Premonitions That Come True

This is a guest article from Debra Reeves, an Akashic Record reader and professional intuitive who helps others to tune in to their soul’s path. Debra is a graduate of both my Akashic Record Reading Program and my Intuitive Reading Program and she has extensive experience communicating with Spirit. In this article, she shares some of her experiences with premonitions. Over to you, Debra…

Sometimes we are offered glimpses of understanding that bends the time space continuum – these are moments when you can glimpse the consequences of actions and when the normal laws of our three-dimensional world no longer apply. In popular culture, this is called a premonition. Reality is stretched, bent and folded into itself so that you may be aware of a future event that has come into being and will manifest through a current action.

Losing Kip

I have a few stories to tell related to premonitions. The first breaks my heart even now, over a year later.

Kip was a beautiful, energetic, incredibly loving, and social black and white border collie. He was turned into a farm sanctuary for unwanted or mistreated animals by his owner of 4 years. We were hesitant to adopt him as we had already booked a trip to New Zealand a month later but the owner of the farm was so besotted with Kip she offered to have him back for the month we’d be away.


As soon as Kip lifted his paw to shake hands in greeting us we were all goners anyway and would have moved mountains to have him. At home, we discovered a few ‘quirks’ that had been omitted from his description – namely the ability to spring effortlessly over any fence and shoot for our car (across the road regardless of oncoming traffic) as soon as you moved a muscle. Yep. That was a problem.

We soon realised that our city pad was a death trap. We began the task of training him but the reality was until he changed his behaviour, he needed to be tied up to prevent him leaping fences and running into the paths of cars to chase us down the street.

When it was time to go on holiday and take Kip back to the farm I had an awful sinking feeling I would never see him again. It was dread in the pit of my stomach. We all said our goodbyes and I told my husband we wouldn’t see Kip again. But I had no idea why. Would the farm decide to keep him?

After we left to go on holiday, within 4 days Kip had proven too much of a handful and was chasing cars up the driveway on the farm and we were told to pick him up immediately. A friend generously agreed to make the two-hour round trip and looked after him for us. Kip died a week before we returned home. To our horror, we received a call to say that Kip had jumped the railing as he’d returned from his walk and had been killed in an accident.

We were devastated. Our friend was devastated. All our neighbours were devastated. I helped Kip cross over. It was all too sad. He had his whole life ahead of him. He was just too young and wonderful to die. We spent a long time with self-recriminations and thinking of how we could have prevented him from dying.

Why premonitions only come true some of the time…

Not all premonitions will come true. If you are given a premonition that you would rather not come to pass you have the power to change it. Some premonitions offer a glimpse of things to come and some are warnings. They mean to shake you to your core to show you that you need to change your ways or current life direction. It can be seen as a golden opportunity to recreate the future. You are given the choice to change your future if you don’t ignore the premonition and continue blindly along the same trajectory.

Free will is a wonderful thing! Take note and look at the actions that have led to this future. Put steps in place to encourage a new future that would be for your best and highest good and the highest good of all.

“Don’t Let Her Get on the Bus”

Another premonition that comes to mind is while I was in India. I was friends with a group of Israelis, one of whom was leaving on a bus at midnight. I was getting in a meditation before seeing her off when my guides started repeating her name. They became more and more insistent and I realised it wasn’t just my mind distracted but a message they wanted to impart. As soon as I listened I was told “Don’t let her get on that bus! It will crash. Although she will survive she will suffer back injuries that will trouble her for life. She must not get on that bus.”

I understood that it was not her path and that she had become embroiled in someone else’s path. I shyly shared my message with the friend (hoping she wouldn’t think me completely crazy!) and she agreed not to go that night. Later I found out her mother saw an article in an Israeli newspaper that the bus did in fact crash. She credits me for saving her from a scary and potentially life threatening accident.

Sometimes the threshold between excitement and fear, adventure and danger, life and death feels like a knife edge, where you can pay dearly if you misjudge. Our perspective can change quickly and drastically. For me, an experience that makes you confront your fragility, vulnerability and the impermanence in our lives can impact positively and create lasting change. It can be empowering.

Sometimes fear accompanies a premonition. Fear is a basic safety mechanism. It can limit your actions but it can also act as a warning to prevent us from stumbling innocently into danger or death. If the prevailing emotion you receive with a premonition is palpable fear then look at it from within. See whether you are fearful from within. Register whether you need to follow the premonition and be more cautious, to retrace your steps or change direction completely. When a premonition is accompanied by an emotion, it does not need to be subjected to interpretation. Second guessing the message with “Did I imagine this?” or “Am I really receiving a sign?” does not serve.

Tune in and gauge the level of urgency in the premonition. Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of time to consider your options. If you feel like you are walking through an invisible, energetic barrier then stop. Basically, the bigger the nudge and stronger the fear, the more urgency. Don’t question. Act. Do not hesitate. Follow the premonition. Act! If you are lucky you will have time later to contemplate the premonition and possibly even have the evidence that you made the right decision.

Have you had any similar experiences with premonitions? Please share your story in the comments section.

Debra Reeves is a Professional Intuitive with over 25 years’ experience communicating directly with Spirit. Debra is dedicated to assisting those who seek the deeper side of life and to come in direct contact with their own soul and the profound wisdom that is offered to us by Spirit.

Debra is able to access your soul’s information in the Akashic Records and then receive further clarity from your Spirit Guides.

Debra has been a Spirit Rescue Worker: assisting souls struggling to pass over. Debra is a Reiki Master, a qualified Professional Intuitive and recently completed a course in Clinical Pastoral Care. She is a volunteer for Hospice.

Debra offers Akashic Record Readings, Spirit Guide Profile Readings, mentoring and spiritual development courses. Debra also offers Earthbound Spirit clearings. You can find out more about Debra through her website.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. David

    A nicely presented collaboration between Anna and a former student and colleague.
    Debra’s anecdotes are insightful and instructive – guide posts for our individual journeys. Thank you each for your work and your willingness to share with your audience!

  2. Sandra

    Although I absolutely agree with your articles, is it true that you can at all times change what is about to happen if you act on premonitions?
    I had premonitions on a couple of occasions of being at my husband’s funeral about 6 months before he committed suicide. Not so sure anything anyone would have done would have prevented him exercising his free will and making that choice. What are your thoughts on that?

  3. Edwin

    I try to stay in the present mode as much as possible. I let the future develop through events and people, then see how I fit in. if at all. I still get pulled back into my traumatic past, and how it gave me a skewed view of the way the world is/was. My lack of any bonding with either parent left me very alone, wandering in a desert of no feelings or emotions expressed. I had to learn about all this the hard way! I do admire those of you who can go with the flow of premonitions. As yet I do not fully trust them.

  4. Ari

    Sandra, I hope my story can help shed light on what happened to you.

    In college I would get premonitions on a frequent basis. Some of them useful, others not so much. Like the time I spilled soda on my arm while driving home. In the vision it looked like blood and I thought I would have an accident turned out to be a lesson in not dumping out soda while driving 75mph down the interstate!
    The premonition which has stuck with me all these years was one I -honestly- thought I could have prevented.
    Some friends of mine wanted to take a day trip to a town an hours drive away from where we were living and visit the mall. I was the last passenger they were picking up before getting onto the interstate. When I opened the door and placed me hand on the roof of the car to get in, my vision of where I was and what I was doing went completely blank and suddenly I felt like I was no longer there.
    I visioned myself in the backseat of my friends car, we were spinning, and all I could see was the white snow all around us. I “came to”, and all my friends were staring at me. They said my face was white like I was going to pass out, my eyes were staring off into the distance and I wasn’t answering them.
    I assured them I was fine, but asked my friend who was driving to be extra careful.
    Sure enough, 40 minutes into the trip, he wasn’t paying attention while passing a car, and ended up losing control of the car, and my vision happened exactly as I saw it.
    Because I already saw and experienced it, I wasn’t in shock. I was the only one with a clear head to call 9-1-1 and get a tow truck. The highway patrol officer said if I hadn’t acted soon enough we would have died from carbon monoxide poisoning!!
    So while I KNEW we were going to end up in the snow covered ditch. I was able to “save” us. I was meant to see that and help everyone that day. I did go through a period where I kicked myself for getting into that car, but it took time, maturity, and meditation to learn the real reason I received that vision.

    I Hope this story helps others.

  5. Katharine

    For two or three days before my beloved dog was killed and eaten by wolves, I was feeling off balance, lights were extremely bright, I felt a pit in my stomach and was hypersensitive to sound. Then, when we walked over to our neighbours house that fateful night, I asked my husband to leave him at home but it was too late, he had already let him out. Normally, he’s with us off-leash whenever we leave the house by foot, as we live in a rural village. Part of me wanted to just irrationally take him back up the path to our house and lock him up but I didn’t. It’s a lifelong regret and I will always listen to my premonitions in the future.

  6. Maryse

    A number of years ago, an old high school friend of mine reconnected with me through facebook after I had not seen this person for about 40 years. We lived several thousands of miles apart and exchanged emails to enjoy sharing the events of our lives with each other. One day, unexpectedly, an impression came into my awareness that I might have difficulty in determining if this person were to die. Two days later, I learned through a posting on facebook that did manage to came into my feed that this person who exercised regularly had indeed died at the age of 57 from a massive heart attack while hiking.

  7. Debra Reeves

    Hi Sandra, first of all I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

    Yes absolutely, premonitions don’t necessarily mean you can avert the future. Look at my experience with Kip. I knew I was never going to see him again but I had no idea of the series of unfortunate events that led to his death.

    I hope the premonitions you received prior to your husband’s somehow enhanced your last 6 months with him? Did you appreciate him more and make the most of your time with him? As you say, he exercised his free will and no one – not even your spirit guides – will interfere with free will. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

    Love and Light, Debra

  8. Debra Reeves

    Hi Edwin, thank you for sharing your story with us. It sounds like you are doing the hard work to transform your childhood into a positive. It’s not an easy road! But you gain the most beautiful insights through the process. Just keep pulling back the layers and letting go of the pain, Edwin. You will get there. One day there will come a day when you will no longer feel constrained by the past. You will not be that person anymore and you will have the strength to be who you truly are: a being of Love and Light!

    We are never truly alone. We are always connected to Spirit/ Source. Tune In to your soul and see that you are more than this small life!

    Blessings to you on your journey.
    Love and Light, Debra

  9. Debra Reeves

    Hi Ari, thank you for sharing your story with us. You have a good connection with your guides, who can warn you of danger even if you can’t avert the events from taking place.

    Love and Light, Debra

  10. Debra Reeves

    Hi Katharine, thank you for sharing your story with us. Loosing anyone close is a harrowing experience. Having a strong clear premonition of warning doesn’t always make it easier. I feel for you and your beloved dog.

    Love and Light, Debra

  11. Debra Reeves

    Hi Maryse, thank you for sharing your story with us. Premonitions of a person’s passing means that you have a psychic connection to that person and they are letting you know. You might also be visited by the soul briefly before they take off into spirit. Others can energetically feel the loss their passing creates – a unique energy only their soul brought is no longer present on the Earth.

    Love and Light, Debra

  12. Jennifer

    Back in October 2013, at a family Thanksgiving dinner (in Canada), I had a premonition. It wasn’t a visual premonition, but more like a voice inside my head. When my boyfriends cousin arrived to the gathering, we greeted eachother as we usually do, then he proceeded to converse with his uncle. Let it be known at the time, my bf’s cousin was looking to move into a new appartment, and my bf and I had recently bought a house together. As soon as his cousin started a conversation qith his uncle, I became very nervous, gittery and restless as I kept hearing in my head “ask him to come live with you” repeatedly. I literally was going around in circles how nervous I was of constantly hearing “ask him to come live with you”. Being the polite person I am, I did not want to disrupt the conversation cousin was having with uncle, so I did not mention anything to anyone.
    Fast forward to January 2014, I had another premonition, this time with visuals. I had the sensation of falling and the extreme feeling of loss and grief. I said to myself in my head “why do I feel like crying? I have nothing to cry for”. Then, I saw the #25, my mother-in-law’s car parked in front of my bf and his cousins workplace (they worked at the same location). I could only assume that there would be a death (the sensation of loss/grief) related to my mother-in-law and my boyfriend. But who? I couldn’t figure out.
    Fast forward to May 2014, my bf cousin passed away of unknown circumstances, all we know is that he was found on the floor… he fell. The circumstances surrounding the fall are unclear, but he died as a result of the head trauma, brain swelling.
    At his Church service, his father gave a speech about how his son was a avid soccer fan and managed to play with the regional team for one of their games, which was his ultimate dream. Get this… the game took place in march. The date? the 25th!!! As soon as his father mentioned the date, I got chills all over my body and my whole body started tingling. Had I known about the game, I probably would have been able to “predict” the who aspect of the premonition.
    This is the only premonition of this kind that I”ve had (with visuals and vivid sensations). All the others, were merely what I call “feelings”.
    Rest assured, that as of now I will listen to what is being said to me, regardless if I seem crazy! I just need to learn HOW to listen, interpret and act upon those visions.

  13. Sandra

    Thanks Debra. No, at the time I put the premonitions down to “what a silly thing to be ‘daydreaming’ about??”

    So no, I was not in a place in my life yet where I had learned to recognise premonitions like this, but the beauty of the whole thing was that I can truly say it is the event in my life that enhanced my spiritual growth and evolution the most by far. It is really as a result thereof that I am even on sites such as Anna’s reading posts like these. 🙂 So in many ways that permonition is what started a ‘new life’ for me, even if I did not know it at the time.

  14. Debra Reeves

    Hi Jennifer, thank you for sharing your story with us. Who knows whether your invitation would have meant your boyfriend’s cousin wouldn’t have died. Maybe it would have meant he would have died in hospital rather than alone. Do you think he had a blow to the head in the soccer match? It seems curious you were given a premonition that day. I believe you already know how to listen to your premonitions. Yes sometimes it’s difficult to interpret who they refer to but so long as you follow the premonition – especially if you are given such clear instructions – you are doing all you can. As we have seen with my story of Kip and many of the other stories others have shared, premonitions often seem like preparing us for a future event (often a death) that we are powerless to prevent. Sometimes I’m given a premonition that makes no sense but I still do what I’m told, even if I’ll never know why. You know your guidance is accurate. You just need to trust it and go with it!

    Love and Light, Debra Reeves

  15. Jennifer

    Hi Debra,
    Thanks for your message. The blow to the head was not a result of the soccer match, but from the impact sustained during the fall.
    I do believe that whatever is meant to happen will happen regardless if you try to change the circumstances in order to avoid a specific event. If my BF’s cousin was meant to fall and hit his head, it would have happened whether he was living on his own or with us. The only difference would have been that we would have been found earlier, much earlier. He was on the floor for at least 12 hours before he was found, so lack of oxygen to the brain paired with the swelling made him brain dead. I do believe he would have survived, perhaps with some consequences, but he would not have been on the ground for 12 hours that’s for sure. All in all, like Sandra, THIS is what made me realize that OMG I’m not crazy. All these years, the butterflies in my gut are real. My next step is to really explore “my abilities” in more details and perhaps help people along the way. Thank you.

  16. Lisa

    Thanks for doing this post. It;s a subject not talked about much. Years ago, when a friend of mine told me she was pregnant, 3 months, I got a picture in my head immediately. It was a photo of a little boy, just old enough to stand up, in a little navy sailor suit. Red hair. And the word over and over in my head was “he is robust. ROBUST”.. not a term that is used much these days… well anyway, later in the pregnancy, she got a bit crook, and I kept telling her what I had seen, and “robust”… later, when she gave birth, the bub had jaundice… in a humidicrib.. things were not looking so good. But.. he was a boy, with red hair! And I kept saying “he is robust!! he makes it! I have already seen him!!” and sure enough, he ended up turning himself a few days earlier than other babies normally can, and now, he is a strong young teenager, and the only thing I could call him, apart from robust, is a NUGGET of pure muscle!!! Heheh.. he was always a dear little boy. The picture was to help his mum get through the tough times. I didn’t get a premonition of the sickness, I got a very clear picture, and it turns out with a very clear purpose, of the positive outcome!! Praise God!! : )


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