Is it Possible to Read the Future? The Latest Research Says Yes

This is an article about precognition (which is the skill of getting intuitive information & guidance about the future.) In this article, I want to cover some interesting insights I’ve had recently about how to develop this skill.

But first, I’m going to tell what sounds like a somewhat trivial story about some precognitive info I recently received:

About two weeks ago I was pulling into the petrol station to fill up my empty petrol tank.

It was an automatic petrol station so no staff there. I get out of the car, and notice all of a sudden my attention is being drawn to the spill kit about 15-20 metres away. I have never noticed a spill kit before and I begin to wonder why my eyes are drawn to it. I wonder what the spill kit involves.

It’s as if everything else I can see at the petrol station is in black and white, and the spill kit is in full colour. I was thinking: “Hmm, that’s odd”.

I start filling up, and at the end when the pump stops because the tank is full, I let it drip for a bit, then pull it out and as I am moving the hose back to the pump, petrol suddenly squirts out of the hose even though I am not pressing it. Petrol on the floor. I have never consciously noticed a petrol station spill kit in my life, and I have never needed one until now.

I believe this was Spirit’s way of informing me about the dodgy petrol pump.

Effectively: “you’re going to need the spill kit.”

And I didn’t take the hint.

Lately I get lots of little clues about what is about to happen in my daily life. Sometimes they’re very obvious and straightforward and other times they are a bit more subtle, like with the petrol pump.

Often these precognitive occurrences will come through dreams, and other times they will come through visions or intuitive input during the day. I am actually a bit dense when it comes to picking up on the more subtle clues. I am sure my guides are shaking their heads on a regular basis and expecting better from me.

Another recent example was when I was at the organic shop here in Wellington. At this shop they sometimes wrap meat products for you if you are not going straight home to keep them cool. While the shop assistant was about to wrap a product for me, my inner voice (so, the voice inside my mind, of my own thoughts) says loudly and clearly, “don’t let her wrap it”. I ignore the guidance because she was already underway and I couldn’t see the point of stopping her. Plus it seemed so trivial.

When I got home, I was unwrapping the product when it fell out of the wrapping, went splat on the floor in an unfortunate way, split open and splattered meat juices over my kitchen floor & wall and on the nearby carpet. For a small package, it made quite a mess that took a while to clean up.

This is the sort of thing that happens when I ignore guidance.

Over the last few months, these occurrences of warnings about the future (aka precognition) have become more and more common for me, and there’s a reason for this that I will share a bit later in this article.

Do you have precognitive moments?

It seems that precognitive occurrences are really common for people….my clients and students regularly tell me that they receive information about the future.

Several years ago, I wrote an article all about my experiences with precognition (you can read that article here.) But I now realise I was wrong about one thing in the article. I stated that I thought it was not possible to develop precognition. I now know I was wrong about this because a few months ago I started working on developing mine and the precognitive guidance has been coming in thick and fast.

It all started when I stumbled upon a super interesting book on Amazon called the Premonition Code, which is written by Theresa Cheung and Julia Mossbridge. Theresa is a spiritual writer and Julia is a cognitive neuroscientist known for her research on precognition and time related topics.

In the book, the authors talk about how precognition is thought to work, from a scientific perspective, and they also cover some recent studies which show there is overwhelming evidence for the existence of precognition as a skill in humans. For example, researchers have found in studies that people respond physiologically BEFORE an emotional event occurs that they don’t know is coming. Their heart rate increases, and their blood pressure and breathing changes. (This is called unconscious precognition). The same researchers have found that these physiological responses do not occur before a boring event that the people in the study also did not know was coming.

The authors suggest (and give scientific evidence for the idea) that we are (as they put it) “connected to all our tomorrows”. The book is quite complicated to summarise as I am not a physicist, however they do a good job of explaining it all in the book so if you are a nerd like me who likes to know how things work, you might like to check it out. They go into retrocausality (the idea that choices made in the future sometimes seem to cause what happens in the past), causal loops, and quantum effects and they mention the specific scientific journal articles that relate to these topics so you can find out more if you feel so inclined.

If you’d like to develop your precognitive & remote viewing abilities, you might like to check out the exercises which you can do on their website (there’s instructions for these in the book.) The exercises consist of being given a number which corresponds to a photograph on the author’s website. You have to tune in to what is in the photo, and then you are shown the photo which corresponds to the number.

The exercises that I had a go at were very interesting.

For the first one, I saw a man and a woman, I couldn’t see exactly what they were doing but I sensed they were enjoying themselves, and I saw vegetation in the background.

This was the photo:

The second one I saw a big blue expanse that my mind identified as the sea. When I got the photo it was a blue expanse, but it was the sky. It’s interesting to see the ways the mind sometimes puts its own spin on things, even though I’ve been a professional intuitive for quite a while now.

If you are interested in developing your precognitive skills, you might like to check out the book The Premonition Code. I have to say that this is one of the most interesting books I have read in the spiritual field, and I’ve read quite a few books. I mainly enjoyed it because I’m a science nerd. If you’re not interested in science, you might find it a bit hard going.

By the way, I don’t have any affiliation with the authors and this is not a sponsored post – it’s just a book I enjoyed.

Have you ever had a precognitive experience? Please share in the comments. I’d love to hear about it.


Precognition is the skill of getting intuitive information & guidance about the future. In this article, I want to cover some interesting insights I've recently had about how to develop this skill. #intuitive #guidance #future #seeing

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  1. Nikita Vout

    Just now possibly. I dreamt we were seeing island sites and you were giving soul/dream advice as we walked down an elevator. So I’d been on your website yesterday but I thought after the dream I’d check back in this evening and lo and behold!

    As a kid premonition came through dreams. One night I’d dreamt of a classmate who’d moved away a couple years back. The next day he was sitting at a desk in class. Then I dreamt of seeing two friends I hadn’t seen or thought about in a long while in a shopping centre. When I was out shopping the next day I saw them walking right towards me. I also dreamt of my family running in a field being bitten by snakes, which I told my mum because it seemed like something ominous for the family. Then less than a month later our family dog died.

    Nowadays I might have a thought about something before I engage with it. Like remembering that my 28-day mobile bill sometimes charges double for a month when the dates crossover just before opening an email where that happens. It’s something I thought would be awesome to develop.

    Bought the book, thank you for the tip Anna!

  2. Anna Sayce

    Hi Nikita, that’s so funny that the precognitive dream you had relates to this blog post. Very meta!! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  3. Helen Hageman

    When I was 21 still living at home, my mum was getting ready to get her bus for work (double-decker back in the day you could smoke up there). I began to have strong feelings in my stomach that if she got the bus, I would not see her alive again. It was so strong. I told mum not to get on the bus and gave her money for a taxi. After questioning me constantly why she should not get on her bus, she finally gave in and called for a taxi. Mum’s bus that morning went on to have a terrible accident. New bus driver did not know the route and took the double-decker under a bridge which totally took off the top deck roof and crashed. Mum would have been sat up there smoking and luckily there were no fatalities as no one was sitting upstairs. Just cuts, bruises, and shook up, so my gut feeling about the bus which had not crashed yet saved her life. This was the first but not the last…I often see things that have not happened yet.

  4. Danielle

    I’ve had several precognitive events over my life time. Two stick out the most though. My youngest daughter (now 29) was on the couch. Everyone knows babies can roll, so I put her in the crevice of the back and seat cushions, I was gone maybe a minute, I rounded the corner and saw (in my mind) my daughter teetering on the edge of the seat cushion ready to fall. She was a month old and the cushion angled up. I have no idea how she did that, but I looked at the couch and there she was, teetering on the edge ????. I was at least 20 feet away from her but in the blink of an eye I was at the couch. I was able to kind of “boop” her chest and rolled her back to the crevice just before she fell.

    Another time many years later, I was working in a deli, and I was asking a customer what she wanted. As I was talking to her I saw in my head (like a movie) her falling back and smashing her head on the floor. I didn’t realize it at the time but she was having a seizure (not the convulsing kind though) she had some cards in her hand from her wallet, and those began to drop in slow motion. I was behind her in a split second trying to catch, lay her on the floor so she wouldn’t get hurt. She was so stiff and I tried guiding her to the floor but she never fell. She came out of it, looked dazed, got her stuff and left. There was a lady at another counter in disbelief because she’d never seen anyone move so fast.

    There were two separate events that happened those two days, and I was blessed enough to experience both. One was the future unfolding seconds before the event and the other was being able to surpass time and space to “fix” the issue.

    My daughter was falling from the couch when I came back into the room, I was too far away to be able to catch her. I don’t even remember any of that. I see me coming into the room and then bopping her back. There’s nothing in between.

    The lady in the deli had to be 50 feet away at least and on the other side of the counter. The other lady said one second I was trying to get her order and the next second I was behind her. It was almost as though I went through the counter. I remember turning the corner to get to her so that wasn’t the case. But that’s what it seemed like to me. I know that either of those events would have been impossible without the intervention I received.

  5. Anna Sayce

    Hi Helen,

    That’s amazing that you were able to save your mum’s life with your gifts! x

  6. Anna Sayce

    Hi Danielle, Those are such cool stories…Thanks for sharing!

  7. Ron Trice

    The most notable was dreaming of a newspaper that had color photographs that suddenly moved and spoke. This dream happened in 1949.

  8. Phil Hodge

    Yes, Anna. Precognition is a gift I’ve lived with for years now — I know the signs. I love it. Although I sometimes don’t heed the signs and bitterly regret it.

  9. Kathryn Johnson

    For about 2 weeks before 911 I started getting extreme non-descript anxiety and abdominal pains. I kept saying…”It just feels like I am going to explode or blow up.” After about enough of this…my husband insisted I make an appointment with the doctor. My appointment was scheduled for Sept. 12… The morning of Sept 11…I remember walking down the hallway from the bedroom to the living room and hearing the news. As I watched the television and the plane smashing into the tower…I said THAT’S IT. That is exactly what I had been “feeling”. Not seeing…After that morning…the symptoms completely disappeared…no MD visit…and never to recur.

  10. Erin

    Hi Anna!

    I love talking about precognition. I have way too many to mention. I barely notice it anymore, because it has become normal. I know when people have emailed me, including which person it is. I know in advance when something has happened in the news because there is a ‘buzz’ about it and I have to check the newspaper. Sometimes it will be: What just happened in Israel? What happened in the US? Etc. I woke up at 4 am in the morning when my grandma died, knowing she was dead. (She died within minutes of that time.) Maybe the best one: I was ten and at the cottage with my dad when he fell off a cliff on the property. I woke up wide awake, two hours before my normal time. Where’s my dad? And went looking for him — finally found him. Ordinarily, I would never have thought there was something wrong or known to look.

    I get vibes about people before even talking to them. I often ignore these out of second-guessing myself. But I have never been wrong.

    I was reading the Seth books while worrying about doing my viva for my PhD. I opened the book to the exact sentence, ‘Tell Ruburt not to worry about the book. It will be fine,’ no less than ten times. And, it WAS fine.

    (I agree with Phil about sometimes not heeding the signs. I always regret it. I am getting a bit better at not getting in my own way, though.)


  11. Brooke H

    I’ve had lots of these experiences, but most were in dreams, and they’re usually a long ways out. I had a dream about my Grandpa having a serious health issue and crashing his truck. It was a distorted dream like I was supposed to be having a normal nightmare, but the imagery got stuck in there at the last moment. I called them the next day, and everything was fine, but a year or so later he had a heart problem while driving and crashed his truck.

  12. Chrisi

    I was driving home from work one day and had this vision/day dream of knocking on my neighbor’s door for help with something urgent. When I came home I cut into my finger deeply to the bone while washing a thick broken glass (I didn’t know it was broken in the water). I bled so much and had quite a shock. Thanks to the vision I knew what to do and my neighbor drove me to the ER — I was too much of a mess to drive. I was so grateful!

  13. Jenny H

    This happened to me once. I was driving on a motorway, fast, in heavy traffic and felt a touch on my wrist. Like someone was holding my gear hand by the wrist. I actually asked what they were here to tell me but I didn’t know, I’m not very practiced at tuning in. About five minutes later the accelerator pedal stopped working and I had to navigate my way back from the fastest lane to the hard shoulder with just the momentum of the car. No one was hurt and afterwards I was told that the gear had failed. If that ever happens again I’m not going to wait to find out what’s going on before I take myself to somewhere more safe.

  14. Julie Mac

    As you describe precognitive moments, I have them most days. I’ve understood it in the context that we “wander” in time, even if it’s just a few hours. I will often think about a whole random conversation with someone, which they start when I see them. It tends to mean I have thought through and made most decisions by the time someone has started a conversation about something. I take it for granted. On a longer term, I saw my wedding day about a month into a relationship. I saw/felt being caught in a landslide at the time I booked a holiday (and every time I thought about the holiday) turned out to be less problematic than it might have been, but after it happened I was able to relax on the holiday.

  15. E. Smyth

    I have had these for years and can have many small ones in the course of days. The tough part is to know which ones are actually going to occur — Deepak Chopra notes this in one of his books — which are meaningful and which ones aren’t.

  16. K

    My precognitive pictures happen during dreams. I had just joined a dating site & I am seeing them or something in their photo from that night to seeing them the next day.

  17. Brenda

    Yesterday, after reading your article on precognition, I was handling a very thin glass vial containing azulene oil and, at that moment, I recalled when, years ago, I had dropped an identical vial and it had shattered into tiny bits. I felt that the vial I was then handling was also going to break, so I hastily placed it in the zippered plastic bag that I had previously removed it from so as to prevent it from slipping out of my hands and onto the floor but, as I lifted the bag, the vial fell through the bottom of the bag and splintered into multiple glass shards and tiny splinters which dispersed on the bathroom floor amidst a pool of blue oil. The bag had split in the bottom, creating a hole that I had not been aware of!

  18. Anna Sayce

    Hi Kathryn, Wow, what a weird experience that must have been. It sounds like you are clairsentient.

  19. Anna Sayce

    Hi Erin, Thanks for sharing – very cool!

  20. Paul Schofield

    I have had pre-cognitive dreams since I was 6 years old, they happen spontaneously, sometimes the events foreseen happen within days, months and sometimes even years. The dreams can be very detailed and there is no mistaking that they are premonitions.

    I dreamt that the Cutty Sark caught fire, before it happened, and also the Moor Street Tube disaster 3 months before it happened.

    My dreams often have content that occurs the very next day.

    Not all my dreams are pre-cognitive, but they tend to have a different “feeling” about them, which I am now able to recognise.

  21. Ismelda Aveja

    I have had quite a few precognitions through the dreams I’ve had about the future. It’s so exciting now that I know it’s real. At first I didn’t think anything of it but after things started happening that I had a dream about, that’s when I knew I had precognition.

  22. Anna Sayce

    Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences here! Very cool!

  23. Xanthe

    Several years ago I saw Thurman Munson, he was a baseball player for the NY Yankees. He had a distinctive mustache. I was not a big baseball fan but knew who he was. Any way, I saw him, a small plane and a fire and knew he had died. There was nothing in the paper, so I put it out of my mind. A couple of days later my parents mentioned him dying in a crash. I said that was a few days ago, they said no, it had just happened. It scared me enough that I pushed away my gift

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