Results of Intuitive Experiment #5 – How Did You Do?

The lady in the picture for intuitive experiment #5 is Huguette Clark, an American copper heiress.

She was born in 1906 in Paris and died in 2011 aged 104, in New York City.

Her father, William A Clark mined copper, built railroads and was a US Senator. When he died in 1925 she was left with a 500 million dollar inheritance, along with mansions in California, Connecticut, and a Fifth Avenue Apartment.

She spoke both French and English, being brought up both in NYC and Paris.

Here she is with her father (who is the man in the centre), at the Easter Day Parade in NYC in 1922.


A lot of people remarked on pain/sadness in her life, and she does have a wistful look in her eyes in the photo I posted for you to read. Well, she lost her father when she was 19, and she lost her beloved sister when she was 13. She married an impoverished law student, William Gower, when she was 22, but the marriage only lasted two years. The photo I posted for you to read (the one at the top) was taken the year her marriage ended. The couple divorced, with her claiming that he had deserted her and he claimed that she would not consummate the marriage. She had no children and never married again. Some articles I have read claim that she first began to withdraw from society around this time.

After that she lived with her mother, until her mother died in 1963. After her mother died, it is reported that she rarely left her home, becoming even more reclusive, and the last 20 years of her life were spent in various hospitals in NYC, under a false name. She was cared for by nurses, and only saw a few close friends, and employees. She was not ill but was frail.

So, why did she become a recluse?

We can only guess, but the following explanation does seem likely:

Some wonder if she became a recluse because she was paranoid that other people were after her money. Perhaps she did not trust outsiders, only allowing a very small circle of friends and advisors into her life. She apparently called money a “menace to happiness”. She was a very private person and spoke French where possible so that any eavesdroppers would not know what she was saying.

She left most of her colossal fortune to an arts charity. The fact that she left so much money to an arts charity belies her passion for art. She owned several famous pieces of art and was proficient both as a musician and an artist. She also had a passion for collecting dolls.

A small portion of her money was left to her goddaughter, doctor, private nurse, accountant and lawyer. Nothing was left to her family.

I saw this lady’s picture in the news, and thought she looked interesting. She has been in the news because she only died last year, and her accountant and lawyer are under investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for mismanagement of her assets. A judge noted in the last day or so that their mistakes and incompetence cost Huguette Clark’s estate $90 million.

Her Character

In the articles I have read, the people who did know her remember her as kind, quiet, and generous but distrusting of outsiders.

A lot of people picked up on a masculine energy with this lady, or perhaps ambivalence over her sexuality. It is impossible to say if she just has some masculine facial features (such as a wide jaw) or if was perhaps a lesbian (although in my experience, picking up on masculine energy does not necessarily mean a woman is a lesbian.) It probably wouldn’t be right or respectful of us to delve further there, so for those who picked up on this energy, we don’t know.

Here are some of the intuitive ‘hits’ those who did this experiment had:

  • Wealthy (but that could be seen from the clothes she was wearing in the photo)
  • Sadness/pain in her personal life
  • Kind
  • Doesn’t fit in
  • Married at the time of the photo
  • Belonged to ‘high society’
  • Something broke her heart when she was in her 20’s
  • Strong, determined (I have no evidence of this, but it is what I feel when I ‘tuned in’ to her. I felt she was quietly determined.)
  • Guarded
  • Trapped (perhaps she was trapped by her huge wealth?)
  • Kept a low profile
  • Uncomfortable in group situations (possibly)
  • Interested in the arts and in music
  • Had no kids (quite a few people got this)
  • Sad about a missing family member
  • Artistic
  • Train tracks (her father built rail roads)

Lots of people had some really good ‘hits’. Well done.

I was going to make a list of the people who did really well here but reading the comments again, lots of people got two or three things right, and perhaps one thing wrong. So there were too many people to list.

How did you do?

I hope you learned something from it and had fun doing it.

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  1. Frances

    I went back and read what I posted, and some of the hits I got were right.

    For example:
    -Shy (her recluse nature)
    -She came into money, not necessarily from money (she got the inheritance from her father)

    Anyway, pretty cool! Thanks Anna!

  2. Sanja

    I guess I confused her for Rose West, wife of Fred West – both serial killers. She looks very much alike, but this picture was probably taken before she was even born… LOL.

  3. TWIG

    thank you Anna for the excellent opportunity to practice.
    May you know JOY! xKatharine

  4. Raven

    Well, I picked up on her association with the arts….fine arts, and music. And maybe I was seeing airplanes associated with her because she evidently traveled quite a bit in her life. What I find interesting is that I wrote she was voluminous, bigger than life, she fills a room with her presence type thing, and maybe she did because she was very well known. But, I find it funny that the word “huge” can be easily found in her first name. Maybe that was the “voluminous-ness” I was picking-up on about her! lol
    It’s amazing the stuff one can pick-up on about others. 🙂
    I have had “word play” like this in my dreams before…it’s a sort of symbolism I guess you would say.

  5. Raven

    This was my first time doing this, Anna. I really enjoyed it. I hope you do more. 🙂

  6. Jennifer Flint

    Hey, this was a lot of fun! I don’t think I did too badly – I picked up her wealth and philanthropy, social status, the musical interest, and her secretive nature – I guess the thing she seemed to be hiding was herself! She sounds like quite an interesting person, but I feel sad for her.

    I have synesthesia, meaning that I see letters and numbers in specific colors. I felt that her first name was yellow, which for me would be an A or an H. I thought after a while that it might be Harriet. Not too far off!

    I enjoy your psychic experiments so much that I’ve been playing them with my boyfriend for several weeks now – he comes up with someone I don’t recognize, and I try to track down who they are. I’ve managed to identify all but the very first one so far.

    I’ll be posting many of them on my own blog in future weeks, if other people want more of this sort of thing. It really is great for intuitive development. Thanks for the awesome idea! 🙂

  7. Anna

    Those who did well or who I felt had a good read on this woman: Marion, Denise, Ash, Janet Thomas, Danielle, Lisa, twig, Erica, Izzybeth, Bree. If I haven’t listed you here obviously it’s not that I didn’t notice your intuitive ‘hits’, I stopped listing people about 30 comments in.

    A question for Jennifer (who thought she did badly) – what did you really get?

    And for fellforit – did the American author who came into your mind have anything in common with Huguette Clark?

    Thanks to everyone who took part 🙂

  8. Anna

    My sources of information on Huguette Clark:

    Wikipedia (Huguette Clark) –

    Wikipedia (William A Clark) –

    British newspaper The Guardian reports on Huguette Clark’s death –

    Huguette Clark’s obituary in British newspaper The Telegraph –

    Article in the British tabloid Daily Mail about the mismanagement of Huguette Clark’s estate –

  9. Todd | Channelingmyself

    Hi Anna,

    I completely forgot to try the experiment! When I read your previous post I gave myself a mental reminder to come back and give it a shot but spaced it out. Well I hope on your next psychic experiment I will remember to actually do it.

  10. Mira

    I picked up that she was distrustful of getting close to people, which she was, and something about theft. I think the husband was correct – that she wouldn’t consummate the marriage; therefore she robbed him, a thief of hearts.

    Real cool exercise. Thanks.

  11. Ash

    Yay! I did good! I tried the first few experiments in the archives and did ok on a couple and terrible on a couple of others. I’m just really trying to learn how to tune in to this, and this time I really tried using all the tips posted with the others and I think it helped. 🙂

  12. Mattea

    This was fun! I hit the mark on “music” and only have a small group of people around her.

  13. Jaime

    I had actually recognized this women from a Yahoo article I think so I didn’t feel it would be right to do this experiment. still excited for the next one though!

  14. Jacqueline F

    Hi! I was browsing for blogs related to intuition development and came upon yours. I love the title of this blog. lol! But anyway, I just tried out this “psychic experiment.” I wouldn’t say I was correct or anything, but maybe felt I had some impressions correct. Makes me want to check out your other Psychic Experiments listed! Hope it’s ok – I’m going to link your site from my blog! Thanks!!

    • Anna

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Welcome to the blog! Yes it is all right to link to this site, you don’t need to ask!

  15. Rua

    I read what you indicated that most people picked up on but here is what I’m confused about:

    the first thing I picked up on her was wealth, or high social status but I also picked up on a lot of airplanes, traveling to mini old airport, and a pilot figure. She almost was wearing pilot gear to the point that It made me think she was a famous pilot.

    who knows.

  16. Like2hearUlaugh

    Hi Anna,

    So I immediately felt sadness….. I also felt she was a STRONG woman. I trust her and like her…. I had chills almost immediately. I also picked up on male energy or female attraction.. something… but not conclusive.

    I sensed she was outspoken, well educated, experienced huge sadness in her life, as well as repression and solitude…. where I went off the tracks I think was connecting her to Women’s rights as an activist or spokesperson of sorts… and i also had a sense of two children around her… a boy and a girl… and that waffled between no children and these two.. so i wondered about a neice and nephew… neat.

    thanks for this. I am so very amazed at what i sense when I look at these photos…

  17. gogo

    I accidentally skim read the results page first as it came up in a list… so I knew she had something to do with wealth from copper. So I focussed on her personal life. The main thing that came across was that she had been heart broken and LEFT. She had been deserted by someone she loved. She was single. She was struggling to attract a man, mainly because her heart is closed. She was misunderstood. People thought she was mean but she wasn’t, she was just so very badly heartbroken. I also got the idea that she was a widow. I think she was a daddy’s girl, so maybe she did feel a bit widowed by her father’s death (didn’t pick up on that in my reading though)… maybe I got the being left by a husband and single thing mixed up with being left due to death and came up with widow that way. I didn’t trust her, but it was more that I felt she was closed off, would be likely to withhold information from you, she was guarded… capable of lying. But not for bad reasons. She was just so hurt.

  18. Trudi

    This is the last experiment..feeling a bit tired from doing them all at once.
    This is my immediate impressions,
    -she is a very wealthy woman
    -she was born into family wealth
    -deep sadness
    -death surrounds her
    -something horrible happened to her, rape perhaps
    -I got a feeling that she went missing, was lost or couldnt be found
    -died lonely

    Thank you I have enjoyed the experiments and am a little surprised at what I was able to pick up on.

  19. Elizabeth

    This was the very first one of these tests that I did! So I didn’t get a whole lot of impressions. I didn’t have any strong feelings either way until I read your sentence “Do you trust her”,and I immediately felt very strongly, that yes, I trust her completely, but that SHE wouldn’t trust ME, and not only that, she had trouble trusting anybody at all.


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