25 Random Things About Me – 2009 Version

February 12th 2009: A Facebook friend tagged me in a note where he wrote 25 random facts about himself. I thought it’d be fun to share it here on my blog.

The Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. I was brought up in Cheshire, in the UK, but my parents moved to New Zealand when I was 19. My mum lives in Blenheim and my dad lives in Christchurch. I visit New Zealand once a year.

2. I plan to leave London and move to Australia this summer for a year (if they’ll have me), to be nearer to close friends and family.

3. I studied French and Spanish at Merton College, Oxford. I loved translation but hated writing essays about literature.

4. I have a passion for Hispanic culture. I adore Flamenco dancing and Spanish music. My favourite film maker is Pedro Almodovar. My favourite authors are Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Isabel Allende.

5. Over the last five years, I have been something of a nomad and have not spent more than twelve months in one place. I have lived in Dijon (France), Salamanca (Spain) Vielha (Spanish Pyrenees), Oxford, Chester, Bristol and London. I keep being told by parental figures that ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss’.

6. I am the second oldest of five children – I have four brothers and no sisters.

7. I am at my best when teaching someone or learning something. I love taking workshops, reading books and learning about new techniques. I’d spend a lot more money on learning if I could.

8. I love taking risks and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

9. I value my freedom and independence. I love working from home, having my own business and being accountable to no-one but myself.

10. I trained as a professional intuitive in summer 2007. I found my first professional teacher after I dreamed that she was giving me a reading. I remember all the details of the dream reading and was amazed when some of them came true when I had my actual reading.

11. My most embarrassing moment was when I mistook the Merton college ‘warden’ (principle), Professor Dame Jessica Rawson for a caretaker (janitor) because I didn’t understand that at Merton College, warden means principle, not janitor. I asked her to help me to knock down a toilet door to free my trapped friend who was stuck in a toilet cubicle in our college accommodation (next door to her residence), because I thought she was the janitor. When we freed him, my friend was very surprised to see that it was our principle who was helping me knock down the toilet door and that I thought she was the caretaker. The toilet door rumour became a Merton college legend and I got laughed at a lot.

12. I often have precognitive dreams which reveal my future to me.

13. I became interested in personal development after reading the blogs of Steve Pavlina and Erin Pavlina. Erin Pavlina told me in a reading about two years ago that I’d be doing psychic readings in the future.

14. Some of my friends and family think I’m crazy because I’m doing psychic work. My best friend doesn’t really believe in what I do.

15. I am deathly afraid of scorpions even though I’ve never seen a real one.

16. On the Myers-Briggs test, I got INFJ. It’s true that I am an introvert. I value my own space and can go for days and days without seeing anyone and enjoy my own company just fine. But I love having close friends. I have a naughty and very playful side which only tends to come out with those I know really well.

17. I am Aquarius, with Libra rising and Taurus moon.

18. I am only 5ft tall and have size 2 and a half feet.

19. I love warmth – beaches, saunas, hot countries. I intend to leave the UK for good and relocate to a warmer country in the next few years. Winter time makes me want to hibernate.

20. My favourite spiritual author and teacher is Byron Katie.

21. My current housemate told me that when she saw my picture on my website, she didn’t want to move in with me because she thought I seemed cold and scary! I sometimes get emails from men telling me it looks very sexy. I nearly replaced it when my website had a recent facelift but decided against it! (Edit 2/6/2011: In case you’re wondering where the picture of the ‘scary but sexy’ woman has gone, the website has since been updated!)

22. I am torn between the action and movement of the city and the beauty and tranquility of the countryside. My dream would be to live in the countryside in a place surrounded by trees, about one hour away from a major city.

23. I have been a night owl for as long as I can remember, much to the annoyance of those who live with me.

24. I am an intellectual and emotional empath. I can’t watch death or painful scenes in movies without feeling awful myself afterwards. In healing sessions, I can sometimes feel the physical aches and pains of my client in my body. My intellectual empathy is helpful for teaching because I know exactly what my student understands and what they don’t, without being told.

25. My StrengthsFinder test results showed that my strengths are: relator, individualization, responsibility, strategic and learner.

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  1. Michael

    Now I _know_ I’m old – I’m sure you’re sexy, but to me you look…cute like my daughter. sigh….

    (p.s. – if they give you a hard time tell them I’ll come and knock them upside the head (if you pay my air fare, lol…))

  2. jeffrey

    Anna…thanks for your insights….I am going to do randomness mine too…..
    You did a reading for me a few months ago and as I said in my email to you the reading was spot on ….I have also been able to develop this soul a little further down the spiritual highway thanks to the directions etc you found from the akashic records……
    my intuition tells me that I am to do the soul realignment course after May this year…..
    I hope you are going to continue your practice whilst in Australia……you can find a hot place here away from the cities…..
    never know I may run into you….jeffrey…. sydney australia

  3. Elizabeth

    Well that is very interesting. Anna I collect Aquarians so be sure to visit me when you come to Australia. I’m in the inner city area of Brisbane, Queensland. Pedro Alomdovar is my favourite director too! Isn’t he brilliant? His capacity to tell such a layered story with so many bizarre twists and turns with his excessive imagination leaves me in awe of his intelligence. What a artist.

  4. Tina

    As a five-foot-tall INFP married to an Australian, I find this whole list delightful – and these little synchronicities made me feel even more on the right track in having booked a reading. I look forward to it.

    Where in Australia will you be? It sounds like the Blue Mountains would be ideal for you, just a couple of hours by train outside of Sydney. I lived there for a spell with my husband and found it a glorious area. Katoomba, in particular, was something to experience: ancient rainforests and powerful energy that just sews your mouth shut in amazement and gets to work on you. The Aborigines used to say that people were drawn to Katoomba during times of great personal transformation – certainly was true for me. Rocky but potent.

    Wherever you land, I hope it hits the spot perfectly.

  5. Sherry

    #5…good for you! Well, I think that is awesome. #9 I feel exactly the same and my parental units try to make me feel bad for not wanting to do things in a traditional way. One of the best things I realized over the past few years is that I can be me and not have to feel guilty about it.

    Thanks for sharing…I enjoyed reading about you.


  6. Anna

    Hi Tina – I was hoping to visit the Blue Mountains and your description of Katoomba is very intriguing!

    Hi Jeffrey – you never know we may run into each other, I will be somewhere near Sydney from August/September.

    Hi Elizabeth – I’d love to visit Brisbane! Not sure how far afield I’ll be travelling, Australia is such a huge country, I really got a sense of that when I was flying across it.

    Hi Sherry – Welcome to my blog! I agree…..doing what I want and just being independent sure floats my boat 🙂

  7. Sherri Fox

    Hi Anna, I just came across your website today and have been reading almost all of your informative articles. I have throughly enjoyed all of them and have taken much info to help, heal, grow and awaken myself further. You sound like a wonderful person. Thanks for sharing the 25 things sbout yourself and also for sharing your knowledge.

    Sherri Fox

  8. Anna

    Hi Sherri, thanks for your nice comment! I’m really glad you find my articles helpful! Anna

  9. Jessica Daniel

    I ‘knew’ i felt a connection. Very similar stories we have. And I too am an Aquarius 😉 Leo rising, Capricorn moon.
    I enjoyed thoroughly reading your site. I ‘stumbled’ on it before several months ago and forgot to bookmark it. Glad it came back around =)

    Spiritual Peace and Many Blessings Anna

  10. Anna

    Hi Jessica! I love Aquariuses they are my favourite people 🙂 Also love Leos and Scorpios and Cancers!

  11. Debbie

    I’m curious to know what date is your birthday. I’m an Aquarian too and many of the things you say strike a cord with me. Is it an Aquarian thing?

  12. Gill

    Hi Anna! My course on Introduction to Guides, Angels and Fairies scheduled for this week was cancelled owing to me being the only ‘taker’. Today I appear to be guided to your Website – and how much I’ve enjoyed it so far: thank you very much for sharing. Love the idea on tagging. I live in Australia and am wondering where you are in Australia. Would love to have a reading. Can this also be done via the phone? If not, I could possibly fly over at a mutually convenient time a couple of months down the track. And now I must continue to ‘devour’ the rest of your writings. Keep it up please. Positive and kindly thoughts going your way Anna.

  13. Jagat

    A very interesting person. So many different worlds, so many different eyes to perceive it.

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