What Happens in a Cord Cutting Session

I wrote this blog post for the curious people who want to know what a cord cutting session is like. It’s also for those who have booked a cord cutting so they know a bit about what to expect.

Cord-cutting sessions are very different from a reading. (For a start, unlike in a psychic reading, we do not involve Spirit Guides or other astral-level beings in a cord-cutting session.)

So here’s what happens when you book a cord-cutting. Please note that this is a summary for the purposes of the curious reader or the client who has already booked a session. I don’t include all details of the cord-cutting session in here – just enough so that you can familiarize yourself with the process.

Setting Your Intention

At the start of the session, I ask you for your intention – one way in which you’d like your life to be different or better through this session. That way, you are in control of your healing. Here are some examples of intentions you could bring to the session:

  • I want to increase my self-confidence
  • I want to have better boundaries and feel comfortable with saying ‘no’ to people
  • I want to improve my relationship with so-and-so
  • I want to let go of a past relationship with so-and-so

Creating An Energetic Space for Healing

Next, we create a clear, protected space for the healing to take place. For it to be a clear space, you preferably should be alone in the room (it’s better to leave the dog or cat outside of the room) and at that point the client chooses either an Ascended Master or an Archangel to bring the healing energy of a session. Obviously it isn’t me who heals a client, it’s the being who’s in charge of the session.

Some examples: Ascended master Jesus, Ascended master Buddha, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, Krishna, Ganesh, Quan Yin, Athena, St Francis, Merlin. There are also the Archangels, such as Archangel Raphael, who brings healing and Archangel Gabriel, who facilitates communication. Another favourite is Archangel Michael who protects us and removes things we no longer want or need. Of course, you can even call on God for the session, otherwise known as the cosmic intelligence, the creator of all beings, Source or the Great Spirit.

(You can find a list of my favourite Ascended Masters and Archangels here.)

Once we’ve summoned your chosen Ascended Master/Archangel and prepared the energetic space for healing (by asking for protection and cleansing through violet flames and Divine support for the client’s aura) we decide who to cut cords with.

Who To Cut Cords With?

Sometimes clients already know who they want to cut a cord with, and I check we have Divine permission to do this. Occasionally we can be refused permission to cut a cord (for example, if the client would go through a significant healing crisis by cutting the cord, then permission would not be given.)

The Archangels & Ascended Masters that we work with always have the client’s wellbeing in mind. But a scenario like that is fairly rare.

Occasionally I may find that a client needs to remove some ‘energy clutter’ from their aura before we can go ahead and cut a cord. So, if you book a session with me or anyone I have trained in this modality, you do need to be prepared for this possibility – I may instead suggest we use your session time for removing the energy clutter. Then if you wish you can book another session to remove the cord you had in mind. This does not happen often but can occur, so please bear that in mind when booking. (And if you choose not to go ahead with the alternative type of healing, we can end the session and refund your session fee.)

Back to the cord cutting process. Presuming that we have Divine permission to go ahead and cut a cord, here’s what happens next…

Sometimes clients are not sure who to cut cords with, but they have a few ideas. What I can do is check which cord, if cut, might help to bring about that intention they set. Sometimes we find out which is the most toxic, but I always leave it up to the client to decide which cord to cut.

If you are getting a session with me, you want to be cutting a significant cord in the session (to make it worth your while).

Who Do We Normally Have Significant Cords To?

  • Those who have hurt you with violence or abuse of some form
  • Those involved with you (or those who caused for you) a major accident or trauma
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • Biological parents (if you happen to be adopted)
  • Children
  • Sexual partners involved in conceiving a child
  • The person with whom you lost your virginity
  • Ex-lovers you lived with or ex-spouses
  • Childhood friends
  • Spiritual teachers, healers or therapists who influenced you negatively
  • Cult leaders
  • Bullies from childhood (or adulthood)
  • Extremely difficult employers, employees, co-workers or clients

Let’s say the client has decided to cut the cord to an ex-boyfriend.

Next, I take a look at the client’s chakra system to see which chakras are most affected by the cord this client has to her ex. There are usually 2-3 chakras that we focus on for the healing, and I describe to the client what I can see there and how the cord is affecting her.

Where Is The Cord?

Next, we find out where the cord is on the client’s body, for the purposes of cutting it.

Giving Permission

Now I ask the client to read out a permission statement, giving our chosen Archangel or Ascended Master permission to cut the cord. This is like a spiritual contract and it is needed in order for the healing to happen.

Cutting The Cord

Then the cord cutting happens along with the help of the Archangel or Ascended Master. And the cord goes into the violet flame that we set up, one in every corner of the room, when we set up the protected space for the healing.

Finding Out More About The Dynamics in The Cord

Within a cord, there are negative patterns of behaviour, thought and emotion that circulate in the cord, back and forth between the two people. This part of the session is for finding out which energies are present in the cord.

It might be things like:

Abigail: You never listen to me

Ex-boyfriend: You can never give me enough.

Etc etc.

It usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes for me to retrieve all the dynamics within a cord, then I read it out to the client. There is quite a lot of detail in there. This can be very validating to hear what was in the cord, because those patterns circulate back and forth between the client and the cordee and can affect the relationship and the client’s emotions, personal power and mental clarity (amongst other things).

The patterns within a cord do not even need to be the dominant things of the relationship. They are not the whole story about the relationship or everything about the client or the cordee. Sometimes they can even be thoughts and emotions from one single event, which have got stuck in the cord at some point.


Once those patterns are no longer flowing into the client’s aura, we talk about how they were affecting her and we discuss the question of what can change now that the cord is cut. Depending on the client, this can take 5 minutes or 10 minutes or longer.


Afterwards, I might receive some practical homework for the client to do around the healing. It can be anything from a written assignment, a brainstorm to do, a practical task or something to think about or meditate upon.

Then we complete the session and cut any ties between us or anyone else who was thought about or spoken about during the session. We hang up, and I send you the recording.

I hope that satisfies your curiosity and helps you to know what to expect, if you have already booked a cord-cutting session!

Leave me a reply below if you have comments or small questions.

Update On Cord Cutting Sessions:

I am no longer offering these sessions, but our guest intuitive & cord cutting therapist Tom Steward is offering them. You can book a session with him on this page.

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  1. Drea

    Great information!

    What I love about cutting cords is how you feel after it is finished. I’ve noticed a sense of lightness when it is complete. 🙂

    I’ve also had circumstances where the people that I am cutting cords with contact me within minutes after the sessions wanting to re-connect. Pretty interesting.

  2. Kristi

    Thank you for this great post! I had never even heard of cord cuttings until recently and it sounds so nice! I was wondering though, is it as helpful to the person on the other end of the cord as it is for the person you are working with? I wouldn’t want to leave someone un-bandaged, so to speak.
    Thanks again!


  3. Anna


    Sorry I’m a bit late in answering your question. The answer is no, cord cutting does nothing for the person you have a cord with. So, if you’re cutting a cord to your mother, it will only affect you positively, it won’t affect your mother in any way.

  4. Kate

    Hi Anna, I was curious, can a cord ever be cut of a loved one that you still want to remain connected to, just that you feel you would like to start over with?
    Thanks for your amazing information it is so uplifting 🙂
    Thanks, Kate

  5. Anna

    Hi Kate,

    Yes, people often cut cords to those they want to remain connected with. Cutting the cord does not eliminate those loving connections. Hope that clarifies.

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