What Does Tingling Around My Third Eye Chakra Mean?

Updated 19th July 2022.

(Note: if you would rather listen to the answer to this question rather than read, scroll down to the bottom of this article for a video version of it.)

I received this question recently from a student, who asked why she feels tingling around her crown chakra and third eye chakra when she talks to her Spirit Guides, watches anything about mediumship, or meditates.

(Note – the third eye chakra is located in the area between your eyebrows, but it also encompasses the area around your eyes, forehead, and temples.)

Feeling a tingling sensation between your eyebrows, on your temples or forehead can mean one of two things:

  • It signals that your third eye is opening in that moment and being used. The third eye is the centre of our intuition and imagination. So activities such as meditation, visualisation, and intuitive development open up and ‘exercise’ your third eye chakra. If you are sensitive, you might feel the third eye chakra waking up – this happens especially when you are new to intuitive development, meditation or visualisation. You’re using your third eye chakra in a new way, and you are sensitive enough to feel the energy opening up.
  • If you feel tingling in an ongoing way when you communicate with your Spirit Guides, or do any activity which utilises the third eye chakra energy, then the tingling may be your spirit guides’ way of impulsing you. A way for them to say “hello, we are here” – it is a manifestation of your clairsentience.

Personally, I often experience a tingling sensation between my eyebrows when I open up to channel, and I really quite enjoy it.

What To Do When Your Third Eye Is Tingling

Nothing! Just be aware that your third eye is opening. If you’re working on your psychic development, congratulations! Whatever you’re doing is working. Enjoy it for the clairsentient signal that it is.

If the tingling is bothering you, ask your Spirit Guides to tone down the signals that you’re getting from them.

Note that if the tingling is ongoing and you can’t make it stop, this isn’t a spiritual phenomenon you’re experiencing, it’s a physiological one. Sometimes tingling on the face can be a side effect of medications or herbal remedies. It can also happen in menopause due to low hormone levels. Remember that Spirit does not harass us, so if it is a nudge from your guides, the tingling should be intermittent, not ongoing. If it’s ongoing you’re looking at a different issue altogether.

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  1. Katelyn

    I haven’t experienced this. I am fairly new just been studying spirituality and opening myself up to my guides for a few months. I’m still learning how to communicate with them through meditation. I’m really interested in knowing how I can communicate better with my guides and angels. thank you

  2. Tanya

    This happens when I am in meditation if I focus on my third eye area. I feel as if I am/can actually “lift” up off of where ever I am. I feel as if I am trying to suspend myself in air. Kinda freaky sometimes really. The other day for the first time the feeling was SO intense, the vibrating, heat, etc. I still am not sure what exactly to “do” with it yet. I kept thinking “am I about to ‘see’ something”…oh well,

  3. April

    I’ve been researching for at least 6 months trying to figure out how to “translate” the tingling in my head and legs. It began to happen noticeably when I bought the stone Moldavite and it has continued ever since. Once I realized that it was clairsentience I felt a few things that I realized I’ve felt before but just figured were nerve-ending issues in my scalp. I asked a psychic for help via reading to try to get a few tingles translated (right leg vs left….back of head vs front…etc) but she couldn’t help me. I’d LOVE to know what these “mean” to me. Besides the occasional empathy, this is the only psychic ability that I am aware of (no clairaudience or clairvoyance).

  4. eric

    I have had the 3rd eye tingling sensation off and on as long as i can remember. it pretty much happens whenever but causes problems because it opens up me up to feeling everyones emotions. if i meditate the tingling feeling spreads throughout my head. depending on how deep i go i can get into different color rooms. each room had a completely different feel to it. there were 2 different white rooms, one was just white. the other was more like white light. the white light room was so awesome. it was so relaxing and full of information. information is the best word i can come up with. things you didnt know pops in your head. i know exactly how nutty that sounds. i dont care because that was what i experience 2 times. ididnt ask for the abilities i have and a lot of the time they cause more trouble than help. i’ve even trieda couple healers and both said i wass scary strong. i dont know about scary. i aspire to help, not harm but i am not doing either

  5. Nyssa

    Over the past year, I have literally felt a finger touching my third eye area for up to an hour while i was trying to sleep or watching tv etc. I also have a hand on my head on occasion. Now, I think I know what it is. At least I hope so :/ It’s not tingling but it’s something.

  6. Dede

    So funny; I get a tingling/tickling sensation beside my ear. Friends know that I’m plugged in when I start rubbing that spot.

  7. tatiana

    I’ve been relying on my body’s tingles as a form of guidance for several years now. My tingles have never let me down when it comes to knowing what movies to go see! haha.

    (I rely on my intuition to guide me to what art will resonate with me the most. Art meaning: cinema and books.)

    Today – since I work at a movie theater – I saw the end part to Wolverine since there’s a tiny bit where you can get to learn about the next X-Men movie. I got tingles all around my tingles and forehead. Which I thought was weird because I normally get tingles in my body: the spine, upper shoulders.

    So this post is pretty timely!! 😀

  8. Veronica

    Thats interesting when i was a kid my boy cousin told me about this 3rd eye and to prove it he put his finger in above and in the middle of my eyes very close but yet not touching it. It felt weird! Lol like warm and a bit pressure and tingly. I had a very vivid dream the other day and when i woke up i felt some pressure in the middle of my forehead above my eye. I had to imagine my third eye closing so it can rest but now i am having trouble opening it again :/ I guess when its ready it will come back.

  9. EllyEve

    The how-to meditation manual that I started out with, warned me about pressure in the third eye area.

    I got tingles and tickles right away, not pressure, so it appears that it was… for lack of better term… supple, perhaps even active but just not in the way of clairsentience until I did the meditation.

    Since then, I’ve felt it and other chakras, and, frankly I don’t see a strict connection with my psychic functioning. I can sense some things without my third eye tingling. Although, I recognize that the tingle itself is a psychic experience.

    It’s like…

    3rd Eye tingles : psychism :: that crackling sound in your ears at the moment you swallow : nutrition and digestion

    Although, since I’ve ruled out everything else physical that could be causing it, this can also be a sort of “gateway” bit of personal proof. Congratulations to your student for getting this far!

    I think I’m very lucky, too, because I’ve read of some people who feel pressure (in their chakras, tan t’iens, whatever they call it or don’t know what to call it) to the point of pain and discomfort, and I have no idea how to help them and can only feel sorry that their path towards psychism had to be so rough.

    Same with “aura tickles” or shivers… It’s like a burp in the spirit. But some people unlock it with extreme disturbance and discomfort.

  10. Aaron Slater Wells

    When I get a tingling in my feet and hands I know that my psychic abilities are then easy to turn on. It’s like my bodies way of saying that my mental energies are all fueled up :).

  11. Anna

    Hi April,

    I have no idea what it means to get tingles on your legs. I guess it can vary from person to person, it could be one way in which your spirit guides impulse you.

  12. Fab

    I’ve had this while meditating, really cool and comfortably strange…..it also happens when I’m just sitting watching TV or talking to someone so I don’t get that part since I’m not meditating. I always wonder if I’m going to receive a message but then it seems like nothing is happening other then the sensation, so that’s been my experience.

  13. Megan

    Yes!! I have felt as though my forehead has been a reconstruction site over the last 2 years, sometimes with great intensity. I have also felt other other areas of my head expanding but these sensations come and go, seemingly randomly, not just during meditation etc.
    It seems to have eased in the last few months however I’ve also noticed how much stronger this energy centre now seems to be as a result of this. Thank you for sharing. I’ve sometimes felt crazy trying to explain this to people…even those in ‘this space’. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one 🙂

  14. Bringing Hope

    As a natural clairvoyant, I can confirm what you wrote in the first bullet point.

    Furthermore if you try to use your clairvoyance beyond what you’re used to (e.g. by visualising more spirits at the same time than you can possibly handle at your current level) you can feel the same tingle in the area between your eyebrows. If you overdo, the tingle may become a pressure which eventually may also turn into a headache.

    It’s just a matter of training. Visualising something like 20 spirits at the same time is not such a good idea if you are a beginner, just like trying to lift 100 kilos on your first day at the gym.

  15. Luiza

    Never felt tingles. Sometimes I feel the area between the eyes. How can I explain it? You know how you don’t feel your stomach unless it hurts? Kinda like that minus the pain.

    What I find really weird and could not work out a reason is something I’ve been experiencing on my upper back. It’s something like a spasm/shiver. It started a couple of years ago and at times it gets more frequent. Sometimes I feel like I really need it to happen, as if it would unburden me somehow and sometimes it’s simply unpleasant. So… no idea.

  16. Rosemary

    I have never felt the tingles in the third eye. I do have an opening feeling on my crown and third eye when I concentrate on it. Maybe that is my imagination. But I have tingles on my legs when I meditate and call on my spirit guides. I also have very loud tinitis….especially when I awake in the morning. A medium told me I was “downloading” info from my guides when the tinitis was it’s loudest. I have tried to read the tinitis…..one ear being louder or higher pitched than the other meant one thing….etc. I guess our bodies respond differently.

  17. Emma

    My naturopath regularly checks my chakras using a pendulum and my 3rd eye always shows up as being in full operation (not surprisingly as I’m a creative professional, an avid daydreamer, and a tarot enthusiast) although I never notice any tingling in this area. Where I notice tingling and tickling is at the crown chakra, especially when I am reading about psychic ability, meditating or reading the tarot. When I am up very late at night working (or messing around) at my computer, I often get a tickling sensation around the back of my neck and have begun to take that as my angels and/or guides reminding me that it’s time I went to bed!

  18. Alexandra

    I have also experienced this but most often get a tingling feeling around my mouth. Haven’t had this for some time now as have not been working on anything for a while.

  19. Deniquo

    Hi Anna,
    I’ve been a secret fan all along. But this topic’s way too intriguing to stay silent 🙂 Well for me the most moving sensation is that when I am deeply sad, especially when I2m crying and feel absolutely desperate my third eye seriously hurts. I have to press my fingers and push the skin around to try and dissolve the pain but it doesn’t go away until I feel better. I wonder why that is and what it means. Also I really hate it as it aches so much? Is there a way to make it go away -apart from stopping crying obviously-. I am not a sad-all-the-time, cry-my-eyes-out kind of girl. I usually am quite upbeat but these things happen you know. Loved ones die and bad days come along… I would be so happy to receive an answer, cuz you know, it’s been bothering me all my life.

  20. Cindy

    Hi Anna,
    A couple of months ago I had what I would call a “vision”. I had just finished a long meditation and was in that half awake/half asleep state when I felt an instant, almost painful pressure deep in my head (where the pineal gland is) and a simple image popped up in my head of an outline of an angel with an orangish glow. As soon as I figured out what it was, the image and the pressure left as quickly as it came. I’ve been in that awake/sleep state many times since the vision but I haven’t received any more. Was it really an angel I saw and how can I receive more visions?

    Thanks in advance,

  21. Wayne

    The Third Eye Feeling, I still don’t know what it means, one of my best feelings was my third eye opening and one above & two below opening at the same time, behind my eyes & nose. I have had the feeling of fingers pushing into my third eye it felt like i was being cleaned out. For a few weeks my third eye, my hands & my feet burned no pain just hot, ANNA do you know what this is. I have had Reiki, first level my teacher said I got extra symbols when I went to get my masters she said I already had masters level. What Tha. The only thing I know is I am Normal how we should be but what do i do with it & when am i going to find out what I AM meant to do with it. Thank You. Love & Light.

  22. Marion Akkerman

    I don’t get tingling. What I get when I speak to my guides/higher self is a pulsing feeling around my crown chakra. When they speak their voice is quieter than my own inner voice and this pulse happens along with the beginning of each new thought or comment. I also love their use of very formal language – they never use contractions or slang.

  23. Kylie

    I don’t get tingling, per say, but a pressure in the same area. Not necessarily pain, but discomfort.

  24. Charlotte

    I sometimes feel tingling and/or fullness on the left side of the back of my head as well as my upper lip and feel that someone is thinking about me and some times receive a call. Could this be the case? The base of my skull itches like mad after yoga. What’s going on?

  25. PDB

    I have just started doing excersizes to open my third eye, but it seems to be almost effortless for me. i am totally new to this but my whole life I have had extremely vivid dreams and was always able see shapes, colors, etc with my eyes closed. It was a like my own personal light show. I always thought that this happened for everyone, because I never had any kind of intuitive powers ( sorry dont know what to call it.)
    But after researching third eye practices I started to try it. And like I said it felt effortless. I tried to doubt myself but that just seemed to actually lead to not just believe but to just know what was happening. It got real matter of fact, real quick. My third eye area was pulsating and throbbing like it was someone knocking at a door that was on my forehead.

    Can anyone please give me any advice on what to do and what not to do??


  26. Vivienne

    Hello. I was receiving a healing massage and was told my 3rd eye was very congested or blocked. He massaged this point on my scalp, at the back of my head above my neck. It was quite tender and sore. He told me it was the pressure point for my 3rd eye. 1 week later, 2 nights ago, I noticed that I had hair missing from that exact point, about the size of a 20 cent coin. The Doctor feels there is nothing wrong with the skin there, and I haven’t been under any major stress, so I’m wondering if its got to do with the pressure point being released. Have you ever heard of anything like this before and what it means?

  27. Subhajit Dey

    Whenever I meditate, I feel a kind of a pressure/pain/tingling sensation in my third eye area. I enjoy that pain though.It feels awesome and I become happy whenever it happens.I have started remembering almost all my dreams.I love this new experience.Its a gift.I get images when I meditate mostly images of Natural beauty.Awesome

  28. Natasha

    I get this too when I speak to my guides and family that are in spirit and angels. I get the feeling also of someone softly stroking my back or touching my back also I get this weird feeling if I talk to spirit it’s like my body is swaying from side to side and feels like something is wiggling in to me from the top of my head can anyone tell me what this is or has anyone felt the same thank you.

  29. ♡

    I’m not exactly sure why i’m writing this…But i felt this “pressure” on my “third eye” when i first attempted meditating. I had been looking into some things on the web and stumbled upon a little text that talked about relaxing and if you feel a pressure in between your eyebrows that’s your third eye,or something like that. Anyways,i relaxed,though i couldn’t get my mind completely clear because i really never can,and i suddenly felt this and at first i was a bit creeped out. I then ventured deeper into it and felt the pressure along with my legs being coaxed to move strongly and under my lids i could see a black dot where i was concentrating,which was in the direction of the eye. I wondered if it was something everybody experienced but after testing it on my brother and dad,i realized it wasn’t. I know this is a pretty boring story but i was reading and everyone says they feel this after training and meditating for a while and at the time i didn’t even know if it was real meditating,so does anybody know if this means something? Also,i’m not sure if this matters,but once in church i was vaguely thinking about it when i closed my eyes and felt it very strongly,perhaps the most strong i ever have. The pressure for me was like someone’s finger pressing on that spot,but from the inside,if that makes sense.

  30. Tanja

    Hello everybody,

    I just wanted to give my suggestion. If anyone of you experiences day on going body vibrations such as tingling, crawling of insects, insect bites, shaking or just a feeling of electric zapping inside your body you probably had a Kundalini Awakening. you can read more about it in my blog, I myself had a Kundalini Awakening August 2014 and since then the sensations psychic phenomenons got stronger each day and each cycle. Don’t be afraid, it’s an evolutionary process a divine energy which gets activated when the person is truly ready for it. As the energy is conscious it’s a good idea to surrender, as it knows you better than you know yourself.

  31. Tawna

    I randomly get the feeling of water running down my forehead. Is this similar to what you are talking about? I am very new to this and have been researching due to recent experiences. I have had sensitivity all of my life but never known what to make of it. Many times I thought I was going crazy.

  32. Niki Freeman

    I have for yrs had been aware that if something is going to happen but never know what. When watching tv or listening tomusic I feel like I know what they are about to say seconds before they do. More lately I will feel like I should have said this or I should talk about this most times with my husband then seconds later he will come in and talk to me ABOUT the conversation I just had WITH myself. I find it weird. I get this horrible feeling in my gut that something isn’t right and I had felt this way when I caught my husband using those cheating sites and the emails were horrible. Every time I have this certain feeling it’s about something my husband is or has DONE. Right NOWit’s happening again but I dint know what? I’m NOT sure if he is doing or going to do something or if it is that he has lied to me and did actually do something else with another women. This feeling isn’t going away and I don’t know what to do. What should I DO? My husband has seen this before and usually it is right and he tells ppl. Like one time I felt something bad was about to happen to slow down and he didand then the side iif the mountain fell. Or like recently I looked at my speed and was like oops and I was pulled over….. What should I do please tell me

  33. wendi

    hello…my husband passed away on March 19 of this year. Since then, I have experienced tingling on the crown of my head, feeling like I’ve been lightly touched on the arm., and about a week ago when in a relaxed state, with my eyes closed, I saw a pair of eyes…no color to them…no face…just eyes. Like they were staring right at me. I have felt my husbands presence and while I know he is physically gone, I feel like he is still with me somehow. I just wanted to know what this means, as I am a real newbie at this kind of thing. I have been desperately trying to contact my husband, but really, I probably don’t know what I’m doing…thank you

  34. Halle

    I have just begun meditation for the purpose of developing my intuition. I have seen and heard spirits from a young age and was always able to ignore them, and as I got older everything stopped. Recently though, it seems like maybe the spirits are making up for lost time and I have had some very scary experiences within these past few months.

    I began meditating in an attempt to figure all of this out, and I have been feeling tingles all through my body. At any given time throughout the day some part of my body is tingling, usually one of my legs but not always. However, my third eye rarely tingles but rather feels hot. I have woken up in the middle of the night feeling like some part of my head is one fire and sometimes my third eye is ice cold. What could this indicate?

  35. kerri squires

    Hi at the end of the summer this year my partner developed mental health issues..before this he knew very little about spiritualism but as soon as his mental health deteriorated he seemed to know alot. He said his third eye was open and that that he wasn’t going mad he could hear voices from spirit and that he could see angels and demons..I was the only one he trusted. It was a long hard battle for him, we tried to help all we could..but in august we went away for the night and while I slept he committed suicide in the same room as me..I really hope he has found peace now. I am a very spiritual person and I would love nothing more than to connect with him to see if he’s now ok I miss him so much he was my soul mate, I connected with him on a whole different level to anyone I’ve ever met before.
    I have loved reading your columns today. Many thanks x

  36. MGM

    I have a tingling sensation on my 3rd eye every night. As I’m falling asleep I feel the tingle slightly below the middle of my forehead, between my brows. Sometimes it feels like a finger pressing on it. I used to think it was a guardian kissing me on my forehead before bed every night, but now understand it to be my 3rd eye opening. Unfortunately I rarely remember dreams so whatever my 3rd eye is showing me I’m unaware of.

  37. Bob

    Past six months and especially past three months frequent and persistent tingling/heat/electrical sensations in crown and 3rd eye chakras; also lots of tingling/electrical sensation all up and down spine. Accompanied by increase clairvoyance and clairsentience. If I was a reptile I would think I was going to molt… is there a human equivalent?

  38. Kerry Krieg

    tingling driving me absolutely crazy today! not doing anything special, did not have a yoga practice today, painted house instead so I am not meditating. I developed a dimple in the middle of my forehead after a Gypsy in France came up to me, said something I didn’t understand then pressed her thumb on my third eye. further development since then is a star shape and sometimes lightning bolt in the middle of third eye area which goes from between brow to middle of forehead. I am an empath/healer and yogi. I know this is not a bad thing but boy, uncomfortable!

  39. sophia

    I’m sort of new to all of this and recentley, whenever i try to meditate my forehead (third eye) starts tingling to a point where i have to open my eyes. Ever since this started i haven’t been able to meditate. Help!

  40. NamesBLAKE

    Hey, I feel this tingle on different occasions. Sometimes when meditating others just randomly throughout the day. I’ve tried going with it or pushing/looking into it to develop it more but I’m trying to figure out its meaning/potential any help?

  41. Gavin

    I first noticed this when I was 19. Now I am 40. I get this tingly sensation on the forehead and the crown. I don’t have to be meditating to feel it, I can feel it regularly when I’m working or doing day to day things. Sometimes I can be sitting on the train and I can know what’s going on in someone else’s life which I hate because I feel like I’m invading there privacy and I don’t even know them.

  42. Raju

    I got sensation between the eye brows and forehead few weeks back while I was meditating and it doesn’t go. It doesn’t give me head aches or it is not uncomfortable. When I concentrate on that sensation meditation goes really well. In less than 5 min I go into deep meditation. But is it the right way to do meditation… Please help

  43. Nilo


    I have always experienced this when I am in deep meditation. I never bothered wondering what it was, but at least I know. Yes. I think I am a very intuitive person. So the article is quite alright.

    I did stop meditating a few years back. The feeling did go away. But when I started meditating, it came back =)


    Hi, every night when I am in bed my forehead gets what feels like a massage!
    I can feel,the fingers moving around and I can ask for it to start and stop etc!
    I get an electrical type title and a cool sensation prior to it starting.
    I can ask for it to,start and stop and find it amazing!!

    Whenever I have photos I have light orbs around me and get picked out at spiritual,meetings as having a light above my head .

    I have had strange things happen to me all my life.
    Once when my daughter was young I shouted at her and at the same time a large metal kitchen utensil flew out of its holder and crashed onto the work top.

    I just want to know what does all this mean? I keep asking for spirit to contact me and help me become more aware but I can’t seem to get further on in my spiritual development?

    Any advice would be very gratefully received.

    Love and light,

  45. beeta Kat

    Hi Anna,
    If tingling hot spot on the forehead means that the third eye is opening up, then I experienced it without meditation one time. My forehead exactly where the third eye is was circling in a circle hot spot. I wasn’t sure what is happening but I wasn’t scared. All my senses were magnified and I could hear people even if they whispered from 10 ft away from me. I am not sure why this happened without any meditation and trying to opening the third chakra. But something happened to me physically that I don’t like to share on the public page, although I think there is a connection between what my body experienced and this third eye opening. Have you ever experienced the third eye opening without any meditation or intention to open it?


    I had a recent breakup. My gf admitted she was sleeping with another guy. I am became fully broken and down. Especially, at this moment where I am deeply depressed, due to that I left my job. It’s like everything crashing down on me. Whenever I was thinking about the moments I had with her, my forehead starts to tingle. It happens even if I am so mad and angry with her.
    May I know what sign is that?

  47. Rahul Anand

    Hi I’m Rahul and I am from India. I feel same thing as you told in this post, and right now I am feeling sensation and tingling while reading this post.

  48. madey

    I am only new to this and I have only meditated a few times now and the whole time I’m meditating my third eye is very tingly and it only stops once I stop meditating. I’m not sure what this means.

  49. Chantel

    I very often feel a tingling right in my third eye area. This is at different times of the day and night. Would love to explore it more.

  50. Ivy

    So I get this tingly sensation sometimes just by crown on head or throughout my body. Sometimes I can’t help but smile, sometimes I feel an eerie feeling. I never knew what it was but I do know I am empathic, not quite sure about sensitive. I don’t even know where to start.

  51. Simren

    I randomly feel my third eye mostly when I am upset. Does that mean something?

  52. Brian

    Most nights when I am lying in bed, I can feel a gentle heart beat type pulsating between my eyes.

    I then feel a tingling sensation around that area, which travels across and above both eyes and down each side of my face to my ears and ear lobes.

    This lasts for quite some time and then slowly fades.

    Is this normal?

  53. Jacob

    I have had several supernatural/spiritual experiences since I was a child. Some of which my older sister had told me about because I was too young to remember. I am 23 now and am struggling with quitting smoking. I have smoked for 10 years… I was always looking for an escape because my experiences did not match up with the commonly shared reality of others.

    The sensation at the center of the forehead is a conscious effort to open your third eye. But I must warn ye all who read this: YOU ARE CREATION. YOU ARE LOVE AND YOU ARE PEACE. What you are is only as strong as what you percieve, manifest and express! You hold a power within you to fall into temptation and to withhold from it! No matter what you experience, unserstand that there are always at least 2 choices. The right and the wrong. This is a very simple and broad answer but you must trust within yourself that you are a conductor of light and dark. What you choose, will be! Peace and love fellow warriors.

  54. Thomas U.

    I’ve had a few strange occurrences throughout my life, my main ability seems to be empathy, it’s very easy to pick out people staring out of the blue and I’m very skilled in reading the eyes and telling the most in-depth details of someones current emotions and personality unless they have a strong spiritual defense or some form of mental illness which seems to affect my readings more than anything.

    I’m working on developing my clairsentience and clairvoyance as it seems adept but control is what needs work mostly. I love meditation and chakra energy work most of all and visualization of shapes and colors during. Astral projection is iffy because I never seem to hit take off and sadly that’s where my biggest interest lies.

    I had a strange experience of awakening about 2.5 weeks ago where I woke up out of bed and felt light headed and like I was burning up inside with bliss, my skin felt cool like it was very breezy and my ears have been ringing constantly ever since.

    That’s pretty much my personal story and I wanted to thank you for your very informative articles, they have been very helpful 🙂 love and light.

  55. Destiny

    I am not sure if it is a tinkling sensation to me it’s more like energy making waves around where my third eye is but then I also feel headaches . Is that a sign i opened it?

  56. Annaya

    I usually control my tingles. If i concentrate hard enough. The feeling starts at my third eye area, and then shingles down my spine. Sometimes when im asleep my feet, legs, arms, and legs would feel as though they’re vibrating with aura or heat. I can control how much heat realeases from the palms of my hands.

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This training teaches you how to cut cords, release both ordinary and enmeshed earthbound spirits and clear astral debris, to help clients resolve issues on the level of their energy body.




With this Amazon bestselling book, learn how to come back into balance with your gifts & thrive in a world that is not set up for empaths.




Learn about the most common negative energies which affect our spaces, how to diagnose and clear energetic issues in your home and how to protect your home from negative energies in the future.


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