and then he pats my arm and says Dad look at me and says “Dad, in our next house, the next house we own, the balcony won`t be out the front, it will be out the back and from there you can see swimming, boating and fishing.”
    I say “We are in our own home, what are you talking about?” He ignores me like I said nothing. While he mentioned the balcony he has stood up and walked to the balcony railing and looked out like he was seeing what he was saying and using arm motions to point out the swimming, boating and fishing.
    He then says “Dad, we are going to be so happy there, we are going to be such a happy family.”
    I ask where is this place? He ignores me.
    He then grabs my jumper sleeve and pulls it lightly and says “At our next house we won`t need to wear these as it never gets cold there.”
    He then returns to normal for a short while and then walks around a bit watching TV and then turns to me and says a name that I took to be Carey, like that name popped into my head as this was someone we knew. I asked him who was that? He said not a person Dad it is a place, it is the place where our next house is, Dad you need to remember that ok Dad, you need to remember this!”
    I am wondering what had just gone on and what it meant and I asked him a while later about a particular thing he had mentioned and he looked at me with a 5yr old look and said what are you talking about Dad?
    For many years it had been kind of forgotten in a sense this whole event. My wife and I discussed it at the time but had no clue as to what it meant or didn`t.
    15 yrs later we separate and she decides to move from Perth to Townsville to be closer to her eldest son who lived nearby. I decided to follow to maintain closeness to my younger children. One night after settling in Townsville my eldest son said to me one day, “Dad, I couldn`t believe it when mum came and sat beside me months ago in Perth and said I am leaving Dad and moving to Townsville. Leon needs me, he needs his mum. (They had just had a baby boy.) When he told me that in that context the vision of that night 15yrs ago just popped into my head plain as anything. I told him all about that night and he said I never knew I did that. I said when you said mum was leaving I never imagined it was in that context. Like I thought `leaving’, as in needing to be with him for something bad had happened and then return back home, not `leaving’ as in separating. Strange how things happen. Like our path in life is predefined and we do not really control things like we believe we do. So the big question and his question to me has been “Well if the first part of this has come true Dad, then I wonder will the next parts come true also?”
    A very good question indeed.

  83. Arkaprava

    I have this type of dream but i can’t remember it and when it come true then i realise that i have seen this incident in my dream

  84. ella marie

    Almost all of my dreams are happening in real life and sometimes I’m dreaming about the person who will come to my real life. What does it mean?

  85. Yed

    I have my own thoughts regarding this issues. In Islam, when we’re sleeping, our soul seperates from the body and it travel. Since the soul travels at the speed of light so my theory is as same as flash. When he travels at the speed of light, he can choose whice timeline he wants to be. Back to this issues, I believe our soul travels at speed of light and thus went to the future or past. So thats why we have blurry about this time travel during sleep. Thats all my point. Thank you for reading.

  86. Linn Thon

    I had a very strange but detailed dream the other night that i cant seem to shake off. Me and my boyfriend just had a fight in real life, quite a hectic one, but nothing out of the ordinary as to previous fights. In the dream i had i was talking to him as usual, then he mentioned a person I’ve never heard him talk about in real life, but in the dream i for some reason i could feel this person meant something to him and i even asked why he was mentioning her- it was a girl named Silver. His reply was even more strange as first he said he rather not tell me, which made me more certain there was something odd. Then he says he loves her, he said he did the moment he saw her. In my dream i remember being very confused since i never knew about this or anyone he knew by the name Silver even if someone from his past which this clearly was. It became stranger when i asked where and how and when he met her, he was very direct saying he had met her when his EX girlfriend was 11 weeks pregnant. Him and his ex was still together that time up until the child was born, but i only got to know him after this and we have now been together for years. I then asked if she also grew up where he did and if she still lives there, he replied she doesn’t live near by- in the dream i could feel she lives somewhere in the country side, but still in SA not too far away. In real life we have both been honest with each other and know about previous relationships etc, We have dealt and deal with issues of that very openly, so if anyone has an opinion of why I’m dreaming this or what it could mean, please comment.

  87. alex

    My name is Alex and I have had a dream where I saw the future. At first it freaked me out and it was confusing. I want to develop this gift further if I can. Maybe I can use it to help others.

  88. AcrosBoop

    I had a dream, while I was just a child and I was at home. The dream was that me and my family had moved into a new home and there was this dark blue room with two beds in it. After some time after that we moved and I found the two rooms in the house. Later on, after experiencing that I kept having these deja vu moments in my life. Like somewhere in time all of the events had happen before. So one day, I decided to change something so it wouldn’t happen. Although, by changing that outcome, I made the other outcome far worst from the first. I decided to keep quiet after that. Sometime past and I had a dream where my step-dad died (it showed me the motions he went through dying). It was like I wasn’t there, but I could see every action set in motion. When I’m having those dreams I cannot change them from happening. It’s weird because I am aware that I’m in a dream. Then, after the event happen, my family rushing him to the hospital. I stayed at home and felt no emotion like in the dream. It was really weird. I could’ve probably saved his life, but I didn’t. After that, the dreams calm down on the deja vu feeling. Although, I guess it’s just one of the little things in my strange life. For now, the dreams have stopped, but I find myself waiting for them to come back.


  89. Doctor Tunes

    I had this dream last night where me and my brother were coming home from school and then suddenly we hear an air raid siren and we run into the nearest woods so no one could see us from above. After it faded away we ran to our house to check on our brother and he’s fine and then our mom and dad rush home and then we decide to move out of the state and once we pass Charlotte all we see it complete destruction and then I was woken up. What do you think this means?

  90. Dreamwalker

    To Doctor Tune
    I do not know what it means but I too have been having a terrible premonition several times over the last two years. The same thing happened for 9 11 and the tsunami, I know some of you think this is nuts, but a long time ago I was told to write the dreams down. My dreams are always in pieces so writing them down over the intervals helps to piece them together. They have recently intensified which in the past means it will happen soon. My dreams like yours Doctor Tune start with a normal day of work then I hear air raid sirens like you and I am very confused because we do not live in a tornado area and the last time they were used was in the 1950`S. I work in a school and our principal comes on the PA and calls a code which means we are to go to the lowest level in the building like a tornado drill. As I move my students down the stairwells I hear students saying that their cell phones stop working. Then the sound is deafening and the ground heaves. I am left with the feeling that I am out of my body looking down on the scene. The world is a fireball with mass destruction for miles around. I know I am dead in this dream, but I have died before in my premonitions. I think I am seeing all in the body of another person who will see and feel this dream.
    I forgot to mention that the city I see or sense where this takes place is Washington DC

  91. Mike

    I’ve just had one of these moments.

    I’m sitting in my new home, drinking vodka after a long day of work, watching Star Trek on my phone when I remember that I dreamed this exact moment. I’ve had these deja vú experiences for as long as I can remember, and I’m not sure why, but lately they’ve been scaring me. A while ago, can’t remember exactly when, but I had a vivid dream; I’m away at work when I get a call from my Aunt, she’s hysterical because my home has been burgled and people have been hurt. I live with my best friend and my girlfriend so ever since this, every phone call sends shivers down my spine because I can never know if this is the moment when the dream becomes reality.

    I’ve been thinking, whenever I have a dream like this, should I write it down? But then the question becomes, did I do it because I was always meant to? Or because I wrote it down and that influenced my actions.

  92. Maggie Boydstun

    There was a time when I was younger, where I was dreaming of playing in a flower field with my grandparents. I distinctively remember the daisies, sunflowers, and an old bird bath. Later on, when I went to visit them at their house, I saw a picture hanging on their wall that looked vaguely familiar. It’s was a picture of that dream. It had us in the field near the bird bath. This was really odd I thought. Considering that I’d never seen the picture or remembered that day.
    That was my experience with dreaming of the past.

    Another time I was dreaming, the vision was really blurry. And the only things I could make out of the dream was an arm and hand. The arm had a striped sweater on it. The hand had a phone playing the game neon cat. The only other thing I remember seeing was white, black, and green. A couple months later my mom, her boyfriend, his kids, and my boyfriend, went on a trip to the zoo. We had to ride the dart train to get there. My mom sat next to her boyfriend and his family. While I sat next to my boyfriend. As we were on our way to the zoo, my boyfriend pulled out his phone and started playing a game. Well, guess what.. the sweater he was wearing was striped. It was green, black, and white too. He was also playing neon cat. Just like in my dream…
    This was my experience with dreaming of the future.

    I noticed that I dreamed of the future more than the past. But I also noticed that the older I got the more rare the experiences became. I started having dreams such as these when I was around five or six. Now I’m eighteen and my last experience was when I was sixteen. Which worries me a little. Because I love having this strange and unusual gift. So I’m trying to find a way to increase my chances of dreaming like this.

    Now I’ve had my fair share of ghost experiences and loved one reaching out to me. But the next thing I’m going to tell you got to my core…
    Growing up my mom barely took care of me. So my grandparents did. But I favored my grandfather, whom I called Pap. Well last year, a little after I turned sixteen, he passed away. I don’t know exactly how or why he died. But he died earlier than he was supposed to. He was in his late 50s to early 60s. When he was taken to the hospital and cared for, I was told he was going to be able to come back home. But shortly after he passed away. I didn’t get to see him or say goodbye at all. A day or two later I had a lucid dream.
    I was walking out the back doors of my high school leaving for home. When I walk outside I see my Pap in his blue truck. Just like every other day. When I walked up to the truck, he said something that made me realise this was more than a vivid dream. He asked how my day was like usual. Then made a funny comment about how my hair was green.
    (A couple days after he died, my mom and I dyed our hair. Hers was pink and mine was green.)
    He couldn’t have known that I dyed it green. I hadn’t seen him since he left for the hospital. I couldn’t even visit him. And no one else in our family knew about my hair. But in my dream he was saying how it looked good and funny. I wanted to cry! Because I knew from that second on that he was really there.. and he was really talking to me… and another thing I realised was when he was talking to me, he was a lot more happy and energetic than usual. He had a sore leg for years. And it got worse every day. The pain was a lot for him. But in my dream I could tell that he wasn’t in pain anymore… he was happy to see me and he was just happy. ( My god I’m about to cry just typing this..) I got into his truck and he took me home. When we arrived our home was different. The walls and floors were covered in gold. There was a warmth in the air. There was food of all kinds everywhere. I picked up some cheese and could actually taste it as I would in the real world. My Pap walks to what seems like the living room. And for some odd reason, my grandmother whom I call Nana, was sitting surrounded by women reading. Like a book club. What’s strange about this is, she isn’t dead. But she is mentally ill. She was also happy to see me. She hugged me and wanted to take me shopping. ( which is our family’s way of showing love.) Which she never does. We have a really hard relationship. We have had too many ugly fights to count and a lot of emotional trauma from each other. But she wasn’t ill, she wasn’t full of hate, she was happy.

    The next thing I remember is waking up… I cried my heart out the next morning. I had finally got to say goodbye to my best friend in the whole world, my Pap.
    That was my spiritual experience…

  93. Ashley Swann

    Ever since i was a little girl my mother had these dreams that would often come true. Usually they were dreams of family and friends and it was usually the pregnant ones. My mom has been able to predict every sex of everyone around us because of dreams she has. Usually in the dreams she is holding the baby. So at an early age these abnormal occurrences didn’t frighten me, so when they started happening to me I always listened to them. But with me I would get an instant anxiety feeling about a close family or friend and would know that i needed to call them. My husband was out on his motorcycle with his uncle and they were riding pretty hard when he came around a blind turn and there was a stopped bus and a bunch of traffic. He was able to save it but it was a really close call. I had been driving down the middle of town with our daughters in the back seat and instantly got this horrible feeling like someone was sitting on my chest and I knew I needed to call my husband. When I called he was pulled over in tears from what just happened. This has happened to me with my sisters, uncles, mom and dad, aunts, and friends. But I had never had dreams like my mom, but the other night I had this dream where me and my husband where walking in a line and where approaching my husband step dad (who we hadn’t talk to or seen in several years), his wife, and my sister in law and her husband. Everyone was hugging them, but that was all I could see it was like dark and black in the back ground. The following day my mother in law called and said that our grandmother had passed that afternoon. Then the following night after a court hearing we had about something my daughter had said to my ex I had a dream where my daughter came to me and said that the things she had said were lies and that her step sister and friend made her say them. Nothing has come from this dream, but after ready your article I think it is my spirit guides telling me that me and my husband are on the right track just keep at it. Because I had been questioning if I could keep on going with the whole situation because it seemed that I just wasn’t getting anywhere with it. These feeling and dreams don’t happen to me a lot but I am going to be sure to listen to them more when they do come. Thank you so much for the article and helping me understand a little about what I have been experiencing!

  94. Zeynep Arslan

    I keep having these types of dreams but there’s always a lot of time gap between. I have the dream, and when I live the moment I remember having the dream 6 months ago, or a year back. The shortest gap was 2 weeks. Does that change anything? I’m 18 and this started 3 to 4 years ago.

  95. Ewoah

    I have experienced this type of dreaming my entire life. It can be scary at times, but can also be wonderfully amazing. (This one’s my favorite.) I used to have a reoccurring dream about my husband when I was a little girl. (We didn’t meet until I was 29.) The place we were in the dream, was the place we went to in the mountains on our honeymoon just a few months ago. My angels have shown me many things. I agree about it not really being something you can do on command. I always say, if I’m meant to know something, I’ll be told. If not, I don’t ask, its none of my business. ????

  96. leon

    thanks a lot now i Know i am not alone well my dream is diffremt at all
    1 i remember i was found time machine on time machine was something like ages
    i am 6. class now but then i was click on 7 th class and that teleports me to future me in 7 class nothing was changed except from world i remember i start crying seing future it was whole diffrent
    i remember then my friends jump on in ther names i dont wanna say but it was weird

  97. Stephanie

    The first dream I ever remember that was a bad event that came true was about 911…I dreamt about it the night before…I will never ever forget the feeling I had the next day when I’m seeing this unfold on the news…gives me chills to this day…the one thing that really stood out to me about my dream was that I was teaching my brother how to levetate…like legs crossed floating in the air levetating…he was getting frustrated saying he can’t do it..I told him “yes you can …we both have special powers brother …we just have to learn how to use them”….as I was saying this to my brother he looks at me and says with a terrified look “what is happening?” In my dream at that moment hundreds of people were running past us pushing each other out of the way…screaming and running for their lives ….I looked at him and said “it’s because of what is happening in the states right now (we are Canadian) … the building is being blown up and people are dying”
    That is the last thing I remember before I woke up…litteraly woke up to this on the news…it shook me to my core ….
    Since then I have had many many dreams that have come true. ..but unfortunately most of them are negative events that eventually unfolded.

  98. Rene Richard

    In 2013 I went to bed. I feel at the end of the night of sleep I had the most realistic dream that the Space Shuttle was burning up. I could see the pieces flying through the blue sky with just one or two puffs of clouds and the contrails following behind the pieces of the shuttle. I saw a burning skull, a jawbone with teeth and an IMPRESSION, not an actual face or figure, but the impression of a dark-skinned black haired “ethnic” woman repeating, down to earth, “Everyone down there has to know what happened”….three times.

    I feel I woke up, wide awake, suddenly and told my girlfriend, “they’re all dead,…the shuttle had burned up…”. I told her to go back to sleep and that I was going to get up and watch the news. A minute later I turned on the tv in the living room and couldn’t believe I was seeing, on tv, on every news station, the same thing I had seen in my dream, as far as the pieces flying through the air.

    Years later I had a vision of a woman I was going to meet…this figure was going to be in my life somehow. I had this vision as I was pulling into my driveway.

    A couple of years later, I met my wife, the same figure In my vision. When I met my wife, about a minute after I met her, I KNEW I had just met my wife. I KNEW this incredibly beautiful woman was going to marry me. I knew it like I knew the sun was going to come up the next day. I would have taken a bet with the devil KNOWING she WAS MY WIFE!

    About 4 or 5 years of being married I began, over the course of about two and a half to three years, I had a series of recurring dreams of a separation of my wife and myself. The dream had the saddest, most despotic, destitute, empty, lonely and depressed EMOTIONS that I could feel. In the dream, I’m forever crying. Sitting at a breakfast bar, IN THE SAME APARTMENT IM IN NOW!. In the dream Im sitting at a counter top breakfast nook that I’m sitting here writing on now. In the dream I’ve sat at that nook crying endlessly….looking at mail and wondering how will I pay my bills. My apartment looks like a Swiss ski Challette and I can see all the woodwork, dark, v-shaped ceiling with exposed wood beams. In my dream I can see WHERE I LIVE NOW! The three parts of the dream is me crying endlessly…always sad and incredibly depressed….feeling of hopelessness. The second part is me looking at the mail and bills. The third part of the dream, gives me the impression of being “down the road”. In this part of the dream, my ex wife, and I, are forehead to forehead, smiling at each other and looking into each other’s eyes. We are both caressing the other’s left side of their head with our right hands.

    I had this dream at least 4 times maybe 6. I never counted because each time I had the dream, it was so sad I would wake up crying and tell myself, this wont happen…I can’t allow it to happen. It’s just a dream. But each time I had the dream the crying, when I woke up, was more intense because I started to be scared of this terrible reocurring dream. Once I woke up and rolled over crying and grabbed and held on to my wife, crying on her. She woke up to this and said what’s going on….why are you crying. I told her is was the worst dream I ever had. When she asked what was the dream about, I just told her nothing…don’t worry about it….just roll over and hold me where then she would. I never told her afraid to “seed” the idea in her head.

    Obviously the dream came true…not the last part, but the first two….YES. I now sit in this same place I saw in the dream, over and over again.
    These crazy things…premonitions, dreams….have only been happening to me in the last 15 years, Id say. As a child, as with everyone, it seems, I had deja vu occurences, fairly often it seems….severel times a year…maybe a half a dozen times.

    I’m not sure what to make of any of this…I can’t control it or stop it.

    Any ideas, suggestions, …..????

  99. Abigail Solorio

    I once had a dream that I was in my house when all of a sudden my parents where gone I went to thenieghbors next door it was a burnt house that was in a fire the night before I was 10 and when I was on the side walk I saw the house in perfect condition the family greeted me invited me in I drew something for them and put it in the Metal fridge and then I woke my parents where gone I went to the nieghbors burnt down house and it was in perfect condition next thing I know I’m with them eating a pb and j sandwhich drawing a picture and putting it in the fridge I leave and then when my parents come 10 minutes later I go outside and I see the house is burnt down I told my parents they thought I was crazy and to this day I remember every single detail

  100. Alice

    I’ve had so many instances where I’ll just be carrying on with my normal life, when I suddenly feel like I’ve been in the same situation before. It’s like deja vu, but I remember dreaming of being in that situation before it happened. They’re all average mundane things, such as dreaming that I would be on a specific website that I had never visited before, or having my table organised in a certain way.

  101. Shree

    I had a dream in November 2014 in the hotel where we stayed on an official work trip. It was a terrifying one. Generally, I don’t get up while I sleep because of dreams or anything, but the dream which I had was so terrifying. My elder sister and I were running very fast as some bats, or some unknown things were trying to catch us. We were running very fast to escape from those things. That was the most terrifying dream I ever had. I could not sleep that night after I woke up and I was very fearful that night. The next morning I found that there is cemetery beside that hotel, then I ignored it.

    After one and half years my sister’s husband was diagnosed with cancer. All the family members felt very sad and again after a year her son was diagnosed with another type of cancer and she became deeply sad.

    I now relate that dream to these situations and feel very sad and fearful. I still remember that dream and how fast we were running to not get caught by some dangerous spirits. The present situations and those dreams have some relation, I feel.

  102. Almando

    Yes, I had experienced something like that many times, and when I just read everything about you, it’s like you’re even talking about me and I’m glad to hear this from you.

    I think I have a long way to go too!

    Thank you!

  103. Greg

    I have had a few of these dreams after spending some time practicing Transcendental Meditation. The first occurrences, while of relatively mundane subject matter, still frightened me. My main fear, besides a confirmation of a psychic realm that I had always been somewhat skeptical and fearful of, was that if dream something unpleasant about a loved one – even though it may not come true – I will still worry and suffer over it. After my first experience, I quit TM and plunged into a deep depression, always fearing my dreams. I sought psychiatric help, took anti-depressants, and moved away from that bad period. I have been off the meds for nearly 30 years and had been getting along fine.

    Just recently I decided to take up TM again for its general benefits and sure enough, I had another mundane, but too specific to be a coincidence, precognitive dream the other night.

    I personally don’t want to deal with this ever again and am here to seek advice and solace. I quit meditating immediately and am hoping not to remember any of my dreams. Any words of help?

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