Is It Possible for Intuitives & Astrologers to Predict If You’ll Have Children?

A few years ago I was doing a Spirit Guide reading for Darla, a previous client. For this type of reading, I offered information about her guides, such as their names and appearances.

In Darla’s reading I noticed another being standing apart from the Spirit Guide group, and who was obviously not a guide.

This spirit presented as a little boy. He seemed shy and told me his name was Michael.

Michael’s energy reminded me of a deceased spirit in that he seemed like he was human and was connected to Darla in some way.  The next thought that came into my mind was that this spirit was a baby who would be born to Darla later on. I let her know what I thought, but she was single at the time and she wasn’t planning to have children anytime in the near future.

A couple of years later Darla moved to Costa Rica to be with her new partner and became pregnant. At the first scan, they were told that the baby was a little boy. Her partner turned to her and said, “let’s call him Michael!” Darla had not told her partner about the reading.

Darla wrote to me to let me know, and it was very weird and cool to see an actual picture of this soul after only having seen him in spirit.

Another interesting story about having children and psychic predictions:

Several years ago I was on a plane from New Zealand to London and a lady got on during the stopover in LA. She and I had a long and interesting chat about our mutual interest in all things spiritual. She told me that when she was younger a psychic warned her not to have a child in this lifetime unless she was OK with the child being severely disabled. She went ahead and got pregnant, and gave birth to a severely disabled child whom she did not regret having.

Both of these stories would lead us to believe that it is possible for intuitives to predict in all cases whether you’ll have children.

But is that true?

In some cases, yes and in others, no.

We do make soul contracts with souls that we are going to bring into the world. Having children is a growth opportunity so the soul usually decides beforehand whether or not he or she will partake in that path of growth. So technically we could go into the Akashic soul record of any person and ask if that person has a soul contract to have a child or children.

But will we get an answer?

The golden rule of spiritual information from your guides or Higher self is that you always receive information that is beneficial to you at the time. You won’t receive information that interferes with your free will or that ‘spoils’ your life lessons.

So some people may receive information about their future pertaining to parenting and children, but only those people whose free will won’t be interfered with, will receive such information.

For example, if you have a soul contract to bring a soul into the world and you are going to conceive by accident, it’s likely that knowing this fact, won’t interfere with your free will because it’s a done deal anyway.

If you are someone who is learning a life lesson of self-determination (i.e. you are learning about consciously choosing your own individual path through life) and as part of that, you will um and ah for years, not knowing whether it’s right for you to have a child or not, it is imperative that your free will is not interfered with, and therefore you won’t receive any information about your future in this area.

So if you get a reading and ask about your future, it is worth knowing that the future is very difficult to read, for the reasons above.

Another complication with predictions that I have noticed is the following:

Not all intuitives tune into the Akashic Records to obtain predictions. Some read your energy.

If you have an unpleasant time growing up and have negative associations with the concept of family and having children, you may be put off having children. If a psychic reads your energy she is likely to tell you that you probably won’t have children, based on how you feel now.

Then let’s say that life sends you a healing experience which teaches you that you would be a good parent and that family isn’t always a negative experience. Your energy changes and the prediction you receive changes too after that.

If you are struggling with the question “should I have kids?” I don’t recommend getting a prediction during a reading because your sources of guidance won’t tell you what to do. You will need to choose on your own. See a counsellor or therapist instead to explore the desires, fears, and needs which are governing your potential decisions and thoughts.

As for astrological predictions, if an astrologer tells you that there is not much action in the area of your chart around pro-creating, in my experience this does not necessarily mean you will have no kids. It could mean that you may not have major karma or significant lessons to resolve or learn through having children.

Have you had your future predicted in this area?

Please share in the comments.

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  1. Lola

    I have had dreams and visions of what seemed to be my future child. Always a boy. But yet, i’m one of those “ums and ahs” girls…and have been doing it for a while now. A psychic friend of mine has told me three times, without me even asking her about it, that i would have three births; a single and a set of twins.

    Once, before going to bed, I was contemplating having a child and felt discouraged about myself, thinking I wouldn’t be a great mother. That night, I had a very peaceful, beautiful dream of walking on a quiet country road. A little boy suddenly appeared on my shoulders, then into my arms. I asked him what his name was. He said his name was “sons”. I asked him if he knew my name. He said my name. He put his two hands on my cheeks and looked at me with these beautiful blue eyes and said “I love you”. I then asked if he thought i’d be good enough. He just looked at me as if that was the silliest question ever. Didn’t even respond.

    Recently I had asked for guidance about children. While doing shavassana at yoga, I had a vision of a little boy. Looked different than the dream one, but he looked like me. I clearly remember his hair, his shirt, what he was doing and his feelings. I felt an overwhelming feeling of love coming from him as well as my love towards him. It was so overwhelming, I had tears.

    At this point, I have realized that I do want children. What I am doubting isn’t me, but my relationship with my partner.

    Time will tell…

  2. Suzette

    When my daughter was a baby, I already knew I wanted another child. However, it had taken five years to convince my husband to have her and I was afraid he wouldn’t want another. I talked with a psychic and was told that after she was a year old, my husband would change his mind and we would have a boy. The psychic went on to say that the boy would be special to me. I worried that he would have medical problems, but I knew he was meant to be my son and so I waited. My son is now 15 and he does have Asperger’s and ADHD-I, and has struggled a lot in school socially and with teachers who didn’t understand Asperger’s. But the psychic was right, he is special to me and has brought out a strength in me I might not have found otherwise. Thank you for opening up the spiritual realm for those of us who are not as gifted.

  3. Debra

    I absolutely believe intuitives and astrologers can predict if you’ll have children. Well, I don’t know about the word ‘predict’ but more what Anna has experienced – seeing the soul waiting for his or her opportunity to come through (be born). As a psychic I have met my children in spirit before they were born, from shortly after conception. They all chose their own names and gave me a very clear idea of their personality traits from the early stages of pregnancy. I had my first two boys 20 months apart and I thought I was done. But a spirit of another boy started clambering to come through. I visited a psychic to get some guidance but she couldn’t get a word in, with this spirit hammering to talk! I conceived exactly a year after he started pestering me. Within days I experienced what felt like someone energetically slapping my cheek and turned to my husband and said “I’m pregnant!” I have three beautiful boys now who are so full of life and joy, who see spirit- angels and guides and earth bound spirits. They are wondrous souls. It’s an awesome responsibility to be in charge of these mighty beings but they give so much unconditional love its all worth it.

  4. Romaissa

    Well this article really hit home. I have been dreaming and communicating on and off for 20yrs with a boy or different boys I felt very strongly were my children I was to have in this life. Some psychics tell me I will have kids some say I will not. Over a year and a half ago I went and seen the same psychic I have been in touch with for over 10 years. At the time I was still with my partner. He said my partner at the time and I would most likely be having a child and went on to discuss how I would be rearranging my life and prioritizing once it happened ect. Well guess partner left me. He is now with someone new a little less than a year later. I am almost forty and looking to move out of the country with no partner or chance to have a child at this time anywhere in sight. Talk about frustrated and sad having to come to terms with the fact I may never have any children of my own after remaining so positive all those years. Freezing my eggs or anything of the like is not an option at this time. The worse part is I can still feel those dreams and how it felt to connect with the child in those dreams and the one I felt was communicating with me several years back. I am left with the fact at this point it just may never happen.

  5. Hope

    Dear Anna,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s a very interesting read.

    I guess there are multiple ways to do it. The way I get predictions is through angels. I only use the Akashic records for life lessons or past lives (and even here the angels can be an alternative).

    I can usually predict the number of children, the gender and the year when they will be born but I must admit that I have never seen them near the person I was doing the reading for.

  6. Wendy

    Very interesting, Anna.

    This article reminds me of a recent one Erin Pavlina wrote on her blog about how and why you shouldn’t rely on future predictions.

    I’m very interested in the topic because I used to depend on predictions and then went through long periods of despair and frustration when the predictions didn’t come true.

    Now I see predictions as potentialities, like holograms. They show us, I think, what’s possible, but not what is definitely going to happen.

    I am 41 and single and have no children – fortunately I have never felt strongly about having children as I think it’s highly unlikely that I will have any now. A psychic once told me she saw two ‘male souls’ around me who were potential children, and there is that part of me that wonders, what happens if a soul wants to be born through you but your life doesn’t go that way so you don’t have children – even though a soul in the ether had identified you as their desired parent? Do they then just choose an alternative parent?

    I reckon that something like that must be the case. I believe that even ‘soul contracts’ are negotiable and not set in stone.

    Anything can happen – or not happen.

  7. Caren Burmeister

    Hi Anna,

    I’ve always been afraid to go to a psychic, in part because I think that sometimes we’re better off not knowing what’s in our future. But I’ve really come to appreciate your gift and and enjoy reading your blogs. It’s interesting to learn that since I never planned to have children,a psychic probably would have read my energy and told I wouldn’t have children based on how I felt at the time.

  8. Frances

    Hi Anna!
    Very interesting post!
    I have predicted the baby’s sex for ppl before but only a pregnancy once.
    It showed up in a reading I did over the phone, but the lady was already pregnant so it WAS a done deal! Hehe

    When I got pregnant, I swore up & down that I was having a boy. I even had a dream of a little boy waving at me by my bedside. I thought that was my baby trying to communicate with me.

    When I went to find out the sex of the baby and the nurse told me it was a girl, I was in shock! Happy of course, but in shock. So
    I don’t know if there was a “last minute change” in the Records or I interpreted it all wrong (well, obviously I did! Lol).

    What do you think happened? 🙂
    Thanks for this post!!

  9. Jennifer Lynne Flint

    I don’t usually claim to be able to predict the future for my clients, for many of the reasons you mentioned here. But I did have a client who had a strong “Mother Madonna” energy about her, and I saw her shopping for baby clothes with her own mother, etc.

    A few months later she wrote to say that she was indeed expecting. Being an aura reader, though, it’s quite possible I was just reading her desire to have a family, not actually the future. It’s hard to say.

    My boyfriend also received a reading from a medium who spoke with his grandmother (I saw her once myself), and she informed him that his sister would be having twins – a boy and a girl. Shortly thereafter she did just that. Pretty cool! 🙂

  10. Debbie

    Is it possible? I would say yes. A year ago in conversation someone I know online mentioned her “future” daughter and that she has “known” her for a long time.

    So to read this post today; the information doesn’t sound so far fetched.

    I wish I could say I’ve had a reading : ) I can say with my first pregnancy (this was before ultra sounds were routine) I had several dreams that I had my baby and it was a boy. Never once did I dream the baby was a girl. When the baby was born I did in fact have a boy. Add to that the fact I was due Oct. 25th and as much as I loved the names Damen and Damien for a boy… I had this “feeling” the baby was going to be born Oct. 31st and well….I DID want him to have friends : ) So I had to settle for a different name and he WAS born Oct.31st. LOL if this pregnancy had been predicted I can only wonder what I would have been told : )

  11. Shanna

    Thank you for sharing your story! It’s so refreshing to hear personal experiences. I know I personally have a lot of stories throughout my life. As I am opening up to my gifts and just learning to live with all this. I have a sense for when women are pregnant I even knew I was pregnant before I officially found out.

  12. Stephen Coote

    Good article thanks.

    Our daughter became pregnant, and she knew she was going to have a girl.

    Our daughter wanted to call her “Isabella”, but her partner didn’t like the name so they agreed on ‘Maddison’ instead.

    Before the baby was born, my wife was talking to a friend who is a practicing psychic. When the subject of the baby came up – without anything being said about the possible names for the baby – our friend said something like “ah, Isabella, a Spanish princess”.

    We were impressed. And it gave us some good food for thought.

    Young Isabella/Maddison is three years old now. And she would make a good princess.

    Best wishes from Nelson…. Stephen Coote.

  13. Jennifer

    I have known for certain women over the years whether or not they were pregnant or going to have children if they wanted to. This has been surprisingly almost entirely accurate, though I’ve never told a one of them about it. The women who I felt “murky” about them having a baby never had one, some folks you just knew would be popping one soon or eventually.

    As for me: don’t want ’em, think I’d be a terrible mother, die in childbirth, or both, would rather adopt or be a stepparent if I had to, but I’m still freaking immature anyway. I also couldn’t get a date with someone I wanted to date if I sold my soul to the devil–I haven’t had so much as a crush in nearly a decade. I am permanently single! However, for many years I’ve had a phobia about getting involved with someone when I’m in the later years of my fertility who wants kids, somehow getting pregnant despite the whopping amounts of birth control I am on, and getting harassed/shamed/nagged by everyone into keeping it, because God clearly wanted me to be pregnant with this ONE KID to get through that much BC in my forties or whatever. I’ve even had stuff about this come up in automatic writing several years ago, along with the foretelling of the baby’s father showing up in my life.

    Scares the shit out of me.

    Though since the baby’s father never did show up when he was “supposed to,” and now I am on the “ancient motherhood” side of the scale now anyway, I suppose it’s really nothing to worry about in the end, blah blah free will. I just had the feeling in my case it wouldn’t be free will…but if there’s no guy, there’s no worry, eh?

  14. Janet

    Like Shanna, I knew I was pregnant before any physical signs. I was in fact aware from the time of conception, and happy because she was so wanted. Yet, my daughter heralded a difficult time of a lot of challenges and growth (including falling out with her father), but now I’m happier than ever before AND have had it confirmed how special she is, and understand why she came to me how/when she did. It’s mysterious to me that I’ve had someone tell me I am supposed to have a girl, followed by a boy. Well, they did say this when the girl had already arrived, but the other stuff they predicted has turned out shockingly accurate. I do keep wondering about that boy–but the possibility of another pregnancy is looking remote now, to say the least!

  15. shaheeda

    Interesting Anna. Btw my second gift I got since early years after clairaudience was future prediction. I dont know how it works, And why I can do it, but it is often painstakingly accurate.

    I had predicted my partner before I met him, that my fiance will get his job 6 months after his graduation, the job my cousin will take, my relative’s death, how my aunt will be fired, and even Syria conflict before it happened… and several others.

    If I get it, I just get it. And if I dont, then I dont get it. I dont know why. I just consider myself the faucet of Creator, thats all…:D

  16. Joanne

    For years our family has been using a pendulum to predict kids. So far it seems to have worked although it does appear to show all known miscarriages. My prediction has come up the same every time since I was a child and shows 4 kids. I currently have three following the order that was predicted however I am questioning number 4 at the moment and through readings I have had over the years the fourth child has been seen by the first and third person to do a reading, both of them told me about a girl, as per my previous predictions. However in the second reading I did question it and that lady could not pick up another child. One thing I have found interesting is that when I was a child it was being questioned because husbands and wifes were coming up with different kids however in every case there was a break up and the predicted children were born. Has anyone else had this done and were the results always accurate?

  17. Atlanta

    I had a group spirit reading a few months ago. I was told that the spirit, who I believed was my grandfather, was holding a baby boy and he was holding him out to me. She said if I wasn’t pregnant at that moment then I soon would be. She was able to tell me that I already had three children and there sex and order.
    Time will tell I guess

    Thankyou for your article, it was an interesting read 🙂

  18. Dusty

    A psychic actually told my mother about me and my brother. She told my mother she’d have twins, or two children born under the Gemini sign. The latter turned out to be correct.

    So, you never know!

  19. Jeannine

    Hi Anna,

    I can’t tell you how apropos this topic is right now. I’m getting married in 4 weeks and have been thinking a LOT about babies and the idea of preconception and prebirth communication.

    I’ve been told by at least 4 psychics/intuitives that I would have at least two children – one boy and one girl. The first time I was told that was about 15 years ago. I hadn’t asked anything about it – she just told me that I would move back to my hometown and have a boy and a girl. It rings true with me. It’s taken a lot longer than I expected to find my soulmate, but hope springs eternal.

    I really enjoyed the article.


  20. Debra

    Thanks so much for your candour everyone. It’s so refreshing to remember everyone has such many and varied experiences with Spirit and there’s no one way.

    For what it’s worth I’d like to share an experience I’ve had. This is for Wendy in particular who asked about unborn souls and whether they choose new parents if (for whatever reason) they are not born through their first choice.

    Ten years ago now two close girlfriends, in separate sides of the globe, made the excruciating decision to terminate pregnancies. Neither took the decision lightly. I felt incredibly torn by their decision, their dilemma. One of them asked me to help communicate with the soul of the baby prior to termination.

    When I spoke to the soul they had a very different perspective that has dramatically changed my attitude to abortion. These souls were full of light and love, unconditional infinite love. They were sad by their mother’s decision but vowed to wait for the next opportunity. There was no negativity at all. Only love.

    One of those women has gone on to have 2 beautiful cheeky boys and she strongly believes the first born was the same soul. The second woman has not had another child or become pregnant since, despite trying.

    Recently I have had the soul of a little boy asking to come through (be born). I already have 3 boys!! I thanked him for his offer but declined, explaining I felt I already had more than I could handle! Again, he was sad but accepted my decision – my Free Will to choose. I invited him to go find new parents.

    I get the impression (this is only my opinion though!) that souls will just keep popping up and asking to be born until I say no.

    I hope that helps!

  21. Caroline

    Just reading this stories, gave me a rush of energy I needed. Thanks for sharing this. I got pregnant at the age of 15 and before I was 19yrs, I already had two children. I was the most miserable person and wished I was given an opportunity (spiritually to say yay or nay. Things led to one another as if everything had to happen exactly that way but stil I was not happy). It has now been 20yrs and my beautiful babies are adults. They are a blessing in my life. I found out at the age of 30, while triying to conceive that my Uterus has complications and it is not meant to carry a baby to term. I realized then that what happened was not a mistake. I was going to spend a lifetime triying endlesly to conceive and it was never going to happen.

  22. louise

    Hi Anna
    A couple of years ago I went to a lady for an angel reading.She then asked me if my daughter wants a baby.I told her “no”as far as I know.She then told me that the angels say she,s gonna have a daughter.But I told my daughter anyway.She just laughed at me.But did I perhaps in any way on a subconsious level let her had a change of mind.

  23. Susan

    Years ago I really wanted to have a baby and had been trying for a number of years. A psychic told me that although I will have a lots of children around me through out my life, that I would have none of my own. That crushed me, but I still refused to give up hope. A few years after that, my husband and I divorced. After my divorce, I met a man that I dated for 6 years, never using birth control. I never got pregnant. I have had wonderful children around me…my nieces and nephews, and friends children, but none of my own…now my child bearing years are behind me, so she was right all those years ago!

  24. Anna

    Thank you to all commenters for sharing your stories, interesting to hear your experiences.

    Frances – I think it might be hard to predict the sex of your own child in a few cases if some beliefs you had affected the prediction (i.e. if you always thought you would have a boy or if underneath you wanted a boy) that might make your channel less clear?

    Wendy – I think that in some cases you have free will to have those children or not and it can go either way. I wrote that we usually make soul contracts to have children – included the word ‘usually’ because I believe that there can be adjustments once we get here.

    I woke up hearing children laughing a few years ago, was told that I was going to have a couple of children in my life later on.

    I had the same message again recently, but I’ve not ever had a strong desire to have children. So I expect it can go either way based on what happens, or it could be that I will be looking after someone else’s children, or adopting.

  25. Holly

    Wow! Anne, I have noticed each “post” you send seems to be relative to my situation at the moment. Recently I had a hysterectomy; 2 weeks to be precise and I don’t have regrets, but lately, I have been in a depressed state. Maybe its due to the aftermath- I’m not sure. I was ready, but as a whole, your post did hit the mark for me and I thank you. Things I used to “treasure” I no longer hold dear.

    Can anyone relate to my situation?

    Any feedback anyone can send me relative to my state at this time, I will truly appreciate it.

  26. Kay

    Thank you everybody for your posts, its wonderful to read all the different views and experiences.

    I personally feel the spirit of a little boy around me, however I have chosen not to bring him through. I have three children already and my husband is not keen on a fourth. I still feel that this spirit is around however and I feel that he will come through someone close to me, such as one of my children.

    I do believe in my case I have free will to choose to parent this soul or not. I feel this soul has complete love and understanding for my decision.


  27. Raven

    Good insight =)
    I believe we all see what happens before it does but most are not open to it like we should be. When I was 15, I had a series of dreams that told me I would have a baby between the ages of 17 and 21. I think I made a spiritual contract with my grandfather to rebirth him.

    Because of this I was scared, I fear having children young. They are are a huge responsibility. I was scared up until lately when I started having dreams again. I am now 20 years and wonder if its going to happen.

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