Risks and Divine Harassment

Three times in the past year, my Higher self has asked me to take risks. Two of them were big, scary, life-changing risks. The people around me – friends, family – generally think I make stupid decisions that by lucky chance lead to good stuff happening. What really happens is that my Higher self harasses me to take certain action- I see an opportunity to do something and it seems too big and scary to pursue, but I get this intuitive voice which starts singing ‘do it, do it’. And it doesn’t stop bugging me until I go down the path my spirit wants to take. Some of the paths are scary for me, and lead to short-term discomfort. And sometimes I wish I could ignore the spirit part of me that loves going out exploring.

Starting an online business

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that in February of 2008, I quit my job teaching English in Spain and went back to the UK to start this business doing professional Akashic Record readings. At the time, I was pretty scared, because I had no money or savings, no website, a very small client base and no business or internet skills. Most people thought I would fail, and that seemed like a reasonable assessment.

My old job bored me to tears and I’d rather have been unemployed than doing a job I hated. For a few months prior to quitting, I was walking around with a volcano of dissatisfaction in me. My Higher self sang the same old tune every day for about three months ‘quit your job, go back home’. Staying there made me miserable and I had lots of health problems which got better as soon as I went back home. And luckily for me, the online business thing worked out and I woke up every day grateful that I could do work I loved.

Long-term benefit out of 10= 10

Short-term unpleasantness = 5

Investing in an expensive business workshop

The next time Spirit decided it was time to harass me again was in July 2008 when I came across a business workshop held by Bernadette Doyle.

I had been receiving Bernadette’s newsletter for some time and by chance clicked onto the sales page for her business development workshop that she was giving in the Autumn and my Higher self whispered ‘ready to do something scary again?’

The workshop cost a lot (and perhaps a reckless amount to pay when you’ve only been in business for a few months and when you don’t really have that kind of money, except when you dig into your overdraft and credit cards.)

I closed the page and thought ‘no way’. But over the next few hours it was all I could think about. My Higher self was singing that song again. I knew I had to do it.

The workshop turned out to be fantastic and propelled me forward in ways I didn’t expect. I’m still amazed by the secondary benefits of doing it. It gave me greater confidence to create the business I want and gave me much clarity about what kind of business I wanted long-term and how I’m going to get there. But it involved so much sacrifice in the short term, I ended up being quite pissed off about it.

Long-term benefit= 5-6

Short-term unpleasantness = 6

Going to Australia to meet my online boyfriend

In October 2008, I began an online relationship with a guy who lives in Australia. I was living in London. We met on a forum and got talking. And we never really stopped talking from that day onwards. We talked every day for hours. And I knew that I wanted to meet him.

So about six weeks ago, I booked a plane ticket to meet him and we spent three lovely weeks together. So lovely that I didn’t want to go back. My spirit started singing that song again. So we discussed me staying; he was all for it and I got a one-year visa to stay in Australia.

I’m not sure what the benefits of taking this action will be, but I trust that something wonderful will come of it. Already in this relationship, I have learned so much about communication and myself. I’m very excited that I get to spend more time with someone I really like.

Long-term benefit= I don’t know yet!

Short-term unpleasantness = 7? (I left my life, friends and flat behind in London.)

How do you get your intuitive nudges to take action that scares you? Do you follow them?

What song is your Spirit singing to you right now?

Does it involve any risk taking?

Do you dare?

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Anna

    Sorry to everyone who posted comments here before, I replied to your comments but all were lost as there was a glitch involving back-ups as I switched web hosting companies…a one-off event though.

  2. Erika

    Hello, well, Almost a year ago I went to a class about being too sensitive with the everyday things and people and how to deal with it in everday life. At the end of the class I had a reading with a very nice psychic lady. To my amazement she told me that I infact had psychic abilities. I was so curious and had my doubts. Since that moment I have been trying to develope this gift. I get frustrated and then somehow I end up seeing another psychic and with no anticipation I am told once again about these abilities I have and need to use again. I have been looking for some guidance everywhere for almost a year now. On the internet,buying books, alternative classes etc. The psychics tell me that I have psychic abilities. But how do I get back my gifts. I know I was pretty in tuned to it when I was younger. I had written everything off as imagination.I just can’t seem to get any straight answers. Your web sight seems to be the most helpful.I have written a few others and to my disappointment they haven’t written me back . I have a little adult ADD. So my mind wonders a lot. Therefore meditating is a little difficult. Is there a class or some kind of alternative method of developing my abilities.For instance can I get help from hypnosis? I’m 35 and I would like to find my calling. I know this is the something I have been waiting for. Please help with some advice. Please e-mail me back -Erika

  3. Malian

    Oh, if all it takes to be listening to your Higher Self is that it pays off big and is excruciating socially, then just throw my whole life in the pot. How likely is it that I have been doing this my whole life long without realizing it? And how is this connected with Astral Travel and such like?

    Thanks Anna


  4. Anna

    Hi Malian!

    Listening to your Higher self is pretty easy if you’re tuned into your feelings – otherwise known as following your heart 🙂 And can be excruciating socially – I mean when people wonder why you decided to do something, it’s not generally too well regarded to say that you did it because your Higher self thinks you should 🙂

    I don’t understand your question about astral travel btw, can you clarify.


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