Intuitive Experiment #36 – Have a Go at Reading this Person

Just for this week, I am bringing back an exercise that I used to do between 2010 and 2019 – the Intuitive Experiments!

The purpose of this experiment is threefold:

  • Get some awareness of how your intuitive insights may come to you (if you’re a beginner)
  • Practise using your intuitive skills, if you’re not a beginner
  • & have some fun doing it!

If you’ve never done anything like this before – why not have a go? You might surprise yourself.

Here is the person I chose for this experiment.

Here is how to read her:

In order to tune in, I recommend getting into the alpha state first of all through meditating for several minutes. Sit or lie down and focus on your breath as it goes in and out of your nose.

Once you are in a relaxed state, say the name of an Archangel (e.g. Archangel Michael) out loud, take a few deep breaths, and look at the photo, allowing your eyes to lose their focus. What impressions do you get? What do you feel?

(The claircognizants among you may have received an impression in the moment you looked at the photo, before you had time to think – so pay attention to that, too.)

Character and personality is usually the easiest thing to read in an aura, so the easiest thing to do is to get an impression about what type of woman she is.

Look into her eyes briefly and fill in the gap:

‘She looks like a ______________ woman.’

Which adjective comes to mind straight away? Let one come through without thinking about it. If nothing comes through, take three deep breaths and look into her eyes and try again. If she reminds you of someone, try to work out why. It is usually rather revealing when your mind draws a parallel between two people.

This is an exercise you will find useful if you are claircognizant.

If you are clairsentient you may get a feeling about her instead.

Here are some other questions to ask yourself upon tuning in:

(Take three deep breaths before you ask each question.)

1. Do you trust her?

2. Does she remind you of anyone you know or anyone you’ve met in the past? – if so, which characteristics do the two people share?

Remember that everyone is multi-faceted, so don’t be surprised if you receive seemingly contradictory information.

If you get an impression that you don’t understand, you will want to do further questioning around it by asking ‘What does this mean?’ Often, people will get an impression, not know what it means and leave it at that. But sometimes you have to ask follow up questions about your initial impressions in order to clarify them.

Some tips for getting intuitive insights about other people:

  • Get into the alpha state and clear your mind as much as possible before you tune into another person – again, the best way to do this is to meditate.
  • When you look at a photo, you often instantly form a judgment about someone’s character.  Often this is unconscious and subtle.  They happen very fast too – so fast that they happen before you have thoughts.  They are basically the unconscious judgments and assumptions that we habitually put to one side. Make them conscious if you can.
  • Don’t worry if you do not get concrete facts – some people are good at getting information about character and some people are good at picking up information about events.
  • This is an old photo, but to eliminate this sense of distance you could imagine yourself in a room with this person – talking to them.  How do you feel about them?
  • Remember to ask specific questions and wait for an impression or answer to come to you.

I will reveal who the woman in the photo is in five days time.

Please leave a comment letting me know your impressions. In the article that is coming up I will post some feedback based on your collective findings. I am looking forward to reading what you get!

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  1. Lacey Weatherford

    My immediate first impression was that this woman is an actress. I felt she was a “big” actress, with significant notoriety. I kept getting a parallel feeling to the likes of Viviene Leigh, but see her in a costume resembling a historical period type movie…like Cleopatra. She wasn’t in Cleopatra, just the movie gives me that kind of period vibes.

    I felt this woman was very smart, even to the point of being cunning.

    The other thing I’m getting is speaking. I don’t know that she was a speaker, per se, but I see her talking and talking and talking for hours. Lots of talking.

    That’s really all I got.

  2. sephora

    Most likely actress. Unhappy and sad, it shows in her facial features. I feel success and unhappiness around her. Maybe she sang too. Smart, successful and unhappy

  3. Susan Dolan

    Sad, determined

  4. Maria

    I see a woman who knows what she wants
    A classy woman. There is some sadness in her eyes and there is something going on with her. I’m getting the letter S. I’m not sure if it’s from her Name, or she knows a man with the Letter S.
    I feel that I would not trust her immediately. It would take some time.
    I can also feel that she is very energetic.
    I get the feeling that she or someone close to her is into science. I’m wondering if she won a price.

  5. R.C.

    First thoughts- was this woman a silent film actress? And is she an American of Spanish or Italian descent? Her facial features remind me of a Sagittarius friend I know who has never married. She looks like her life is filled with uncertainty, loneliness, depression and perhaps personal tragedy. Did she die of consumption?

  6. Victoria

    I get a sense that she was a performer of some sort, an actress or a dancer perhaps, something musical. And there’s tragedy in her story, or something heavy in her background.

  7. Victoria

    Trying to repost my comment as it’s not showing. I feel that she is an actress and there is something musical in her background. I also sense tragedy or some kind of heaviness, like something heavy was in her past or made up part of her story. But not sure what.

  8. David

    I believe I know this lady’s identity and history, so I will bite my tongue and remain silent.

  9. Lavinia Koenig

    She reminded me of old movies, 30’s to 50’s look so she either is an actress in that year or now playing in a movie about those years.
    She plays best in dramas, romantic, sad movies. She seems sad and fearful to me. Closer look in her eyes made me see an unshared or forbiden love.
    She seems to be exposed to male agression often and keeps her distance by her serious look.
    I thought of illness wondering if I could see any just from a picture but nothing came to me aboit her health.
    She seems to be a dreamer who had many failed and lost dreams not trusting her dreamer, childlike, joyful side so she keeps it hidden deep inside.
    That inner child is crying to get out and be loved and happy again.

  10. Jill

    I get sadness from her, also a bit of anger and determination. I think she was successful but unhappy and she died tragically.

  11. Jennifer Flint

    I didn’t recognize the photo, but I figured out who she was based on the intuitive clues I received. I won’t give away who she is either, but she’s a very intriguing person. 🙂

  12. Maureen

    With her theatrical makeup I would say she is an actress of an earlier era.
    There is a certain vulnerability about her but also a toughness.
    She didn’t have a voice due to the times and didn’t achieve all that she wanted to in her career.
    She was held back and also had bad press about her because strong women were vilified and not lauded.
    Her choices in men were not the best and caused repercussions and pain to her.
    I didn’t see a tragic end, but, rather a fading away, which is tragic in and of itself as she wanted more.
    I get an L name. Either her or a man she was involved with.

  13. anna

    Well done everyone for having a go at this. Quite a few intuitive hits in here!

    I am a little late posting the results but aim to have them up soon…

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