Who Was the Man in the Photo? – Results of Intuitive Experiment #2

So at last, the results of the intuitive experiment.

Who is the man in the photo?

His name is Frédéric Bourdin.

Frédéric Bourdin is a French serial imposter the Press has nicknamed ‘The Chameleon’. Over the years, he has assumed at least 39 false identities, 3 of them were actual missing persons. He tends to impersonate teenagers. He hasn’t impersonated anyone for a few years now and has since got married, settled down and had children.

You were right not to trust him, though!

Just over 75 people did this experiment, leaving comments and sending emails. Over half of those people did not trust him. Out of those people who did trust him, there were only 7. The rest didn’t comment on whether they trusted him.

Those who didn’t trust him said things like:

He’s a con artist; untrustworthy; cruel. Some people felt his energy was ‘icky’, negative, some felt sick when they tuned into him.

Here’s some information about his ‘acting’ exploits:

Thirteen years ago, he took the identity of Nicholas Barclay, a missing teenager from San Antonio, Texas. In spite of having the wrong eye colour and the fact he spoke with a French accent, he still managed to persuade the family that he was their long-lost son. He lived with the family for three months before a local private investigator realized what was going on and a DNA test confirmed that he was not their son. He was imprisoned for six years as a result.

But he didn’t stop there. He did it again in 2003 in Southern France – he claimed he was missing teenager Leo Balley but again, DNA tests proved he was lying.

And again the next year, he pretended to be teenager Ruben Sanchez Espinoza and said his mother had been killed in the Madrid bomb attacks. He was deported back to France when the truth came out.

And again in 2005, he managed to pass himself off as an orphaned teenager half his age – Francisco Hernandes-Fernandez and he spent time in a French school. The truth came out again one month later and he was given four months in prison for stealing the identity of Leo Balley. The photo above is from that period in his life.

So that’s probably why you picked up he was untrustworthy and cruel, which many people did.

Sorrow in his Past

A third of those who responded picked up on the pain and sorrow from his past. Here is what Wikipedia says about his past:

“Bourdin was raised by his grandparents in Paris and was later put into a children’s home. He says that he never knew his father, that his mother intended to have an abortion and eventually abandoned him and that he was sexually abused. In an interview with the New Yorker, his mother said that Bourdin’s father was an Algerian immigrant. He began his impostures as soon as he left the children’s home.

According to his 2005 interviews, Bourdin has been looking for “love and affection” and attention he never received as a child. He has pretended to be an orphan several times and almost always plays an abused and abandoned child.”

Although it seems he was apparently not motivated by financial gain, I certainly would not trust him with money. I personally suspect he could be just as slippery with money as he is with the truth.

So who is he now?

One of the commenters, Lisa said:

“Isn’t it interesting how the responses are very much one way or the other: caring and sensitive AND cruel and untrustworthy.”

Although many people didn’t trust him, some people did like him, some felt he was caring and sensitive and some felt sorry for him. I feel this impression comes from his difficult childhood. Tuning into his energy, I feel a very confused man at the time of this photo, definitely untrustworthy, but someone who might feel bad about what he had done later on.

Are you picking up on who he is now?

In 2007, Bourdin married a French woman named Isabelle after a yearlong courtship. They have three children, the first one a daughter. He was interviewed by a journalist from the Guardian who asked him if he had become a new person now that he was a father and a husband, to which Bourdin replied, “No, this is who I am.”

My Conclusion – the Conflicting Answers

The two ways in which he was seen by readers (caring and sensitive OR untrustworthy and cruel) could be interpreted in two ways:

1. Who he is now vs. who he was before or

2. Who he is on the inside (emotionally sensitive, needing love and attention) vs. the cruel things he did to get this attention.

Many other of the impressions that you picked up were correct – here are a couple more:


Many felt that he was interested in music or had some talent in this area. When he was acting as one of the missing teenagers he impersonated (Francisco), he apparently showed a dazzling knowledge of music and he also impressed everyone with his Michael Jackson performance.

His ability as an actor

Being able to convince a family that you’re their long-lost son (although very cruel) does show some talent as an actor and shows a certain intelligence too.


In terms of nationality, ten people rightly picked up he was French (he does look French, in my opinion.) Some people also picked up on the American connection and the British and Spanish connections (he’s impersonated British, Spanish and American people and speaks English well.)

His aliases have included Benjamin Kent, Jimmy Morins, Alex Dole, Sladjan Raskovic, Arnaud Orions, Giovanni Petrullo and Michelangelo Martini (Italians).

How did you do?

Some people did really well and got multiple hits in their responses. Well done!

If you’d like further tips to improve your skills in reading people, I have some pointers below that you can perhaps use for the next experiment. For those who did this for the first time, please know that it takes a lot of practice to read someone accurately. I’m pretty sure I would have sucked on my first few attempts, at the very least. How you do now has no bearing on how you might do in the future, because it’s all about practice.

But here is the question to ask yourself when in doubt about someone – tune into them and ask:

Would I trust this person with my treasures? – for example: my children, my money or my treasured possessions.

Your instincts in response to that question are very revealing and this is the most basic and usually the most reliable form of intuition a person can have.

See yourself being put in a situation where you have to trust this person with something – do you feel very uneasy? It is normal not to feel 100% certain but if you get a real NO about it, then that’s your answer.

Not Everyone is Trustworthy

One of the barriers to reading people accurately is a belief that everyone is a nice person underneath. We read people according to our beliefs. This can have you trusting and liking someone who will only hurt you.

As you may know, I don’t believe that anyone is fundamentally negative or dark on the soul-level, but I do believe that people sometimes incarnate in negative roles (what past life regression therapist Dr. Coletta Long calls perpetrator lifetimes.) And those people exist in the world. I doubt that Frederic Bourdin is one of them – he seems to me to be a very confused soul with a strange way of rebelling against life and the way he was brought up.

What I’ve learned through this experiment is that a connection to reality matters when reading people. If you have a shaky connection to human reality and not much energy concentrated in the lower chakras, you may be wonderful at connecting to angels, but not so good at getting the truth about another human. You may only see the person on the soul level, which is fine, until that person does something that is not aligned with who they are on the soul level. So, if you are a very spiritual person, the more grounding you have in your life and connection to reality, the better you become at reading character.

This is just what I’ve observed and believe anyway. Tell me what your thoughts are on this.

And how did you do? Please leave a comment letting me know…

And thank you for taking part. It was fun doing this experiment.

Sources of information on Frédéric Bourdin:

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  1. Kelly

    Wow. He’s a really complex character and an interesting choice for this experiment, given that he pretended to be other people and has now turned his life around.

    I was very wrong on some of my points, but I think I got more hits than misses – criminality, been imprisoned and later freed, not gay, actor, likeable but not trustworthy, someone who has been through a lot. Where I failed is where my mind ran away with me a bit, but it’s good to know that at some level I did ok.

    I really enjoyed that and look forward to the next one! And thank you for the additional tips, I’m encouraged by what I did get right and am going to practice more.

  2. Dusty

    Hmm, I thought we were only going to read people who’d passed on because of how invasive it would be reading someone without their permission?

    The only thing I seemed to pick up on was a possible regret about his past. I picked up a distance from other people about him, but maybe I’d mistaken that for the isolation he plainly felt. I was off with the gun – in retrospect the gun I picked up on could symbolise crime, but who knows? Could’ve been off. I’ll never really know if I was wrong or if I was close!

    I really hope you do this more often, like once or twice a week or something, it’s great fun! 🙂 (Though, I still feel squicked having possibly read a living person without their permission – eep!)

  3. sups

    I really LIKED the experiment and your effort and troubles you have invested in picking out really interesting ppl.
    I did much better this time than the last time.
    most of whqt i picked out were on spot.
    and it is so much fun too….
    thanks Anna once again

  4. Kelly

    Dusty – yeh I also wondered about whether doing this on someone still alive was right or not. I’m not sure how I feel, on the one hand we read people all the time even if its only subconsciously and the nature of being in the public eye whether its for a crime or achievement is that you open yourself up to public scrutiny. On the other hand, I wonder how he would feel or how I would feel if it was me, I don’t think I would like it.

    This is possibly an interesting subject you could write about Anna? Is it ok to read people without their permission? In the past I’ve had friends and acquaintances who were on a psychic path who would be really persistent in trying to read me, too observant and probing. I felt that they weren’t really engaging or connecting with me but were actually using me. Because I’m sensitive myself I could really feel it, it was uncomfortable, I felt exposed and couldn’t relax. The one thing that they never did read from me correctly though was that I did not want to be read and was putting up my own barriers to try to stop it. I’m all for having people being intuitive around me in a natural way and offering me their insights, but not actively trying to get information and details about me that may or may not turn out to be correct without my permission.

    Anyway, I’ve really rambled on there… but think it might make an interesting future discussion.

  5. Lisa at Practically Intuitive

    I couldn’t wait to see who he was – great choice, Anna! I wonder if many were who did trust him were picking up on his facade – the part he projects to get others to trust him and what he says. That’s the part of this thing that fascinated me: how the responses were quite divided. (I’m a process geek, what can I say?)

    Good pointers about reading people as well. I have had to work diligently on my first chakra because I can see the soul level loving potential first and have been burned a few times on that by good old human greed and deviousness. I’m better at it now, I think.

    Also, Dusty – as to your question about reading those who are still alive vs. those who have passed on: Anna and I both have studied with Rose Rosetree and her take on this (with which I agree) is that it’s okay to read others who are public faces and have some notoriety. (And boy, does this guy ever have that!) What is NOT okay to do is to post a picture of say, Anna’s best friend, and have all of us read that person. That definitely crosses the boundaries.

    It is also okay for you to do your own readings on others you come in contact with for your own knowledge – say, a contractor you want to do business with or a doctor. A big no-no is publishing that information somewhere. It’s out of integrity and just plain not nice. Others may not agree with this perspective, certainly, but Rose works with great integrity and is mindful of boundaries so teaches that as well.

    This was fun, Anna! Thanks again.

  6. Joey

    I was wondering if you were going to even post the true identity I was going crazy ha ha ha!

    You know, regarding the trust, I’d have to say it’s not cut-and-dried because when you consider he said, “No, this is who I am”, at least he is being truthful instead of lying claiming that he is a “born again” person.

    That is a good tip on determining trust using the treasure analogy!

    And for us newbies for the next challenge could you post a simpler person like maybe a janitor? ha ha ha!

  7. cheketa

    I have been anticipating the results as well! I picked up more on his innerman…”ppl pleaser…very difficult life…overly critical & analytical…speaks with an accent”. This was the first time I’ve ever tried reading someone’s picture and I certainly appreciate the confirmation. Helps to be more confident in my abilities. Thanks, Anna! Keep em’ coming!

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks Anna for doing these experiments. I was really off but I learned a lot. I had a few good intuitive hits, but then I went on to elaborate and “figure out” the story. That’s where I got into trouble. I had a few feelings about him that were validated but didn’t fit the story or seemed irrelevant so I discounted them. It’s really hard to know which feelings are right, and which are coming from my overactive imagination. Plus, I really only got a small amount of accurate information so I guess I need to be more patient and wait until the real information comes. Your guidance and explanations about reading pictures are very helpful! Thanks again!

  9. Theresa

    I did a lot better this time, I put down Musicain, sad, english, creative talker -lier, concerned, newly shaved head – hiding, concerned and upset – something hes not telling.
    The interesting thing is a friend has been involved over the last 6 months with a couple of guys which Iv picked as that it wont turn out good and it didnt. But, not so good at picking it when I am involved, it that becuase we get caught up in our own emotions??

    Love these exercises Thank you.

  10. Kara

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for doing this exercise again! I really enjoyed it, although I was scared of getting it wrong so posted anonymously (it’s not my area of expertise – but I’m getting better each time). I have to say the tips and questions you posted last time and this time, to help us improve, were very helpful.

    I was able to trust my impressions more this time than last, although I still discounted some information I got. My intellect gets fighting with my intuition. I did pick up an American link for nationality but my intellect said “How can he be from more than one country?” so I chose to ignore it.

    He did remind me of an ex-boyfriend, but I wrote that off as being related to appearance only. But now when I think about it, that boyfriend also had a deeply troubled childhood and parental rejection issues as well.

    Also, I could really feel his inner and outer conflict in the moment when the photo was taken. I could feel that he was at a key moment in his life, where he was truly sorry for some of the things he’d done, but also still felt justified in doing some of it, and expecting the world to still love him. I could feel that he himself hadn’t really decided how he was going to act in the future.

    Because this conflict in personality didn’t make “sense” to my “rational mind”, I disregarded it as my lack of skill in doing this type of reading. It also reminded me that human are complex and have conflicting feelings/impulses!

    This exercise has reminded me that I should pay attention to ALL information I’m getting and not to discount it too quickly.

    Thanks again! Can’t wait for the next one!


  11. Kristi

    This experiment was very interesting and I hope you do some more like these. This was my first one to try and i was correct in the reading of him. I did not write it on your blog, but I said he looked like an ex con and that he was untrustworthy.

  12. Jordan

    I read a bit more online, including a very long New Yorker article. Sounds like he is very able, intelligent and powerful. Hopefully he can learn to use those qualities for good in his life, creating his own life, and finding love in the process. Maybe we can send him light and love, like in meditation, or whatever way people feel connected to their source. After all, we have all spent a lot of energy focusing on him, maybe we can pay it back that way. We seem like a group of like minded people, I guess I see it as a way of giving back, especially for those who feel bad about him being read w/out permission. I agree though, when you are in the public eye, especially how he is, you invite inspection.

  13. fellforit

    Wow, this guy is really interesting. I think he’s a perfect choice for an experiment like this and I don’t think there are any moral problems in reading him at all. These types of notorious criminals really do like seeking attention anyway.

    Unfortunately, it seems as though my psychic abilities are somewhat on the fritz lately. When I ask for information, it’s hit or miss; but when I’m given information randomly it’s more accurate (although lately I haven’t had many confirmations). Perhaps I’m losing it. 🙁

    I did get Spanish, wife and kids correct. I have no idea where the house/building image came from, nor the image of him face down in the water. Perhaps that is yet to come?

    Thanks for doing this Anna! From all the responses, it looks like quite a few of us are interested in challenging ourselves. 🙂

  14. Hunter Nuttall

    I read the other post but didn’t comment. I would have said that I definitely don’t trust him.

    However, I actually thought I recognized him from TV. I looked up the person I thought he was – actor Zeljko Ivanek. Now that I see them side by side, Ivanek is much older and I shouldn’t have confused them, but I get the same untrustworthy vibe from Bourdin that I did from Ivanek’s character on The Event.

    When I saw some people saying they trusted him, I thought it was entirely possible that I was way off, so I really wasn’t confident in my assessment. Bourdin was a great choice for the experiment, and he shows how tough it can be to read someone!

  15. Bri

    when i picked up info from him these words popped in my head:Im cold/Im lonley.What do you think this means?Oh and do you know the person he was impersonating when that photo was taken?

  16. Jenn

    I love doing these, thank you! I hope I did fairly well *crossing fingers*.

    I think I might have been one of the people who had a slight distrust, although I think I probably said I trust him overall.

    It does feel like he would come off as a total butt, LOL! He’s got that snotty, aristocratic type of vibe… Blech!

    Well, I hope all is going well. And once again, thank you! 😉

  17. Anna

    Kelly – you did have quite a few hits! I chose him purposely because he has a complex character and an interesting story, although that definitely made him harder to read than the last person.

  18. Anna

    Dusty – I don’t think I’ve said anywhere that it’s only ethical to read dead people.

    I have said I am happy to do these experiments with two types of people:

    1. Living people in the public domain
    2. Deceased people in the public domain

    The first group would be living people who have chosen to be in the public domain. They’ve sought the attention of the media or they have willingly garnered notoriety and they have had books written about them, given interviews with the press and films made about their life (and Wikipedia entries.)

    The second group would be the same people, but deceased.

    I won’t ever do these experiments with dead (or living) people who didn’t choose to be in the public domain (for example, a photo of great uncle Jack, who didn’t ask for it.)
    Frederic Bourdin, on the other hand, had a film made of his life, he’s given press interviews about his motives and he has a Wikipedia entry. And of course he was in the press because of his crimes. If you commit a serious crime, obviously you’re going to end up in the public eye at some stage. I also don’t think he will come across this website and be upset about it as there is nothing on here that isn’t already in an interview he’s given. When I google his name there are 186,000 results. So that’s why I am happy to use his photo (and I did have a think about it first!)

  19. Anna


    yes, you’re totally right. I don’t think those people who trusted him were ‘wrong’ per se, it’s possible they were just picking up on a facade he can project to people.

    And I think that’s why he came across as likeable to some, because what’s not to like (or pity) about that facade he used – an abandoned orphan who needs someone to look after them?

    In my experience, the more aura readings someone does, the more skilled they become at moving past the facade (as you did when you tuned into him – straight into the icky-ness of perhaps who he was back then.)

  20. Dusty

    You did actually say it was only alright to read dead people – in “What are the ethics of reading people?” you said, “don’t read for living people without their permission, if you have no reason to do so.” Maybe I just see these “reasons” differently, I dunno. That’s why I was confused. 🙂

    Thanks for explaining!

  21. Tia Sanders

    This was my first attempt at attempting to read someone’s picture…I was afraid I would be way off, but I did better than I imagined I would, although I did not go into much detail…I had an overwhelming feeling of dislike for this person, and now I can see why,–I can not stand con artists… When I saw his hand, I imediately thought his hand reminded me of a lizard or reptile, (it made me crawl) now I know why…I said I believed that he was capable of cruelty and that he was of foreign decent.

    I look forward to the next psychic experiment!
    Thank You Anna!

  22. Alicia

    I’m astonished, actually, as I’ve never tried this before and don’t have any reason to think I’m particularly talented at reading people psychically. But I actually did pretty well. The word that immediately came to my mind while looking at him and that dominated my thoughts was “prison.” I could see him in a prison yard. I also knew that he was not currently in prison, that he was still alive, and that he had not gone to prison for a violent crime (like murder). I thought his name might be Ben. I wasn’t sure if I liked him; his expressions wavered between laughing and being guarded.

    Maybe next time, I’ll venture a public guess beforehand. These are fun posts!

  23. Andrea

    Funny! I kind of did this on my own without sharing with you, because it was my first time, and I wasn’t sure. Then I looked at his picture, and really didn’t want to know him, because I felt he was someone to be avoided… but this comes in mind that I’ve just gone through a hard time dealing with a situation with a loss of trust with someone I cared about very much… so I think it stands to reason I found my thoughts about this man very disturbing. I definitely caught that vibe! The other immediate thoughts were ‘extreme sensitivity’, ‘creativity’ and ‘furbismo’ (I’m in Italy right now… to be ‘furbo’ is to be sly, intelligent, one step ahead of everyone) and I also thought he was Italian. Which… I now know he is not, but he has pretended to be, so I picked up on that! For me, he was some sort of artist with a cruel edge.

    I just definitely had an icky feeling looking at the picture, right in my heart center. Bleh. Thanks Anna, for these activities!

  24. Dan

    Hi Anna. I enjoyed this a lot. One question though: I heard that it is not ethical to read someone who has not personally asked us for a reading. I’m curious how do you view this matter cause I am interested in learning both sides on this.

    As for reading him, the only thing I picked up accurately was that he likes music. I must admit that I trusted him but I learned a lot from your explanations in this article, Anna.

  25. Anna

    Hi Dusty,

    Yeah it might have been somewhat ambiguous in the article. I thought I said in that article that the reasons why it was OK to read for Lorca was because he was in the public domain and the critics often looked into his psyche too (plus he was dead!) Although that’s what I thought at the time, I don’t know if I actually said it like that (I can’t access most of my website at the moment to check as I have problems with my computer!! 🙁 )

    I probably should have said “don’t read for living people who are not in the public domain, without their permission!” I think it’s OK to read people privately if you need to know something about them, but perhaps not out of curiosity. For example, people reading my aura (or another psychic’s aura) before they have a healing session with me to see if I’m trustworthy or have the intuitive ability I say I do, for example. That’s OK. People researching stuff about my psyche or other private areas of life just because they want to know (out of curiosity) and don’t particularly need it, might get misinformation. That’s what has happened every time someone has emailed me an unsolicited reading about my inner life, love life, past experiences, thoughts and feelings – some of those readings couldn’t have been further from the reality.

    I think the info we get depends a lot on our intention – whether we need the info or whether we’re just curious about something private, which is why a question like: “Would I trust this person with my treasures?” and imagining the scenario – that can be a really powerful one to ask, because it assumes that you need to know if the person is trustworthy or not. In a way, these experiments are false scenarios, but they are the closest we can get, I think, to the real thing!

  26. Tina

    i am so ready for the next experiment !! LOL..this is great Anna for all of us..thank you ))

  27. Joey

    Another note on the tip for evaluating trust I have to say I screwed up because I just asked in a plain question, “Do I trust him?” and the first word that popped up was “Yes”

    But when I took your tip and asked myself, “Would I trust this person with my house? In other words would I feel safe giving him the keys to my house?” and from that I got a strong NO.

    So from this it seems I have to be more literal and strong with the questioning leaving little to no room for doubt.

    Thanks again for doing this very cool experiment, I am looking forward to more!

  28. Jennifer

    Wow. I have been absolutely awful at this, I’ve never been remotely close at all either time. I guess this is just not meant to be my skill in life.

  29. Anna

    Fellforit – I don’t think you’re completely ‘off’ (we don’t know about the house or what is going on in his life right now) + I am wondering if you are picking up on something random and abstract, like you did last time, read this (from the Guardian article):

    At one point, Frederic told his grandparents that he had been molested by a neighbour, though nobody in the tightly knit village investigated the allegation. In one of his comic strips, Frederic depicted himself drowning in a river. He increasingly misbehaved, acting up in class and stealing from neighbours. At 12 he was sent to live at a private facility for juveniles in Nantes.

    OK, so it was a bit tenuous, but it caught my eye when I read the article!

  30. Anna

    Joey – yes, I think you are right that it’s not cut and dried (re. his trustworthiness). I get the sense now that he would be very trustworthy and honest with those he loves.

  31. Anna

    Anonymous – it’s lovely to get it right, but you actually improve more for next time when you get it wrong!

  32. Anna

    Theresa – yep, it can be harder to pick out when someone is untrustworthy when it involves us emotionally ESPECIALLY if there is some important life lesson we’re learning around trust, for example.

  33. Anna

    Hi Kara, great – glad you learned something from this one. Sounds like a good lesson!

  34. fellforit

    “In one of his comic strips, Frederic depicted himself drowning in a river.”

    Wow, good catch Anna! I think what I’m doing is just meditating and asking to be provided with information about the subject and so just get random things because I’m not asking specific questions. Also, sometimes my logic overrides the impressions. For example, when I got Spain I thought that was just my imagingation because the last subject was spanish and you study spanish – so I thought I was leading myself and went with hispanic or Mexican instead.

    Next time, I will be less lazy (ha ha) and will go through your checklist point by point so I can test my intuition as well instead of only relying on received images.

  35. AarTiana

    Holy heck, where is the Gemini in this guy’s chart? 🙂 The ability to convince folks of his youth, wow – he even looks young! Mindblowing!!

  36. Beth

    My reading I did a few days before you told us who he was is pasted below. I can’t figure out how I did. I see lots of “hits”, but I see where my ego got in the way, and I tried to make sense of what I was getting as well. How do you control this? Can you tell me if you thought my reading was going in the right direction at all? Not looking for compliments – only honesty please. I just graduated from Sandy Anastasi Psychic Development Courses 1-6, and I working really hard at this. Ps. I LOVED the exercise – THANK YOU for posting! Can’t wait until the next one.
    Ok read below………….

    “Well, I started hearing criminal before I even scrolled down to the picture. Sure enough, when I got to the picture – I was like “oh yea – criminal!”. But I also got a bit of a sociopath. I felt like his crime involved lots of money! Money was the first thing I thought of. Then it got deeper, and domestic violence came up. I started to wonder if he killed a family member, and it was over money?? But I also think he has stolen money from other places before, and he is good at it. Personally I think he is insecure and not sure of his identity, but you would never know it because he such a charmer. Women love him and fall for him. He has a shady past, and has mastered the art of cover up! He is still alive. I do not trust him or his energy. You would not catch me talking to him alone somewhere”.

  37. Amund Schofield

    Well I got the fact that he was an actor correct. I just need to practice a bit more, and maybe take a bit more time with my readings. I would love it Anna if you were to have more of these.

  38. Peter

    Really enjoyed the challenge of this experiment and I did better than expected. I could have been more specific and got a few more hits but I was guilty of a lot of self-censorship and I was too scared to comit myself too much to certain details out of fear of getting it too wrong.

    Looking forward to the next one though and learning from my mistakes and seeing if I can do better!

  39. Mia

    Well, I did very well in terms of his childhood, not having his parents, not knowing his father, having to grow up too fast. And picked up on his musical ability. I made a statement that he could do/be anything he wanted to. I guess that may be related to his chameleon quality, but I’m not sure. In terms of the trust issue, I get the feeling that, even though he could be an imposter, he wouldn’t be someone I’d have to worry about babysitting my child for a few hours. The one question I have is if the wide variations of what people picked up is related to his deftness at assuming another persona(?)

  40. Kelly

    I recently found your website and signed up for your Psychic Awakenings course (just finished Chapter 1.) I did okay with your first experiment, but I was more off than I think I’d like to be. I did better on this one.

    I felt he was in trouble with the law, particularly in the photo you posted. He had a negative and troubling past. He was nervous and a coward. Weaselly and deceptive were two words that came to mind as well. But, despite all of the negativity I felt sorry for him.

    I’d just like to add that I love these exercises as well!!

  41. LarimarRoses

    Holy Moly! I didn’t email or comment, but I kept my own thoughts on this guy… and they turned out to be right! Especially on him not being trustworthy. What was interesting was that I didn’t feel maliciousness in his intentions; I actually felt that he was widely misunderstood, and was very, very sensitive.

    Please do another experiment! They really are very helpful and fun, at the same time!

  42. Bob

    I must apoligize for wasting your time. I overlooked the “post in 24 hr thing”, so my impression remarks were meaningless. Thanks for the “workout” tho, I enjoyed it.

    Best wishes

  43. Deej

    This is my first time to read someone’s photo and the first thing that I said was this guy is WISE and INTELLIGENT but deep inside his heart, I know that he’s somehow kind.

  44. SilverAngel

    Even tho’ i did the excersise and the answers in the same period, this is still my reaction..my heart started pounding, a bit when i was first looking at him..then as i continued looking, i felt he was confused, and had a lot of hurt in his eyes….he also seemed 2have a touch of self satisfaction, or a bit of smugness(in his mouth area)

  45. Paula W

    This is what I got. “He is highly intelligent, very smart and thinks fast and can land on his feet when necessary, but very dangerous. Careful, careful, careful. Walk away quick and don’t look back.”

  46. Maranda

    This guy confused me…I’m just starting to try to use my gifts and it has been difficult considering my circumstances, but I love these experiments. This fellow has made me sad. I picked up on a lot of negative emotions and physical pain. But I also felt a loyalty that could go so far as to be obsessive. He’s extremely smart, but always second guesses himself. Sad…that the most important thing I feel, I think. Sad and longing maybe.

  47. farah

    well, when it comes to trust i had difficulties to say that i trust him. but i could really get good vibes from him even after what i read about him. i couldn’t even get one clue that he is a bad person.

    maybe he pretended to be a missing son, maybe he thought that he can give a family back their missing son as well as getting a family himself, and as long as one family despite the differences was convinced that he can be their missing son, then he must had some good qualities that made them to accept him, also he must be very intelligent to do this :-))))

    wow this is so interesting. wishing for more experiment to be added 🙂

  48. Lou

    I’m a bit late but non the less this was very interesting, I’m a bit impatient so I read him ‘fast’ and didn’t take my time to get all the info and I was very surprised that it worked!! I picked up jail and i felt sorry for him, my first though was that no i didn’t trust him but if i got to know him I would, I also picked up ‘writer’ and ‘spiritual’ guess i was off on those he reminded of a monk for some reason but overall i felt for him as I knew he was down and out, then I also saw him having money… anyhow that’s my two cents!… btw I love your site it has so much info… THANK YOU!… gonna keep reading thru your site! 🙂 … blessing and hopefully you’re visa thingy will get resolved soon.

  49. Awakening in Crimson

    …I was very off, haha. I wasn’t so sure on trustworthiness, it felt conflicting (perhaps present and past conflicting) and I’m not sure where my vision of the speech came from, exactly. I was right on him needing love, though. Something missing. Glad to know, despite his crimes, that he is doing better.
    Anna, your website is wonderfully concise and down-to-earth. An archangel of my friend’s that I normally converse with calls all my internet sources BS, but until we are all ascended masters with superpowers (Whatever that is XD ) I’ll rely on your website. I am young, still in school, so I am excited that I have the opportunity to develop my abilities. Thanks so much! 😀

  50. Like2hearUlaugh

    OK so this time, my imipressions jumped at me…. I hadn’t even read the questions.. but the answers surprised me….

    I liked him, and couldn’t peg why other then feeling empathy for fim….

    I wasn’t sure if I trusted him… it was mixed.

    I could definitely pick up on disappointment and intellectual tendencies, as well as deep sadness…. his own…. but also surrounding him.

    I felt like he was looking at a group of people, possible authorities. I felt like he was speculating about whether or not they had their eye on him…

    on to #3

  51. Kell

    How I did:

    My first impression was that he was playing a role, immediately, in that picture, and perhaps generally in his life as well. Not clear whether that was in his relationships or actually as an actor.

    I thought he was from Germany. (Well, they share a border with France, right?)

    I also picked up cynicism, scoffing, dismissiveness.

    And, I picked up some sort of underlying, mild & probably undiagnosed systemic or neurological illess, i.e. something like lupus or MS. (Hope I’m wrong on that, but it would be interesting to fing out whether that’s true.)

    Wow. I was a heck of a lot closer than I thought I would be.

  52. patricia

    I must say this has proven to me that I can read people! My first instinct was he was very secrative and I could not trust him. I could not pick up much else so I definately need some more developing!

  53. Han

    Wow! I got that he was confused, had been abused as a kid, was very sensitive but not trustworthy, I also got that he was trustworthy in some ways, so him being married now I see makes sense (but I couldn’t tell if he was gay or straight, both seemed possible), I don’t think he was acting out of cruelty to those families, I think he was looking for healing as a kid who was given up by his family, but he was selfish and possibly desperate to do this… I’m not surprised that he has found peace and settled down as part of his own family. I got that he was trying to hide himself, is very insecure, the glasses seemed to be something to hide behind and possibly an intellectual pose, I also got that he tries to show himself as tougher than he is because he is so easily hurt. I got that he has an aggressive side and is unpredictable. My initial response was a bit positive and a bit negative but at the same time… he struggles to be himself… I just didn’t turn that into Con Man… then again, I see him as different to a con man because his ‘cons’ are a request for healing and not trying to take advantage of others for fun. I also got that word travel in association with him. I thought he was possibly Scottish, was surprised that he was French. Is he 35 in this picture?

  54. Sharon

    This is my second experiment, I really enjoy doing these thankyou for taking your time and effort in posting them.
    Again I surprised myself, when I first looked at this picture I got the feeling of somebody taking on diffrent personas and thought maybe he was a spy. Then I kept getting the word liar and a thought that he did not like himself and wanted to be somebody else. I felt his glasses were a disguise and his ear stud was a sign of him trying to change himself. I also picked up on a tatto trible or symbolic to faith? I felt he was clever but not as clever as he thought he was because he keeps getting caught. Thought he had nice lips a good strong jawline.I did not trust him. But he reminded me of Peter Andre for some reason and a thought that he finds his own jokes funnier then other people do occurred to me.(probably what made me think of Pete A). I thought he may be an actor or writer when i was thinking this the words pretends, he pretends kept sticking out in my head. I felt he liked fast things cars/moterbikes:-living on the edge. When I thought about his childhood I felt bad and sad, I got a feeling of people or him feeling jealous, I felt he was an only child or favoured child and that he got things easily as a child but reading about him this feeling could have come from the fact that he pretended to be lost teenagers. I also got that he was married and had children but also got divorced after that thought. I was totally out on his nationality thinking he was austrailian or austrain(picking up on Peter A again, me thinks). Sorry to Peter Andre and fans compairing you to a compulsive liar and convict. But on the up side maybe he loves his kids as much as Pete does which is a good thing everbody needs love in their life. It could also be the fact that he is a really good dad that am picking up on. Thought this was a great chracter to do this experiment on as he was/is so complex.
    Thankyou again.

  55. Aurora

    I was a bit conflicted about my thoughts…I was right several times but also wrong. Here’s pretty much what I gathered:

    -I was definitely wrong about the ‘trust’ thing. I picked up a strong sense of someone who could be trusted.
    -I was right about having a deeply sad past. I definitely read that he was looking for a source of affection through his early life.
    -I thought his nationality was German, so I was wrong about that.

    Those were pretty much my results. This is my first time discovering this blog, and I’m so glad I did! You are a very insightful and kind person for creating such a place for psychic wannabes like me. 🙂 I love the paranormal, the supernatural, the out of the ordinary, and I want to develop my personal intuition. Your blog is helping me to do just that. Thanks for these great exercises and for this blog in general.

  56. Monica

    This was very good for me to practice. Right away I picked up a very negative feeling with alot of confusion. Then I picked up the word intellect with a feeling of very intelligent but not positive. My next vision was of a child playing so I picked up childlike in his ways. And the feeling of untrustworthy was very stong for me. Guess I did pretty well. This was my first reading so I am suprised it all came to me so fast. I did not pick up on music. I picked up on some type of sports. And I felt confusion when I tried to read his nationality. Thanks for the excercises. All of your information is really helpful to me in my journey of being comfortable with my clairvoyant abilities. Thank You!

  57. Abigail

    Here’s what I picked up on him. I answered your questions. Some things were right; some were wrong. I write them as they were before I read who this man really is:

    Basic Vibe: He’s a pretender; he’s insecure. He wants to seem smart. His eyes are insecure. Something is not true. I have a negative vibe about him, but I’m a bit confused.

    After taking a deep breath: he’s hunting for a victim; he’s meeting someone pretending to be someone he is not.

    I don’t like him. I don’t trust him.

    He’s insecure and lives a double life.

    He wants to be good, but he’s not honest.

    A rigid uptight background caused an explosion inside him. He’s hurting others but justifies himself.

    He’s good at deceiving.

    He’s from the Middle East (I was very wrong here).

    Thank you for these exercises. I find them very helpful. I’ve had an inkling that I can read people accurately for a long time. Although, i’ve never termed myself “psychic”, many other’s have. I’ve wanted to sharpen my skills, and it seems that here you provide a path to do so.

    Thanks again.

  58. Larayne

    I got a negative impression in that he cannot be trusted, particularly with children. Child abuse was my very first impression, unsure if he was victim or perpetrator. He wants me to think he’s a nice guy but he has many things to hide.

    I felt he was of Jewish heritage and I got a very distinct impression of Hollywood, CA. Although wrong on the Jewish ancestry, the impression of Hollywood and acting was spot on because he is an impersonator.

    Thanks for posting these tests as I think I’m starting to learn something new based on your guidelines and tips.

  59. Codruta

    Heya! I am SOOO excited! I was focusing on the picture, and I got the flash of his right arm being tattoo-ed — and I just googled and indeed he did have a tattoo!! otherwise, yes, murky energy, i don’t like him nor trust him, felt something about a woman….

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