Run In The Opposite Direction If A Psychic Tells You This

From time to time, I get emails from people who have been scammed by a psychic and I am talking about it here to raise awareness so that it (hopefully) doesn’t happen to anyone who reads this.

One of the unfortunate things about the psychic industry is that there are no regulations, no objective way to know if the psychic you’re choosing is a scammer. Only the sense you have about the person, and your impressions and feelings (and of course other peoples’ recommendations.)

Psychics without integrity

There are some great psychics out there who have integrity.

There are also ones without integrity. Some of the ones without integrity have some ability.  Just because a psychic tells you something about yourself that is true, doesn’t mean they have integrity.  People can have psychic ability and be scamming ratbags.

The scam I’m talking about is when a psychic says the following:

“You’re cursed. This curse is at the root of all your problems. I will remove it for you in return for some money”

Sometimes the money is a huge amount (like $1500 or more) and sometimes it’s a smaller amount, like $50. Sometimes the proposed solution may involve candles, a lucky charm or taking a bath with something peculiar in it.

Are Curses Even Real?

Yes, curses can be real, but they’re very rare. And you can remove them yourself through intention if you are one of the few who actually has curse energy in your aura.

Scam Numero Uno

I know exactly what the scam above looks like because I was nearly scammed too. When I was younger, I saw an advert online from an astrologer who offered a free reading in return for my email address. I naively handed mine over, looking forward to my free reading.  Over the next week, I received an email telling me that a relative had cursed me and my family when I was little.  And that was the reason why so many bad things had happened to us.  (It is true, our family has definitely had their ups and downs.  And the more I thought about it, yes, bad luck too.)

I was told that I needed to buy a very expensive lucky charm to get rid of the curse. I ignored it because I didn’t believe that a lucky charm could have that power.  Then in the days that followed, I received harassing emails telling me of all the bad things that would happen to me if I didn’t take the woman’s advice and buy the lucky charm.

I didn’t buy it.  I blocked her email address.

A previous client also emailed me a while back because he was told the same thing as I was and wanted to know if I thought it could be true for him.  From what he told me, it sounded exactly like the same scam that I’d come across before.

Don’t hand over money to psychics because you’re scared of what will happen if you don’t.  Now, some might feel that is obvious, but I know that people can hand over money when they’re scared.

The second time you should take no notice (in my opinion) is when you are told that you are a ‘negative soul’ or a ‘black magician’.

I know of at least one psychic who tells people they are a negative soul/black magician.  In the last year, I’ve read for about one dozen people who have been told this. In all of the cases I dealt with, I found it to be untrue.  The effect on the people who are told they are negative souls is always, well, negative, and distressing.

You should definitely, always run in the opposite direction if the psychic offers to clear or get rid of your ‘negative soul’ status for you, in exchange for money.

Further Reading

I’ve written another, more detailed & up-to-date article on the type of scam I’ve talked about in this article – you can read it here: Curses, Witchcraft & Psychic Scams

I also wrote an article called ‘Tips for Choosing a Psychic Reader’, for more information on choosing a good psychic. You can find that here.

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  1. Jenny Mannion

    I have recently been receiving emails like you mentioned. I know I feared psychics for a while years ago because I was afraid I would be given horrific news and had heard of many who had that association. Becoming friends with people like you, Andrea and Slade showed me TRUE psychics working to help others come from love and work to empower others. You have many gifted psychics on your list and I am honored to be a part of that.

    Funnily enough I have a hard time equating that word to myself. YESTERDAY was the first day I said “wow, I must be psychic” after a mind blowing reading and my friend looked at me like “YEAH, NO duh?” 😉 LOL I consider it an honor to be able to access information and if not for you and the others on your list I certainly would not be where I am now.

    Thanks again… I hope many read this and realize there ARE amazing psychics out there who KNOW we are ALL powerful and have the means to help ourselves and who work from love and light and NOT fear.

    Lots of Love and hugs, xo

  2. Slade Roberson

    Thanks, Anna!

    So happy to find myself in the right paragraph.

    I just cannot even IMAGINE preying on people like this! I absolutely know it happens out there, and I too work with people sometimes who have been victimized in this way…

    The psychic “hits” the information that I pick up are usually just a “chunk” around which I build the bulk of a client session. For me, I’m not satisfied with a reading or session unless I leave the client with something to DO, a practical process, a plan, to work going forward.

    I don’t even feel comfortable “healing” anyone — I’m much more a motivational coach than a healer.

    My clients should leave a conversation with me feeling a new sense of perspective, armed with a set of tools and a few game plans to try… they should feel that they are being sent out to address their own problems, to re-approach and tackle with renewed energy.

    They aren’t “patients” — they are people just as blessed and talented and powerful as me. I just remind them.

    Question for you:
    I wonder if you’ve observed similar — it seems that the people most likely to run into these “bad seeds” tend to be a bit on the “psychic addict” side. A little bit “promiscuous,” prone to get a lot of different readings from a lot of different people. Do you find that to be true?

  3. Anna

    Thank you for your comments!

    Slade – In response to your question, I expect it would be the “promiscuous” clients (hee hee love using that word in this context) who run into the bad psychics. I think they’d be more likely to attract that kind of reader because of their behaviour and desire/insistence on getting answers, perhaps without looking within, for whatever reason.

    To be honest, I mostly encounter these people through email. They send me panicked emails. I don’t think I have ever read for anyone who was conned, although I’ve read for people who nearly were. Those clients smelled a rat and didn’t take it any further.

  4. Psychic Storm

    Thanks for this article, I’ve never come across such emails and would ignore it if I had, but its good that you are spreading awareness!

  5. Ray

    Interesting article, presumably there are people who are “negative” in their approach to how they deal with clients in this field. Their prime reason being to cause distress in some form or another.

    Psychics are no different to any other type of person, as in all our dealings we should use discernment rather than just taking their word for it. Perhaps it is a lesson that people have decided to learn.

    Lessons cannot be learnt in a perfect world, not at our level of understanding anyway. Darkness (absence of light) is necessary for a lesson to be understood fully, duality is a difficult path to take, though the rewards are great.

    Still, light does need to be shed on the subject, anything that causes fear as a reaction always rings alarm bells for me. It is either completely false or it is something I need to face and deal with, that’s where discernment comes in 😉


  6. steve

    Hi Anna,
    I went online to search for possible clues of scam behaviour, due to my visit to a psychic today. This was my very first visit to one, and it was out of curiosity and fun more than anything else. This reading, based on cards, was focused on soul mates. I simply wanted to see what she would say about when I might possibly meet her.

    It was a 35 minute session, and in the first 10 or so, she instilled confidence in me by reporting general facts about my past that rang true:
    I was basically a good person ( well, i mean, I don’t go around tripping people or flicking people off, so yeah why not )
    In my past, I have had people be nice to me upfront, but criticize me behind my back ( I’ve had a lot of that, that was true ).
    .. etc..

    With my faith boosted in her, she then said there is a woman that was definitely going to be in my life, but I kept sabotaging my relationships for some reason.
    .. Well, there were two women I met in my early thirties, and I felt strongly about both, but I kept on choosing my own lifestyle, guarding my own time over being involved with someone.

    And finally she asked me if I ever came across someone in my past who had dabbled in magic, because she felt that I have negative energy around me, her exact words. She thought someone did this to me.
    Then she told me my heart chakra was closed off.
    Her conclusion is that she wanted me to pay her 500 to have my chakras cleaned ( she would have to buy crystals ). and it would cost another 1000+ to look more into why I sabotage relationships, … like what pattern am I running to keep doing that.

    I’m glad you linked to Erin Pavlina’s blog posting, .. I might just forego the 1500+ dollars and buy Erin’s 10 dollar vibration-raising mp3 ( lol ).

    And I also saw a link on your site somewhere about chakra meditation, so I’ll be looking at that.
    Just thought I’d stop by and tell you.
    She was so nice, though, and nothing about her behaviour made me suspect her as a scam. She seemed so genuine. She told me that she had been doing this since her early teens.
    Thank you for your write up on this manner.

    • Anna

      Hi Steve,

      This could be someone who charges insane amounts of money for their services. If you agree with her assessments, then you would be better served to spend your money on something else – a psychic cannot fix any patterns for you. You can clear your own chakras for free.

  7. steve

    I agree with you.
    Somehow I think her large fee was a totally on-the-fly thing.
    During our conversation we were talking about careerpaths also, and I had told I was in software development that I didst like, but it makes good money, so I could have spurred her choice of high fees.
    So, there’s that.
    Anyway, thanks for your reply

  8. Brian

    I recently went to a psychic and had a similar experience. I was enquiring about my career since I had a career change and it’s taking me some time to establish myself. She told me that I had a “negative energy” in me and that I should have already been successful but the negative energy was impeding me. And then of course she said she could clear that “negative energy” for a fee of hundreds of dollars. I declined and left, but I still was left with fear. My logical mind said it was hogwash but then I found myself worrying, “what if she was right?” What If there was a negative energy in me impeding my career. I did prayer and called on spiritual masters but still have this lingering thought of, “could this be true?” What are your thoughts on this said “negative energy”?

  9. steve

    I’d say, don’t worry that there’s some kind of energy with its own mal-will, that you can’t do anything about.
    I started to think, after leaving my post here, that the psychic I saw *was* able to detect negative energy possibly – but the thing is, it’s still immoral to try to tell me that she had the best solution ( the expensive one ).
    I started to recall my habits, and I do watch violent tv shows, and too many true crime shows, like Dateline, and documentaries on netflix about Life in Prison.
    Though I read a lot of metaphysical stuff, like Neville Goddard and Seth Material, I still simply ingest too much negative crap.

    So I’m going to take her statement as an excuse to lighten up on those negative sources.

  10. Stephanie Berens

    I was going to this psychic for years just to get readings and actually this week she requested $3,700 to remove negative energy that is interfering with my love life. At first I was like omg I need to get it removed but I don’t have that type of money. But now reading this helped me open my eyes that she could be fake.

    • Anna Sayce

      Stephanie – this is absolutely a scam. $3700 is a silly amount of money for what would be a simple service, it is really was genuine (which it isn’t.)

  11. jen

    Great article. A psychic just told me I have bad luck in the area of love and then got defensive when I pushed her to recommend a solution. She is now doing ‘research’ to look into it further as she said didn’t want to give me wrong advice. This could be a legit reading or a scam I cannot quite tell.

    What do you guys think? And is there bad luck that truly sticks or isn’t it all intention and positive mindset?


  12. Donna

    A friend told me about a psychic who gives free ten minute phone readings, with the hope of finding new clients, I guess. I figured what the heck and scheduled a reading. She seemed to be fishing at first, but I didn’t give her any info. She hit on some things spot on, even an uncommon name of a friend of my son’s. Then she said my husband would see a new doctor in three months (true!) who would diagnose his problem, and he would be feeling much better. All positive stuff. The next morning, the psychic called back on her own time to tell me about a strong feeling she had about my husband. She said he needs to get a CT scan. She sees a mass. Something is there blocking a cranial nerve. I explained I had a brain tumor on my cranial nerve, maybe she meant me. She insisted no, I’m fine and this was about him. I said they did an MRI and it was clear. She said he needs more and to follow through. Needless to say, this was quite disturbing to hear. I couldn’t keep it from my husband, and I ended up telling him. He got upset. Now my mind is all over the place. They had done an MRI scan of his jaw and ear. He has severe TMJ, but nobody has scanned his skull. He is not big on psychics and is just trying to make it through each day at work in pain. He didn’t want to talk about it, so I let it go. This really brought us down and has me stressed. Should a good psychic say something like that? I don’t think she’s a fake, and she’s not asking for money. I suppose we will find out in time, but part of me wishes I never called her.

  13. Marie

    I am very glad to have found this article. Very recently, a new and promising relationship came my way. (I’ll call him “M.”) Sadly, it ended abruptly (via text, no less) and with NO logic at all, leaving me greatly confused. (Those with whom I shared what had happened were stunned by how it came down, as well.) I felt strongly that I had to seek the help of an intuitive or psychic.

    I interviewed a psychic by phone and liked what I heard, so I went to see her for help with a tarot reading. She said that while I was “born to have wonderful relationships and romance,” there is someone’s negative energy ON me — that I’m “tainted” with that person’s energy. She believed it was from my first husband, or possibly my last significant relationship, because both those men are very strong personalities, and it’s true that my first husband has a very “heavy” and depressing aura. This psychic concluded that it’s this heaviness that’s still on my persona and is causing love relationships to “walk away from me.” And “M,” whom I mentioned earlier, FELT this heaviness. He felt not my aura but that of the person from my past, and it drove him “running away.”

    This psychic then recommended that I do an aura cleansing. For free, she gave me a small chunk of soap (smells great) and some coarse sea salt. She also gave me a white candle, which I am to light before reading the bible story of the Valley of the Dry Bones. Then I am to shower using the soap and salt. If, after showering, I feel good — good, positive feelings, etc. — then I should go back to her and for $100 she’ll give me the entire 7-day regimen.

    It’s unnerving to learn that I MAY still be tainted with my ex’s energies, because I have completely moved forward from those relationships. IF there is any truth to this, would the aura cleansing with the ritual shower help??? Wouldn’t prayer be more effective? Could any of this even be true?

  14. hurt feelings

    I just saw a psychic who told me I had dark chakra, and because of my negativity I will never have a good and lasting relationship with anyone, be it friends, relatives, or lovers. She told me she could could fix it by a chakra detox with crystal’s and whatnot, and it was nearly $200. It hurt my feelings that she basically told me no one will love me as long as my chakra is this way. What a mean thing to say to someone. I felt she was trying to prey on my insecurities of being single and get money out of it.

  15. Samantha

    Thank you!
    I saw someone a couple of days ago – out of curiosity – and things started off well until I was told in order to do a deeper reading and determine where all my negative/low aura was coming from, she needed to purchase materials. She stated that she does not charge for her gift, but rather the materials that help her readings. These readings take 24-hours and are $295. I paid it…although at the time I had my doubts. Some things seemed spot on, others not so much, and I tried not to divulge too much. I have seen her three times in four days and have been informed that my parents relationship was cursed and that in turn I ended up being cursed in utero and that is why things are not going so well with my marriage or previous relationships. It’s hard not to buy into this.
    I was told that in order to remove this curse, additional materials need to be purchased and I would be told the amount (likely to be significant) in two days, once the store owner can get all the materials in that are required.
    Again, these things are hard not to buy into…especially when you are trying to find direction in your life and, especially, a failing marriage.
    After everything I have read, and finally listening to my gut, I believe this is a scam and will not be going back.
    Thank you for sharing the article, it has helped me make this final decision. At the end of the day, I don’t need someone to wipe out a curse, I need to re-energise myself and focus internally on what I want.

  16. Hailey

    I had recently had a a psychic tell me after I canceled my service with her said that was a bad omen and was very rude and ended the phone call on me.

  17. Mary

    I just did a 7 day meditation with a psychic that seems sincere but something is telling me otherwise. She charged me $375 bc she said my chakras were blocked and that I needed to invest in myself. I know that I do have some weird things going on with me and have had so many issues as a kid so I took her up on it. I am not sure if it is working considering she meditated with me but she meditated from wherever she is, it’s not like I can see her. We just arrange a time to mutually meditate and I meditate with the stones….who knows if she actually does.

    Today she said I was so blocked…my root chakra was blocked, my heart chakra was split in half, I am completely and utterly blocked but she can burn a candle for each one of my chakras and give me a crystal for each one and a few other things, 7 sessions and $275 per each session.

    I said that is not feasible for me and now she is trying to negotiate with me bc “I really need to do this before the beginning of the year.” She also told me I have to try to continue bc I cant just be left open spiritually like that. It is hard bc part of me is interested in it but part of me also feels like the pricing is absurd and that she is just making it seem like I am so desperately a mess that I cannot be successful without doing this.

    I am nervous. What should I do?

    • Anna Sayce

      Hi Mary,

      If you could benefit from some healing (like she says) there are so many ways to go about that – most of them cheaper. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that this psychic is your only option for healing and that you absolutely must do it right now – there is a whole world of (ethical) practitioners out there, and you can pursue those options at a pace that makes you comfortable. Lots of ways to align/unblock your chakras. Anna

  18. Sara

    So glad I found this site! I am so distraught over what has happened to me. I went in for a career/success and love/relationship tarot reading. The cost was $50 and lasted an hour. That was fair, then she proceeds to tell me that I do have “negative energy” and blocked chakras and she could remove these for $200 with candles and a large amethyst crystal, so I had my doubts but went ahead and gave her the money. I left feeling okay about it. I was told to contact her the next day to check in. I did and she said everything seemed to be going okay. The next day the psychic contacted me and said she needed to speak with me about some things she picked up during the meditation. I met with her and she starts telling me that there are people in my past who “hate” me and that they are simply animals placing all this negative energy around me and my significant other and for $500 she can burn candles and remove for me. She also saw some issues with my spouse and that he was in a deep depression and our love life was suffering and I need the chakra balancing amongst other predictions, which she was on target with. I paid the $500, two days later she reports she has to meet with me again to let me know what she found out. She tells me that my unborn child is going to have something wrong with her heart after her birth because of these negative people in my life that do not want me to be happy. She needs to give me a pink crystal for the baby and a candle for the baby and then another protection candle for my spouse and I for $600. I paid. A couple of days later she said that all energy was gone and that our work was almost complete just meet with her so she can do a prayer and meditation for me. While we met she said she sees my spouse leaving me two months after the baby is born because of a mid life crisis and him not feeling good enough and for $300 more she can fix this. I declined and told her that I cannot pay her anymore money. She ten told me not to come crying to her 6 months later when he leaves and that she is sorry to tell me that this is going to happen and the fact that I never completed the work that she is upset at my behavior. I am a therapist too! I told her if my spouse has insecurities he needs to work on those himself. She then tells me that I am not looking at this from a spiritual standpoint just a clinical perspective and that I am not spiritual enough to see these things. The sad part is I find myself doubting that I did the right thing by walking away because a lot of what she read and sensed was true and she seemed willing to help me. I also feel like a complete fool but a huge sense of relief that I have cut her off because the constant checking in with her was wearing me out.

  19. Jack

    Hi, I think I just got scammed. It all started with a phone reading where she told me my chakra was off balance and that for $199 she could fix it. After two days she said she needed to put a shield on me because somebody was doing bad things to me. at this point I only followed along because I had some issues with my health that thought this would fix it. Following three more days of nightly meditation with her she asked for $700 and said that that was the final amount I would have to pay. I payed her through PayPal and signed an agreement that the service was confidential.

    She then told me that all my problems are because I was cursed in my first life and that she would need to project back there and eliminate the curse. We follow more days of meditation and then she asked me to sleep over 5 grand in a notebook with 7 wishes that she needed this to grab energy. I did that for 4 nights continuing the meditation she then said that she needed me to mail her this notebook so she could create a portal to banish the negativity from this life. And that this negativity was so strong that it was almost an entity of its own. She promised she would return this in 4 days top. Fast forward to 4 days she said she was still having trouble that her grandmother and elders were participating in the meditation but that all have become ill. that she needed more time. She said that now I needed to create a clock with almost 20 grand and just leave it in my house. I got anxious and demanded my money back she said she could not stop the job halfway and that she would talk to her guide spirits and come up with a solution. She then said she loaned some materials and that she was going to finish this. She called me yesterday to tell me that the negativity is gone but that the portal sucked all the items she was working on including my money and her family heirlooms. She was devastated for the loss and could not pay me back. I demanded my money back and threatened her with legal action. She said I have to be grateful, that she lost more than me and that she still wanted to continue meditating with me to bring positive energy into my life. I told her I needed time to myself. I do not know what else to do. I have lost approx 6 grand. She insists that she cannot pay me back because she has to pay for the items she loaned and lost. Is all my hope of getting my money back gone? Was I scammed? Thank you for reading this.

  20. Anna Sayce

    Hi Jack,

    I’m so sorry to tell you, but yes, you have been scammed. What a load of nonsense about losing your money in a portal way.

    I do hope you can get your money back? If you sent it via PayPal, you can dispute the payment, if by credit card, you might be able to do a chargeback. If you transferred the money by bank or paid in cash, it could be more difficult.


  21. Anna Sayce

    Jack – check out this PayPal link:

    I’m not sure how you paid $6000 but I see you paid $700 via PayPal, and I would recommend filing a dispute via PayPal for this amount if you can. As a psychic I can tell you, there is nothing genuine about this woman’s story – she has well and truly taken advantage of you.

  22. Jack

    Thank you, for clearing things up for me. A silly part of me still thought part of this was real. Honestly I think at this point I am better moving on, every time I talk to her I feel drained and anxious. I even talked to her “superior” but they both continue on the nonsense that they too lost everything to the portal and they are a small church that have to pay back stuff they took out on a loan for my case. I told her I would call her back in a week to see if she has the money she said she couldn’t promise anything. The thing is the $5000 was paid in cash via mail because I was sleeping over that money and then she suddenly needed it. I feel stupid and ashamed of the whole situation and just want to put this whole thing behind me, and I am certain that someway, somehow the universe will repay me.

  23. Tricia

    I was scammed for more than 100k plus she took out loans in my name to furnish her house. It was the black soul scam. I have dealt with this for 5 years. It started with a reading in Northern California at her simple psychic/ house shop. She told me that I had many negative entities attached to me. Now, with my very own eyes I have seen horrific spiritual things that would make the average person run for the looney bin. However, the removal of these negative entities does not cost the outrageous amounts that I’ve paid. I have a daughter. My mother died when I was young. My older sister and I are not close. I was going through a divorce and I was particularly vulnerable to a codependent scammer. The guy that I was dating when I met this psychic was abusive on every level. This woman was my best friend. In reflecting it hurts so bad that she’d take advantage of me and my family.
    She used Archangel Michael to extort so much money. This is why I didn’t question it. I love Archangel Michael; the somber feeling that I had when I blocked her number but the beloved Archangel is still by side was intense. I was overcome with love. She could not take Him away.


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