Who Was The Man In Intuitive Experiment #32?

One of the more interesting uses for my psychic skills is when I am reading the news or keeping up with current affairs, and I come across a case where no-one knows what happened, such as murder or court cases that are ‘he said/she said’.

Psychics are able to tune in to any person, using a photograph, and assess their true character. This does not necessarily mean that we know what happened in these cases, but when you read a person’s character, or watch footage of a person claiming innocence, one is able to know whether their energy matches their words, and whether their character is in alignment with the misdeed they are accused of.

The man in this Intuitive Experiment is actually (possibly) connected to a famous murder case – the Jack the Ripper murders, so let’s have a look at his life and background, and then I’ll talk more about my (and other readers’) assessments of his energy, based on the photograph of him

Michael Maybrick – Background

He is English singer and composer Michael Maybrick, who was sometimes known by his performing pseudonym of Stephen Adams. He is perhaps most renowned for composing “The Holy City,” which is one of the most popular religious songs in the English language. He is also known for being proposed as a possible suspect in the Jack the Ripper case by author and film director Bruce Robinson.

Let’s have a look at his life story:

Early Life

Maybrick was born in Liverpool on January 31, 1841, the fourth of eight children of William and Susannah Maybrick. His father was an engraver and a parish clerk and was also an occasional composer. His uncle and grandfather were musically inclined as well, and Michael followed in their footsteps by becoming trained in the piano by eight and serving as organist at St. Peter’s by the age of fifteen.

Later Life and Career

In 1865, Maybrick traveled to Leipzig to study with several well-known composers and musicians, and later trained as a baritone with distinguished Italian teacher Gaetano Nava in Milan. He appeared in both Italian and London theatres singing ballad concerts to great success and performed in English light opera.

Maybrick adopted the stage name Stephen Adams, and after 1870 he formed a collaboration with barrister and lyricist Frederick E. Weatherly (a relationship that was said to have extended beyond the professional). The pair became extremely well known for the popular songs that they created together, such as “Thora,” “Nirvana,” and “Nancy Lee,” which sold more than 100,000 copies in two years. Other hits included “Your Dear Brown Eyes,” “The Star of Bethlehem,” and “They All Love Jack.”

In 1892 the pair published “The Holy City,” which proved to be their most successful but final collaboration, since Maybrick ended their association not long afterward. Later in life, Michael retired to Ryde on the Isle of Wight, where he married his housekeeper Laura Withers, and served as chairman of the Isle of Wight Hospital, as well as mayor of Ryde for five terms. He had many interests and occupations but does not appear to have written any music after 1896.

Ripper Diary and Suspicions

Maybrick died in his sleep from heart failure on August 26, 1913, and was buried on Ryde. His legacy has faded into partial obscurity over the years but was revived in rather infamous terms by the 1992 “discovery” of a diary supposedly found beneath the floorboards of his brother James Maybrick’s former mansion, Battlecrease House, in Liverpool.

James was a wealthy cotton merchant, whose wife Florence was convicted of murdering him with arsenic in 1889. Her trial was highly sensational, and although she served a number of years in prison as a result, she was exonerated and released when the case was eventually re-examined.

The alleged diary was originally brought to the public eye by scrap metal dealer Mike Barrett, who said it had been given to him by a family friend. The author is never named, but the people and circumstances mentioned make it clear that, if genuine, it would have been written by James Maybrick. The scrapbook contains details of the Whitechapel murders of 1888 and ends with the line “I give my name that all know of me, so history do tell, what love can do to a gentleman born. Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper.”

The diary’s authenticity has been hotly debated over the years, and it is considered by many to be a forgery. In 1995, Mike Barrett wrote a highly detailed affidavit in which he confessed to creating the book with his wife Anne’s help in order to sell it, but his solicitor later retracted that confession. Extensive testing has been carried out on the ink and other materials in the volume, but the results of these are also inconclusive.

Experts note that the handwriting does not appear to be Victorian in style and that it is not a match to James Maybrick’s known writings. Barrett stated in his confession that his wife wrote the text while he dictated, simply because her handwriting was better and less recognizable than his own. The text is written in an old scrapbook from the correct time period, but the first several pages have been removed, which is also regarded as indicating a forgery. Barrett claims that he bought an old photo album at an auction, with the specific intention of writing the diary in it.

In a more recent twist, however, writer and director Bruce Robinson’s book They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper insists that it was Michael Maybrick, not his brother James, who was the real Jack the Ripper. He believes that James murdered his brother, and wrote the diary himself in an effort to frame Florence, whom he hated, and direct suspicion away from himself. He also believes that Michael, who was a Freemason, was protected by other members of that influential society, including policemen and other officials. Because the authenticity of the diary is very much in question, though, these theories can’t currently be verified.

You can read more about the Jack the Ripper case and Maybrick’s possible links to it, in this fascinating article: How One Man Revealed Jack the Ripper’s Identity – the full story

Intuitive Hits

This is a bit of an unusual case, since the subject of this experiment has been accused of things that haven’t been proven one way or the other. Some of you, like Kathy Ambrosat, felt that Michael Maybrick had a secret to keep, which would certainly be true if he was actually the Ripper (and also because he was rumored to have been homosexual, which wasn’t accepted at the time).

Marissa felt that Maybrick had possibly been involved in a poisoning as a result of a betrayal in love, which is interesting since some people do believe that Maybrick was involved in or directly responsible for the arsenic death of his brother (although James was a longtime arsenic addict, and most likely simply poisoned himself). Some feel that if Maybrick did kill James and frame Florence, however, it may have been because she had rejected Michael romantically at some point, or rebuked him in some other way.

Katy and Lacey both felt that Maybrick was a serial killer in the vein of H.H. Holmes, which again is unverified, but would be accurate if the claims against him are true. Pam picked up on his potentially two-sided nature, and the surname beginning with an A (this is true with or without the sordid accusations, since he did go by the alternate surname of Adams). And as Maria Elena noted, 1888 is significant for Maybrick in the context of being a suspect, since that is the year when Jack the Ripper committed the crimes he is so well known for.

Kudos to Johanna for picking up on Michael’s occupation as a composer, and the fact that he frequently traveled for his career – of this, at least, we can be certain!

Ripper or not, as Kathy pointed out, Maybrick was a haughty and complicated man, who was reported to have been charming, but who also reportedly had a large ego and the capacity for arrogance. We may never know the truth about the more serious claims made against him, but he was a talented and interesting man in his own right and is deserving of an enduring legacy for his musical accomplishments alone.

My Reading

As this man would be a possible candidate for the Jack the Ripper murders, the first thing I am looking for in his energy when I tune into him (using the techniques from my Intuitive Awakening Course), is some concrete sign – on the level of his energy body – that he could not have been the murderer. I looked at his heart chakra for energies like kindness, decency, goodness, love for his fellow man. I didn’t find any of that – instead I felt coldness, distance and a clinical, detached energy about him. The word “stomach” kept coming into my mind. Personally, he repelled me – I would not trust him or feel safe around him. He seemed jaded and cynical about humanity. I wonder if he had used, or had become addicted to opium or some other drug at some point. I felt a strong sexual aspect to him, and maybe an interest in S&M practices.

The majority of what I picked up on was negative. The only positive aspect that came to me was that he was highly intelligent.

I would not rule him out as a candidate for these murders based on what I picked up. If he had been involved in the murders, I feel his motive would have been revenge, but it does not feel like revenge for something in particular, but rather revenge against the whole human race, and/or women.

Well done everyone – there were some very perceptive and intriguing hits in this experiment! This is a great example of how intuition can tell us things about people that might otherwise be hidden from view, so thank you all for having a go and hopefully expanding your skills.

Another experiment will be posted in a couple of months, and I hope to see you here for that one too!

Let me know how you did in the comments section below!

Note: if you have tuned into this man, I would advise cutting psychic ties with him afterwards.

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  1. Katy

    Anna, this is very strange. There was a television series on the History Channel in the USA which contended that H.H. Holmes was also Jack the Ripper. It was a multi-part series starring H.H. Holmes’ great grandson and several investigators. They supposedly proved that H.H. Holmes traveled to England and did the Jack the Ripper killings. I only vaguely saw part of one episode and don’t really remember many details. It seems really odd that I immediately thought of the serial killer in Chicago when I saw the photo. This was a very interesting intuition test. Thanks very much for posting it.

  2. Tomara

    I also felt that he was a very dark and evil man. I kept getting that feeling

  3. Brenda

    The instant in which I first glanced at the photo, the word, “murderer” came to me. I did not find the time to return to it or submit my answer, but that is what I received. Thanks, Anna, for all of the wonderful information and exercises contained in your newsletters! Blessings to you, Brenda

  4. Anna Murray

    Hello Anna
    I’m not normally very good at the intuitive experiments, and rarely pick up anything that is accurate. This one wasn’t much different, however what I felt strongly with this person was when I looked at his eyes, there was a hardness there that I felt quite uncomfortable with. There was a harshness about him that I found repellent. I didn’t pick up anything else, just those characteristics.

  5. Kathy Ambrosat

    Hi Anna,
    Thank you so much for this experiment. As soon as I looked at him, I knew he defiantly had BIG SECRET to hide. I too, felt he couldn’t be trusted and even though I felt he was a ladies man, I knew there was a sexual undertone to him! Thank you so much for what you do. This was exciting and I’m looking forward to the next one! God Bless

  6. Valerie fioco

    I felt he was envolved in a coverup for murder

  7. Karen

    I don’t usually pick up hard specifics about a person., rather I sense things like mood, character and values. This photo immediately made me feel very uncomfortable. There was something disturbing about this man, I knew that what he was presenting outwardly and who he was inwardly were in direct conflict. I would never trust this person. Interesting exercise. I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments.

  8. Laura D

    Yes! Uncomfortable is appropriate and the fact that he was a musically gifted at such a young age, generations of musicians, members of the church & perhaps very well respected family, middle child maybe felt left out……for me had sinister art about him where some artists are & may have peculiar perspectives about a lot!! True in the 18th century there was NO SUCH THING AS A HOMOSEXUAL nor would it have been an option to be open about it which comes to mind that if he was….I’m convinced that he had deep dark secrets or demons that he had to let go, somehow. If passionate for music why did he let go after marriage? Could it be possible that he carried out acts of violence and married to try and cover? I’ve only read the story and your blog and will look at reading further into the history of that era and watch a movie of Jack the Ripper.

  9. Terry

    I felt he was cold, cool-headed, emotionless and he knew he was a lot smarter than others.

  10. Carla

    The only word that came to my mind, when I saw him was “murderer”. I couldn’t get much else. Thank you for this experience, I loved it!

  11. Ryan

    I didn’t get a good read on the photo other than he might have been involved with a murder. I knew in that time, as some now, most people were raised not to trust anyone and no goofy photos – more serious looking photos in that time. I think it’s difficult to read a person (but fun) – thank you Anna.

  12. Anna Sayce

    Katy – what a mystery!

    I had no idea who HH Holmes was, but brought up a photo of him in Google Images and I did not like his energy one bit – he seemed way more heinous than Michael Maybrick, from what I could pick up from the photo.

    Thanks everyone for commenting!

  13. Philip Hopkins

    Where do I start… Let’s start with the picture… Pure evil is what I see. There is nothing good about this man to include his intellectual aspect because he used it to manipulate and commit unimaginable acts. He hated himself and especially women. Some sort of sexual abuse happened when he was a child and his rage is focused on women as the blame. He was bisexual because of the hatred and confusion from the sexual abuse. He did poison his brother making it look like an overdose. His brother’s wife was accused of poisoning him until the arsenic addiction was proven from a trustworthy witness. The reason he killed his brother was that his brother threatened to take the diary to the authorities and testify against him. He knew the wife would be blamed for the death and therefore her claim that he was Jack the Ripper would look like a publicity stunt and hold no warrant. I see a demon when I look at the picture. This man has no soul.

    Anne… I have had similar experiences to yours. Mine also started when I was 6 or 7 when I woke up and a white figure was standing beside my bed and ducked out of sight as soon as I saw it. I have had premonitions and I am an Empath. I have had multiple near-death experiences and each time I have opened up to the spirt realm more. I am extremely sensitive to energy if I allow myself to be. I found you during a search trying to find some direction… Some answers. Anyway… I thought I would share.

  14. Mon

    I missed the start of this experiment, but I wrote this before reading the reveal:
    1st Impression: horses, duck/s, a doctor. Weird, deformed mouth with duck lips. Does he lie, exaggerate, or twist the truth for his own benefit? Duck hunter?

    Has 2 faces/personas, so probably has grand secrets. Homosexual but he’s also one of the lads! Definitely prefers the company of men. Smokes cigars. Alcoholic.

    Set in his ways and arrogant. Stern, cold, aloof, and ‘pretends to care’ for others. He’s surrounded by white, a white-out, like snow, desert or smoke. Smokes ’n’ mirrors = deception and lies. Charming when he needs to be.

    Something pouring out of his mouth, like it’s a waterspout, fountain or gargoyle. He’s spitting blood and his nose is bleeding, like he’s been in a fist-fight or is terminally ill. He’s making me hot and itchy – died from fever, disease, or infection? Something wrong with his neck, so maybe also suffocated, choked, or poisoned.

    Parts of him are missing somehow, and he feels incomplete, so perhaps he suffered great losses in his life. He’s not quite right.

    “Little John” outlaw. Initials L.J. or W.B. significant. Got Way-Bearer, Winnebago, Wright Brothers so maybe inventor or connection to airplanes, or likes to travel and go-forth into the unknown! Did he visit/run-away/escape to foreign land or island?

    Intense black eyes with hidden pain, that remind of the Mona Lisa’s eyes so I’m not sure where he’s looking. He’s on a certain life path, but his focus is elsewhere, keeping his eye on many things. He’s capable of doing bad things, even killing. Whether people trust him or not depends on the relationship he’s chosen to have with them. He makes me feel jittery, nervy, and restless. People either cheer or gasp when they see what he can do! Famous, and a hero to some but not all.

    He was married, but married beneath his status, and his wife either left him or died. There was a significant pregnancy but no children. He asked, “Why did she go?” Sadness.

    Something in his life is up’n’down, with highs’n’lows. I see straight and swirly lines, could be charts and graphs, so maybe maths, or science. Smart, maybe even music conductor. Or a doctor, because there’s blood, death, knives, arrows, spears, and sharp things all around him. Lots of blood! Specific incident with a knife and stabbing.

    His face is scarred or deformed, with a broken nose and broken cheek bone, like he’s a boxer. Owns a motorbike and guns, and secretly likes cooking (?) and photography! Maybe strict, religious type, who lives according to his rules while on the path to righteousness, but also committing atrocities or crimes. Late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

    His nationality was difficult to pick, so he may have travelled and lived in many places. English, German, American, French, Northern Italian, Welsh, or even Afrikaans. Maybe even a big game hunter?

    Edit: Maybrick reminded me of a man I know, and while this man was at high-school, he pulled a school boy prank by getting his school mate to lay down on a bed, placed pillows over his school mates stomach, and then proceeded to “pretend” to stab his school mate through the pillows with a large knife. Trouble was, he misjudged his prank, and actually stabbed his school mate to death. He became well known for his extremely stupid prank and was given a nickname to suit.

  15. Mon

    Hi Anna,
    Many of us picked up on evil, murderous, killing, serial killer vibes. I got that he was capable of killing, but worse, that he was a ‘hunter’, even a big game hunter. Meaning that Maybrick specifically enjoyed killing for fun or sport.

    But are we picking up on his actual PERSONAL energy?

    Or did we connect to the energy of SUSPICION attached to him from people all around the world suspecting he was Jack the Ripper?

    When I do these experiments, I always ask the subjects in the photos: “What are you famous for?”

    In Maybrick’s case, he could be famous for:
    A) the diary and being a main suspect in the investigation.
    B) being Jack the Ripper the real serial killer.

    How do we differentiate between the two scenarios: Being the actual serial killer or just a very well-known suspect?

    Or is it impossible to separate actual fact from wide-spread suspicion?

    Is Maybrick really Jack the Ripper?

  16. Mon

    Hi Anna
    I have a little problem: The counter says 16 comments, but I can only count 14 actual comments?????
    I’ve checked on different browsers and devices. So I’m not sure if the problem is at my end or yours. Just thought I’d let you know in case something needs tweaking. And because I asked a question about tuning into individual energy vs collective energy, and I can’t see if you responded. My apologies.
    (Did you receive my question?)
    Mon xx

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