Who Are Your Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels?

Recently I received a question from a reader who wrote:

Hi Anna,

“Is it true that everyone always has Spirit Guides? I recently had a reading with someone who channelled my deceased friend but could not find any guides or angels.”

~ Jenny

Hi Jenny,

Yes, in my experience everyone has guides and angels around them.

When an intuitive tunes into you, they may pick up on any one of a variety of different beings around you, including:

Note that some intuitives are naturally going to pick up on a certain type of being more than the others. For example, some are natural born mediums while others are very attuned to the angelic realm.

Here’s a summary of some of these types of being:

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are helpful beings that hold a spiritual, expanded perspective of our lives. Even before we incarnate, we will choose the right guides to help us on our path for this lifetime.

Our Spirit Guides know our soul’s characteristics, path, and life challenges. They know what we are here to learn in this lifetime, and their job is to help us to stay on track with paths which align with our soul and life lessons. Accordingly, they give us advice, comfort, and protection in the form of warnings.

They help us to stay on track by communicating with us intuitively, through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. You may feel tingling on your body when you’re impulsed by your guides, or you might just receive information that pops into your brain seemingly from nowhere.

Most people have between four and seven guides around them. If the person is very young, there may only be one or two present, and the others will show up at later points in the person’s life. By maturity, a person usually has all their guides in place.

Sometimes, if a person has a large number of guides, such as six or more, one of the guides may be a temporary guide — one that comes in for a specific purpose, and then leaves again later on. For example, if you need to do a lot of public speaking in your new job, and you’re finding it challenging, you may have a guide who specializes in communication and confidence show up, helping you through that issue. If you’re struggling with something at the moment, you can even request that Spirit send you extra help. This may come in the form of a temporary guide or it could come in another form.

Spirit Guides tend to function as a team, but each one also has an individual role to fulfill. Much like the people around us in the physical, Spirit Guides bring us beneficial energies, even if we’re not entirely conscious of what those energies are. So, for example, if you have a life lesson of moderation (like me), it is likely one of your guides will be helping you with balance. If you’re a very serious person, you will probably have a guide with playful and lighthearted energy.  Some guides specialize in relationships and others are more at home with practical day-to-day matters, for instance.

Spirit Guides may have defined genders and usually they have names, too. They come across as male, female or balanced in their energies (androgynous).

They also show up with defined appearances that a clairvoyant can pick up on. Obviously, Spirit Guides do not have a physical aspect but they take an appearance which we resonate with, and which also makes a statement about who they are.

Spirit Guides can also be in the form of animals — I usually find that most clients have at least one animal energy around them.

Spirit Guides are fairly high vibrational, so folks who resonate with these energies (those who have a lot of energy running through the upper chakras) will find it easier to connect with the guides.

Guardian Angels

Everyone has at least two Guardian Angels around them, and some people have more than two.

The role of angels is to protect us physically, emotionally and spiritually. They also comfort and influence us with their loving energies.

They mostly protect us by putting thoughts into our minds. For example, if there’s going to be an accident at an intersection you’re approaching, but it’s not your role to be involved in that accident, your Guardian Angel will give you a really strong urge to stop off for food or gas, so that you avoid it. Or if you’re thinking of getting involved with someone who would not be good for you, your Guardian Angel will influence you to stay away from that person.

In really dire situations, Angels can also manifest in physical form to give assistance (although this is less common, I have heard some amazing stories about such cases.)

Angels do not tend to have names or genders (they are gender neutral) in the same way as Spirit Guides, and they often appear to be hovering in the background, more concerned with their role as spiritual protector than they are with being channeled.

Angels are of an even higher vibration than the guides, and some people are naturally good at picking up a signal on the ‘angel channel’. You can become more attuned to the angels by calling on them often.

Deceased Loved Ones

The next category of being that psychics commonly pick up on is the deceased.

If you should lose a beloved friend or family member, then know that this person is likely to spend time around you even after their death and can be picked up on in much the same way as an intuitive picks up on a Spirit Guide.

Deceased loved ones don’t guide us in exactly the same way as our guides do, but they become our non-physical ‘champions’ from the other side — looking out for us and providing insights and help along the way.

Whether or not an intuitive picks up on a deceased loved one depends on how easy it is for the deceased person to communicate, and it also depends on the skill of the medium.

Connecting with the dead is like building a bridge — both sides need to be able to build their end of the bridge and meet in the middle.

Deceased loved ones resonate at a lower vibration than the angels and guides — it’s almost as if they are closer to the human aspect than the other non-physical beings I’ve talked about in this article. Some people are naturally good at picking up on spirit at this level — and those people tend to be the ones who are rather in tune with their emotional side.

I recently had a reading with an intuitive who only picked up on my deceased cat and my maternal great-grandmother, Ida Sayce, whose surname I adopted when I decided to change my name.  This psychic was very attuned with those who have passed. As for me, I’m naturally more in attunement with the angels and guides and communicating with the dead is not something that comes most naturally to me, although I can do it if I need to.

For someone with a natural attunement like that to one type of being, they sometimes need to consciously learn how to tune into the other types.

Want to Learn More?

For those who are interested in learning to tune into a person’s Spirit Guides, angels, ancestors, and other types of beings, you can learn how to do this in my Intuitive Reading Program.

This course teaches you how to tune in and create a portrait of all the different beings around your client — this is a beautiful reading which reminds people that they are not alone on their path through life.

The program also teaches you to channel these beings for other life questions, along with instruction on doing career, relationship and decision readings for clients.

Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna Sayce! My purpose here on this website is to provide practical techniques and information to help empaths to understand, and fix the root of their energetic overwhelm & also to help sensitives to embrace and develop their intuitive gifts. I believe that developing our spiritual & intuitive side is very powerful and allows us to improve our own lives, and if we wish, even make the world a better place for others. Discover more >


  1. Snowy(Kat)

    This was very fun to read and it bought conflet to me when I thought of the many sprits living around me. O w O But it does seem strange though.. And sorta lonely to the other half…

    I remember I talked with someone before. I think I had a temporarily… I’m not sure what he was exactly when it happen. But he was with me when I was younger. And what he spoke of how he met me and watch me was sorta ture.. I guess you can say he was a temporarily replacement… He was only to be my replacement since someone who was watching me.. Was somehow killed. When I heard of that I felt bad and wasn’t sure if that could happen to sprits or angels.. In general… It wasn’t like I didn’t know what he meant.. Because I did felt he was there and the other person. But finding out someone died.. Even if it wasn’t human was a painful thought. I really wanted to know what happen. And weather if they could die protecting you.

    I remember when I was very little a lot of sacery stuff happen… But nothing that should’ve harm her(or he?) In a way.. When I did ask.. I didn’t ask much. Since it felt very strange and hurtful. But the case I was told about it was rare… But what I really wanted to know was she(he?) even alright…

    Thank you for this blog and I hope you are doing will. ^ ^)/

  2. Avis Williams

    Hi Anne

    I can feel and sense my spirit team around me. I have received messages, mostly visual, like images and symbols from each member of my spirit team. Most of the time it is obvious, I can tell who is communicating with me, but sometimes its harder for me to distinguish between my ascended master and other higher level guides.

    Sometimes when I am meditating, I get physical sensations my left eye lid starts twitching rapidly and I know its my ascended master/or an higher level guide trying to communicate. When this last happened I saw an mosaic image of an animal in my minds eye.

    How can you tell if its your ascended master or other higher level guides sending messages?

    Does each higher level guide have a specific way of communicating messages?

    Kind regards


  3. Edwin Robets

    The current letter was very good for me. I finally realized that my pet Goldendoodle is in my life to tell me that I truly am loveable! He snuggles me constantly, and gazes intently up to me with such a huge amount of adoration. It brings tears to my eyes. This is so powerful to me because I had a many unloving relationships in my past. As I see it,in order to access our guides, we need to develop a VERY high level of awarness, of just every person, place or thing. Is there a way to increase this? I do try to meditate via my breath, but need a lot of practice. Thanks for yout time and incredible insight!! Ed

  4. Christopher Mathew

    Is the Spirit realm a collective term used to describe Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory, or is it something else?


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