What Is Your Pet Thinking? Interview with Animal Communicator and Pet Psychic Jeanne Miller

Jeanne Miller is a pet medium and animal communicator who is based in Vermont, USA. Jeanne communicates both with live pets and pets that have crossed over.

I have had two readings with Jeanne and that is how I came to interview her on this blog.

Eighteen months ago, I adopted a large 6-year-old male tabby called Big Boy, a nervous but very affectionate cat who I totally adore.

I got a reading with Jeanne recently as I was worried that Big Boy was lonely or bored, and I thought about getting another cat or kitten to keep him company. I also love cats and wanted to expand my cat family. I wanted to know what Big Boy thought of this idea before I went ahead and did it.

Big Boy told Jeanne that although he was a little bored at times, he did not want another cat in the house. Jeanne was spot on with her observations on Big Boy’s personality and preferences. Big Boy also told Jeanne the story of how he ended up in the shelter and where his nervous nature had come from.

Anna: How did you get into this work, Jeanne?

Jeanne: I’d always had a fascination with all things paranormal, but never thought it would be part of my destiny. Around the age of thirty, some odd occurrences were starting to happen. I was sensing spirits around me and was also leaving my body in astral flight. Not knowing what was happening to me, I sought the advice of a psychic medium. I ended up taking classes from her to develop my abilities. But it wasn’t until I took an animal communications seminar that things really opened up for me. I started communicating with animals that day and haven’t looked back since.

Anna: How does one communicate with animals? How does animal communication work?

Jeanne: My training in psychic development helped me as I was already in touch with my spirit guides at that point. Because I have mediumship abilities, opening up to communication with pets that have passed on became part of my work as well. But I believe that anyone can communicate with animals who are on this side. I would recommend taking a class in basic psychic development as this will help, but I also believe an open heart, love and respect for animals, along with desire and faith in yourself will be enough to get started.

I would suggest that anyone who wants to do this work should seek out an animal communications seminar or online course in this field. If that isn’t possible, do some reading on the subject. There are many pet psychics who give wonderful advice and instructions to get you started. A few pet communicators whose books were a big influence on me are Sonja Fitzpatrick, Lydia Hiby and Amelia Kincaid. I also recommend The Intuition Principle by Angela Artemis as it teaches you how to recognize and use your intuition.

I think every pet psychic will have a different answer as to how this works, from the very scientific to the simple, “I don’t know how, it just somehow works.” I fall into the latter category. I use prayer and meditation to reach the higher levels where communication takes place in spiritual form, but there are many other ways to do this. Each person has to find their own route. I once took a seminar from an animal communicator/Shaman and I found the Shamanic journey to be an incredibly moving experience and animal communication took place that day as well. There are many different ways to reach the same place.

Anna: Do you have a favourite animal to communicate with?

Jeanne: I love them all and I would be hard-pressed to pick a favourite. They all bring something special to the table. Horses often approach things on a more cerebral level and they are wonderful communicators. Dogs and cats speak of their owners as parents and often call them mom, dad, etc.

Anna: What is your funniest experience with communicating with an animal?

Jeanne: Oh, my gosh, that covers almost every reading. Part of the joy of doing this work is you get to laugh. You get to laugh a lot. Here are few reading funnies that stand out in my mind:

A horse came running into my sacred space, immediately put on the brakes and stared at me in shock. His owner had told him that he would be speaking to someone that day and he had expected it to be another horse. He said, “I didn’t know people could do this.”

A little dog kept going ballistic when men came to mow the lawn. This isn’t unusual as most dogs hate the noise, but this little guy had a different reason for going crazy. He was convinced these men were stealing their grass. He would see them mow, then stuff the cut grass into bags and haul it away. He was quite angry and told me, “They’re stealing our yard!”

A cat had convinced her sister that certain rooms and a brand new cat condo belonged only to her and were off limits unless she gave her permission. Needless to say, sister kitty was quite upset to find out she had been lied to.

Anna: Are you able to communicate with every type of animal?

Jeanne: I’ve been very fortunate and haven’t run into an animal I couldn’t communicate with yet. But as of now, I’ve not had any clients who own exotic pets like snakes and lizards. I look forward to seeing how that goes.

Anna: Are there any times when it is difficult or impossible to communicate with an animal?

Jeanne: The only times I’ve had trouble connecting have been when I’ve tried to do too much and my energy is low. I tend to overdo sometimes without realizing it, and a couple of times, one of my spirit guides has stepped in front of me and said, “No. You’re done for the day. You’re overtired.” I just love talking to animals so much that I can get careless about replenishing my energy. I’ve never had trouble due to an animal…it has always been my fault.

Anna: Is there any difference between communicating with a deceased pet and an alive one, in terms of the difficulty or likelihood of communication?

Jeanne: I have never noticed a difference. Both sides seem so happy and willing to connect with their family and I think that this desire helps the process.

Anna: Do animals understand everything that we say? For example, someone I know used to dislike one of her cats although I thought he was a sweet cat (I love all cats) and she would talk disparagingly about him in front of him.

Do you think animals could develop low self-esteem through how they are talked about or do they not understand what we say?

Jeanne: I think because we’ve never been able to understand their language, we wrongly assume that they can’t understand ours. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most animals understand our language on at least a toddler level, and some understand much more than that.

For instance, I did a reading for a couple who just wanted to check in with their dog and see if he was happy or needed anything. It was just a typical reading. There were no issues; they really loved their dog and all was well. But at the end of the reading, the dog seemed sad and asked me, “Are they going to give me away? I heard them talking about it.” They were floored. The husband had gotten aggravated that week and made a stray comment, which he didn’t really mean, about getting rid of him.

And what they don’t pick up from our words, they pick up from our tone of voice and inflection. Animals are telepaths and empaths as well. This means they can see pictures in our heads and feel our feelings. Basically, there isn’t too much about how we feel that our pets don’t understand and pick up on. And yes, I’ve spoken to many pets with self-esteem issues because they were spoken of in a disparaging manner, or given a silly name. Recently, a very large cat told me that she had started to hide when people came to visit because they all laughed or commented about her being so fat. She asked me if I could tell her Mom to make them stop it.

Anna: Are animals more intuitive than humans?

Jeanne: For the most part, yes. But I believe this is only because most people don’t try to develop their intuition. It is natural in all of us but has become a forgotten ability. People used to live simple lives connected to nature, but now we are in busy cities with TV and all forms of noise around us. This has caused our psychic intuition and ability to go dormant but it can be awoken with training. Meditation is a great way to start reconnecting.

Anna: Do you think that animals have a special purpose here on earth? Or is every animal unique in his or her life purpose?

Jeanne: We see so many news reports of animals saving lives and working alongside of us. This tells us that many do have a special purpose. They too, have individual paths they are following, but the difference is they don’t do this for soul progression like we do. They don’t have to, as they are pure of heart and soul. Many times their life purpose is simply to help us to learn a lesson on our own life path. And many have no special purpose other than to be what they are and grace us with their beauty, companionship and love.

Anna: Do you notice commonalities and character traits that certain species seem to share? For example, dogs are known for their loyalty. What about cats, horses, rabbits? Have you noticed anything consistent about their energy or personalities?

Jeanne: Yes, I have noticed that certain species have traits in common. Besides their legendary loyalty, dogs also love their role of protector. What surprises some people is that cats are every bit as loyal to their owners as dogs are. Cats also are more apt to offer advice. I recently had a cat tell me she was worried her Mom was getting overtired. She then suggested that Mom would feel better if she took naps in the afternoon the way kitty does.

Birds, especially from the parrot family, tend to worry most about a special bond with their owner. They often look upon their owner as a mate, and they tend to get upset if they feel slighted in any way. Horses are wonderful communicators. They also all tend to be very aware of their size and have often told me how they fear hurting their human accidentally. I’ve only spoken to a couple of rabbits, but they seem to communicate well. I haven’t found them as talkative as our other pets, though.

Anna: What’s the most unusual or exotic animal that you have communicated with?

Jeanne: I don’t live in an area where there are many unusual animals, so I’m sorry to say, I’ve not had the opportunity to speak to any exotics. I guess the most unusual would be a wolf who had passed on. It was a wonderful experience and he had bonded very strongly to the man who took care of him.

Anna: Thank you, Jeanne.

Jeanne: It was my pleasure.

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  1. Dusty

    Wow, this is fascinating. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Elly

    Sonya Fitzpatrick’s book “Cat Talk” had a few animal communication exercises. While I feel I had some momentary success with them, I also feel that I wasn’t consistently at that vibration anymore (if only I’d known how to do this when I was younger, and had not that much more love for animals but also had a sense of belonging with them– even more than with other humans.)

    “They’re stealing our yard!” Ha, ha! I love those insights, it’s just not something I think anybody can make up.

    Anyway, psychic animal communication has been an interest of mine, so this was a wonderful interview! I always wondered about the “darker” side of it, though– how animals take the food chain, or violence between species. If orcas could communicate with blue whales, or wasps with caterpillars, wouldn’t it just be awkward to kill their young or lay parasitic behavior-controlling eggs? But the suffering and death of one seems required for the survival of another.

  3. Julie

    I loved this interview! I even got teary eyed when she said that dogs and cats refer to their owners as Mom and Dad. My kitty was taken to the pound twice before I adopted her at 8 months old, and I wonder if those experiences have caused her to be a ‘scaredy cat’ around strangers. If I ever have any big issues with her, I will refer back to this blog post. Btw, your kitty is sooo cute!!


  4. Lindsay

    I worked with another animal communicator (Patti Foy) back when my sweet dog Chester was still alive. It was an amazing experience!

    I absolutely loved this interview with Jeanne – thank you! She seems very down-to-earth and the love for her work just shines through in her words. Makes me want to take an animal communication course myself!

  5. Lisa

    That was a fun read and completely validated my experiences conversing with pets (mine and others).

    They can be totally hilarious – when we brought in a new cat to our house, Lucie, our older cat did not like her. I engaged an animal communicator (since I was too close to the situation) and she told me that the younger cat had called Lucie “an old bag” and Lucie did not take well to that! LOL It was such an interesting look inside Lucie’s mind.

    You asked the exact questions I would want to ask, Anna. Thanks for that! 🙂

  6. Lisa Grace

    I enjoyed reading more about Jeanne and her practice. Thank you for sharing. Her book is a fun read.

  7. Jeanne Miller

    I wanted to thank you for the interview. You asked such wonderful questions and it was a pleasure to be a guest on your site. And thank you everyone for the wonderful comments.

    • Anna

      I am happy to have featured your work here, Jeanne!

      Thank you to everyone for their insights and comments.

      I adored the ‘they’re stealing our yard!’ story, too. So funny!

      Elly, you asked an interesting question. I have been pondering the issue of the food chain, too. The closer I am to my pet, the more uncomfortable I become with consuming meat that comes from mammals. Yet at the same time my cat happily eats meat.

  8. Jennifer Flint

    Love this! What a fun interview, and a fun job!

    We have a whole little menagerie over here, and I would hire somebody to talk to them, but I’m already pretty clear on what they’re thinking most of the time.

    “Pet me, dagnabit,” “Where’s my treat?” and “Whoops, gotta poop,” seem to be the primary topics of interest.

    They ARE awfully cute, though. 🙂

  9. cheryl

    How come i cannot find Jeanne Millers original website with pet readings….she was sick a few months ago, did she quit this business, cuz i cannot even pull up her website anymore, looks disabled?????

  10. natalie

    Do you have contact details for Jeanne?

  11. Kacee Connolly

    Hi Cheryl & Natalie,

    I’m one of Anna’s assistants. I just heard from Anna that it appears that Jeanne’s not doing her animal readings at this time. However, you can still buy her books from Amazon.

    I hope this information helps. Take care!

    Kind regards,
    Kacee Connolly
    -Assistant to Anna Sayce

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