Signs You Have an Earthbound Spirit Attached to Your Home or Aura

Before we go into this topic, I just wanted to mention that this is not as scary as it sounds. Earthbound spirits are simply the emotional and mental bodies of the deceased, who haven’t crossed over to the other side fully after death. They’re not evil or bad they’re just like you and me, except dead and stuck.

In this article I’m going to go into the signs that you have an earthbound spirit attached to your aura or home, and how you can release it.

These spirits can attach both to places and to our auras.

Essentially they’re like “energy clutter” that we can carry with us.

Some people are more likely to have earthbound spirits with them than others. Namely:

  • Cannabis users
  • Empaths
  • Reiki practitioners
  • & psychic developers who channel without giving any thought to spiritual protection.

It’s also fairly common for our homes to have earthbound spirits attached or visiting them, if the occupant of the home hasn’t ever cleared their space, or done a protective blessing to keep this type of spirit out.

Why we should avoid earthbound spirits

Before we get into the signs you have an earthbound spirit with you, let’s have a quick look at why we should avoid earthbound spirits.

I am covering this because every now and again I hear from someone who knows they have an earthbound spirit in their home but is rather fond of it and wants to keep it there.

Cultures around the world have had many practices to keep earthbound spirits away. Did you know that Halloween originated around 2000 years ago as a Celtic festival that was designed to scare away the spirits of the dead?

The reason for these ancient festivals/practices was because people knew that earthbound spirits weren’t good to have around. They might not have known the exact reasons for not wanting to keep them around, but they still knew intuitively that it wasn’t a good idea.

I am going to get specific and go into the reasons why we should not keep these spirits around, and instead help them to cross over.

The first reason is that these spirits, when they attach to us, can drain our energy. They are like energy parasites who attach to the outer layer of our auric field and drain a small amount of energy. Each earthbound spirit only drains a very small amount of energy, but if you have a large number of spirits attached to you, it can get very draining.

The second reason we should avoid these spirits is that we can accidentally channel or receive intuitive “guidance” from them, thinking that it is from our guides, higher self or angels. That often happens when a person opens up to channel (maybe for the first time) without specifying who they want to hear from, and without knowing they have attaching spirits with them.

And it is actually easier for new psychic developers to channel earthbound spirits (if they have any attached) than it is to channel their guides, because earthbound spirits are actually closer to the earth plane than our guides are.

However, the guidance that comes from stuck spirits is going to reflect that energy of stuckness and fear (because these spirits are too scared to cross over). So, they give guidance that may scare us or discourage us, because they’re coming from this place of fear.

So, those are two good reasons to help these spirits to cross over rather than keep them around.

In terms of earthbound spirits being attached to our homes, they can affect us when they’re in our spaces because they can scare children, give our home bad vibes (making it harder to sell), and they can also make us feel uncomfortable (depending on the spirit that is in our home.) Some spirits are quite shy and will hide, whereas others are territorial and we may feel “pushed out” of our own home in such cases.

OK, now we’ve covered all that preamble, let’s have a look at signs you have an earthbound spirit in your aura…here are the top six signs that an earthbound spirit is with you. There should be multiple signs, not just one.

  1. You have tried channelling or automatic writing before, but you got freaked out because the guidance you received was weird or negative
  2. You’ve used a ouija board at some point in the past
  3. You are a cannabis user or you live with someone who is (cannabis users tend to attract earthbound spirits. I explain more about that in this article.)
  4. You feel bogged down, energetically*
  5. You’re an empath. Empaths have auric fields that are more porous than non-empaths, and they are more likely to engage with earthbound spirits and take them on as a result
  6. You often get bogged down by negative emotions*. Earthbound spirits can affect us emotionally by amplifying our negative emotional states. So if you often find yourself in an emotional hole that is very hard to get out of, you may have an earthbound spirit with you who is piling on with their own negative emotion.

(*Note: these can also be down to other situations in your life, so it’s not a surefire sign of an earthbound spirit. Look for multiple signs, not just one.)

Now let’s have a look at some signs there is an earthbound spirit in your home:

  1. You have never cleared the energy of your home 
  2. You feel a creepy sensation of being ‘watched’ when at home, even when you’re home alone
  3. You often see something moving in the periphery of your vision
  4. Your children or pets don’t like a particular room or corner of your home; they’re afraid of it
  5. Your children have lots of nightmares (this is one of the biggest signs of an earthbound spirit, because small children are so sensitive, they are the ones who pick up on the presence of an earthbound spirit the most)
  6. You have heard banging, knocking or footsteps in your home that seem to have no explanation. Appliances turn on and off by themselves, and the channel on the TV may change by itself. These are all signs of a poltergeist, which is an earthbound spirit that has amassed enough energy to move matter and affect electronics.

If you relate to the signs above…

…you might like to check out my Energy Clearing for Spaces Online Course, which teaches you to clear the energy of your home, and help any earthbound spirits who are attached to your home cross over into the light.

If you suspect you have spirits attached to your aura, my book The Empath’s Toolkit teaches you to do a quick clearing to release these spirits from your auric field.

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