Why cord cutting practitioners have a unique opportunity (at this moment in time) to help others & make a good income doing it

This is a question I received from a graduate of my Professional Intuitive Healing Program (this is a program which teaches you how to cut cords, clear astral debris and earthbound spirits for clients.)

Hi Anna,

When I google cord-cutting practitioners, several articles come up but it seems there are not a lot of actual humans certified in this. Even at local psychic fairs I never see anyone with cord-cutting in their list of services that they offer. I was curious as to why this might be.

It seems that cord cutting isn’t as popular as other spiritual offerings. Why is this? Is it because it’s a more difficult technique to learn or sell?

Thanks for a great question.

Cord cutting sessions are definitely not difficult to sell and they’re not too difficult to learn, either. Back when I offered cord cutting sessions, they were very popular among my clients and many of my clients booked multiple sessions over a period of years.

In this post I am going to explain why there aren’t many cord cutting practitioners out there and as a result, what a great opportunity this is for those who have just trained in this modality.

There’s a couple of reasons why you don’t see many people offering cord cutting sessions.

One of them is that many practitioners who do learn this method, do not learn it properly.

Consumers (quite rightly) don’t have much faith in cord cutting, as offered by some practitioners.

In the spiritual marketplace, there are some people offering to cut a cord for people by calling on an Archangel or an Ascended Master and then asking that Divine being to cut a person’s cords.

This hardly takes any time, and it also doesn’t take much skill. You can even listen to recordings on Youtube which will help you with this for free. Those who have paid someone to do this for them would have been wasting their money.

What is actually happening with this is that people are cutting their psychic ties (which is different from cutting an actual cord.)

You can read about the difference between psychic ties and negative cords here.

A cord cutting session takes real skill and is something that cuts a cord in a long lasting way. Negative cords, when cut properly, do not come back. A cord cutting session takes around an hour. 

Cutting psychic ties, on the other hand, doesn’t take much skill — people can do it for themselves and it is something that needs to be repeated. It only takes a few minutes to do. 

Many of the people I know who started out offering this method of “cord cutting” (that is actually cutting psychic ties) don’t get good feedback on their sessions, and give up offering it, as a result.

This creates a unique opportunity for those who have been trained to cut negative cords properly (and that’s you, if you have completed my Professional Intuitive Healing Program), as long as you explain how your sessions are different from other peoples’.

Another reason that you found not many practitioners offering cord cutting is because there aren’t many teaching this method.

I trained with someone who was taught by a healer called Joanna Lester. I’m not naming the person who gave me some mentoring sessions in cord cutting because I’ve heard some horror stories from those who have approached me wanting to cut a cord to her and some of those who have exited her community refer to it as a cult.

She does train people but she fires some of the people she works with before they graduate (including me — my sessions with her were cut short because I dared to help another student who was struggling with something), and she is highly controlling and puts restrictions on the people who do graduate from the programs, and that puts people off from practising.

So, this is another reason why hardly anyone offers this modality.

My program is one of the few that is available for learning this modality and those who have graduated in this healing modality have a unique opportunity to fill a gap that is currently there in the marketplace, as long as they position their services correctly.

So, existing cord cutting practitioners, here are a couple of tips for positioning your services to ensure you reach the people you can help, based on the information in this article:

In your marketing materials (such as your social media or website), you will want to clarify that you are properly trained in cutting cords. You do not cut psychic ties, and you might want to define (for those who are interested in your services) the difference between a cord cutting session with you, and those who cut psychic ties.

If you’re not currently differentiating between psychic ties (that most people cut) and the negative cords that you cut for people, you are missing an opportunity to educate people about the value of your sessions.

You also might like to highlight for people what are the situations where a cord cutting is a good idea. Use the list below for some ideas.

Here are some reasons to get a cord cutting:

  • You have a romantic obsession (aka limerence) with someone that you’d like to release
  • You experienced trauma (such as abuse) within a relationship and would like to help healing from this
  • You went through a break up and need help moving on
  • You have a problematic relationship with a parent or another family member and would like to improve the relationship
  • You would like help moving on following a family estrangement
  • You want to improve your relationship with your spouse or partner
  • You want to release and let go of the energy of someone you’ve had sex with in the past
  • You’re an empath who feels burdened by one or more of the cords you have to someone

I hope this helps graduates of my healing program to position their services in the marketplace. And for those who are interested in learning cord cutting and intuitive healing, my Professional Intuitive Healing Program will be opening again soon. You can get on the waitlist here.

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